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War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 463 — The Strongest, Ge Lu

Chapter 463: The Strongest, Ge Lu

Translator: KurazyTolanzuraytor Editor: Jay


Nie Fen’s figure flashed out to stand before the Sun Ascent Kingdom’s young genius, Ha Yi, in the blink of an eye, and he stood confrontation with Ha Yi.

"Crimson Sky Kingdom, Divine Might Marquis Estate, Nie Fen!" Nie Fen glanced at Ha Yi indifferently as he spoke slowly.

"Nie Fen?" Ha Yi hadn’t even reacted yet when the eyes of the Sun Ascent Kingdom’s ambassador squinted. "So it’s the Divine Might Marquis Estate’s Junior Marquis… The Crimson Sky Kingdom’s Divine Might Marquis is the God of War whose might reverberates throughout the Crimson Sky Kingdom. Although I’m from the far away Sun Ascent Kingdom, yet the Divine Might Marquis’s name still roars in my ears like thunder. Now that I see the Junior Marquis today, he possesses an imposing and majestic appearance, as expected, the son of a talented and brave man is never a weakling." The words of the Sun Ascent Kingdom’s ambassador praised Nie Fen extremely highly.

As for if it was the truth or not, the people present were more or less able to discern it…

Sometimes, the higher one is praised, the more one can’t tolerate a loss.

Otherwise, once one fell, one would be crushed.

"Divine Might Marquis, Ba Er is honored." Subsequently, the Sun Ascent Kingdom’s ambassador looked at Nie Yuan who sat at the opposite banquet table and nodded with a smile.

"Ambassador, don’t mention it." Nie Yuan replied indifferently, and he was obviously slightly disinterested.

This caused the face of the Sun Ascent Kingdom’s ambassador, Ba Er, to sink slightly, but his face quickly bloomed into a smile again, and his changes in expression were extremely swift.

‘This Sun Ascent Kingdom’s ambassador is truly a wolf at heart but innocent in appearance.’ Duan Ling Tian glanced at Ba Er indifferently as he thought to himself.

The Sun Ascent Kingdom’s ambassador, Ba Er, looked to be ordinary, but Duan Ling Tian’s Spiritual Force was extremely acute, and had long ago discerned that Ba Er was a Half-step Void Stage martial artist with extraordinary strength.

"Ha Yi, this Junior Marquis, Nie Fen, of the Divine Might Marquis Estate is similar to you, he’s a ninth level Origin Core Stage martial artist as well… According to my knowledge, his strength is the strongest amongst the younger generation of the Crimson Sky Kingdom! Regardless of if you’re able to defeat him today or not, we’ll win for sure." Ba Er looked at Ha Yi and said via voice transmission, "However, if you’re able to defeat him, then Ge Lu doesn’t have to fight… In this way, our Sun Ascent Kingdom would gain a complete victory! And once we return to the kingdom, I’ll surely ask his Majesty to properly reward you."

"Don’t worry Lord Ambassador, I’ll surely defeat Nie Fen." Ha Yi replied via voice transmission.

"Junior Marquis, forgive me for being impolite." A cold light arose within Ha Yi’s eyes, and the instant he looked towards Nie Fen, the Origin Energy on his legs raged and skyrocketed.

In the sky above him, 120 lifelike ancient mammoths accumulated force while waiting to be deployed…


In the next moment, Ha Yi moved, his entire body seeming to have transformed into an arrow shot out from a heavy bow, and his speed was extremely shocking.

Howls of the wind sounded out everywhere he passed, and mixed within it was a wave of oppressive sounds of air exploding.


Right when Ha Yi flashed to arrive nearby Nie Fen, his right hand flashed like a bolt of lightning past his waist, withdrawing the sheathed spirit saber, and a saber light flashed out.


The extremely swift saber light contained raging Origin Energy that leaped about, and it seemed to be capable of destroying anything as it carried a might of sweeping away all obstacles and swept towards Nie Fen.

In the sky, another 22 ancient mammoth silhouettes appeared by the side of the existing 120 ancient mammoths.

Ninth level Origin Core Stage! Grade eight spirit saber!

This saber strike contained the strength of 142 ancient mammoths. Everywhere it passed, the airflow in the area split apart, and its imposing might soared to the sky like a rainbow.

