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War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 130 — The Misfortunate Tian Guang

Chapter 130: The Misfortunate Tian Guang

Translator: KurazyTolanzuraytor Editor: Lucas

At dawn, as the world awoke and the first ray of sunlight shone onto the land. A large wagon pulled by five large horses dashed out of Raining Valley Town, continuing its journey on the road towards the Crimson Sky Kingdom’s Imperial City after a night…


In the carriage, as Duan Ling Tian weighed the stack of silver in his hand, a brilliant smile appeared on his face. "I never expected money to come so easily!"

Currently, the silver in his possession had already passed the threshold of 10,000,000!

"Tian, where’d you get all this silver?" Li Rou frowned with a questioning expression. She only saw Xiong Quan pass all of this silver to Duan Ling Tian but didn’t know what had happened nor where the silver came from…

"Aunt Rou, it’s surely from him blackmailing that Raining Valley Town’s Tian Clan." Li Fei covered her mouth as she lightly laughed.

Although she didn’t see exactly what happened last night, when Xiong Quan passed the silver over to Duan Ling Tian and mentioned the Tian Clan, it wasn’t difficult for her to link everything together.

When Li Rou found out about the entire sequence of events, she couldn’t help but shake her head and laugh. "That Tian Guang really went for wool but came home shorn… but Tian, who exactly is that Xiong Quan, and why would he acknowledge you as his liege?"

Seeing that Xiong Quan was able to terrorize the entire Tian Clan, Li Rou realized that Xiong Quan was no ordinary person.

Duan Ling Tian’s brows slightly knit as he slowly explained, "Mom, he was captured by others as a slave and I coincidentally saved him, so he acknowledged me as his liege."

"He could still get caught as a slave even with his strength?" Li Rou was puzzled and at the same time came to an understanding as to why Xiong Quan wore a mask; it turned out to be a means to cover his slave’s brand.

"He was poisoned earlier and only had the strength at the ninth level of the Body Tempering Stage. I saved him and then helped him cure the poison. Hmm, he currently has recovered his strength to the Nascent Soul Stage." Duan Ling Tian lied on Ke Er’s jade thighs and ate the grapes Ke Er fed him while speaking unclearly.

"Nascent Soul Stage?!" At this moment, it wasn’t only Li Rou, even Li Fei was dumbstruck… Although Li Fei was aware that Xiong Quan’s strength was formidable, she never expected him to be so strong…

Nascent Soul Stage!

Such a cultivation was already not one bit inferior to the Supreme Elders of the three great clans of Aurora City, and it caused her to be deeply shocked…

Only Ke Er wasn’t really surprised and maintained calm as she removed the skin off the grapes and set them inside Duan Ling Tian’s mouth one by one.

In her heart, there wasn’t anything that the Young Master she adored wasn’t capable of.

"No wonder you dealt with the matter of the Fresh Breeze Town Fang Family so easily." Li Rou finally understood, and the questions in her heart were finally answered.

"I really never imagined that Xiong Quan was a Nascent Soul Stage powerhouse." Li Fei only came back to her senses a long time later.

"Isn’t it only a Nascent Soul martial artist? Do u need to be so surprised?" Duan Ling Tian glanced at Li Fei before slowly saying, "Little Fei, as long as you seriously cultivate the Galactic Star Technique, it won’t be difficult for you to step into the Nascent Soul Stage within five years."

Only now did Li Fei recall that the Galactic Star Technique that she cultivated was a top cultivation technique that could be cultivated all the way to the Martial Emperor Stage… Adding onto that the high purity medicinal pills that Duan Ling Tian refined, her cultivation would rise at an extremely quick pace!

"Tian, can we rely on that Xiong Quan?" Compared to Li Fei, Li Rou thought over things more thoroughly, and her beautiful face was serious and slightly worried.

As far as she was concerned, having a powerhouse at your side was no different than a double edged blade.

"Mom, don’t worry, I’ve taken that into account." Duan Ling Tian lightly smiled. He naturally knew what his mother was worried about, and it was nothing other than worrying that Xiong Quan would go against him…

Unfortunately, however, Xiong Quan’s life was currently within his grasp, and in the entire world, only he was capable of curing the poison that he gave Xiong Quan. That poison was a special formula unique to the Rebirth Martial Emperor, who was a Royal Grade Alchemist at the time!

When Duan Ling Tian’s group left, the entire Tian Clan’s atmosphere was extremely depressed… Their Patriarch had died!

"Father!" When Tian Guang awoke and noticed that his little bro was gone, he already took a heavy blow. Now hearing that his faster had been killed caused his to emit a cry full of grief, and it was so hard on him to take the two blows so suddenly that he blacked out again. He understood that with his father dead, it would also mean that the status of the Tian Clan would suffer a great decline!

After a few days, Tian Guang, who had just recovered with great difficulty, was carried off to the Punishment Hall by a few Tian Clan disciples and was beaten 100 planks as punishment in front of everyone in the Tian Clan.

As he blacked out from pain, he heard the voice of the Grand Elder. "Tian Guang brought calamity unto our Tian Clan. Abiding by the orders of the two Guardian Elders, he was given a special punishment here! In the future, if anyone makes this same mistake, they will receive the death punishment as stated in the laws of the Clan…"

When he awoke once again, Tian Guang was extremely dispirited and his eyes flickered full of regret!

Never had he imagined that one decision from that night would cause him to fall into such a state. If the heavens were to give him another chance to redo that night, even if he had to abandon his pride and kowtow 10 times to that violet-clothed youth, he would still want to plead for forgiveness from the violet-clothed youth.

Now he didn’t have anything left, let alone pride.

