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War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 417 — White Clothed Young Girl

Chapter 417: White Clothed Young Girl

Translator: KurazyTolanzuraytor Editor: Jay

"Duan Ling Tian is a monster! He’s simply not human." Zhao Yu couldn’t help but be inexplicably shocked.

Duan Ling Tian’s accomplishments were something he couldn’t avoid being shocked about even if he’d lived through half his life.

When he recalled the conflict between Duan Ling Tian and his son, Zhao Lei, when Duan Ling Tian had just arrived at the Ancient City of Everlast, he couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. "Looks like Lei can only suffer his loss silently this time… Not to mention him, even I can’t afford to offend Duan Ling Tian!"

It wasn’t difficult to imagine the importance of Duan Ling Tian to the current Seven Star Sword Sect.

"Eh, there’s still so much at the back…" In next to no time, Zhao Yu noticed that in the letter his cousin brother, Zhao Lin, gave him, there was actually a large segment of words after the description of Duan Ling Tian’s accomplishments.

He continued reading.

Before long, his pupils couldn’t help but constrict. After he completely read it, his face was flushed and he was inexplicably excited.

"Duan Ling Tian actually has a supreme cultivation method, the Muscle Meridian Rebirth Scroll? It’s able to allow one to achieve rebirth and increase natural talent… So the reason that Duan Ling Tian is so monstrous is all because of that Muscle Meridian Rebirth Scroll!" Zhao Yu’s feelings surged and at the same time that he was shocked, his eyes emitted the flames of burning desire that seemed as if it could burn anything into nothingness…

"Just like cousin brother Zhao Lin said, once our Zhao Clan obtains the Muscle Meridian Rebirth Scroll, it will surely rise up mightily!" When he thought of this, the greed in Zhao Yu’s eyes rose even more, to a point that it was difficult to restrain.

"Duan Ling Tian ought to be returning with the merchant group in another few days… I should go make some preparations to gift him an enormous gift!" Zhao Yu’s face revealed slight madness.

Seven Star Sword Sect, Dubhe Peak, Alkaid Hall.


In the sky outside Alkaid Hall, the airflow flashed as a beautiful figure appeared out of thin air.

This was a beautiful girl in clothes that were as white as snow and her every action revealed an extremely elegant bearing…

The white clothed young girl stood in the sky like a pure snow lotus, causing it to be difficult for one to arouse the intention to disrespect her.

Suddenly, a figure flashed out of Alkaid Hall to stand facing the white clothed young girl.

This was a beautiful woman with a dignified and graceful bearing.

"Martial Aunt." The white clothed young girl bowed slightly respectfully to the beautiful woman.

The beautiful woman was none other than the master of Alkaid Hall, the Peak Master of the Seven Star Sword Sect’s Alkaid Peak…

Qin Xiang.

"You… You’re Xue’er?" Qin Xiang asked in an unsure manner as she gazed at the white clothed young girl before her.

"Martial Aunt, it’s me." The white clothed young girl lightly smiled like a blooming azure lotus and her peerless beauty caused one’s mind to surge.

"I never imagined that the little girl from that year would become so big in the blink of an eye. I still remember that when I saw you a few years ago, you were still a little girl." Qin Xiang recalled past memories and sighed.

"Did you come here this time because Big Sister has something she needs?" Qin Xiang returned to her senses, then looked at the white clothed young girl and asked in a light voice.

When she mentioned her ‘Big Sister,’ Qin Xiang’s face seemed to contain deep respect mixed within…

This was respect that came from the heart, respect that came from the soul!

When Qin Xiang recalled the shocking strength displayed by that young girl who emitted an air of mysteriousness throughout her body, Qin Xiang couldn’t help but shudder…

At that time, she was only ten years old and had not entered the Seven Star Sword Sect yet.

That mysterious young girl was only a little over 20, yet three Void Initiation experts were turned into dust with a raise of her hand!

To Qin Xian, being able to become sisters with that young girl of extraordinary background was truly good fortune that she’d accumulated for three lifetimes.

She knew clearly in her heart that if it wasn’t because of the young girl, it would be impossible for her to become the Peak Master of the Seven Star Sword Sect that possessed a strength only inferior to the Sect Leader, Elder Peng, and the two Guardian Elders.

She was a mere woman, yet was able to stand at such a height. Her ‘Big Sister’ played a big part in it.

"Martial Aunt, Master’s fiftieth birthday is in seven months… Master asked me to invite Martial Aunt and the people close to Martial Aunt to head over together and use this occasion to catch up. Master asked me to pass a message to Martial Aunt… The affection between sisters will never change forever!" The white clothed young girl said slowly.

The affection between sisters will never change forever!

Qin Xiang’s body slightly shook, then she sighed lightly. "The biggest accomplishment of I, Qin Xiang, in this entire lifetime, isn’t becoming the Alkaid Peak’s Master… But it’s instead acknowledging such a good Big Sister. Xue’er, wait for a moment, I’ll go get ready now." Qin Xian’s figure flashed out to return to Alkaid Hall once she finished speaking.

"Ke Er, make a trip with Master… Perhaps this is a good fortune for you." Qin Xiang found Ke Er and said straightforwardly.

Ke Er had a puzzled expression.

"Ke Er, do you remember the Martial Aunt that Master mentioned?" Qin Xiang asked Ke Er.

"I remember." Ke Er nodded. "Master, this matter is related to Martial Aunt?" She’d heard of the mysterious Martial Aunt of hers. She had learned that her Martial Aunt was a supreme figure from her Master and was also the person her Master respected the most in her Master’s entire life.

Qin Xiang lightly smiled and as she said, "Your Martial Aunt’s 50th Birthday is in seven months, she ordered her personal disciple to come here and invite us to go together."

