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War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 127 — The Approaching Storm

Chapter 127: The Approaching Storm

Translator: KurazyTolanzuraytor Editor: Lucas

Duan Ling Tian and his family departed at dawn the next day.

Patriarch Li Ao had specially prepared a large wagon for Duan Ling Tian. It was pulled by five strong and large horses, drawing the attention of many as it left Aurora City…

"Where did this figure come from? Who could be riding in such an exaggerated wagon!"

"Didn’t you see the Li Clan crest engraved on the side of that wagon?"

"Could it be that the Li Clan’s Patriarch is inside?"

"Ignorant fool! Duan Ling Tian is the one inside there, and he’s about to leave for the Imperial City. Could it be that you’ve all forgotten that Duan Ling Tian and the Xiao Clan’s Xiao Yu have passed the Iron Blood Army’s Genius Camp training and obtained the qualification to enter Paladin Academy?"

"Leaving so early?"

"He naturally has to leave early since he’s going by wagon. We’re quite a distance away from the Imperial City after all."

"This Duan Ling Tian is only 17 this year… I’m absolutely certain he will one day become a great figure of our Crimson Sky Kingdom!"

"Nonsense! Who doesn’t know of this?"

The Aurora City residents that stood at the side of the road and watched the wagon disappear into the distance all had gazes of veneration, and only when the wagon finally disappeared before them did they come back to their senses…

Aurora City being able to produce a figure such as Duan Ling Tian caused them to feel a sense of pride as well.

As a wagon that was pulled by five large horses, the interior of the carriage was luxurious and spacious. Two beds that were covered in high quality marten skin were on either side, and in the middle was a small table that was filled with fresh fruits and refreshments.

"The wagon that the Patriarch prepared is really not bad." As Duan Ling Tian lazily lied on the soft bed, a satisfied smile appeared on his face. He imagined that Patriarch Li Ao had certainly gone to great lengths to prepare this wagon.

"Of course! I heard that the Patriarch ordered the craftsmen to spend two days and two nights to rush to complete this wagon." As Li Fei spoke, she touched the marten skin on the beds and sighed. "Just these high-quality marten skins should probably we worth a few hundred thousand silver…"

Li Rou sat on the edge of the other bed as she looked at Duan Ling Tian and lightly smiled. "The Patriarch is really considerate…Tian, you have to remember this favor of the Patriarch."

"Mom, I know." Duan Ling Tian comfortably lied on the bed, crossed his legs, and lightly shook them in satisfaction.

Ke Er’s beautiful eyes curved slightly, seeming to become two crescent moons as she lightly asked Duan Ling Tian, "Young Master, where did you get our wagon driver from? Why does he call you his liege?"

Li Fei and Li Rou looked at Duan Ling Tian as well, as they had both realized that the middle-aged man that was driving their wagon now was no simple man. That cold and extraordinary appearance with a mask on his face was absolutely not something a normal wagon driver was capable of.

"Ke Er, he isn’t a wagon driver, he’s my servant," Duan Ling Tian corrected before laughing. "When you’ve married me, he will address you as his liege lady."

Ke Er’s face flushed in embarrassment after hearing what Duan Ling Tian said. She was lost for words.

"Scoundrel, you’re bullying little sister Ke Er again." Li Fei extended her delicate, jade-like hand and pinched the flesh on Duan Ling Tian’s waist before lightly twisting it.

"Little Fei, are you trying to murder your husband?" Duan Ling Tian cried out in pain as he extended his hand to pull Li Fei into his embrace before swinging his palm to slap her sexy buttocks…


Li Fei’s sensitive and delicate figure lightly trembled, and upon realizing that Ke Er and Li Rou were present as well, her face blushed to the point that it seemed like blood would drip out at any moment. And she sat at a corner in embarrassment, not daring to bully Duan Ling Tian anymore.

"Tian, take note of the current situation." Li Rou lightly coughed and helplessly shook her head.

"I’ll obey your command, my dear mother." Duan Ling Tian laughed slyly and was slightly embarrassed. Only now did he remember that his mother was still sitting opposite of him.

During their entire journey to the Crimson Sky Kingdom’s Imperial City, Duan Ling Tian’s group would stop and rest whenever they passed a town. This wagon’s speed was far greater than that of a regular wagon, so their time wasn’t so strained.

Unknowingly, two months had passed, and Xiong Quan had gained more and more experience on his ability to drive the wagon. As the former guardian of the Boundless Sect, it was the first time in Xiong Quan’s entire lifetime that he had taken the role of the wagon driver.

However, he didn’t dare have any complaints, as his life was in the hands of the violet-clothed youth within the carriage.

Swallow Mountain County, County City.

"Go!" Accompanied by a high pitched shout, a Ferghana Horse covered in blood dashed on the County City’s roads before quickly arriving at the entrance of the Yu Clan Estate, and the figure on the horse jumped off before dashing into the Yu Clan Estate.

In the Yu Clan Audience Hall, a middle-aged man with a dignified expression sat at the head, and beside him on each side was a middle-aged man and a youth. These three were precisely the Yu Clan’s Patriarch, Yu Dian, the Yu Clan’s Second Elder, Yu Li, and Yu Xiang.

Presently, the gazes of the three all descended upon the Yu Clan disciple who was breathing heavily.

The dignified middle-aged man lightly touched the beard beneath his chin and asked slowly, with a calm expression, "Have you finished your investigation?"

After the calmness, his expression seemed to be mixed with a sense of breath-taking coldness.

The Yu Clan disciple caught his breath before respectfully reporting, "Patriarch, the Duan Ling Tian that Young Master Xiang spoke of is a disciple with another surname of the Aurora City Li Clan. As for that Xiao Yu, he’s a member of the Aurora City Xiao Clan, and is allegedly the grandson of the Xiao Clan’s Supreme Elder. That Xiao Clan Supreme Elder is a Nascent Soul martial artist."

