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Unrivaled Tang Sect (Web Novel) - Chapter 326.3: Dark Clouds Hanging

Chapter 326.3: Dark Clouds Hanging

Huo Yuhao could see a slight but definite and furious intent in Bei Bei’s eyes. After knowing him for so long, Huo Yuhao was clearly aware that Bei Bei was actually a very proud person, even though he seemed to be very tough on the outside. The existence of the Tang Sect was an important link between him and Tang Ya. How could he not have any reaction when they were being looked down upon?

Huo Yuhao said, “It’s actually good that they are not concerned about us. In this way, they’ll become our cover when we do certain things.”

Bei Bei looked at him. Their gazes met, but they didn’t say anything.

Wang Qiu’er, who had remained quiet all this time, suddenly stood up and said, “Eldest senior sister and I are here this time because we want to inform all of you about what we’ve discovered. Whatever that Princess Jiujiu mentioned might not be everything that they’ve discovered. From what we know, Radiant City has indeed been sealed.

“The Sun Moon Empire deployed a few legions of soul engineers to mount a defensive line, with advanced-ranked soul engineers to hold the fort. All the teams that left earlier must have been stopped by them. However, the weird thing is that they didn’t seal all of Radiant City. They only sealed three sides, and left one side empty, the west side. It is the direction that we would take if we wanted to take the longest time to return to our academy.”

The information that Wang Qiu’er provided was very important. To some extent, Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect were together. She didn’t conceal any information, and told Huo Yuhao everything.

Huo Yuhao immediately retrieved a map of Radiant City. He had bought it when they first came to Radiant City for the exchange. He opened up the map to take a look at the surrounding geography of Radiant City.

Radiant City was located in a good position. Three of the sides that it faced were vast plains suitable for farming and training soldiers. It was only the west side that faced a mountain range, called, naturally enough, the Sun Moon Mountain Range.

It wasn’t considered too expansive, but it blocked the western flank of Radiant City. Although Radiant City wasn’t surrounded by city walls, it wasn’t too far-fetched to claim that it was constructed based on the mountain range. It was just that the other three sides of the city were too wide, and thus hardly anyone noticed the west side of the city when they came to Radiant City.

Huo Yuhao furrowed his brow when he saw the map. “Encircling three sides and leaving one side empty. In the art of war, this strategy is used to prevent enemies from fighting too desperately by deliberately leaving an opening for them. However, the Sun Moon Empire doesn’t have to do this! Their goal should be to capture us all! Why would they leave an escape route for us? Furthermore, the geography of the mountain range is very complicated. It’s ideal for hiding. Sealing the mountains will also be much more tedious than sealing the vast plains.”

Bei Bei was also looking at the map. He said, “In addition, this mountain range is very close to Radiant City. There can’t be soul beasts residing in it. It should be an ordinary mountain range.”

The few of them started to become very doubtful.

Wang Qiu’er said, “We’ve thought of all that, too. From appearences, the most likely situation is because the Sun Moon Empire knows that the combination of our academy and the Body Sect will be too strong. That’s why they’ve left us an escape route, but we’ll have to make a detour in order to return. This will at least delay us. However, we don’t know what they are trying to delay us for. After all, there are more than ten Titled Douluos between our academy, the Body Sect, and the Star Luo Empire. If the Sun Moon Empire wants to keep us here, they’ll have to pay a huge price. It might not be something they can handle. Capturing the rest of the teams will also have dealt a huge blow to the three empires on the continent.”

Huo Yuhao suddenly shook his head and said, “No, no.” His breathing had sped up as he said, “It can’t be that simple. Think about it. Even if we have to make a detour to the west, how long will it delay us? Let’s not even talk about Titled Douluo; even for us, we can make up for the additional distance very quickly using our flying-type soul tools. If the Sun Moon Empire wants to do something, they can’t possibly do so in those additional few hours. If they are successful, I don’t think people like us can affect them.”

As he spoke until here, he seemed to have understood something. “If we think of it from the Sun Moon Empire’s perspective, what would we do if we wanted to deal with our competitors in this tournament? Would we only capture a few of the members from each team and release the stronger ones?”

Bei Bei shook his head and said, “I certainly wouldn’t do so. I’d rather let the weaker ones go, but I would have to capture the stronger ones from Shrek Academy and the Body Sect. After all, neither our academy nor the Body Sect can turn out in full strength. This means that our strength is already scattered. While the fighting strength of ten Titled Douluo is very great, this is still the Sun Moon Empire, and they also have the help of the Holy Ghost Church! Along with their Class 9 soul engineers, they are strong enough to threaten us if they team up.”

