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War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 101 — Brutal

Chapter 101: Brutal

Translator: KurazyTolanzuraytor Editor:

"I understand."

Meng Quan took a deep breath. His gaze was firm.

He understood in his heart that these enemy kingdom soldiers that had experienced the baptism of the battlefield had long ago had thrown away any hopes of living the moment they were captured, and as such, they would attack without mercy.

He felt pressured.

But even more so, he felt the intent to do battle!

Meanwhile, the Iron Blood Army’s Vice Commander looked towards the group of youths that stayed behind before saying, "Very good, you’ve all not disappointed me… As such, I shall now declare that the Genius Camp test officially begins!"

As Qiao Qing Shan’s voice echoed out, a group of Iron Blood Army soldiers walked over quickly, brought along with them a group of bound enemy kingdom soldiers, and stood at a side of the drill grounds.

The army of soldiers moved like a large nimbus cloud that enveloped the lands.

These enemy kingdom soldiers all had dull expressions without any trace of life…

"Today, I’ll give you prisoners a chance at freedom. Six ninth level Body Tempering prisoners, three first level Core Formation prisoners, and one second level Core Formation prisoner will join forces. If you can kill any one of them, I’ll return your freedom to you!"

Qiao Qing Shan pointed towards the group of youths, whereas his gaze instead descended upon the two thousand plus enemy kingdom soldiers.

Instantly, these enemy kingdom soldiers, whose faces were white and lifeless, suddenly felt their spirits shake, and their eyes emitted a yearning desire…

A yearning desire to live!

A yearning desire for freedom!

Following which, their gazes descended upon the group of youths on the drill grounds. Their eyes emitted a bloodthirsty killing intent.

Immediately, the expressions of many youths in the group went pale.

When had they ever faced such fierce and ruthless people before? The gazes of these people were practically wishing to tear them to pieces…

"These enemy kingdom soldiers will definitely fight to the death for the sake of freedom and to continue living!"

Duan Ling Tian sighed.

"Yeah, we absolutely can’t slack off."

Xiao Yu agreed deeply.

"Number 1, fall out."

One of the captains behind Qiao Qing Shan stood out and his gaze descended upon the group of youths.

Immediately, a youth walked out in large strides. The youth’s face was ghastly pale and his eyes emitted a trace of fear…

Noticing the state of the youth, the Captain frowned as he asked, "Are you taking the test alone or with your companions?"

"I…I’ll be taking the test with my companions," the youth said in a slightly flustered manner.

Meanwhile, two more youths with similarly ugly expressions fell out.

"Report your numbers."

"Number 2."

"Number 3."

The two youths took a deep breath and stood with the youth that walked out earlier after they had finished reporting their numbers.

"Release 30 prisoners into the arena."

The Captain looked towards the group of enemy kingdom soldiers in the first row.

After being untied, the 30 enemy kingdom soldiers stretched their limbs and walked quickly into the arena. Their faces emitted frenzied and savage smiles.

Their gazes flickered with cold light as they looked at the three youths like a pack of dogs seeing three bones…


As the Captain’s voice descended, the 30 enemy kingdom soldiers and the three youths all moved.


The 30 enemy kingdom soldiers roared together, their voices like thunder!

Hearing their voices caused the three youths’ expressions to turn grim. Facing the 30 enemy kingdom soldiers that pounced at them like fierce beast actually caused them to be stunned out of fear momentarily, so their legs seemed as heavy as lead, and they were unable to move an inch.

In the blink of an eye, the three youths were torn to shreds!

Blood and flesh flew about in the air as a bloody stench suffused into the entire drill grounds.

At a side of the drill grounds, more than 90% of the youths were scared to the point that their expressions turned ghastly white; some were even worse and puked out everything they had eaten that morning.

For a time, the entire drill grounds was suffused with a weird smell…

"So smelly."

The ghastly pale-faced Meng Quan pinched his nose.

Xiao Yu frowned.

Only Duan Ling Tian didn’t have any reaction. As a mercenary in his previous life, he had stayed in even worse conditions than this.

As far as he was concerned, this was nothing.

"Send them out of the city!" the Captain ordered.

Immediately, a group of Iron Blood Army soldiers fell out.

"Thank you, Sir!"

The 30 enemy kingdom soldiers emitted a wildly joyous expression as they knelt down and kowtowed three times before leaving.

Seeing 30 of their companions easily regaining their freedom caused the remaining enemy kingdom soldiers to emit a bright light from their eyes, as they yearned for themselves to be able to enter the arena as soon as possible…

Presently, they looked at the group of youths in the distance as if they were looking at a group of sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

"If you choose to join hands with a companion and undergo the test, the danger is even greater! When three people face 30 enemy kingdom soldiers who will cooperate with tacit understanding, even if your strength is formidable, it will still be difficult to go against their joint attacks."

Some of the youths noticed some inklings.

Some of the youths that originally intended to join hands with their companions now had all given up on this intention.

"Looks like I have the ability of foresight."

Meng Quan grinned widely.

"These enemy kingdom soldiers are to savage and cruel; I really hope we can join hands… Meng Quan, are you really confident?"

Duan Ling Tian frowned.

This past month’s travel and interaction had long ago made him take Meng Quan as a friend.

"I’ll try my best."

Meng Quan’s eyes emitted an intent to battle.

"Number 4!"

Meanwhile, the Captain spoke once again.

This time, only one youth entered the arena.

After the ten enemy kingdom soldiers were untied, they glared fiercely at the youth while walking over…


The Captain’s voice had only just sounded when…


The youth exploded forth with his entire strength, and three ancient mammoth silhouettes appeared above him.

