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Unrivaled Tang Sect (Web Novel) - Chapter 250.1 — Huo Yuhao VS Wang Qiu'er

Volume 26, Chapter 250.1: Huo Yuhao VS Wang Qiu'er

He Caitou could feel the fear, too.

While the Soul Duelling Arena was large, both combatants had to keep an initial distance of a hundred meters from each other. If the distance was too large, it would cause the competition to drag out. It was also unfair to soul masters who did not specialize in long-range attacks.

He Caitou tried to use his Soul Tool Fortress like before, attempting to suppress Wang Qiu’er with a powerful bombardment. However, he soon realized that Wang Qiu’er was already in front of him. He had never expected her to move at such a terrifying speed.

However, he was trained under the Ultimate Soldier Plan too. He was shocked, but he reacted quickly.

He immediately abandoned his plan to use his Soul Tool Fortress. A powerful ray of light shot out from his chest, and at the same time, he quickly retreated. At the same time, he raised his arms, and six cannons flipped out. A powerful blast of soul power went straight for Wang Qiu’er’s body.

Creating distance, suppression with firepower. This was the most common fighting style of soul engineers.

However, Wang Qiu’er was exceptional even by the standards of Shrek Academy.

Faced with He Caitou’s attack, she didn't even try to dodge. She lifted her right hand and was instantly wielding her Golden Dragon Spear. She completely ignored the lines of soul power that were coming for her. She shrieked a battle cry, and a powerful golden light enveloped her body. The shadow of a golden dragon flashed behind her, and then disappeared. Following that, with a clear dragon’s roar, the Golden Dragon Spear turned into a bolt of golden lightning as it was hurled toward He Caitou.

Screw me! He Caitou’s face drained of color. That day, when Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er were discussing Wang Qiu’er’s abilities, they had both mentioned her weapon, which was almost as powerful as a Divine Weapon!

The moment that golden lightning appeared, He Caitou felt the hairs on his body standing up. He released a powerful Class 7 protective soul barrier almost instantly. At the same time, he felt his body hurtling toward the ground. He fired two thick cannons, which he had just released from his shoulder, instantly. Two high-explosive cannon shells flew straight toward the golden bolt of lightning.

Even so, He Caitou did not relax. Another white cannon shell blew up in mid-air, from which a round protective shield with a diameter of three meters appeared. This was another Class 7 protective soul barrier that was released in the form of a cannon shell, allowing it to be placed at any corner of the battleground. It was a special soul tool He Caitou could also use for his own defense.

With a boom, the two cannon shells split apart. However, while they were powerful, they could not compare to the Golden Dragon Spear. The bolt of lightning pierced through the layers of fire as it hit the round protective shield.

White ripples appeared on the round protective shield. After it was deployed, this shield could exist in mid-air for as long as 30 seconds. While it was not a stationary soul tool, it was still one of the top Class 7 soul tools in existence, called the Protective Angel Cannon Shield. If it was used well, its role in saving one’s teammates during a battle was remarkable.

However, the Protective Angel Cannon Shield was breaking apart now.

The Golden Dragon Spear stopped, and the shape of a golden dragon flashed on top of the spear. The dragon’s roar became louder and louder. Following that, it pierced through the Protective Angel Cannon Shield. The Golden Dragon Spear did not slow down as it continued on its path toward He Caitou at an even faster speed.

What shocked everyone was the fact that Wang Qiu’er suddenly stopped. She seemed to be mumbling to herself, as if she were praying to the heavens.

He Caitou, however, sighed in relief.

While the Golden Dragon Spear was powerful, he could feel, at that moment, that its deadliness was gone. The Golden Dragon Spear no longer exerted any pressure on him. The Protective Angel Cannon and his two high-explosive rounds had diminished much of its power.

As he noticed that the golden ray of lightning was almost in front of him, He Caitou changed too. A pair of hammers appeared in his hands.

It was even Huo Yuhao’s first time seeing He Caitou using a close-combat soul tool. However, he had to admit that these hammers fit He Caitou well.

The hammers were only about 50 cm long, but their heads were more than half of the length, their entire bodies crackling with electricity. They were the Thunderous Warhammers, Class 6 soul tools!

With He Caitou’s physique, it was no issue for him to wield these hammers. Even though he had a food-type martial soul, he had studied the Tang Sect Secret Techniques too! His special favorite was the Chaotic Splitting Wind Hammer Technique.