Since Ha Yi attacked until this moment, everything had happened in the blink of an eye.

Many young geniuses of the Crimson Sky Kingdom broke out in cold sweat when they saw Ha Yi’s speed so swift. "This Ha Yi is really at the ninth level of the Origin Core Stage!"

"Fortunately, I didn’t go challenge him, otherwise, I would only be bringing disgrace to myself!"

"I’m afraid that on the side of our Crimson Sky Kingdom, only Duan Ling Tian and the Junior Marquis are able to go against Ha Yi.

The instant the young geniuses of the Crimson Sky Kingdom were perturbed, Nie Fen moved.


Nie Fen’s movements were swift like the wind, and he dodged to the side.

However, the grade eight spirit saber in Ha Yi’s hand seemed as if it had grown eyes, and it turned in a curve to sweep towards Nie Fen, following like a shadow and causing Nie Fen to be unable to dodge.

"Hmph!" A cold snort sounded out, it was Nie Fen whose eyes squinted, and he withdrew a spirit sword with a raise of his hand.


A sword light that similarly contained the strength of 142 ancient mammoths flashed out, and it collided with the spirit saber in Ha Yi’s hand.


Accompanied by the sound of iron weapons colliding, their Origin Energy collided together, and it caused the air to freeze for a moment.

In the next moment, Nie Feng and Ha Yi were blasted back at the same time.

Both of them retreated seven steps.

"Satisfying!" Battle intent surged in Nie Fen’s eyes, he seemed to have return to that period of time of slaughtering on the battlefield, and the aura of slaughter on his body shot into the sky with an imposing might that was like a rainbow.




At this moment, it seemed like only Ha Yi remained in the world in Nie Fen’s eyes, and Ha Yi was his enemy.

"Kill!" Suddenly, Nie Fen shouted out explosively with heroic spirit that shot into the sky.

In the next moment, it was as if Nie Fen was possessed by a war god, his body carried a shocking aura of slaughter as he dashed out with an imposing might that shot into the sky, and he possessed the appearance of being able to sweep through everything.

‘Ha Yi is about to lose.’ Duan Ling Tian casually glanced at Ha Yi and thought in his heart.

In the distance, Ha Yi had caught his breath with extreme difficulty when he saw Nie Fen attacking once more.

Instantly, he felt as if there was a terrifying aura of slaughter sweeping out from Nie Fen’s body, and it caused fear to emerge from the bottom of his heart.

"No! We’re both martial artists at the ninth level of the Origin Core Stage, why should I be afraid of him!?" Ha Yi gritted his teeth, then Origin Energy bloomed atop the spirit saber in his hand, and he intended to greet Nie Fen’s attack.

"Kill!" Right at this moment, Nie Fen spoke once more with a voice that was like a thunderclap, and his aura that contained the aura of slaughter from the battlefield had enveloped Ha Yi once again, causing Ha Yi’s mind to be distracted.

The Origin Energy on the spirit saber instantly waned slightly.



The sword and saber once again collided together fiercely, Origin Energy roared, and it seemed like a fierce struggle between two equally matched opponents.

Unlike the tie like before, this time, Nie Fen’s battle intent surged and the hot blood in his body boiled as if he’d returned to the time of slaughter on the battlefield.

This sword strike contained many things.

Whereas on Ha Yi’s side, the distraction of his mind earlier had caused the Origin Energy on his grade eight spirit saber to have signs of dispersing.


Now that they’d collided, the sound of iron weapons colliding resounded once again.

This time, the grade eight spirit saber Ha Yi’s hand was directly blasted flying, and the spirit sword in Nie Fen’s hand was withdrawn by him after it blasted Ha Yi’s spirit saber flying.


However, Nie Fen’s fist instead carried along vast Origin Energy to fiercely descend onto Ha Yi’s chest.


The clear sound of bones breaking sounded out, and it caused a chill to run down one’s spine.

"Ah!" Ha Yi seemed like the last to realize his bones breaking and emitted a shrill cry, then his entire body flew out in a sorry state to fiercely fall onto the ground, and he struggled for a moment before directly fainting.

Nie Fen, victorious!

