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Unrivaled Tang Sect (Web Novel) - Chapter 249.2 — Powerful Wang Dong'er

Volume 26, Chapter 249.2: Powerful Wang Dong'er

Zhou Sichen wore a pained expression as he said, “Class monitor, please show mercy! Don’t damage my handsome face, my life’s happiness depends on it!”

Wang Dong’er laughed. “That can’t be right. I feel that your face is a let-down for all humanity! Let me do some cosmetic surgery for you…”

Yan Shaozhe, who was standing at the center of the arena, said, “That’s enough, let’s start.” With that, he slowly took a few steps back.

Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong’er, Zhou Sichen, and Cao Jinxuan were classmates. However, they had not trained together for quite some time already. They no longer knew each other well, and their memories of each other were stuck in the past.

The moment Yan Shaozhe said ‘start’, Zhou Sichen immediately released his martial soul.

A thick Treasure Bible hung in mid-air. The light emitted by the Treasure Bible was much more powerful than in the past. Two yellow and two purple rings spun around the thick book, Zhou Sichen was now a four-ringed soul ancestor! However, his soul power was already at Rank 48, and he wasn’t far away from becoming a soul king. In Class 1, he was considered exceptional.

Just as he was releasing the Treasure Bible, Wang Dong’er moved. She did not rush to release her martial soul, but instead she leapt up and dashed toward Zhou Sichen.

As Zhou Sichen released his Treasure Bible, he was also retreating quickly. While he was an Assault System Battle Soul Master, his strategy was in summoning. His Treasure Bible’s specialty was that as it obtained soul rings, it could trap slain soul beasts within it. While he could only personally obtain a single soul skill from the soul beast, he could also summon the soul beast with its own characteristic soul skill. This was the advantage of his Treasure Bible. Few Assault System Battle Soul Master had such a summoning ability, and his Treasure Bible was one of the best.

Wang Dong’er was fast, but Zhou Sichen was no sluggard. They were all taught how to run by Zhou Yi. Zhou Sichen retreated quickly, but his Treasure Bible was already open. His first soul ring started to shine.

A ray of yellow light appeared, dropping from the Treasure Bible onto the ground in front of him. A huge bear materialized and blocked Wang Dong’er’s path. This was Zhou Sichen’s first soul skill, where he summoned the Earthen Bear.

Wang Dong’er continued to charge forward. When the Earthen Bear appeared, it immediately raised its paws and slammed them ferociously down.

Zhou Sichen did not call on it to hit Wang Dong’er. He was clear that with Wang Dong’er’s agility, the Earthen Bear could not strike her. All he wanted to do was slow her down.

The Earthen Bear’s paws hit the ground, and a loud blast sounded. A powerful earthquake headed toward Wang Dong’er.

Just as the Earthen Bear’s paws hit the ground, Wang Dong’er leapt up. Her battle experience could easily rival Huo Yuhao’s.

In mid-air, bright blue and gold light started to shine. The wings of the Radiant Butterfly Goddess comfortably spread open from her back, allowing her to soar upward immediately. In mid-air, they suddenly flapped, and picked up speed as she flew above the Earthen Bear’s head, heading straight for Zhou Sichen.

Zhou Sichen did not waste any time. After he called upon the Earthen Bear, his second, third, and fourth soul rings all started to shine with light.

He summoned the Flaming Demon Tiger, the Bramble Forest, and the Netherworld Python. The three soul skills were released almost simultaneously.

Zhou Sichen’s way of summoning soul skills had its own restriction. Chiefly, he could only release one soul skill once. For example, there could only be one Earthen Bear, he could not summon Earthen Bears non-stop. Only when it died could he call upon another one.

The Flaming Demon Tiger roared, and a huge ball of fire flew from its mouth as it bombarded Wang Dong’er in mid-flight. Zhou Sichen disappeared into the Bramble Forest.

In just a few seconds, the Bramble Forest was already twenty meters wide. It had grown to a huge size, and its brambles extended out extremely quickly. Soon, it was as tall as a single person. The brambles on it came for Wang Dong’er like a huge wave, with some of them creeping across the ground before shooting upward. Looking at it, as long as Wang Dong’er approached it, the thorny vines would strike her!

Protected by the Bramble Forest, Zhou Sichen was no longer visible. His intentions were clear: he knew that he was no match for Wang Dong’er, who was a soul emperor. All he could do was slowly wear her down. This was an individual elimination round, and the winner had to have the stamina to continue. However, a soul master’s cultivation was limited.

