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Unrivaled Tang Sect (Web Novel) - Chapter 327.1: Semifinals!

Chapter 327.1: Semifinals!

Zhang Lexuan snorted after she watched the two princesses leave. “They must be daydreaming if they are trying to tie us together. Is the Sun Moon Empire stupid? Our academy and the Tang Sect possess nearly all the outstanding disciples among the younger generation. Even if they dare to take the risk, we won’t dare to. Elder Xuan was right. It’s important for everyone to return safely.”

Shrek Academy was neither a sect nor a country. They wouldn’t let their students take risks for any reason. This was the greatest difference they had with the Star Luo Empire, Heavenly Soul Empire, and Body Sect.

Bei Bei looked at Zhang Lexuan and seemed to ask her something with his eyes.

Zhang Lexuan said, “That bunch is pretty vicious. They want to attack the Illustrious Virtue Hall and attempt to assassinate Xu Tianran. Xu Tianran has always been an aggressive person, and the Sun Moon Empire’s Emperor is going to kick the bucket soon. If Xu Tianran comes to rule the Sun Moon Empire, a war will soon break out. But if he’s dead, there will be internal strife within the Sun Moon Empire. This will delay the war for some time, and give the various empires sufficient time to prepare.”

Huo Yuhao revealed an enlightened look, “I see. However, they are indulging in fantasies. Xu Tianran is now the Prince Regent. I’ve met him before. He’s a very ambitious person, and had a very eerie vibe about him. He has even pulled Jing Hongchen to his side. I believe even the Holy Ghost Church has been pulled to his side, as well. It’s going to be very difficult to ambush and kill him. Furthermore, Xu Tianran lost his legs to an ambush. Don’t you think he’ll be very wary after that painful experience? I’m afraid that it would be very unlikely to be successful.”

Zhang Lexuan nodded and said, “We agree on this. If they want to cause trouble, let them do it themselves. Let’s just not participate. While it’ll be good if they succeed, we won’t be any worse off if they don’t.”

Bei Bei asked, “When are you planning to make a move?”

Zhang Lexuan said, “As I didn’t express my interest to join, they didn’t mention any detailed timing. However, I believe they might delay it until after the tournament if we do participate. After all, the tournament has not ended yet. If we don’t join now, they might act earlier. They won’t take our safety into account, either. When I mentioned that I was going to opt out, they suggested that we provide support instead. I didn’t agree to that, either. That’s why their attitude changed; they’ve started to treat us as enemies.”

Bei Bei said, “They have no choice but to do so. After all, it concerns the national security of both empires. Compared to the interests of an empire, individual lives are nothing. Why would they treat us as well as the academy? Let’s not care about them and continue with the tournament. When it ends, we’ll leave just like Elder Xuan has arranged.”

“Okay.” Zhang Lexuan nodded. Suddenly, her expression turned slightly weird and she said, “Bei Bei, are you confident tomorrow?”

Bei Bei was stunned, and slowly shook his head.

Tomorrow, they would be facing the Holy Ghost Sect. How could they be confident when Tang Ya was in the Holy Ghost Church? It was an evil soul master sect, even more mysterious than the Body Sect! In the previous rounds, only a few people from the Holy Ghost Church competed. They had used their strong evil soul master abilities to advance all the way to the semifinals.

Zhang Lexuan hesitated for a while before she said, “Even though all of you are representing the Tang Sect, Elder Xuan also told us that safety is the first priority. Nothing is more important than life. All of you are the future of the academy and the Tang Sect. Winning the tournament is no longer important under the circumstances we are in right now. You must remain alive if you want to snatch Xiao Ya back.”

Bei Bei subconsciously lowered his head as he saw the glow in Zhang Lexuan’s eyes. He gently nodded, but didn’t make a sound.

Zhang Lexuan suddenly became agitated. “You mule, go die if you want to.” After she finished speaking, she turned around and left, slamming the door behind her. She understood Bei Bei too well. From Bei Bei’s actions, she could tell that he wouldn’t heed her advice.

Bei Bei expression twisted as he sighed. At times, feelings couldn’t be forced. He knew that Zhang Lexuan was acting in his best interests. However, he only had Tang Ya in mind! If someone had to be blamed, Elder Mu was the one. However, Elder Mu had already passed away. Zhang Lexuan also wanted to stay true to her promise. Bei Bei was afraid to face her.