"Haha… Good!" Instantly, many people on the side of the Crimson Sky Kingdom cheered for Nie Fen.

"It was a good match." Nie Fen looked at the Sun Ascent Kingdom’s ambassador, Ba Er, who was checking on the injuries of Ha Yi with a refined and courteous manner, and his calm expression made him seem to be harmless.

This caused Ba Er to nearly spit blood out of anger.

‘This Nie Fen knocked Ha Yi out, yet he actually seems like nothing happened, dammit!’

‘The Junior Marquis has proved himself to be the son of the Divine Might Marquis, developing such a terrifying aura of slaughter from the battlefield at such a young age… I’m afraid no one under the Nascent Soul Stage could possibly be a match for you, Junior Marquis! Our Sun Ascent Kingdom is completely convinced of our loss in this round.’ After Ba Er gave Ha Yi a medicinal pill, he glanced deeply at Nie Fen. "However, if Junior Marquis were to encounter a Nascent Soul Stage martial artist, your aura of slaughter from the battlefield will probably only be a type of magnificent decoration and be of no use."

Nie Fen smiled indifferently, and he neither agreed nor disagreed.

This caused Ba Er to be even angrier out of embarrassment, then he shouted in a low voice. "Ge Lu!"

Along with Ba Er speaking, a robust young man on the banquets table opposite the Divine Might Marquis Estate’s table, whose gaze never left Princess Bi Yao suddenly came back to his senses.

This robust young man was exactly the strongest person in the younger generation of the Sun Ascent Kingdom.

Ge Lu!

His cultivation was at the first level of the Origin Core Stage.

In the Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom, a first level Nascent Soul Stage martial artist at the age of around 35 could only be considered as above average.

But in the tiny Kingdoms, it was instead considered to be a rare genius.

"Crack crackle…" Ge Lu’s figure flashed out to transform into a gust of wind that instantly flashed onto the empty space in the center to confront Nie Fen, then he lightly twisted his neck to emit a wave of clear sounds of bones rubbing together.

"You aren’t a match for me." Ge Lu glanced at Nie Fen lazily and spoke with slight disinterest.

Along with Ge Lu’s fists being clenched tightly, 200 ancient mammoth silhouettes condensed into form above him, they accumulated force while waiting to be deployed.

"First level Nascent Soul Stage!"

Although most of the people on the side of the Crimson Sky Kingdom had heard that there was a first level Nascent Soul Stage martial artist amongst the three young geniuses that had come from the Sun Ascent Kingdom this time, but when they saw it with their own eyes, they still couldn’t help from being slightly shocked.

Meanwhile, almost all the gazes of everyone from the Crimson Sky Kingdom descended onto Nie Fen.

They were curious if Nie Fen would choose to battle Ge Lu or choose to admit defeat…

If he chose to battle Ge Lu, he would practically have no possibility of winning.

The gap between a first level Nascent Soul Stage martial artist and a ninth level Origin Core Stage martial artist was too great.

If he admitted defeat, it would undoubtedly grow the prestige of the Sun Ascent Kingdom and cause the arrogance of the members of the Sun Ascent Kingdom to be even greater.

"I admit defeat." In next to no time, Nie Fen made his decision, he shrugged with an indifferent expression and returned to the Divine Might Marquis Estate’s banquet table.

The people of the Crimson Sky Kingdom weren’t surprised when they saw this.

Fortunately, they still had a trump card, so they didn’t feel a sense of loss from Nie Fen admitting defeat.

"HAHAHAHA…" The ambassador of the Sun Ascent Kingdom, Ba Er, burst into laughter that was awfully arrogant. "The Junior Marquis is really a wise man who understands the situation… Your Majesty, in this way, the friendly martial competition between the young geniuses of our two kingdoms ought to end with the victory of my Sun Ascent Kingdom, right?" As he finished speaking, Ba Er’s yes narrowed and his face was filled with a smile of delight, as if the three year of taxes of the Crimson Sky Kingdom was close within reach.

"Truly boring! Could it be that there isn’t a decent young genius in the Crimson Sky Kingdom?" Ge Lu spoke lazily, then he turned around, intending to return to his seat.

"Wait!" Right at this moment, the Divine Might Marquis, Nie Yuan, stopped Ge Lu.

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