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Unrivaled Tang Sect (Web Novel) - Chapter 250.2 — Huo Yuhao VS Wang Qiu'er

Volume 26, Chapter 250.2: Huo Yuhao VS Wang Qiu'er

One could say that this was their first victory. Wang Qiu’er’s power made all of her teammates lose their doubts about her. The explosiveness and length of the battle caused it to be over in the blink of an eye.

Bei Bei looked at his team and tapped Huo Yuhao lightly on the shoulder and said, “Go, Yuhao.”

“Why me, elder brother?” Huo Yuhao looked at Bei Bei with an innocent face.

Bei Bei said naturally, “You understand her best! Furthermore, when you asked us to help you take care of Ji Juechen, did we reject you? Go, it’s time to let them see how powerful you’ve become. You can do it.”

Huo Yuhao looked at his compatriots as if he was imploring them to do something. However, they all pretended that they did not see him, even Wang Dong’er.

Helplessly and unwillingly, Huo Yuhao walked out.

He did not want to face Wang Qiu’er, not just because of how powerful she was, but also because of the weird relationship the two of them had! He did not know how he should face her.

For the other members of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, the only ones who stood a chance against Wang Qiu’er were Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi. While Wang Dong’er was also a soul emperor, she had already fought, and He Caitou had lost. Jiang Nannan and Xiao Xiao, both of whom had yet to reach six rings, were obviously weaker than Wang Qiu’er. This was why Bei Bei sent Huo Yuhao out.

When Wang Qiu’er noticed that it was Huo Yuhao who walked out, her expression changed. Then, she flicked her wrist and pulled her Golden Dragon Spear out of the ground, pointing its tip right at Huo Yuhao.

From afar, Elder Xuan and Cai Mei’er nodded. Huo Yuhao versus Wang Qiu’er. This was a fight worth watching.

One wielded the power of Ultimate Ice and was a twin-souled soul master. The other one was one with an Ultimate Strength martial soul. A match between the two of them would naturally be interesting. Even Elder Xuan wanted to see who was the most powerful of the two. After all, only when their strengths were similar could they use the full might of their powers.

When he looked at Wang Qiu’er, Huo Yuhao’s eyes betrayed a tinge of helplessness. He nodded at her and said, “Please be merciful.”

Wang Qiu’er snorted. She slowly raised her Golden Dragon Spear, and her eyes flared up. There was no way she would be showing mercy!

Yan Shaozhe looked at the two of them, and a smile crept across his face. He said, “Remember, don’t actually draw blood. Start!”

The moment he said that, Wang Qiu’er started to move. Like before, her left leg stomped down forcefully on the ground, leaving a deep crevice. Her body was already barrelling straight toward Huo Yuhao.

When he saw the hole she left behind, Yan Shaozhe’s heart ached. We need money to repair the grounds again. With the power of this girl, what materials must we use to prevent her from leaving any more holes?

Huo Yuhao had no desire to pit his speed against Wang Qiu’er’s. With her powerful force, Wang Qiu’er’s short-term explosiveness allowed her speed to exceed that of a seven-ringed soul sage.

As he watched Wang Qiu’er, cloaked in gold, hurtling toward him, Huo Yuhao’s gaze turned sharp.

An orange-golden silhouette appeared behind him, and the adorable Snow Lady appeared once again. She twiddled her index fingers habitually as she looked innocently at Wang Qiu’er, who was rushing toward her at high speed.

Huo Yuhao did not retreat. An intense layer of gold light shone from his body, and his eyes suddenly turned bright.

Can it be? Does he want to meet her head-on? Everyone exclaimed in their hearts. They could not help but admire Huo Yuhao’s bravery.

At this time, the soul rings on Huo Yuhao’s body started to shine.

A white halo expanded. It was Enfeeblement. As a control-type soul master, it was impossible for him to clash head-on with her without first attempting to weaken her.

After Enfeeblement, he used Spiritual Confusion on Wang Qiu’er.

Huo Yuhao was cunning indeed. When he used Enfeeblement, it was still traceable. As she noticed that a white halo was approaching her, Wang Qiu’er gathered her soul power, and with the power of the bloodline of the Golden Dragon, she was able to reduce its power by more than 80%.

However, at this moment, her rampage stopped. She was still 30 to 40 meters away from Huo Yuhao. Just as her legs touched the ground and she was ready to charge forward once again, Huo Yuhao used his Spiritual Confusion on her. This control of time was perfect for him, but terrible for Wang Qiu’er.