"But… If I follow Master over, then the two year agreement between Young Master and Zither Young Master…" Ke Er was slightly hesitant.

"I’m confident that Duan Ling Tian will win that two year agreement. What? Could it be that you’re not confident?" Qin Xiang smiled as she asked, then her face went serious as she slowly said, "With your Martial Aunt’s character, she will surely not treat you shabbily when you head over this time… Perhaps, when you return, your cultivation will already far surpass Duan Ling Tian."

When she recalled the background of her ‘Big Sister,’ Qin Xiang’s heart couldn’t help but tremble.

To her, it was an existence that was difficult for her to reach in her entire lifetime.

When she saw Ke Er still hesitating, Qin Xiang continued. "Ke Er, I know you’re exerting yourself to cultivate all for the sake of being able help Duan Ling Tian one day… But even if you continue cultivating like this, you might not be able to surpass Duan Ling Tian and help Duan Ling Tian.

"If you follow Master on this trip, you’ll get the providence of your Martial Aunt, and wanting to surpass Duan Ling Tian wouldn’t be a difficult matter. To the extent that once your strength surpasses him, you can help him quite a bit. You’re not willing to be a trophy wife by his side, right?" Qin Xiang obviously knew Ke Er’s vital weak point and took a step forward in smashing the line of defense in Ke Er’s heart.

In the end, Ke Er agreed.

"Master, I want to make Big Sister Fei go with us, is that alright?" When she heard she’d be able to obtain a great deal of benefits from this trip, Ke Er thought of Li Fei at the first possible moment.

She and Li Fei were sisters that shared both fortune and suffering alike.

"Of course." Qin Xiang lightly smiled as she nodded.

Subsequently, Qin Xiang brought Ke Er to leave Dubhe Peak and went to Alkaid Peak to get Li Fei.

They were two when they left, and they’d become three when they returned.

After they left Alkaid Peak, Qin Xiang’s face went pale. "Not good!"

Instantly, Qin Xiang grabbed both Ke Er and Li Fei’s hands, then stepped on the air to rise before flying towards the sky above Alkaid Hall with extremely speed.

Presently, there were three people in confrontation high above in the sky.

Two aged old men and a white clothed young girl.

"Little girl, do you think that we can’t do anything to you just because you won’t speak?" Origin Energy oscillated on the body of azure clothed old man amongst two.

A profound aura transformed into a strong azure qi that ceaselessly rose within his Origin Energy, and to a certain extent, it was as if it had merged into one with the heaven and earth…

"Little girl, if you still don’t speak of your background, then don’t blame us Elder Xuan and Elder Ming for bullying the young!" The other grey clothed old man said in a deep voice, and at the same time, a spirit sword appeared in his hand.

Origin Energy raged atop the spirit energy, seeming to have transformed into swimming dragons that ceaselessly flashed.

At the same time, an oppressive aura of slaughter ceaselessly stretched out from the sword, carrying along an extremely terrifying sharp force…

"Sixth level Sword Concept… Fifth level Wind Concept…" The white clothed girl that hadn’t spoken all along had finally spoken and her tone contained a casual air. "Leave… The two of you aren’t a match for me."

"Presumptuous!" The white clothed young girl’s words caused the two old men’s faces to go grim, and they couldn’t endure any longer, directly attacking with imposing manners that shot into the sky like rainbows.

In the blink of an eye.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The azure clothed old man seemed to instantly transform in a gust of azure wind that flashed straight towards the white clothed young girl…

The surrounding cloud and mist were directly swept away everywhere he passed.

The grey clothed old man’s speed wasn’t inferior to the former, and he seemed to have transformed into a sword of slaughter that stabbed towards the white clothed young girl…

"Elder Xuan, Elder Ming, show mercy!" Right at this moment, an alarmed shout sounded out.

Subsequently, a dignified and graceful beautiful woman with extraordinary bearing pulled along two young women to flash into the sky to arrive nearby.

It was precisely the Peak Master of Alkaid Peak, Qin Xiang, who’d just rushed over from Alkaid Peak.

Unfortunately, Qin Xiang was still too late.

The two old men attacked with imposing manners that shot into the sky like rainbows, and they were both concentrated mind and soul onto their respective attacks, making it difficult for them to pay attention to their surroundings…

They attacked in rage without holding back in the slightest.

In the sky above the azure clothed old man, 16 ancient horned dragon silhouettes and a few hundred ancient mammoth silhouettes appeared…

In the sky above the grey clothed old man, 17 ancient horned dragon silhouettes and a few hundred of ancient mammoth silhouettes appeared…

This was strongest strength they could display from the entire strength of their body combined with their respective Concept and amplification from the spirit weapons in their hands.

Qin Xiang’s face was deathly pale when she saw the attacks of the two old men were about to descend onto the white clothed young girl.

She could imagine that if the white clothed young girl were to really die here…

Then the Seven Star Sword Sect would surely be in great turmoil or even pass out of existence!

Ke Er and Li Fei’s beautiful eyes revealed slight inability to endure it when they saw this scene. They were unable to endure watched the subsequent scene of the beauty perishing.

Right at this critical moment.

The white clothed young girl’s voice sounded out calmly. "I’ve said it before, the two of you aren’t a match for me."

In the next moment, the white clothed young girl slowly lifted up her white wrist…

She didn’t use a spirit weapon nor Concept.

Pure Origin Energy leaped out to coil around her white wrist.

Her wrist descended and the condensed Origin Energy transformed into a material palm print.

In the next moment.


The palm print suddenly shook, then instantly expanded explosively, transforming into a small mountain in the blink of an eye before crashing down.


When the terrifying palm print descended, the air seemed to have instantly been sucked out, and a terrifying airflow swept out…

For a time, the clouds and mist atop Alkaid Hall were completely swept away.

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