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War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 135 — Duan Ling Xing’s Cousin?

Chapter 135: Duan Ling Xing’s Cousin?

Translator: KurazyTolanzuraytor Editor: Lucas

Duan Ling Tian found out about the differences of the inner city and outer city from the female attendant.

Compared to the outer city, the cost of land in the inner city was extremely expensive.

"Young Master, are we going to the inner city?" Ke Er looked at Duan Ling Tian.

Duan Ling Tian smiled as he said. "There’s no rush, as there’s still some time before dusk. Let’s finish eating and return to the inn first."

Ke Er obediently nodded.

While they left the restaurant, Duan Ling Tian made up his mind that later, at dusk, they would enter the inner city and look for an inn to stay in, and after that he would buy a courtyard house as the home for his family in the Imperial City. He would be spending the next few years in Paladin Academy after all.

On the way back to the inn, Duan Ling Tian thought in his heart, "Looks like I have to work hard and earn money."

Although he had 10,000,000 silver on him currently, he knew that this little amount of money would probably be spent just on buying a courtyard house in the inner city that had such an expensive cost of land.

Swallow Mountain County, County City, Yu Clan Estate.

Within the Audient Hall, a Yu Clan disciple that was travel-worn reported to the Yu Clan’s Patriarch, Yu Dian, "Patriarch, Grand Elder, Second Elder, and Young Master Yu Xiang probably have met with disaster…"

"Probably?" Yu Dian’s face sank. He said, with a piercing and cold voice, "This is the result of your investigation?"

The Yu Clan disciple took a deep breath before slowly saying, "Patriarch, during my entire investigation, I didn’t find any traces to the Grade Elder’s whereabouts… However, I continued my investigation all the way to nearby the Imperial City. I heard that someone used three Ferghana Horses to pull their wagon, and on that wagon was the Li Clan’s crest."

"Li Clan’s crest? Hmph! It’s probably that little bastard’s wagon. Looks like I’ve underestimated him!" Yu Dian’s eyes went cold as he ordered with a shout, "You, go request the presence of the three Supreme Elders!"

"Yes." The Yu Clan disciple accepted his orders and left, and only after he exited the Audience Hall did he heave a sigh of relief, as the Patriarch’s rage from before pressured him to the extent that he nearly couldn’t catch his breath.

"Second brother, Xiang… Don’t worry, even if that Duan Ling Tian has gone to the Imperial City, I’ll still dye his blood on a three-foot-long blade to console your spirits in heaven!" At this very moment, the Yu Clan’s Patriarch’s flames of fury ravaged, as he was clear that the three of them who hadn’t made contact for nearly half a year would most probably be dead.

Imperial City outer city, in an inn that was exceptionally peaceful in such a bustling city.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sounds of things being tossed about echoed out from the best room in the inn. Obviously the guests inside were venting the rage in their hearts.

Inside the room, the red-clothed girl seemed to have gone mad, and nearly everything within the room had been tossed about by her!

The red-clothed youth dropped herself onto the bed after feeling exhausted from throwing, and said, with crimson-red eyes that made her seem like she was an Asura who had just walked out of hell, "When have I, Tong Li, suffered such humiliation in my entire life? I won’t rest until he dies!"

The old woman stood at the side without making a single sound, as she knew that when the Young Miss got furious, not to mention her, even the County Governor was helpless.

"Grandma Wang, the inner city should be open soon. Let’s go! I want to go look for my cousin!" Tong Li stood up and stomped out angrily.

"Yes." The old woman respectfully followed behind.

Clang clang!

At dusk, accompanied by the opening of the inner city’s city gates, the stream of people who had been waiting on the stone bridge and the people who were waiting to leave from inside the inner city crossed each other as they left and entered.

