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Unrivaled Tang Sect (Web Novel) - Chapter 249.3 — Powerful Wang Dong'er

Volume 26, Chapter 249.3: Powerful Wang Dong'er

Success! Zhou Sichen rejoiced in his heart. Without a moment’s hesitation, Zhou Sichen directed his Bramble Forest to head straight for her. If he could score a victory due to her carelessness, it would be glorious indeed!

However, while dreams may be nice, they were rarely real.

Just as Zhou Sichen tried to swamp Wang Dong’er with a huge amount of brambles in the hopes of suppressing her utterly and forcing her to acknowledge defeat, a powerful soul energy started to shake.

A ray of golden light about thirty meters long suddenly surged forth. The Netherworld Python was cleansed by this golden light, and all the surrounding brambles were reduced to dust.

Wang Dong’er’s fourth and fifth soul rings shone intermittently. The moment the Hexagram Array kicked in, Wang Dong’er, who was above it, started to change too. She pointed out with her right hand, and the Hexagram Array suddenly flew up. A giant golden pillar of lighta hundred meters long, swept out. The terrifying power reduced the rest of the brambles to dust. Even Zhou Sichen was swept up by the bright golden light.

Immobilized by the light, there was no way he could move anymore. He tried to raise his hands to admit defeat.

Wang Dong’er’s fifth soul skill, Hexagram Control. This was not the full extent of her power, but instead, she just borrowed some power from the Hexagram Array. If she released this power herself, its magnitude would be different. Of course, the way she released this power allowed her to save some soul power.

When the golden light dissipated, Zhou Sichen lay on the ground with a pained expression on his face. The Fire of Light had drained his soul power. If Wang Dong’er had not retracted her power in time, his clothes might have been burned off.

Yan Shaozhe said with a smile, “Sichen’s performance was decent. Go, send the next one.”

Zhou Sichen rejoiced. It was not a bad thing to leave a good impression on his dean. He quickly bowed to Yan Shaozhe, gave a thumbs-up to Wang Dong’er, and headed back to his team’s corner.

Wang Qiu’er looked at her teammates, pointed with her ring hand, and said, “Your turn.” The rest of them looked at her and realized that she was choosing at random. The next teammate she wanted to send out was one of the Lan Sisters, Lan Susu.

Lan Susu and Lan Luoluo were both soul ancestors. They were Control System Battle Soul Masters, and their martial souls were their hair. However, the reason they were selected as substitutes for the main team was because of their martial soul fusion skill. In a one-on-one fight, how could they fight Wang Dong’er?

Evidently, they could not, as they were quickly defeated by Wang Dong’er after they were sent to battle her one by one.

Three to zero. The Shrek’s Seven Monsters had a score of three.

“You.” The fourth person Wang Qiu’er pointed to was Xie Xuanyue.

Compared to the Lan Sisters, Xie Xuanyue was much more powerful. After all, in terms of cultivation, he was considered one of the most powerful alongside Dai Huabing and Ning Tian when he first joined the Academy. At that time, Huo Yuhao had not yet shown his skills.

When Xie Xuanyue went up, the tides of the battle changed. While he was eventually defeated, he was able to deplete a huge amount of Wang Dong’er’s soul energy.

“Dong’er, come back. We’ll admit defeat this round and switch you out.” After Wang Qiu’er sent out her fifth teammate, Ning Tian, Bei Bei recalled Wang Dong’er.

Wang Dong’er’s performance had been excellent as she had managed to win four battles consecutively.

“Caitou.” Bei Bei made a gesture at He Caitou.

He Caitou strode onto the arena. His big bald head was unique indeed. Furthermore, he had left a deep impression on everyone during the Sea God’s Fate. On that day, Ning Tian had been another participant at the blind date. In the end, she lost…

Ning Tian was an auxiliary-type soul master, but she was a clever girl. While Wang Qiu’er picked her without knowing her power, she nevertheless strode up. While she could not fight with her martial soul, she could use soul tools. The Seven Treasures Glazed Sect’s use of soul tools was different and superior to other sects.

However, Bei Bei was experienced and cunning too. During the Sea God’s Fate, he had already seen Ning Tian use her soul tool before. Coupled with his understanding of her Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda, he decided to send out his most experienced soul engineer.

“Admit defeat,” He Caitou said unkindly.

Ning Tian snorted coldly and said, “How do you know I’ll lose before we even fight?” As she said that, a pair of wings extended behind her back, and light burst out from them. This carried her petite body into the air. It was a flying-type soul tool.

Not only that, Ning Tian’s entire body became weaponized.