"The grandson of a Nascent Soul martial artist?" Yu Xiang’s face slightly sank. "That Xiao Yu actually has such a background? So what if he’s a Nascent Soul martial artist’s grandson? A Nascent Soul martial artist from a small clan like that would at most be at the first stage!"

"You said Aurora City earlier?" Unexpectedly, however, Yu Dian frowned.

"Yes." The Yu Clan disciple respectfully nodded.

"Uncle, what’s wrong?" A bad premonition arose in Yu Xiang’s heart.

"According to what I know, the Aurora City Xiao Clan is the Branch Clan of the Imperial City’s Xiao Clan…" Yu Dian said slowly.

"Imperial City’s Xiao Clan’s Branch Clan?" Yu Xiang’s expression went gloomy as he took a deep breath and recalled something. "No wonder he had such a strong defensive martial skill. I didn’t expect that his clan would be related to the large clan of the Imperial City…"

Yu Dian looked at Yu Li and Yu Xiang as he slowly said, "Second brother, Xiang, we can’t touch this Xiao Yu."

Their Yu Clan was considered a large clan in Swallow Mountain County, but once it was compared to the large clans of the Imperial City, it was nothing.

The clans that truly had deep roots within the Crimson Sky Kingdom were undoubtedly the Imperial Family and the few large clans of the Imperial City.

The Yu Clan was completely powerless before them!

"Uncle, he’s only a Branch Clan disciple; if we kill him, the Imperial City Xiao Clan won’t look into the matter." Yu Xiang’s eyes flashed with a trace of coldness. Until today, he couldn’t forget the scene of Xiao Yu forcing that steamed bun that was tainted with mud down his throat… Also, Xiao Yu had challenged, defeated, and knocked him out cold. He considered this matter to be a great humiliation!

The hatred in his heart towards Xiao Yu was only inferior to his hatred towards Duan Ling Tian.

Meanwhile, Yu Xiang’s father, Yu Li, said, in a low voice, "Xiang, don’t be silly! That Xiao Yu might not have been taken into consideration by the Imperial City Xiao Clan in the past, but now that he’s passed the Iron Blood Army’s Genius Camp test and obtained the qualifications to enter Paladin Academy, his meaning to them is completely different."

"Even the Imperial City’s Xiao Clan would focus on fostering such a figure! If our Yu Clan were to touch him, it would be a catastrophe for our Yu Clan once the Xiao Clan found out about it. Do you understand?"

The Yu Clan could look down upon the Aurora City Xiao Clan, but the Imperial City Xiao Clan, on the other hand, was a colossus compared to the Yu Clan.

"Father, I understand." Yu Xiang took a deep breath. Although his eyes still emitted killing intent, he knew that the clan wouldn’t take such risks just for him… "Xiao Yu, you got lucky!"

"What’s the background of that Duan Ling Tian?" Yu Xiang gazed at the Yu Clan disciple that was tasked with gathering information.

He recalled the offensive inscription that Duan Ling Tian use to kill his brother. "That Duan Ling Tian couldn’t also have some background, right?"

He was slightly perturbed in his heart…

The Yu Clan disciple respectfully replied, "Young Master Xiang, that Duan Ling Tian doesn’t have any background; he’s only a disciple with another surname of the Aurora City Li Clan and is allegedly even only a Branch Family disciple."

"Uncle, you must take revenge for my brother!" Yu Xiang had an agitated expression as he looked at Yu Dian.

"I’ve never heard of the Li Clan having any sort of background. Moreover, that Duan Ling Tian is only a disciple with another surname that came from a Branch Family… Hmph! He’s just a bumpkin. Since he killed Yu Hong, then he most certainly must die!" Yu Dian’s eyes flickered and his tone was filled with an overbearing manner.

"Patriarch." Meanwhile, the Yu Clan disciple spoke once more. "Ten days ago, when I arrived at Aurora City to investigate Duan Ling Tian, I found out that he left Aurora City by wagon two months ago and is heading for the Imperial City."

"By wagon? He really does know how to enjoy." Yu Xiang sneered as his eyes flickered with killing intent that seemed to be able to swallow anyone it targeted.

"Big brother, I want to take revenge for my son with my own two hands!" Yu Li looked at Yu Dian with a slightly agitated expression.

Yu Dian stood up and spoke resolutely. "Don’t worry, second brother, I’ll take you to see the Grand Elder right away, and I’ll ask the Grand Elder to accompany you on this journey! There’s only a single road heading from Aurora City to the Imperial City, and since he’s travelling by wagon, he couldn’t have gotten far. You can easily catch up to him by riding on Ferghana Horses."

Grand Elder?

Yu Li’s gaze abruptly shone. Their Yu Clan’s Grand Elder was the fourth Nascent Soul Stage powerhouse in their Yu Clan besides the three Supreme Elders. Having a Nascent Soul Stage powerhouse accompanying them would allow their trip to have certain success!

"Father, I recognize that Duan Ling Tian, so I’ll follow along." Yu Xiang was extremely agitated as well, and his chest rose and fell like a bellows…

Yu Li hadn’t even said a word when Yu Dian had already agreed. "Xiang, don’t worry, uncle will prepare a Ferghana Horse for you as well! At that time, I’ll let you see for yourself how the Grand Elder and your father take revenge for your brother! Even to the extent that the Grand Elder can capture that Duan Ling Tian alive and let you deal with him yourself."

"Thank you, uncle, thank you, uncle!" Yu Xiang’s face flushed. Thinking about how Duan Ling Tian would soon die at his hands caused his mood to be excited to the point where he was unable to calm down for a long time.

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