"Tian Guang, the Grand Elder requested your presence in the Audience Hall." Just at this moment, a voice sounded from outside and caused Tian Guan’s face to turn pale.

After arriving at the Audience Hall, Tian Guang directly knelt before the Grand Elder and held onto the Grand Elder’s legs and he cried. "Grand Elder, I know my mistakes, I really know my mistakes… Don’t punish me, don’t punish me anymore…please, please!"

The Tian Clan’s Grand Elder frowned and his expression was slightly unsightly as he looked over to the three people nearby. He said, in embarrassment, "Three respected guests, excuse this scene!"

Subsequently, his face sank as he kicked Tian Guang away. "Tian Guang, I didn’t bring you here today to punish you! Besides the two Guardian Elders, only you are familiar of the appearance of the violet-clothed youth from the other day. Now, describe in detail the appearance of that violet-clothed youth to the three respected guests."

When Tian Guang heard that he wasn’t brought here to be punished, he finally caught his breath, and only now did he notice that there were three more people inside the Audience Hall… An elderly old man, a middle-aged man, and a young man around the age of 20.

"You all… What’s the relationship between you all and that violet-clothed youth?" Tian Guang asked, in a slightly nervous manner. He was really scared that these people were related to that violet-clothed youth; he thought that they were here to take action for the violet-clothed youth. If that was the case, then he would really be misfortunate to the utmost extent!

"He’s an irreconcilable enemy of ours, and the reason we’re here is precisely because we’re chasing after him with the objective of killing him!" The 20-year-old young man said, with a voice filled with ruthlessness and hatred.

Hearing what he said caused Tian Guang’s eyes to shine, following which he seemed to recall something and his eyes dimmed back down. "It’s of no use, there’s an Origin Core martial artist protecting him; even my father, the Patriarch, died in his hand…"

"Origin Core Stage?" The young man laughed in disdain. "It’s only an Origin Core martial artist, what’s there to be feared?! This person beside me is our Yu Clan’s Grand Elder, an existence at the Nascent Soul Stage. A mere Origin Core martial artist would die with just a flip of the hand of the Grand Elder!"

"Nascent Soul Stage?" Tian Guang was shocked.

The Tian Clan Grand Elder’s pupils constricted, and he only reacted after a short moment. "Yu Clan? Nascent Soul Stage? You all… You all wouldn’t be from Swallow Mountain County’s County City’s Yu Clan, right?"

Tian Guang’s gaze shone once more, like a starry sky in the night sky, as he looked at the young man as if looking at the last life-saving straw he could clutch on to!

"Yes, we’re from the Yu Clan. This is our Yu Clan’s Grand Elder, and this is my father, the Yu Clan’s Second Elder." The young man haughtily raised his head as he enjoyed the gazes full of reverence from the two Tian Clan members.

"So it’s the Yu Clan’s Grand Elder, Second Elder, and Young Master. Please forgive this Tian Lin for not entertaining you properly… Tian Guang, hurry and get the kitchen to prepare a grand banquet. I want to properly entertain our guests!" The Tian Clan Grand Elder Tian Lin looked at Tian Guang as he ordered.

"Yes, yes!" As Tian Guang hurriedly stood up, his eyes flickered brightly in agitation…

"Father, someone will take revenge for you really soon! So what if there’s an Origin Core martial artist beside that little bastard? A Nascent Soul Stage powerhouse has moved out of the Yu Clan to kill him, and moreover, it’s the Yu Clan’s Grand Elder! That little bastard will undoubtedly die! And you can rest peacefully in heaven…"

"Wait." Just at this moment, the Yu Clan’s Grand Elder, Yu Hui, stopped Tian Guang and indifferently said, "The reason I came to your Tian Clan isn’t to eat. Now, describe the appearance of that violet-clothed youth right now."

Tian Guang didn’t dare hesitate as he hurriedly nodded and recalled the scenes of the violet clothed youth from that night. He described the violet clothed youth’s appearance to the Yu Clan’s group of three…

"Grand Elder, it’s him!" The young man, the Yu Clan’s Yu Xiang, had an excited expression.

"As long as it’s him… So if that’s the case, he left here seven days ago." Yu Hui nodded. "Then let’s leave now."

"Grand Elder." Tian Lin took a step forward as he respectfully said, "The three of you have travelled so far and should probably be hungry by now. Why don’t you stay at my Tian Clan and have some food? It’s our Tian Clan’s honor that you have arrived here. I hope that you will give me the opportunity to provide you with the hospitality of the Tian Clan."

Yu Hui didn’t agree directly but instead looked at Second Elder Yu Li and Yu Xiang. "What do you two think?"

"Grand Elder, since that Duan Ling Tian has already left seven days ago, we aren’t really in a rush. Let’s have a meal before we leave," Yu Xiang suggested.

"Exactly, we’re travelling by Ferghana Horse, so we can surely catch up to him within two days even if we eat this meal." Yu Li nodded as his eyes flickered with a cold light.

Yu Hui nodded before looking at Tian Lin. "Then I’ll trouble the Tian Grand Elder."

"Not a problem, not a problem at all." Tian Lin’s burst into smiles. These past few days had been rough to the Tian Clan after the death of the Patriarch and then being robbed of 1,000,000 silver. The other two clans of Raining Valley Town had already become restless in these past few days, obviously thinking about taking over the entire Tian Clan.

As far as he was concerned, as long as the Tian Clan were to strike up a relationship with the County City Yu Clan, he would surely be able to ensure its safety.

"I’ll go instruct the kitchen right away," Tian Guang said with an excited voice as he dashed out of the Audience Hall.

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