“Yuhao is right. If they can keep us here, including the Titled Douluo, it’ll be a true, critical blow to us! If I were the one leading such an operation, I’d do my best to ensure this happens. I would also try my best to capture all the Titled Douluo.”

As he finished speaking, Bei Bei stopped. His breathing had also quickened. As he looked into Huo Yuhao’s eyes, they could see one another’s fear.

Huo Yuhao pointed to the Sun Moon Mountain Range on the map and said, “Then, let’s make a bold guess. Not only is this mountain range not an escape route, but it might even be the path to death. They’ve intentionally left this path open for us, and are trying to make us think that they are leaving an escape route for us. Their aim is to draw us over. They are really scheming!”

Wang Qiu’er disagreed. “That’s only what you think. We’ve sent people to check out the mountain range. There’s nothing wrong with it. Although there are a few troops there to guard the region, they won’t pose a threat to us. The two of you might be overreacting.”

Huo Yuhao replied “Perhaps. We can’t check things out, and thus it might not be good for us to comment. However, our guess can be considered rational given the situation we are in. Qiu’er, who did the academy send here?”

Wang Qiu’er replied, “There aren’t many people from the academy, but they are the stronger ones. Elder Xuan is here personally, along with another four elders from the Sea God’s Pavilion.”

“Dean Xian Lin’er’s also here. There are a total of six Titled Douluo from our academy. Including Elder Xuan, we have four Transcendent Douluo.”

After hearing her words, Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong’er and Bei Bei were all astonished. Although they knew that the academy would provide reinforcements, they hadn’t expected the lineup to be so strong. Even Elder Xuan was included, and there were four Transcendent Douluo among the six Titled Douluo. What did this mean? It meant that almost half the higher-ups of Shrek Academy were here! Only Dean Yan Shaozhe was left in Shrek Academy to hold the fort.

A warm feeling rose in their hearts. They were touched by the academy’s regard for their safety.

Wang Qiu’er followed by saying, “We posit that the Sun Moon Empire left us an escape route on the west side because Elder Xuan was there to personally check it. He even scanned the entire mountain range from the sky before he came to his conclusion. It’s unlikely that your guess is right.”

Bei Bei nodded and said, “Perhaps we’re worrying too much. If Elder Xuan checked it himself, there shouldn’t be any problems.”

With Elder Xuan’s abilities, how could there be something wrong if he couldn’t detect anything?

Wang Dong’er also nodded slightly, agreeing with what he said. They trusted Elder Xuan.

Only Huo Yuhao seemed to be thinking of something. However, he didn’t say anything.

Bei Bei said, “If that’s the case, there should be more than ten Titled Douluo, given that there are three from the Star Luo Empire and at least three from the Body Sect! With such a strong lineup, I’m sure the Sun Moon Empire will be worried, since we are able to cause significant damage. In that case, it’s possible that they left an escape route for us. Little junior, what do you think?”

Huo Yuhao replied, “Perhaps. However, I don’t know why I feel so uneasy. If there’s an escape route for us, it shouldn’t be like this. However, Elder Xuan also checked it himself. Let’s hope that everything’s fine. Qiu’er, what does the academy think about sabotaging the Sun Moon Empire while we’re here?”

Wang Qiu’er shook her head. Her expression turned slightly gentler, and she said, “Elder Xuan said that it’s not important whether we sabotage Radiant City. The most important thing is for us to return. Tomorrow is the semifinals, and the final will be after that. No matter what we achieve, we must leave this city. This was what Elder Xuan told us to tell all of you.”

Huo Yuhao took in a deep breath, and his nose felt a little runny. “I don’t have a family. Ever since I joined the academy, it has become my family.”

Wang Dong’er lifted her hands to clasp his shoulders. She knew that Huo Yuhao was most emotional when it came to this.

Bei Bei smiled and said, “Who says you have no family? Isn’t the Tang Sect your family? Since Elder Xuan has already made arrangements, let’s just follow it. As for sabotaging Radiant City, we don’t have to do it since he doesn’t want us to do so.”

Huo Yuhao laughed, and they looked at each other. They didn’t say a single word after this.

After a while, Zhang Lexuan left the room with the two princesses. It was obvious that their discussion wasn’t very pleasant. Xu Jiujiu wore a dismal look on her face. While Wei Na seemed very calm, the gentle look in her eyes had disappeared. After they exited the room, the two princesses immediately took their leave.

Just like Bei Bei and Huo Yuhao thought, the two of them had no intention of dealing with them over this matter after they had established contact with Shrek Academy.

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