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Unrivaled Tang Sect (Web Novel) - Chapter 248.1 — Old and New Battle Teams, and New Rules

Volume 26, Chapter 248.1: Old and New Battle Teams, and New Rules

At this time, Bei Bei fully revealed his powers as the eldest brother of the Tang Sect.

His body, which had been charging forward, suddenly froze and became illusory. With his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, he suddenly moved to the side.

Even though the sword light summoned by the sword fanatic was extremely fast, Bei Bei’s Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track had reached a new level. In an instant, the sword light flashed past him, and the move that should have struck him was slowed by a single beat.

Within this small amount of time, Bei Bei’s eyes glowed with light. With a clear draconic roar, the five soul rings around his body shone with a brilliant radiance. His thick right arm swung out as he struck the sword light from behind.

In an instant, the dragon scales all over Bei Bei’s body started to change. They turned a brilliant shade of gold, and each bolt of lightning brimmed with bright energy.

He waved his right dragon claw, which disappeared into the sky. When it re-appeared, there was a second golden dragon claw in the sky, which clashed head-on with the sharp sword light.

Bei Bei, however, took this time to quickly retreat.

Crackle! It was as if lightning bolts from the nine heavens had struck the earth. The brilliant golden light turned into countless sparks of electricity.

Bei Bei’s golden dragon claw in the sky was unable to block the terrifying sword light, and was blasted apart. However, the speed of the sword light dropped rapidly, too. Following that, the countless rays of electric light that had been blown apart quickly congregated together, enveloping Ji Juechen and displaying the might of thunder and electricity.

While Ji Juechen was using his domain, he was still a soul master, not a rock. The power of his domain was unable to resist Bei Bei’s attack. He paused, but his remaining sword intent exploded out in that instant, blocking the golden lightning around him.

“Good!” Bei Bei bellowed. While he had moved back earlier, he suddenly changed course again and charged forward once again. A golden halo suddenly shone from his body, and as it shone forth, his entire body was basked in a brilliant golden nimbus. No one could even see his body within the golden light as he charged toward Ji Juechen mercilessly.

Ji Juechen did not show any sign of fear. He gripped his Judgement Sword tightly and swung it upward. The Dragonslaying Sword Intent quickly assembled, and another sharp sword light slashed toward Bei Bei. His attacks were always so simple and straightforward.

The ball of golden light that was Bei Bei started to change too. It took the form of a huge dragon head, which was obviously his fourth soul skill, Thunderous Dragon Head. However, his Thunderous Dragon Head was different from before.

Boom! A powerful explosion sounded, and a ball of golden lightning started to spread from the point of their clash. It extended outward for more than 30 meters, and in that area, the air was sizzling with electricity. Countless arcs of golden lightning crackled and buzzed. Some of them even started to resemble liquid, while some ball-shaped lightning clusters shook violently.

Tyrannical Emperor’s Thunderous Domain! This was Bei Bei’s powerful domain after he evolved his Radiant Holy Dragon!

The electricity crackled for a few more seconds before it slowly died down.They could slowly make out the figures of Bei Bei and Ji Juechen.

Bei Bei had a new layer of purplish-blue dragon scales all over him. The golden light around his body quickly faded away, and around seven to eight meters in front of him, Ji Juechen stood with his sword in hand. While his grip was still stable, his body trembled non-stop. The clothes on his body were more or less destroyed.

The side which represented light still shone brightly on his Judgement Sword, giving off a thick, bright aura. A drop of blood trickled down from the corner of Ji Juechen’s mouth. However, there was no sign of pain on his face. All there was, was a look of deep contemplation.

Bei Bei nodded his head at Ji Juechen and said, “Brother Ji, your sword intent is powerful indeed. What’s the first move called?”

Ji Juechen appeared to have been jolted awake as he responded, “It’s a domain I came up with. It’s called the Solitary Domain. I lost.”

While he liked to fight, he knew when he had lost and when he had won.

When Bei Bei used his Thunderous Dragon Head and attacked with his Tyrannical Emperor’s Thunderous Domain, he had used seven moves rapidly. However, the power of these seven moves was devoured by the powerful domain. Had Bei Bei not shown mercy, there was no way he would still be alive.

Bei Bei shook his head and said, “No, you did not lose. Instead, in terms of innovation, I’ve lost. Brother Ji, after you familiarize yourself with your Judgement Sword, it will be hard for me to defeat you. Your sword can limit my power.”

Regardless of whether it was Huo Yuhao, Xu Sanshi or Wang Dong’er, they all knew that Bei Bei was not lying.

While Ji Juechen had lost once more, his domain was able to directly force Bei Bei to use his most powerful Radiant Holy Dragon. If not, Bei Bei may not have been able to retreat intact from that attack.

