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Unrivaled Tang Sect (Web Novel) - Chapter 249.1 — Powerful Wang Dong'er

Volume 26, Chapter 249.1: Powerful Wang Dong'er

Yan Shaozhe said in a low voice, “To familiarize everyone with the new rules, as well as to assess everyone’s skill, we shall now have a match between the old and the new team. As the new team has just been formed, they still need some time to learn to work together. Hence, we’ll only have the individual elimination round for today. The first team to be completely eliminated loses. As there is a strength disparity between the two teams, the new team can send 10 members.”

Individual elimination? Shrek’s Seven Monsters were emotionless.

The new team, including Wang Qiu’er, looked extremely excited to try it out.

Evidently, they did not believe that the old team was better than them.

“This match will be held at Soul Duelling Area. Let’s go.”

A ferry was already waiting for them at the Sea God Pavilion. Everyone boarded the ferry as it headed in the direction of the outer courtyard for the Soul Duelling Area. It was a bigger place, and hence, they could better demonstrate their powers there.

Dai Huabing stared intensely at Huo Yuhao across from him, a light swirling in his pupils. While he was confident in his own abilities, he had never beaten Huo Yuhao once in all these years. In particular, during the Sea God’s Fated Blind Date, the group of them were still unable to beat Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er. They had barely stood a chance back then. It was a huge blow to his confidence.

While he tried to convince himself that it was because of Huo Yuhao’s and Wang Dong’er’s martial soul fusion skill, he did not know if he could have beaten them even if he used the martial soul fusion skill he had with Zhu Lu.

Once again, another chance had presented itself to him. This time, they would be competing in an individual elimination round. There would be no martial soul fusion skills. Could he beat Yuhao in a one-on-one fight?

Huo Yuhao sat opposite him, but he did not look at Dai Huabing. Naturally, he would not concern himself with what he was thinking. With respect to this mortal enemy of his who had killed his mother, hate would always surface in Huo Yuhao’s heart whenever he saw him, no matter how much calmer he had become. He feared that he could not control this emotion, and might kill him in the Academy.

I’m a five-ringed soul king, mother, can you see it? I’m already a soul king. In the future, I’ll head to the White Tiger Duke’s Mansion and avenge you. I’ll make those who caused us to suffer so much pay for what they did.

With this thought in his mind, Huo Yuhao’s eyes glazed over slightly. However, he was still looking straight ahead, but in the direction of Wang Qiu’er.

Wang Dong’er gently pinched his hand. Huo Yuhao’s body froze, and then he regained his senses.

“Are you that engrossed?” Wang Dong’er asked him half-jokingly.

Huo Yuhao smiled bitterly and replied, “No, I’m thinking of other things.”

Wang Dong’er nodded and looked at the clear surface of the lake. “You don’t have to explain.”


Cao Jinxuan chortled, “Class monitor, why don’t you introduce to us this beauty next to you? Hello, beautiful, I’m Cao Jinxuan. I used to be the class monitor’s classmate.”

Wang Dong’er looked at him coolly and said, “What’s there to introduce? Don’t you recognize me after I changed my hairstyle?”

After she said that, the four people from the class were all stunned. Why did this voice sound so familiar, as well as its tone?

Cao Jinxuan’s pupils contracted as he exchanged a look with Zhou Sichen. Then, they exclaimed in unison, “Wang Dong?”

Wang Dong’er stifled a laugh and said, “That’s me.”

Cao Jinxuan stared in shock and said, “You, you, you are a woman? And you resemble our captain exactly! What is going on, what the heck is going on? Class monitor, class monitor, tell us now, what is going on? What’s your deal?”

Huo Yuhao chuckled, “She dressed up like a boy!”

Zhou Sichen pointed at Huo Yuhao and then at Wang Dong’er. “Dressing up like a boy? So the two of you cohabited together in the past! Did you know about this? Heavens The two of you were living together at such a young age. Heavens!”

Wang Dong’er stood up suddenly, her face flushed red with anger. She said, “What do you mean by living together at such a young age? At that time, I was still a male student. We, we didn’t live together.”

Zhou Sichen chortled and said, “Right, right, you did not live together. All you did was sleep in the same room together.”

With that, everyone around them could not help but smile.

Wang Dong’er’s eyes narrowed into slits. She gritted her teeth and said, “Zhou Sichen, if you have the guts, go up first later. If I don’t beat you to a pulp, my surname is not Wang!”

Zhou Sichen did not fall for her trick. He immediately adopted a serious tone and said, “It is not I who decides when I should go up later. I’ll listen to my captain.”

“Eh, in that case, you’ll go up first.” Wang Qiu’er’s clear voice drifted over.

