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War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 251 — Final Auction item

Chapter 251: Final Auction item

Translator: KurazyTolanzuraytor Editor: Lucas

In the end, this Light Edge Inscription was obtained by the person in room number 7 for 1,600,000 gold.

The sounds of surprise rose and fell within the hall.

"The guest in room number 1 actually didn’t make a move."

"Yeah, truly strange."

"The Light Edge Inscription is a great item. Even though it’s a disposable item, compared to the Goldfur Mouse, it’s much more practical."

Duan Ling Tian couldn’t help but snicker when he heard the discussions of these people.

Light Edge Inscription?

Not to mention he paid no regard to such an inscription, even if he wanted one, he could refine it himself.

Moreover, the cost would at most be three million silver, or 30,000 gold.

As far as he was concerned, that person in room number 7 was simply a sucker for spending 1,600,000 gold to buy this Light Edge Inscription.

"I never would’ve imagined that the art of inscription has declined to such a state… a mere Light Edge inscription is able to be sold at such a high price." Duan Ling Tian sighed rather emotionally.

And he couldn’t help but think in his heart.

When the time comes that he’s so poor that he’s unable to keep the pot boiling, he can also sell some inscriptions, and it would absolutely be an extremely profitable transaction.

In next to no time, the voice of the old man on the auction platform sounded again, and his voice was slightly excited. "Everyone, the next thing to be auctioned is the last auction item for today’s auction…According to our Ma Clan Auction House’s original plan, the Light Edge Inscription should have been the final auction item.

"And the current final auction item is something a guest entrusted to our auction house to auction out at the last minute!" As the old man finished speaking, his face was slightly flushed red.

This scene also caused all the people in the hall to become curious. What exactly was it that caused the old man to be so excited?

"Old man Ma, stop beating around the bush, hurry up and say what item it is."

"Exactly, it’s already the final auction item, hurry up and finish the auction!"

The entire auction hall was clamorous for a moment.

Everyone was filled with interest towards the auction item that the Ma Clan Auction House placed at the end.

They were clear in their hearts that according to the Ma Clan Auction House’s usual practice, this final auction item’s worth would absolutely not be inferior to the Goldfur Mouse and Light Edge Inscription.

In room number 1.

"Scoundrel, I never expected the Ma Clan Auction House to place your Origin Strengthening Pill as the final auction item." Li Fei looked at Duan Ling Tian, and her beautiful eyes were filled with curiosity. "I wonder how much the final bid price for the Origin Strengthening Pill with 90% or above purity that you refined will be…"

Duan Ling Tian had a face full of anticipation as well. "We’ll soon know how much it can be auctioned for."

In next to no time, under the gazes of everyone present, the old man on the auction platform lifted up the red cloth from the tray in the young girl’s hand.

A pill bottle appeared before everyone’s eyes.

"A medicinal pill again?"

Instantly, the hall exploded out in an uproar.

"Could it be a Void Advancement Pill?"

"Possibly…Only a Void Advancement Pill has the worth to be placed as the final auction item."

"If it’s a Void Advancement Pill, its price would easily surpass the earlier Goldfur Mouse. After all, this is a medicinal pill that would allow a Half-step Void Stage martial artist to directly break through to the Void Prying Stage."

For a time, many people guessed that it was a Void Advancement Pill that was within the pill bottle the old man held in his hand.

As far as they were concerned, only a Void Advancement Pill had the qualification to become the final auction item.

"Void Advancement Pill?" Now even Duan Ling Tian had no choice but to admire the imagination of the crowd of people in the hall.

The old man raised his hand to make the people in the hall quiet down. "Everyone, it isn’t a Void Advancement Pill that’s in my hand."

"Not a Void Advancement Pill?"

For a moment, the people in the hall were all stupefied.

Not a Void Advancement Pill?

Then what medicinal pill was it?

Under the gazes of everyone present, the old man slowly spoke. "The pill bottle in my hand has one Origin Strengthening Pill within it!"

Origin Strengthening Pill?

For a moment, all the people in the hall were dumbstruck.

Origin Strengthening Pill again?

And only one?

However, this time, no one made a fuss about it again. After all, with the 10 Origin Strengthening Pills with 75% purity earlier, they were mentally prepared.

"Everyone surely thinks it’s weird. Why would our Ma Clan Auction House make an Origin Strengthening Pill as the final auction item…" Speaking up to this point, the old man stopped for a moment, sufficiently holding them in suspense.

"This old man is quite professional in directing an auction." In room number 1, Duan Ling Tian looked at the old man through the window and shook his head with a smile.

Li Fei and Ke Er couldn’t help but nod in deep agreement.

If it wasn’t for them knowing what the old man would say next, they might’ve been held in suspense by the old man as well.

Finally, the old man spoke with a voice that had a trace of excitement mixed within. "Everyone, I can guarantee to all of you, the value of this Origin Strengthening Pill is absolutely not inferior to a Void Advancement Pill!"

"Hurry up and be straightforward!"

"I even thought you were going to say it earlier, but who knew you were holding us in suspense again!"

The old man’s actions had obviously caused public rage.

The old man laughed embarrassedly, then he took a deep breath and his face went serious as he solemnly said, "Guests, what I said earlier wasn’t nonsense. This Origin Strengthening Pill in my hand, not to mention you wouldn’t be able to find a second in the Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom, even throughout the entire Darkhan Dynasty, you might not be able to find a second!