As a wagon passed their the stone bridge, although there was still an unceasing stream of people moving in and out, the stream of people still moved aside to make way. Everyone looked on at the wagon with gazes of reverence as it passed by, as a wagon being pulled by three Ferghana Horses would surely be owned by someone who was either rich or noble, and that wasn’t someone they could offend.

"This is the inner city? So many people." Inside the wagon carriage, Ke Er couldn’t help herself from exclaiming when she took a glance outside.

Inside the inner city, streams of wagons and people moved about unceasingly, and a black mass of people entered her eyes…

"When I saw so many people on the stone bridge, I thought we’d probably need to que up for a long time before finally being able to enter. I never imagined it would go so smoothly." Li Fei’s angelic face was full of smiles, and her devilish body lazily leaned beside the carriage window.

"Of course! Don’t look down on the deterrent power of these three Ferghana Horses," Duan Ling Tian said with a smile.

Even the 18 County Governor’s Estates within Crimson Sky Kingdom might not use three Ferghana Horses to pull a wagon. It wasn’t that they couldn’t afford the Ferghana Horses, but rather that they wouldn’t misuse them in such a way!

A Ferghana Horse was worth 10,000 gold, so very few people were willing to use them as a means to pull a wagon.

While Duan Ling Tian’s wagon had smoothly entered the inner city and started looking for an inn to stay at, outside of the inner city’s city gate, a wagon similarly pulled by three horses stepped onto the stone bridge, but it could only slowly move forward on the stone bridge like the speed of an ant.

"It’s too slow!" Inside the carriage, the red-clothed girl had an extremely unsightly appearance.

The red-clothed girl raised the carriage’s curtain and growled at the wagon driver, "Hey, hurry up!"

"Young Miss, I’m helpless. The wagon can’t move at all when there’s so many people in line." The wagon driver had a wronged expression.

"Hmph!" The red-clothed girl snorted coldly before walking out of the carriage and looking out at the surrounding stream of people all around her, causing her face to sink.

These lowly commoners actually dare to obstruct this Young Miss’s way!


The red-clothed girl raised her hand and swung the black whip through the air, causing a loud sound to echo out. However, this little sound was quickly covered by the noisy sounds coming from the surroundings, and virtually no one heard it…

"You lowly commoners, scram!" The red-clothed girl swung her whip about as she shouted angrily.

Her voice entered into the ears of the surrounding crowd, and these people had expressions of contempt as they coldly looked at the ordinary horses that pulled the wagon, then they mocked her in a completely unrestrained manner.

"Does she think her wagon is pulled by Ferghana Horses?"

"Yeah, riding on such a lousy wagon and she thinks she’s some great figure?"

"If you have the ability, then go get three Ferghana Horses to pull your wagon just like the wagon in front, then you won’t even have to say a word and we would automatically open a path for you."

"Brother, how can you speak like that? Do you think that a random person has the resolution to use three Ferghana horses to pull their wagon?"

"Yeah, that’s true too."

The wave of mocking voices entered the red-clothed girl’s ears, causing her expression to become even more unsightly.


The black whip in her hand swung out, and she was about to whip the people who mocked her…

"Young Miss!" The old woman walked out of the carriage and grabbed hold of the red-clothed girl’s hand.

"Granny Wang, what’re you doing? I’m going to teach this group of lowly commoners a lesson!" The red clothed girl’s face sank.

"Young Miss, if you were to injure people in front of so many people, you would surely become a target for criticism. Presently, his majesty the Emperor is getting old, and it is about the time for a change of Emperors. Could it be that you want the matter of you hitting commoners for no reason to become a means for the other Princes to move against Fifth Prince?" The old woman laughed bitterly as she warned the girl in a light voice.

The red-clothed girl took a deep breath before returning to the carriage. She said, with a gloomy expression, "This Young Miss is just angry that these lowly commoners actually dare to talk like this to this Young Miss… If this Young Miss finds out who used three Ferghana Horses to pull their wagon and swagger about, causing this Young Miss to be mocked, this Young Miss will surely not let him off!"

