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War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 368 — Linghu Jin Hong

Chapter 368: Linghu Jin Hong

Translator: KurazyTolanzuraytor Editor: Jay

The appearance of Elder Bi had slightly exceeded Duan Ling Tian’s expectations.

"Sect Leader?" Duan Ling Tian’s brows raised when he heard Elder Bi.

Looks like this incident has already alarmed the Sect Leader of the Seven Star Sword Sect…

With a quick thought, Duan Ling Tian came to an understanding.

The one who’d died this time was the Peak Master of Megrez Peak, and was a person of great status within the Seven Star Sword Sect after all. As the Sect Leader of the Seven Star Sword Sect, for both emotional and logical reasons, it was impossible for him to stand idly by. He would surely look deeply into this incident.

"Master, this matter surely has nothing to do with Scoundrel." Li Fei hurriedly said to Elder Bi with an anxious expression, as she was extremely afraid something would happen to Duan Ling Tian because of this incident.

Elder Bi looked at Li Fei with eyes that emitted tender affection as she lightly smiled. "Fei, don’t worry. The Sect Master only asked Duan Ling Tian to go over, and is not going to do anything to Duan Ling Tian… The outcome of this incident isn’t something that can be decided based solely on what that Wu Yong Qian said."

Duan Ling Tian noticed that the two little girls had expression of worry, and he couldn’t help but console. "Exactly, Elder Bi is right… You two can be at ease, nothing will happen to me."

Elder Bi’s gaze descended onto Duan Ling Tian as she slowly said, "Duan Ling Tian, I heard from some of the Alkaid Peak disciples that you’d come to Alkaid Peak, that’s why I was able to guess that you were here… Since the Sect Leader has summoned you, then you should make a trip, I’ll go there with you."

Duan Ling Tian nodded.

This matter was something he couldn’t avoid.

"I’m going as well," Li Fei and Ke Er said at almost the exact same time.

In the end, Duan Ling Tian set out with the four woman and stepped onto the chain bridge that led to Dubhe Peak and headed there to see the Sect Leader of the Seven Star Sword Sect.

Presently, almost no Alkaid Peak disciples could be seen nearby the Alkaid Peak Trade Hall.

"Looks like those Alkaid Peak disciples have gone to Dubhe Peak to watch the scene unfold." Duan Ling Tian thought in his heart as he vaguely guessed the reason.

Wu Dao was the Peak Master of Megrez Peak, and his death was sufficient to cause a tremor in the Seven Star Sword Sect…

Duan Ling Tian was convinced.

At this moment, so long as it was a Seven Star Sword Sect disciple who knew of this matter, they probably would already have gathered at the peak of Dubhe Peak by now.

Watching a scene was human nature.

On the way.

Duan Ling Tian’s gaze suddenly focused.

At this moment, a strand of Origin Energy that was condensed into sound had entered into his ears, causing his ear drums to lightly vibrate.

"Duan Ling Tian, I don’t care if the death of Wu Dao is related to you… You must remember that you must deny it to be related to you, and completely and clearly cut off any relationship to it!"

It was precisely the voice transmission of Elder Bi.

Elder Bi’s words caused Duan Ling Tian’s heart to feel warm and he replied via Voice Transmission as well. "Thank you for your concern, Elder Bi. I know what to do."

Elder Bi nodded and only now did she relax.

In her eyes, Duan Ling Tian was the man of the disciple she doted on the most, and could be considered to be half a disciple to her…

Even if it’s only for the sake of her disciple, she didn’t want anything to happen to Duan Ling Tian either.

When Duan Ling Tian and the four woman arrived at the peak of Dubhe Peak, although Duan Ling Tian had already been prepared, he was still shocked.

Presently, at the peak of Dubhe Peak, what entered his eyes was a dense crowd of people, and it was incomparably bustling with excitement.

These people were mostly outer court disciples. Although there were quite a few inner court disciples, but they were completely drowned by outer court disciples…

"Hmm?" Duan Ling Tian’s sharp gaze was able to see with a glance, that high above the sky in the distance, many tens of figures stood in the air.