Second level Core Formation martial artist!

It had to be noted that the youth’s movement technique was extremely profound and his speed was extremely swift.

Even the second level Core Formation martial artist amongst the enemy kingdom soldiers could only eat dust behind him.

Before long, the second level Core Formation enemy kingdom soldier decisively roared, "Box him in!"

For a moment, the ten enemy kingdom soldiers abruptly spread apart before surrounding the youth and causing him to have nowhere to dodge.

The youth’s expression turned grim as he targeted a ninth level Core Formation enemy kingdom soldier. His body then jerked before pouncing towards the soldier.


His Origin Energy exploded forth and his fist that carried with it the force of lightning smashed onto the soldier’s head, directly smashing it into pieces. His face was splashed with brain juice as well.


Many of the youths that were spectating cheered.

But in the next moment, their voices stopped abruptly.

The youth on the arena screeched after blasting apart the enemy kingdom soldier’s head, then a wave of violent vomiting followed…

Obviously it was his first time killing someone.

In the next moment, however, he was killed by the other nine enemy kingdom soldiers that pounced on him.

The nine enemy kingdom soldiers obtained their freedom.

It is needless to say that the lesson drawn from another’s mistakes were undoubtedly the best lesson.

After numbers 1 to 13 were all killed, number 14, a second level Core Formation youth, finally launched a counterattack. He killed the enemy kingdom soldiers one by one until finally completely annihilating them.

"Number 14 passes!"

The youth took a deep breath when he heard the Captain’s voice and walked out of the pile of corpses with a heavy expression.

Following him was number 15.

After killing six enemy kingdom soldiers, the youth was exhausted and thus killed by the remaining four soldiers.

The slaughter continued on.

One after another, the youths either passed the test or were killed…

Later on, these young geniuses from every corner of Swallow Mountain County were numbed towards the slaughter and were able to freely exert their strengths.

The number of youths who passes the test increase as time went by.

Meanwhile, the expressions of the enemy kingdom soldiers weren’t very good.

"Looks like it’s beneficial to be at the back of the line."

Meng Quan glanced at the number 139 card in his hand and grinned.

"Number 100!"

In the wake of the Captain’s call, a black figure flashed into the arena like a ghost.

It was precisely Yu Xiang!

The ten enemy kingdom soldiers eyed Yu Xiang with hostility in the beginning, but once they saw the six ancient mammoth silhouettes that appeared above him, they were all terrified.

"Fourth level of the Core Formation Stage!"

These soldiers understood that if they didn’t fight desperately with their lives on the line, they would undoubtedly die, so they pounced towards Yu Xiang like madmen.

But unfortunately, Yu Xiang just stood there. They weren’t even able to break through his defensive qi barrier… They were killed by Yu Xiang one after the other.

"Although arrogant, this Yu Xiang does have some strength."

Duan Ling Tian’s eyes narrowed.

Up until now, Yu Xiang was the young genius that passed the test in the most relaxed manner.

"Great work, Brother Yu Xiang!"

Yu Xiao and the other three Yu Clan youths couldn’t help themselves from cheering.

As Yu Xiang slowly walked back, his haughty gaze descended open the violet-clothed figure in the distance, and his eyes flickered with a malicious brilliance…

Duan Ling Tian naturally noticed Yu Xiang’s gaze; however, he paid no attention to it.

No matter whether it was his previous lifetime or the current one, there were plenty of people who wanted him dead, but in the end he still lived well on…

Besides that one time where he was sold out by the person he looked to as a brother.

After Yu Xiang and before Duan Ling Tian, a few third level Core Formation young geniuses appeared, and one after the other they smoothly passed the Genius Camp test.

"Number 137!"

Finally, it was Duan Ling Tian’s turn.

Duan Ling Tian walked out in large strides, attracting the attention of many.

Many of the people present felt respect in their hearts towards this youth that dared to speak freely and frankly in front of the Iron Blood Army’s Vice Commander.

The serious expressions of the ten enemy kingdom soldiers that followed him up into the arena eased up when the noticed that Duan Ling Tian was much younger than the other youths, and their eyes emitted a sense of insanity.

As far as they were concerned, a youth that looked to be not even seventeen wouldn’t be exceptionally strong.

But when they saw the six ancient mammoth silhouettes that appeared above Duan Ling Tian, they were utterly dumbstruck…

Another fourth level Core Formation martial artist!

Spirit Serpent Movement Technique!

Duan Ling Tian’s body moved as if transforming into a bolt of lightning, flashing straight towards the ten soldiers that were still in a daze.

He lifted his arm and swung out!

Like a huge python swinging out its tail, extremely ferocious!


Instantly, six of the soldiers were blasted away by his arm swing, and three among them instantly died.

The remaining three were barely breathing and had lost all means to continue battling.

"F**k! Freak!"

"Not even using a martial skill, only a casual swing of his arm, and it seemed to contain the force of lightning… This Duan Ling Tian is too terrifying!"

"He’s actually a fourth level Core Formation martial artist? No wonder he dared to confront Yu Xiang."

"He seems to not even be seventeen yet… Such natural talent is virtually against the heavens!"

The group of youths was dumbstruck, and as they returned to their senses, they repeatedly swore.

"What a kid!"

Qiao Qing Shan’s gaze shone brightly.

The second level Core Formation soldier’s expression distorted as he howled, "Disperse!"

The remaining four enemy kingdom soldiers immediately dispersed, avoiding being taken out in one hit by Duan Ling Tian…

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