“Er… captain?” Zhou Sichen looked at Wang Qiu’er in shock.

Wang Qiu’er ignored him. No one knew why she suddenly decided to help Wang Dong’er.

Wang Dong’er’s expression changed immediately. “Very good. In the match later, I want to be the first to fight, senior brother.”

Bei Bei smiled and nodded.

Zhou Sichen looked crestfallen as he mumbled to himself. “How can I forget that she resembles our captain exactly? They must be sisters. I’m a fool! Cao Jinxuan, it’s all your fault. You coerced me into this! Class monitor, I’ve been wronged!”

Wang Dong’er was the class monitor back then. He was evidently not calling for Huo Yuhao here.


As the spectacle concluded, the ferry reached the shore of the lake, and everyone leapt out onto the shore. Led by Elder Xuan, Yan Shaozhe, and Cai Mei’er, they headed toward the Soul-Dueling Arena. Zhou Sichen’s expression looked as repressed as an eggplant.

Preparations had already been completed in the Soul-Dueling Arena. It was quiet inside. The only spectators for the individual elimination round would be Elder Xuan and the two deans. Naturally, they would act as the judges.

Elder Xuan and Cai Mei’er stood at the side. Yan Shaozhe said to both teams, “You will each take the north and south sides. The captains will decide the order of battle. After a while, send your first teammate out. I’ll be the judge. You have ten minutes.”

The two sides stood at opposite ends. Shrek’s Seven Monsters naturally said nothing. After some thinking, Bei Bei started to split them into teams. Like he had said earlier, Wang Dong’er was the first to go.

The other side was more boisterous.

“You’ll be the first later,” Wang Qiu’er said as she pointed at Zhou Sichen.

Zhou Sichen had a bitter expression on his face as he said, “Captain, we are going up against them! If we want to confuse them, you should send someone with the ability to rival Wang Dong’er. I don’t think I can do that!”

Wang Qiu’er frowned and said, “What good is a dishonest person? Since I’ve promised them, you’ll be the first to go. Do you have any more questions?”

Zhou Sichen was normally a person with little self-control. However, upon noticing how domineering Wang Qiu’er was, he said nothing.

However, just because he kept silent did not mean the rest had no objections.

Dai Huabin snorted coldly and said, “As the captain, how can you deploy your teammates without seeking our approval first? Is this how you want to win? To me, I think you want us to lose deliberately because you have good ties with them.”

Wang Qiu’er glared at him. Suddenly, Dai Huabin felt his heart constricting. It was as if a terrifying beast was staring him down.

“I don’t understand you. This is a spar, and the objective is to get everyone to know each other. Is there any problem in sending a particular person out first? Is an intra-academy spar so important? What we want is to beat them in the Continental Elite Youth Soul Master Tournament. If you can’t respect my command, you’re free to quit.”

“You…” Dai Huabin was on the verge of exploding from rage. However, Zhu Lu, who was at his side, pulled him back.

Everyone had become older, and they were no longer as impulsive as Dai Huabin was. His impulsiveness had ended his studies in Class 1. While he was treated well in Class 2, he was still weaker than Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong, even though it was only by a bit. Zhu Lu knew how important this tournament was to Dai Huabin. Hence, he could not be allowed to do anything rash or impulsive now.

Dai Huabin said nothing. However, Wu Feng said mysteriously, “Captain, your resemblance to Wang Dong’er is uncanny. Are you sisters?”

Wang Qiu’er’s eyes turned cold and she said, “I’ll only say it once. I’m not related to her by blood. We are opponents. Other than that, we have no other ties. Is that clear?”

Wu Feng glared at her. “What’s wrong with you? Can’t you talk nicely?”

Wang Qiu’er turned around and faced Wu Feng. In that instant, a powerful energy surged from her body.

Wu Feng had a dragon-type martial soul. However, in front of Wang Qiu’er, she could not calm herself even if she released her martial soul.

She took a step back in shock, looking at Wang Qiu’er in a completely different light. “Superior suppression, how is that possible? What’s your martial soul?”

Wang Qiu’er ignored her. She turned her head to look at Zhou Sichen and said, “Go, don’t worry about winning or losing. Just try your best.”

“Ok,” Zhou Sichen replied in agreement. He turned and walked toward the arena. At this moment, he suddenly felt that Wang Qiu’er was even scarier than Wang Dong’er! Dai Huabin and Wu Feng were no weaklings, but she was still able to dominate both of them. No wonder the school made her captain. It was best not to get on her bad side!

He quickly walked out to the center of the arena. From the other side, Wang Dong’er also appeared.

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