They were obviously Void Prying Stage experts!

These people were led by a middle aged man who wore an azure robe inlaid with gold. The middle aged man stood there with closed eyes and remained unmoving like a mountain, and he indistinctively gave people an unfathomable feeling.

"He’s the Sect Leader of the Seven Star Sword Sect?"

Instantly, Duan Ling Tian guessed the identity of the middle aged man…

The Sect Leader of the Seven Star Sword Sect, Linghu Jin Hong!

"It’s Duan Ling Tian!"

"Duan Ling Tian has come!"

Suddenly, a commotion arose within the surging crowd, as some people at the edges of the crowd did indeed notice Duan Ling Tian.

At this moment, they looked at Duan Ling Tian with gazes filled with fear.

According to Wu Yong Qian, the Peak Master of Megrez Peak, Wu Dao, had died because of Duan Ling Tian!

A mere Seven Star Sword Sect inner court disciple had caused the death of the Megrez Peak’s Master.

The ability of this Duan Ling Tian caused them to feel terror and dread from the bottom of their hearts.

Duan Ling Tian’s brows raised and continued walking forwards swiftly with the four women. Everywhere they passed, the surging crowd would automatically open up a spacious path for them.

Duan Ling Tian was able to notice that as the Seven Star Sword Sect’s disciples who he walked past stared at him now, their eyes revealed traces of a sheen of fear.

As if he wasn’t a human, but was instead a dreadful monster.

Duan Ling Tian paid no attention to this, and he directly arrived at the empty space at the center of the crowd.

In the empty space, Wu Yong Qian knelt there, and beside him, a corpse silently lay there. The corpse’s face was black and fresh blood that hadn’t completely dried up flowed from the seven apertures of the corpse, seeming incomparably eye piercing.

"Wu Dao!" With a single gaze, Duan Ling Tian recognized the corpse on the ground, and it was precisely the Peak Master of Megrez Peak, Wu Dao.

Wu Dao who was once overbearing before him and desired to seize his method of Origin Energy utilization had now become a corpse.

"Eh." At the same time, Duan Ling Tian recognized the traces of the poison that Wu Dao had suffered from.

"It’s the Soul Severe Fruit’s poison as expected… This Wu Dao’s luck is really ‘good.’ He actually really found a Soul Severe Fruit in the Primeval Forest!" Duan Ling Tian thought in his heart.

This Wu Dao was really unfortunate to the limit.

Such a rare spirit fruit like the Soul Severe Fruit was actually found by him, it was like he was fated to die.

"Duan Ling Tian!" Suddenly, Wu Yong Qian who knelt on the floor abruptly raised his head, and his blood red eyes flickered with a gaze of hatred as he stared fixedly at Duan Ling Tian. "It’s you, it’s you! It’s you that caused the death of my foster father, it’s you who caused the death of my foster father!

"I want to avenge my foster father, I want to avenge my foster father…" As he roared, Wu Yong Qian’s legs stomped the ground. He seemed as if he’d transformed into a bloodthirsty fierce beast as he flashed out and pounced towards Duan Ling Tian.

Accompanied by Wu Yong Qian flashing out, 120 ancient mammoth silhouettes had appeared above him…


Instantly, the grade six spirit sword, Autumn Water, had appeared in Wu Yong Qian’s left hand, and Origin Energy raged atop it as it flashed towards Duan Ling Tian.

In the air, at the side of the 120 ancient mammoth silhouettes, another 40 plus ancient mammoth silhouettes had appeared.

The strength of 160 plus ancient mammoths completely exploded out!

"Hmph!" Duan Ling Tian’s gaze went slightly cold, but he didn’t make a move.

Because someone had already made a move before him.


An ear piercing sound of something tearing through the air suddenly sounded out, and the sounds of air exploding sounded out continuously.

Duan Ling Tian felt a gust of wind blow past him, then with a bang, Wu Yong Qian was like an arrow that left the bow as he fiercely plunged to the ground in an extremely sorry state.