The red-clothed girl was precisely Tong Yi, the Fair Sun County’s County Governor’s daughter. However, it was a mystery how Tong Li’s expression would be if she knew that the owner of the wagon that was pulled by three Ferghana Horses was precisely the same youth that slapped her in the restaurant not long ago.

Inner city, in a quiet and peaceful inn.

"Both of you, stay and accompany my mother. I’ll be going out with Xiong Quan to run some errands," Duan Ling Tian said to Ke Er and Li Fei before going out with Xiong Quan.

In the Imperial City’s inner city, there were businesses that specialized in the sale of courtyard houses, and these businesses were directly under the Crimson Sky Kingdom’s Imperial Family.

Presently, Duan Ling Tian walked into a spacious store with Xiong Quan.

"Customer, may I know what type of courtyard house you’re looking for?" Among the female attendants that stood at the door, the most beautiful among them respectfully greeted Duan Ling Tian in the lobby, as she noticed that among the two people before her, the violet-clothed youth was the leader.

The lobby was extremely simple. Besides a counter, there were only the models placed within the lobby. These models were all courtyard house models, and each were placed separately.

"I didn’t think that this world would have similar architectural models like to ones from Earth in my previous life." Duan Ling Tian couldn’t help but be dazed for a moment and felt a sense of familiarity.

"Customer, these are the courtyard houses that haven’t been sold. Please take a look and see which one you like." The female attendant pointed towards a row of courtyard house models and introduced them with a light smile.

"Ok." Duan Ling Tian nodded.

Just when Duan Ling Tian was about to carefully size up these courtyard houses, a young man around the age of 19 walked into the store accompanied by an old man.

The young man had an arrogant expression and was obviously a disciple from a rich family.

"Customer, do you wish to purchase a courtyard house?" Another female attendant greeted him.

"Nonsense. Do you think I came here to look at you? Of course this Young Master came here to buy a courtyard house. Let this Young Master see what courtyard houses you have here." The young man’s voice was filled with a slightly condescending tone, causing the expression of the female attendant to change between green and pale, but she didn’t dare say anything. As someone who were able to buy a courtyard house here, he wasn’t someone she could afford to offend.

Duan Ling Tian frowned and swept the young man with his gaze, but he didn’t say anything. He continued to be absorbed with sizing up the courtyard house models in front of him.

"Eh, this girl is not bad… Hey! You, this Young Master doesn’t want to be attended by her. You, come and attend to this Young Master." The young man walked over in large strides before stopping in front of Duan Ling Tian and looking at the female attendant that was attending to Duan Ling Tian with a lustful gaze that seemed to be able to strip off all the clothes on her body.

The female attendant took a deep breath to suppress the fury in her heart, then she said, in a low voice, "Sorry, customer. I’m currently attending to this customer and am temporarily unable to attend to you."

"What did you say?" The young man glared before scolding, "Girl, do you know who the f**k this Young Master is? This Young Master is a member of Jade Magnolia County’s County City’s Duan Clan! The Imperial City’s Duan Clan is our Duan Clan’s Main Clan! Besides that, do you know of the Imperial City’s Duan Clan’s direct descendant, Young Master Duan Ling Xing? Let me tell you, that’s this Young Master’s cousin brother!" Hearing what he said caused the female attendant’s face to go ghastly pale from fear.

Imperial City’s Duan Clan? One of the few powers only inferior to the Imperial Family within the entire Crimson Sky Kingdom.

Duan Ling Xing?

Duan Ling Tian’s state of mind was completely disturbed by the young man, and he looked at the young man with a gaze that flashed with a cold light.

Duan Ling Xing’s cousin?

"Kid, what are you looking at? Unwilling to submit? Let me tell you, I, Duan Rong, am not someone you can afford to offend!" The young man noticed Duan Ling Tian looking at him, and he had a face full of disdain as he spoke with a condescending tone.

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