While Bei Bei had won, Ji Juechen’s Judgment Sword had absorbed a large amount of light type soul power from Bei Bei. Ji Juechen was still not very sure how could he use his soul tool sword. If he knew, even if Bei Bei had won, it would not have been so easy.

Ji Juechen said, “Thank you for your guidance, I’ll spend more thought on it.” With that, he nodded at Bei Bei and turned to leave. He would not dilly-dally; this was not his style.

Jing Ziyan rushed up to him and asked, “Juechen, are you injured?”

Ji Juechen shook his head. When he looked at Jing Ziyan, a smile crossed his face. Then, he stopped and turned to look at Bei Bei, Xu Sanshi, Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er and said seriously, “Coming to the Tang Sect is the best decision I’ve ever made. In the future, I’m afraid I’ll continue to trouble you.”

As he said that, he bowed to everyone and then left, gripping his Judgement Sword tightly.

Xu Sanshi looked at Ji Juechen’s disappearing figure as he mumbled to himself, “Everyone says I’m crazy, but that guy is crazier than I am. In his eyes, nothing is more important than his sword.”

Bei Bei said, “That’s why he is so scary. His choice is a special path. He specializes in one thing and one thing only, and that’s his sword. He doesn’t even add a single soul skill to it. However, because of this, he’ll be able to reach a level none of us could in the future.”

Xu Sanshi said, slightly unimpressed, “So what? His way of cultivation is too inflexible. Furthermore, while he has a lot of explosive power, he can’t maintain it for long. As long as we fight him by targeting his weaknesses, he can’t display the full extent of his powers.”

Bei Bei laughed. “It’s not easy to be the most powerful in any one area. Everyone has his or her own path, and we must respect his choice. Furthermore, don’t you think that his presence can help us train?”

Xu Sanshi’s mouth twitched, and he said, “That’s for you only. You were forced into a corner like a dog, and had to use your Radiant Holy Dragon. Shameful, shameful indeed.”

Bei Bei said unkindly, “You yourself said that his explosive power is strong. Had I not used the Radiant Holy Dragon, there was no way for me to beat him. Next time, you try to fight him after you’ve been targeted by his sword intent.”

Huo Yuhao said from the side, “Big Senior, Third Senior, I’ll go and train with Wong Dong’er.”

Ji Juechen’s love for the sword had moved Huo Yuhao greatly. He felt a sense of urgency, as Ji Juechen was improving too quickly. Huo Yuhao feared that if he did not improve as quickly, he would be left behind.

An odd smile appeared on Xu Sanshi’s face as he said, “Go, go, stay safe…”

Without waiting for him to finish, Bei Bei interrupted him, “Nothing good can come from his mouth. Yuhao, Dong’er, ignore him and go. Today, we aren’t returning to the academy. Remember to come back for dinner.”

After they bade their Big Senior and Third Senior farewell, Huo Yuhao dragged Wang Dong’er back into their room.

Wang Dong’er appeared deep in thought. Huo Yuhao took off his coat, sat down by the bed and said, “What are you thinking of, Dong’er?”

Wang Dong’er replied, “What do you think of Ji Juechen, as well as Big Senior’s and Third Senior’s analysis?”

Huo Yuhao said, “Both Big Senior and Third Senior are right. However, they don’t understand him well enough. In reality, Ji Juechen’s stamina is decent. However, when he faces powerful opponents, he likes to use his most powerful attack first. Hence, this affects Big Senior’s analysis of him. If he changes his battling style, he’ll still be just as powerful. However, his weakness is that he is not flexible enough. If we target his weaknesses, there are ways to beat him. For example, there’s a trick to beat the domain he used just now.”

Wang Dong’er asked curiously, “What’s that?”

Huo Yuhao chuckled, “Think about it, if I run away the moment he uses his domain, what will happen? The moment he tries to use his domain, his entire body will enter a certain state. He has to lock in on an opponent and slowly accumulate energy. Looking at things today, it is clear that his opponent must attack him first. Only then can he use his domain. If his opponent doesn’t attack, he will continue to accumulate energy and after a while, his power will be extremely strong. However, if I run away from the start, his domain power would be maximized. However, even after he accumulates all that energy, how powerful can his attack be? Let’s not talk about anything else, but if I escape with a flying-type soul tool, I can clear three kilometers in 15 seconds. No matter how powerful his domain is, he can’t attack someone three kilometers away.”

Wang Dong’er laughed, “Your plan is tricky indeed!”

Note: Three kilometers/two miles in 15 seconds is 720 kph (500~ mph). Or 150 meters/second.

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