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Versatile Mage (Web Novel) - Chapter 213 - Three Step Pagoda

Chapter 213 - Three Step Pagoda


.Inside the Jingan private convalescence, a middle aged man was standing next to the hospital bed. His gaze was focused on the person covered in a body cast.

“Fu Tianming, let me ask you one more time. Have you already been exposed?” the man asked coldly .

“I have not. I can swear on my life. I went to probe using the name of someone called Jia Wen, the school will definitely not have realized anything. However, I just don’t understand why that person was so vicious in his moves,” the person with his entire body in a cast replied.

That person was precisely the Fu Tianming who had his bones shattered by Mo Fan’s kick. His gaze carried dread as he looked at the unpredictable person in front of him.

“I will assign others. You just need to tend to your wounds, then use your connections to seek revenge on him. I need to obscure the facts,” said the man who was standing beside him, while emitting a killing intent.

“Lord Deacon, he is the enemy of many people within Pearl Institute. Even if you don’t make a move, he is still surrounded by enemies. From what I see, the most suitable time would be during the Main Campus Examination. From the news that I’ve gathered, there are already a couple of disciples from Aristocratic families that have decided to get together to deal with him during the Main Campus Examination,” Fu Tianming told him.

“I don’t need you to teach me what to do,” the fiendish man replied coldly.

After their conversation ended, the fiendish man left. Fu Tianming sat up with great difficulty as he looked out the window. He was dumbstruck as he realized that when Sir Clergy had walked into a dark area, there were a couple of malevolent shadows accompanying him on the left and right.

Although these Dark Beasts belonged to the Deacon, those creatures, said to be refined using half living people and half corpses, were the dirtiest, ugliest and the most lamentable things in this world!


“Mo Fan, do you really think you’d be able to escape this time?” The Deacon was standing inside a dark shrubbery, a hat now on his head. His eyes were scanning the Pearl Institute, which was lit up brilliantly.

He slowly removed the hat from his head, revealing a face covered in half of a mask. When the light brushed past him, his revealed face would have horrified anyone who saw it.

“Even if you hide within the University, it’ll still be useless. I said it once before, I will turn you into a slave. Just like these dogs right here, when I tell them to do something, they will definitely do it!” the half-faced man swore in a sinister tone.

He swept past the Dark Beasts next to him that were trying to suck up to him. There was not a single hint of pity in his eyes as he kicked one of the Dark Beasts in its thick neck!

Yu Ang had a hobby. He liked to turn the people that he detested the most into one of these non-human creatures that would throw their lives away for him. Not a ghost, not a human, they were being treated like dogs as he tormented them forever!


Three Step Pagoda was located inside the Main Campus of Pearl Institute. The elites within the Main Campus fought over resources all the time, and among the resources was the Three Step Pagoda!

The Three Step Pagoda was similar to the Underground Holy Spring, a heavenly treasure.

The Underground Holy Spring was nurtured by itself for thousands of years. The energy that was contained within it could nurture a whole city and produce outstanding Magicians.

The Three Step Pagoda also had a long history. It was constructed by a wise man that was able to gather the Elemental Energy floating around the world into this special Magic Building.

Elemental energy was everywhere. A Spirit Seed was born when the Elemental energy and the Magic energy were extremely dense in an area, and after years of refinement, they gradually evolved into a seed. The Three Step Pagoda’s location and structure was capable of converging energies from over thousands of meters.

It was just like a giant root that spread across thousands of miles. Even if this area looked like it was remote, it did cover a relatively large area, and was able to provide the tree trunk with a continuous amount of energy.

The condensation from the Three Step Pagoda could be called the most crucial point behind the rise of the Pearl Institute.

Originally, the school had decided that not only did you have to enter the Main Campus first, you also needed to display a relatively outstanding performance to obtain a chance to cultivate in the Three Step Pagoda. Mo Fan had become an exception!

This opportunity was something that Dean Xiao had already warned Mo Fan of. There might only be one opportunity for him, so he must cultivate properly.

Mo Fan knew that he was facing a great danger. The Black Vatican wanted to deal with him, so he could no longer keep waiting. He needed to have his strength increased as quickly as possible!


The Three Step Pagoda. It appeared to be a symmetrical, three-cornered building. Its exterior looked like it was composed of silvery metal. It was as big as a tower, and seemed to be quite glamorous within the Main Campus.

“Dean!” The two men who were standing by the entrance of the Three Step Pagoda respectfully saluted as they saw Dean Xiao.

“So you are the ones guarding it today. I have already had someone show you the permits, you can take this student in,” Dean Xiao told them.

“Oh, so this is the rookie student from the Azure Campus! I was only able to enter the Three Step Pagoda two years after I entered the Main Campus. Junior, your luck truly makes me admire you,” one of the guards that looked relatively friendly said with a smile.

Mo Fan smiled modestly back.

“Follow me, I will tell you what to do!” The friendly guard led Mo Fan into the Three Step Pagoda.

When Mo Fan followed him inside, into a long tunnel made of metal.

He didn’t know how long he walked down the tunnel, Mo Fan suddenly heard a strange sound.

This tunnel was strange. Based on the speed he was walking inside the straight tunnel, he should’ve gone from the entrance to the very back of the Pagoda several times. Why did it feel like this tunnel did not have an end? This Three Step Pagoda looked like it was at most fifty meters wide from the outside!

“Do you know why this is called the Three Step Pagoda?” the friendly student guard asked.

“Could it be that this place is similar to a hallucination? It appears to be walking straight, however, we were really walking on a winding road or a returning road? From the entrance to now, we’ve walked at least five hundred meters. The Three Step Pagoda’s diameter should only be about fifty meters!” Mo Fan said.

“No, we’ve actually been walking straight this entire time. You are only from the Azure Campus, so you might not know much about the theories regarding the Space Element. The Space Element has a concept called, “A step is a thousand feet, two steps are ten thousand meters, and three steps are boundless! The Three Step Pagoda is also called the Boundless Pagoda. This is because it did not look that majestic from the outside, but it is extremely difficult to walk to the end of it in the space inside,” the friendly senior guard explained to him.

“Space studies?” This was Mo Fan’s first time hearing that word.

“Yeah. The Three Step Pagoda was constructed by a great expert who cultivated in the Earth Element and later on, the Space Element. This place has fantastic Space Magic Enchantments. Even now, there is not a single person who has been able to decipher it. That is why we can only use the instructions left behind by our seniors to use it. The Three Step Pagoda has many layers of space, and each space layer has different amount of energy that it can condense. Since you are an Intermediate Magician, you can only cultivate on the first and second layer. If you proceed further, you risk bursting apart from an influx of energy,” the friendly guard warned Mo Fan.

“This… How do I determine what space layer I am most suitable to cultivate in?”

“That you will know once you’ve experienced it.”

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