Yan Shaozhe nodded his head from the sidelines. Zhou Sichen was a student with a very clear mind. He could maximize his own strengths, and he was not scared of depleting his soul power. The key was to make his opponent deplete her soul energy, too!

Wang Dong’er, still suspended in mid-air, extended her wings further. As her second soul ring started to shine, the entire sky became basked in golden light. She carpet-bombed the Bramble Forest with her Light of the Butterfly Goddess.

The Flaming Demon Tiger’s fireballs continued to fire up at her. Also, while there many brambles, they were not powerful. The Light of the Butterfly Goddess was able to block many of them, and the rest were blocked by Wang Dong’er’s defensive soul power.

Wang Dong’er snorted, and suddenly back-flipped. She no longer flew ahead, but instead descended toward the Earthen Bear, which was slowly standing up.

Her body turned sharply, and the points of her wings made straight for the Earthen Bear’s shoulder. At the same time, she slammed her palms together, and a huge ball of light flew out, aimed straight at the Flaming Demon Tiger.

The Earthen Bear was controlled by Zhou Sichen. As he noticed Wang Dong’er coming, he did not hesitate to instruct the bear to strike her with its paws.

However, Wang Dong’er was a soul emperor! The difference in power was shown at this moment.

Blue and golden light flashed. Wang Dong’er landed on the ground, and the Earthen Bear behind her froze. Two huge wounds, one blue and one golden, extended from the shoulders of the Earthen Bear all the way to its back legs, criss-crossing in the center of its back. Before the razor-sharp butterfly wings, its defensive abilities were evidently insufficient.

Wang Dong’er accelerated at this moment. The ball of light headed toward the Flaming Demon Tiger exploded and turned into countless sharp blades, trapping the tiger within them. While this was only her third soul skill, it was supported by her Class 60 soul power. Every single knife brimmed with sufficient destructive energy. The Flaming Demon Tiger was torn apart.

Among the four soul skills summoned, two had been destroyed.

However, Wang Dong’er did not charge toward the Bramble Forest. Instead, her wings changed.

Her wings, which were blue like the ocean at first, suddenly shone with golden light. Following that, a golden fire started to burn at the tips of her wings. As the fire blazed, it spread to every corner of her wings, eventually cloaking Wang Dong’er’s body in a layer of golden light. The bright golden fire was as bright as daylight.

Wang Dong’er struck as she charged straight for the Bramble Forest.

Zhou Sichen did not try to summon his two soul skills again, as he was very clear that there was no way they could stop her. Hence, he decided to save his soul energy for his last two soul skills.

The Netherworld Python hid in the Bramble Forest, which was now thirty meters across, and continuing to expand.

As Wang Dong’er approached, the huge Bramble Forest started to curl up and try to entangle her.

Wang Dong’er snorted coldly, and her form turned ethereal.

Tang Sect Secret Technique, Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track!

Her butterfly wings, shining with golden fire, became as breathtaking as the Raiment of Light when combined with the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. Her powdery-blue hair flew in the wind behind her, and her two wings were like two flaming scythes slashing in a sideways motion.

The moment the resilient brambles touched her flaming wings, they retreated. With her Guillotine Wings, Wang Dong’er charged into the Bramble Forest like a combine harvester. Anywhere she touched, brambles would be sent flying. The golden fire started to spread in the bramble forest. It was an extremely powerful attack!

Zhou Sichen was depressed, this was a superior form of suppression! He believed that if he were a six-ringed soul emperor, it would not be so easy for Wang Dong’er to charge into his Bramble Forest. However, before Wang Dong’er, the Bramble Forest was far too weak. In particular, the fire on her wings was a natural trump card against his forest.

The only thing he could do was wear her down. Zhou Sichen tried to replenish his bramble forest while changing positions, preventing her from finding him. At the same time, the huge Netherworld Python slowly crept toward her.

Wang Dong’er’s fire derived its power from its golden radiance. She was also using her Spiritual Power to track Zhou Sichen down. However, Zhou Sichen was crafty indeed. He replenished the brambles as quickly as she destroyed them.

Wang Dong’er nodded tacitly at his actions. If she did not want to use a high-level soul skill, the only way for her to defeat Zhou Sichen was to wear him down until he ran out of soul power! If that’s the case, let’s see who’ll be worn down first!

At this moment, an illusory silhouette suddenly appeared behind Wang Dong’er. The silhouette was half-transparent, but huge. It wrapped itself around Wang Dong’er and constricted even her Guillotine Wings. While its resilient body crackled under the heat from her fire, it was able to buy some time for Zhou Sichen.

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