A soul cannon positioned itself on her shoulder, and many soul tools turned into armor all over her body. Her soul power congregated, and the soul cannon blasted in He Caitou’s direction.

He Caitou looked on helplessly. He lifted his right hand, and a white light flashed past. The cannon shell Ning Tian had released exploded in mid-air.

Then, He Caitou’s pupils started to shrink.

Like a transformer, metallic sounds resonated from He Caitou’s body. He seemed to have implanted himself in the ground as countless thick cannons appeared all over his body. They locked in on Ning Tian, who looked like a target in the sky…

Among Shrek’s Seven Monsters, who was the strongest?

If one asked Huo Yuhao, he would reply that under certain conditions, when the distance between the combatants was more than two hundred meters, his second senior was the strongest.

He Caitou’s research specialized in Soul Tool Fortresses and Stationary Soul Cannons. His aim was to inflict the greatest amount of damage possible. As the rest had yet to reach the seven-ringed soul sage level, He Caitou, as a soul engineer, was undoubtedly the most powerful.

Of course, he only had an advantage if he was sufficiently far away. Once other soul masters approached him, his advantage would be nullified. In other words, if Bei Bei fought He Caitou and they were two hundred meters apart, He Caitou might beat him. However, if they were only a hundred meters apart, no one knew who would win. If they were only fifty meters apart, then Bei Bei had a higher chance of winning.

For Ning Tian, while her style was auxiliary-type, she was battling as a soul engineer. Against He Caitou, the top soul engineer of Shrek Academy, how could she stand a chance?

He Caitou released a barrage of highly-concentrated attacks against her. Just as he was about to follow up, Yan Shaozhe stopped him. Ning Tian was defeated.

Wang Qiu’er stood by the side. Other than her, everyone else on her team wore ugly expressions on their faces.

From the start of the competition, while they had superiority in terms of numbers, they had already lost five rounds. On the other side, only Wang Dong’er had forfeited a match. He Caitou’s powerful soul tools stunned everyone.

On Wang Qiu’er’s side, only Dai Huabing, Zhu Lu, Wu Feng, and Cao Jinxuan were left.

Wang Qiu’er turned to look at her teammates and sighed in her heart. The disparity in strength was vast indeed! Huo Yuhao’s team still brimmed with energy. It would be extremely difficult for them to win this spar. Even so, she could not allow her team’s morale to be completely depleted. She had to raise their spirits.

At this point, Wang Qiu’er said calmly, “I’ll go up next.”

With that, she strode to the center of the arena.

As they watched Wang Qiu’er stride out, Dai Huabin and the rest who had yet to battle were stunned. From their perspective, they thought that Wang Qiu’er’s arrangements had been random, and that they would be the last to be deployed. They never expected this to happen.

When Wang Qiu’er appeared, He Caitou’s relaxed expression turned serious. That day, he had personally witnessed how Wang Qiu’er had defeated Ji Juechen. While it could be said to be due to Ji Juechen’s choice of weapon, it was sufficient to show how powerful she was.

During dinner that night, everyone tried to inquire about Wang Qiu’er’s powers. Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er had given them short descriptions. Now, as she approached him, he naturally became more alert.

When Yan Shaozhe saw Wang Qiu’er striding out, he nodded silently in his heart. This girl was not one with all brawn and no brain. Choosing to fight now was evidently her way of boosting morale.

Wang Qiu’er looked at He Caitou and then nodded at Yan Shaozhe to indicate that she was ready.

Yan Shaozhe announced, “Start!”

To ensure that the competition was fair, He Caitou, who was a soul engineer, had to retrieve all his soul tools after the last round. Hence, he needed to release his soul tools once again in the new round.

The moment Yan Shaozhe said ‘start’, Wang Qiu’er sprang into action. Blinding golden light shone from her body. She stomped down onto the ground with her right foot, and the ground burst with a heart-chilling sound as if a huge dragon had just trod on it. Within a two meter radius, the ground collapsed completely. Cracks extended out for more than ten meters.

With that stomp, Wang Qiu’er’s body flew into the sky like a bolt of lightning. Her speed was so fast that others could barely see her.

Zhou Sichen and Cao Jinxuan opened their mouths in shock. They did not follow Wang Qiu’er’s airborne body, but instead looked at the ground she had just stomped on.

Zhou Sichen mumbled to himself, “Is, is she still human? The amount of strength required to accomplish that feat is incredible! It’s beyond horrifying!”

Cao Jinxuan’s voice trembled, “Yes! It’s terrifying, indeed! When she released her energy, she did not even release her martial soul!”

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