"Because…After the testing and verification of Lord Hu Jun, the purity of this Origin Strengthening Pill has attained an unprecedented 91%!" As the old man finished speaking, he himself got excited.


A tossed stone raised a thousand ripples.

Instantly, the entire hall was stirred, and at least half the people shuddered and instinctively stood up from their seats.

"An Origin Strengthening Pill with a purity of 91%?"

"This…How could this be possible!? Even a medicinal pill with a purity at 80% or above is an existence of legend…This Origin Strengthening Pill with a purity of 91% is practically impossible to exist!"

"If it’s real, the value of the Origin Strengthening Pill is indeed something that the Void Advancement Pill can’t compare to!"

"Of course, even though Void Advancement Pills are valuable, they frequently appear in the auctions of the various large auction houses of the Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom’s Imperial City. But this Origin Strengthening Pill, not to mention it’s purity is above 90%, even if its purity was above 80%, something like that has never appeared before in the Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom’s history."

"This Origin Strengthening Pill has an extraordinary significance!"

After a burst of excitement, the group of people that stood up sat back down.

"Can you let me take a look at this Origin Strengthening Pill?" Right at this moment, an aged voice sounded out from a room on the second floor.

Subsequently, under the gazes of everyone present, a person directly jumped out of the window and descended onto the auction platform.

This was an old man in green clothes. The old man’s gaze was brimming with vigor, and he had an extraordinary bearing as he stood there.

"Grade seven alchemist?" Duan Ling Tian’s eyes were sharp, and he noticed the Alchemist Guild badge on the old man’s chest at the first possible moment.

This badge precisely belonged to a grade seven alchemist.

"Grade seven alchemist!" In next to no time, many other people identified the old man’s identity and exclaimed in low voices.

The green-clothed old man looked at the old man that directed the auction and slowly said, "I’m the alchemist that has just been sent to Black Wind City by the Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom’s Alchemist Guild’s Main Guild. In another few days, I’ll complete the take over from the acting guild master of the Black Wind City’s Alchemist Guild and become the new Guild Master."

As soon as the green-clothed old man finished speaking, the hall went into an uproar again.

So it turned out that this green-clothed old man was a member of the Alchemist Guild!

Moreover, it’s the new Guild Master for Black Wind City’s Alchemist Guild!

After all, since three years ago, after the Black Wind City’s Alchemist Guild’s Guild Master, a grade seven alchemist, died from an accident, the Guild Master position of Black Wind City’s Alchemist Guild was assumed by a senior grade eight alchemist.

No one had imagined that after three years, the Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom’s Alchemist Guild’s Main Guild would send someone over.

"So it’s the Guild Master." The old man who directed the auction respectfully bowed to the green-clothed old man, then he passed the pill bottle in his hand over.

He wasn’t worried that the green-clothed old man would forcefully seize this Origin Strengthening Pill with a purity of 91%.

On the day their Ma Clan Auction House held an auction, there would be three Half-step Void Stage powerhouses guarding the auction.

Unless you had a Void Prying Stage powerhouse backing you up, don’t think about having any ideas in their auction house.

The green-clothed old man poured out the Origin Strengthening Pill, then he carefully examined it…

Before long, his figure lightly trembled, and he said in disbelief, "Really…It’s really an Origin Strengthening Pill with a purity of 91%!"

The green-clothed old man took a deep breath before returning the Origin Strengthening Pill to the old man that directed the auction, and he said, with an anxious tone, "Can you tell where the person who placed this Origin Strengthening Pill for auction is?"

"Guild Master, I’m sorry, our Ma Clan Auction House maintains complete secrecy towards the identity of every guest in the rooms." The old man who directed the auction shook his head.

The green-clothed old man nodded, then he once again flew back into his room. And at the same time, his voice sounded out once again. "I’m determined to obtain this Origin Strengthening Pill. I hope that everyone can give me some face."

However, no one paid any attention to him.

But along with the appearance of the green-clothed old man, practically everyone present was able to confirm that the Origin Strengthening Pill of 91% purity that was being auction now was real!

On the auction platform, the old man continued, "I presume that everyone is clear in their hearts about what an Origin Strengthening Pill of 91% purity represents…If an alchemist used this as a blueprint to conduct research, he might be able to pry into the profound secrets of its high purity and obtain a great benefit from it!

"Moreover, even if you buy such a medicinal pill as a valuable collectable, it’s still a unique item. If you offer it to those large sects, or even the Imperial Family…you’ll even have the opportunity to obtain benefits that are hard to imagine.

"I won’t talk anymore nonsense. The starting bid for this Origin Strengthening Pill with a purity of 91% is 1 million gold!" In the end, the old man spoke in a clear voice and started the bid.

And right at this moment, the entire hall was deathly silent.

Even the rooms on the second floor had all gone silent without any movement.

In room number 1.

Li Fei was stupefied as she looked at Duan Ling Tian. "Scoundrel, is this Ma Clan Auction House intentionally not wanting you to sell off this Origin Strengthening Pill? Is he mad? One million gold…For only a mere Origin Strengthening Pill, how would anyone possibly…"

Li Fei never finished what she was saying, because her beautiful pupils couldn’t help but constrict.

Because a voice had interrupted her.

"Five million gold!"

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