Wang Qiu’er looked at Huo Yuhao and said, “I’ll wait for you in the finals. No matter what plans you have, I hope to have a good fight with you when we meet.”

Huo Yuhao laughed bitterly. “Is it interesting bullying a cripple?”

Wang Qiu’er’s body jerked slightly, and her lips twisted. She didn’t say anything else, turning around and leaving.

Wang Dong’er lifted her hands and pinched his back. Huo Yuhao coughed and said to the depressed Bei Bei, “Eldest senior, let’s discuss our team. To us, the Heavenly Soul Empire and Star Luo Empire’s plan might be our best cover.”

Bei Bei lifted his head, and his expression returned to normal. He nodded gently.

Huo Yuhao smiled and said, “After the semifinals, the second day will be the final of the underground tournament. The Holy Ghost Church will also be present. We should let the two princesses know about this matter. If they want to make a move, that will be the best day.”

Bei Bei laughed, “Maybe the two princesses won’t be the ones to delay the Sun Moon Empire, but us.”


Over these last few days, Radiant City’s atmosphere had become more and more tense. The Continental Elite Youth Soul Master Tournament was about to reach its semifinal stage. At the same time, the three underground organizations were also organizing the finals of the Radiant City Elite Soul Engineering Tournament.

All the teahouses and restaurants were discussing the two tournaments. Evidently, the Continental Elite Youth Soul Master Tournament was more attractive. However, everyone was also attracted to the underground tournament, as they were allowed to bet on it. Through the underground tournaments, the three underground organizations benefited greatly.

The semifinal lineup of the Continental Elite Youth Soul Master Tournament was as follows. In the morning, the Heavenly Dragon Sect was fighting Shrek Academy. In the afternoon, the Tang Sect was fighting the Holy Ghost Sect.

These were two semifinal rounds with many talking points. Whose dragon-type martial soul was stronger, Yu Tianlong’s Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon, or Wang Qiu’er’s Golden Dragon? Under what circumstances would they meet in the tournament? This was the biggest talking point of the semifinal round. Which dragon was stronger?

Because of Long Aotian’s impressive showing, Wang Qiu’er’s reputation dipped a little. Even though she hadn’t fought Long Aotian, many believed that she was weaker than him.

Of course, there were loyal supporters of Wang Qiu’er as well. In their eyes, the ravishing, cool, and elegant Wang Qiu’er was the best in this tournament. As long as no one defeated her in a duel, she would always be the strongest.

Many people fought as they tried to debate the question of who between Wang Qiu’er and Long Aotian was stronger.

The second semifinal round was touted to be the most intense match in the entire tournament.

Those who were sharp could tell what kind of existence the Holy Ghost Church was. It was made up of evil soul masters! However, the Sun Moon Empire had been restraining all discussion of the Holy Ghost Sect. Since the Sun Moon Empire dared to let the Holy Ghost Sect compete, they had naturally made their own arrangements.

As a result, it was illegal to even discuss the Holy Ghost Church in Radiant City.

Even so, everyone still wondered how strong an evil soul master sect was. If they emerged as the eventual winners, the Sun Moon Empire would become a laughingstock.

At the very least, it would be a black mark on the entire history of the tournament.

What had Xu Tianran thought? That history was written by the victors! If he could rule over the entire continent, what black mark could he not remove? This fact alone was why he dared to let the Holy Ghost Sect compete.

There were some quite intense objections even within the Sun Moon Empire. However, Xu Tianran wasn’t bothered. After he curbed some of them with violence, the Holy Ghost Sect managed to complete their registration.

Nobody liked an evil soul master sect. That was why the Tang Sect became the hot topic in this second semifinal round.

The Tang Sect had defeated the Snowdemon Sect, which had possessed the seven-ringed Soul Sage Long Aotian and a few Soul Emperors. They had fully demonstrated their abilities. To many spectators, the Tang Sect was a huge treasure vault. They always delivered something new to win in each round.

Could they defeat their opponents and achieve eventual victory? It was difficult to tell. However, it was probably their only hope!

From their showing in the quarterfinals, it was evident that their abilities in the later rounds were greater than what they had shown in the earlier rounds. If the Tang Sect couldn’t stop the Holy Ghost Sect, the Holy Ghost Sect was likely to be the eventual winners.

That was why many people supported the Tang Sect secretly. They hoped the Tang Sect could defeat the evil soul master sect!

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