"How can you be presumptuous before the Sect Leader!" Elder Bi stood there with folded arms, standing by Duan Ling Tian’s side as she coldly swept Wu Yong Qian with her gaze and spoke with a cold and indifferent voice.

Subsequently, Elder Bi stepped up into the air to stop at the side of a dignified and graceful beautiful woman that was high up in the air…

"Duan Ling Tian!" Wu Yong Qian lay on the floor as he stared at Duan Ling Tian, and his eyes flickered with a sheen of hatred.

Duan Ling Tian instead paid no attention to him, he looked at Seven Star Sword Sect’s Sect Leader, Linghu Jin Hong, who stood in the air with closed eyes…

Linghu Jin Hong seemed no different than a normal person, but Duan Ling Tian could feel his profundity and unfathomableness.

Duan Ling Tian believed that Linghu Jin Hong’s strength was absolutely not inferior to Zheng Shou Yong.

"Sect Leader." Duan Ling Tian looked at Linghu Jin Hong and greeted him.

Even when he faced the Sect Leader of the Seven Star Sword Sect, Duan Ling Tian still stood ramrod straight, and didn’t have the slightest intention of bowing…

"Presumptuous!" Suddenly, a cold snort sounded out.

It was a middle aged man who stood behind Linghu Jin Hong who stepped out and coldly looked down at Duan Ling Tian as he said in a deep voice. "Duan Ling Tian, why don’t you bow when you see the Sect Leader? It looks like you don’t respect the Sect Leader!"

As he spoke, he gave Duan Ling Tian the accusation of not respecting the Sect Leader.

"I don’t respect the Sect Leader?" Duan Ling Tian glanced indifferently at the middle aged man, and the middle aged man was an old acquaintance of his. "Elder Zhao Lin, I wonder which eye of yours saw that I didn’t respect the Sect Leader?"

The middle aged man was precisely the outer court elder of Megrez Peak, Zhao Lin.

"Hmph!" Zhao Lin snorted coldly. "You saw the Sect Leader but actually dared not bow. Isn’t this disrespecting the Sect Leader?"

The gaze Zhao Lin shot at Duan Ling Tian was like a sword. He wished for nothing more than to annihilate Duan Ling Tian on the spot and seize Duan Ling Tian’s Spatial Ring in one go, to obtain the Muscle Meridian Rebirth Scroll!

Atop the peak of Dubhe Peak, although there were many people, at this moment it was deathly silent.

Zhao Lin’s words had entered into the ears of everyone.

Everyone was curious how would Duan Ling Tian deal with this.

After all, within the Seven Star Sword Sect, disrespecting the Sect Leader was no small charge.

Of course, there were quite a few people who were worried about Duan Ling Tian.

"It’s fine that this kid doesn’t bow in front of me, but he actually persists in his old ways before the Sect Leader." The Peak Master of Mizar Peak, Zheng Fan, had a helpless and bitter smile on the corners of his mouth.

The dignified and graceful beautiful woman that stood beside Elder Bi sized up Duan Ling Tian with interest, the sexy corners of her mouth curled into an arc and mixed within was a slightly mischievous smile. "He’s the man that Ke Er thinks of day and night? Even up till now, he seems to not be afraid in the slightest, and has a carefree expression, as if he has a plan to meet the situations." The beautiful woman’s heart was filled with curiosity.

As for the person concerned, the Sect Leader of the Seven Star Sword Sect, Linghu Jin Hong, still kept his eyes closed as he stood there in the air, as if he didn’t know anything about what was happening in the surroundings.

"Haha…" Under the gazes of everyone present, Duan Ling Tian burst into laughter, laughing arrogantly, and his laughter spread throughout every corner of the peak of Dubhe Peak.

This caused the crowd of Seven Star Sword Sect disciples to feel their scalps go numb.

What is this Duan Ling Tian doing?

He dares be so presumptuous in front of the Sect Leader?

"Elder Zhao Lin." Suddenly, Duan Ling Tian’s laughter stopped, then he looked at Zhao Lin. "I indeed don’t respect the Sect Leader!"

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