She was instantly befuddled. This caused her to lean to one side with each step she took. While each step she took still caused a boom to sound, her addled mental state caused her to lose her center of gravity. Her body leaned to one side, and she was already rushing toward that side. The effects of this off-kilter dash were mitigated considerably by her power. Had she been an ordinary soul master, her legs would have been broken by the amount of force she was using.

At this time, Huo Yuhao used his third soul skill. Two rays of purplish-gold light shot out from his eyes. This was Spiritual Shock.

As a spiritual-type attack, you could not block it even if you knew what it was.

Wang Qiu’er’s head snapped back due to the Spiritual Shock. Just as she was about to resume control over her body, she lost it once more as she fell to the ground.

At this moment, Huo Yuhao moved. Like her, he pushed off with his left leg. While he was not as intense as Wang Qiu’er, the explosiveness of his speed was comparable to hers. This was because he still had four soul thrusters behind him.

His entire body shone with bright, golden light. Huo Yuhao was already flying toward Wang Qiu’er at lightning speed. He punched out with his right fist and sent her flying.

Timing and soul skill control. Huo Yuhao did all this perfectly.

Everyone couldn’t help but fear for Wang Qiu’er. With Huo Yuhao’s control-type abilities, he was at an absolute advantage!

However, just as everyone thought Huo Yuhao had won with his punch, Wang Qiu’er, who had been sent flying down, suddenly turned her body in mid-air. She faced Huo Yuhao, and her left fist went flying toward him. Her body was suspended in a slanted position in mid-air.

Of course, she did not break free from gravity. What supported her body was the Golden Dragon Spear in her right hand.

It turned out that Wang Qiu’er was able to break free from the Spiritual Shock. Then, she quickly steadied her body as she punched Huo Yuhao back.

When Huo Yuhao attacked, he had never expected himself to win immediately. If he could do that, Wang Qiu’er would not be Wang Qiu’er. However, he was shocked at how quickly she was able to free herself from his Spiritual Shock. This girl’s spiritual resistance was strong indeed!

As their fists matched, a low explosion could be heard in mid-air. Huo Yuhao’s body was sent flying. Wang Qiu’er smiled. They were comparing raw strength, and she had a Ultimate Strength martial soul.

However, while Huo Yuhao was sent flying, Wang Qiu’er did not pursue him. Golden light shone from both of their bodies as they clashed against each other. Wang Qiu’er’s Golden Dragon Spear, which she had used to barely maintain her balance, emerged from the ground first. Her body turned, and she landed on the ground.

Huo Yuhao’s body flew, and the Snow Lady, who had been following him, changed. Her deep blue eyes were like a boundless ocean. Her small form expanded, and she reverted to her Snow Empress form.

Wang Qiu’er was shocked as she looked at Snow Empress’ deep eyes. In the next instant, what appeared before her was an endless patch of ice and snow.

The Snow Empress’ Chill merged with Huo Yuhao’s Domain of Perpetual Ice. The Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice!

It was not wise to clash head-on with the pure power of the Golden Dragon. Huo Yuhao knew that he had no chance in a head-on collision. To beat Wang Qiu’er, he had to maximize his own advantages. Bei Bei had correct before. Among everyone present, he knew Wang Qiu’er best.

The spectators could feel a sudden drop in temperature. Even though the Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice only enveloped a radius of about 50 meters, the chill it emitted could be felt in the entire arena. This was because Huo Yuhao’s cultivation was not high enough. As he became more powerful, he would be able to control the chill to an extent whereby it would not leak out. Not only would this save soul power, but its power would also be stronger in the affected area.

Large patches of snow started to dance in the air, and Huo Yuhao disappeared amidst the snow. Countless snowflakes, shaped like knives, encircled Wang Qiu’er, and under the extreme cold, started to attack her.

She stood at her original spot, unmoving. She did not even try to find Huo Yuhao. Wielding her Golden Dragon Spear, she appeared extremely calm. She closed her eyes as she sensed the changes around her.

A rather thin layer of golden light appeared from her body and enveloped her within it. However, this seemingly thin layer of light was able to block the snowflakes that came at her like little knives.

Standing in the center of the Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice, Wang Qiu’er’s soul power was being massively depleted as well. No matter how powerful she was, in the face of this domain, Huo Yuhao was able to combine his power with that of nature to attack her.

The Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice worked better in colder and wetter places. While Shrek Academy was not particularly cold, the presence of Sea God’s Lake nearby ensured a sufficient amount of environmental humidity.

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