At this moment, as the Golden Dragon Spear approached him, He Caitou turned his body vigorously, his two hammers were like a shooting star and moon. He smashed them at the Golden Dragon Spear. He believed firmly that with the explosive thunder power in his two Thunderous Warhammers, as well as his Class 7 protective soul barrier, there was no problem in him meeting the Golden Dragon Spear head-on.

He Caitou’s reaction could not be described as bad. Even the other six Shrek’s Seven Monsters could not find any fault with it. However, Wang Qiu’er was no ordinary girl! Even Huo Yuhao, who understood her best, did not expect her to have such a fighting style.

Clang! The sharp sound of metal hitting metal resounded in everyone’s ears. He Caitou’s hammers smashed into the Golden Dragon Spear.

While the Golden Dragon Spear was powerful, the intense golden light that it gave off was able to reduce much of the warhammers’ thunder. Bits of the golden light even crept onto them.

The Golden Dragon Spear that was already severely weakened was still capable of forcing He Caitou to take three steps back. However, this was the last of its strength. Smashed away by the hammers, it flew into the air.

He Caitou, however, stared in shock as he noticed that the golden light that flashed from the Golden Dragon Spear had been sent flying into the air. A silhouette appeared next to the spear in mid-air, as if the sky had torn open to get her there, and grabbed onto it. Then, she came crashing down from the sky as she tried to smash He Caitou from above.

Wang Qiu’er, who was in the distance, had disappeared. A goddess of war, wielding the Golden Dragon Spear, had appeared before He Caitou.

Her Golden Dragon Spear can teleport her? Huo Yuhao watched with his mouth agape. He could not help but think about how Wang Qiu’er had appeared before him and helped him with his three-in-one martial soul fusion skill.

With such limited time, He Caitou could not react in any other way. He lifted his two warhammers as he tried to clamp onto Wang Qiu’er’s spear.


Instantly, He Caitou felt as if he had been hit by a mountain. While he was confident in his own abilities, and was a soul emperor, he was still far from Wang Qiu’er in terms of raw strength.

Everyone who was watching the fight could clearly see He Caitou’s knees buckle and sink down. His entire body appeared to be absorbed by the ground, as the electricity from his Thunderous Warhammers turned golden.

He Caitou felt that his arms no longer belonged to him. Wang Qiu’er used the rebound of her strike to leap back into the air. As she was about to land, she turned around in mid-air and her spear reached out, pointing itself straight at He Caitou’s throat.

Resist? He Caitou could not even lift his arms, much less resist. His joints were immobilized by the massive force that had crashed down on them. How could he resist?

The spear’s tip stopped just an inch away from his throat. He Caitou opened his eyes wide in shock. He could feel that there was a force at the tip of the spear that was absorbing his soul. It was an ominous feeling that told him that he was only inches away from death.

“Wang Qiu’er wins.”

Yan Shaozhe’s voice stopped everything. From Shrek’s side, Xiao Xiao was already running at full speed.

Wang Qiu’er stuck her spear into the ground. She walked forward and chopped down on He Caitou’s arms. Only then did they come down… they had been dislocated.

Wang Qiu’er then tugged at his arms forcefully. Ka! Ka! Instantly, she jerked his arms back in place. The sudden wave of pain made He Caitou sweat, but he was able to regain control over his arms.

“Thank you,” He Caitou said with a bitter smile.

In terms of power, he was not that far from Wang Qiu’er. However, Wang Qiu’er had used her advantages to their fullest.

When Wang Qiu’er approached He Caitou, Huo Yuhao had already closed his eyes. In close-combat, He Caitou stood no chance against Wang Qiu’er.

“Caitou, are you okay?” Xiao Xiao ran up to him and grabbed his arm, her face full of concern.

He Caitou chuckled and said, “It’s nothing, only a dislocation. Wang Qiu’er helped me put it back in place. Powerful indeed! I lost this round fair and square.” He gave her a thumbs-up. While he lost, he was not depressed. He pulled himself out from the ground and returned to his corner with Xiao Xiao. Only Xiao Xiao could feel that even now, He Caitou’s arms were still trembling, a testament to how powerful Wang Qiu’er’s attack had been.

When Wang Qiu’er beat He Caitou, her teammates’ faces showed a variety of expressions.

The one with the biggest change was Dai Huabing.

When he saw Wang Qiu’er’s spear crash against the Thunderous Warhammers, forcing He Caitou into the ground, Dai Huabing’s throat tightened as he swallowed. He did not know what the result would have been had he faced her spear himself!

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