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War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 464 — Minor Seven Star Sword Technique

Chapter 464: Minor Seven Star Sword Technique

Translator: KurazyTolanzuraytor Editor: Jay

"Divine Might Marquis, what advice or comments do you have?" Ge Lu turned around and looked at Nie Yuan as he asked.

Nie Yuan didn’t answer Ge Lu but instead looked at another young man that sat by his side.

Although he didn’t know much about this young man, and only knew he was the Junior Brother of his nephew, Duan Ling Tian…

But since his nephew was so confident of the young man, he could only choose to believe.

The young man was precisely Mo Yu.

Mo Yu nodded when he saw Nie Yuan look over, then he stood up and walked over with large strides, and he stood facing Ge Lu in confrontation.

Mo Yu was undoubtedly an unfamiliar face to everyone from the Crimson Sky Kingdom.

"The age of this young man looks to be at most around 23… Why did the Divine Might Marquis ask him to stand out at a time like this? Could it be that his strength is stronger than the Junior Marquis?" This was the thought that abruptly arose within the hearts of most of the people from the Crimson Sky Kingdom.

After all, Mo Yu’s age was truly too young.

The Emperor sat at the table of the host and his eyes emitted slight surprise, and his curious gaze locked firmly onto Mo Yu.

"Commander Duan, this young man seems to have been following by your side?" Under his curiosity, the Emperor asked Duan Ling Tian via voice transmission.

He remembered that the first time he met this young man, this young man was following behind Duan Ling Tian, and seemed to be extremely reverent of Duan Ling Tian.

Moreover, he understood the Divine Might Marquis, Nie Yuan, extremely well.

He knew that if Nie Yuan wasn’t confident, Nie Yuan would absolutely not allow this young man to go to battle.

"He’s my Junior Brother." Duan Ling Tian lightly smiled.

"Junior Brother?" The Emperor was shocked, this young man was called ‘Junior Brother’ by Duan Ling Tian, and his identity was obvious: he was a member of a sect in the Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom.

"Mo Yu." Mo Yu looked calmly at Ge Lu before him and nodded indifferently.

When Mo Yu walked out, Ge Lu’s brows had already entangled together, and now when he heard Mo Yu introduce himself, his face sank. "Kid, you aren’t a match for me, withdraw!"

As far as he was concerned, even if the young man’s natural talent was any stronger, a young man at an age of around 23 wouldn’t be strong to any extent.

He was a Nascent Soul Stage martial artist, and even if he won the battle with such a young man, it wouldn’t be glorious.

"Mo Yu, looks like some people underestimate you extremely." Right at this moment, a sudden voice entered into the ears of everyone present.

"It’s Duan Ling Tian!" Instantly, the gazes of most of the people from the Crimson Sky Kingdom shot in unison at Duan Ling Tian who sat by the Emperor’s side.

This young man was brought over by Duan Ling Tian?

Their hearts jerked.

They knew clearly where Duan Ling Tian had gone for these past few years.

"Looks like this young man is probably from the sect in the Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom as well." The crowd of people from the Crimson Sky Kingdom couldn’t refrain from guessing.

The ambassador of the Sun Ascent Kingdom glanced at Duan Ling Tian and frowned, if it wasn’t for this young man being seated by the Emperor’s side and obviously possessed an extraordinary identity, he would have rebuked him long ago.

A little kid like this dared to look down on the strongest young genius of their Sun Ascent Kingdom, Ge Lu?

But in the next moment, the scene before his eyes caused the ambassador of the Sun Ascent Kingdom to go pale.

Along with Duan Ling Tian finishing speaking, Mo Yu suddenly took a step forward.

Instantly, the energy of heaven and earth roiled above him, and it developed 200 ancient mammoth silhouettes in the end…

At this moment, 200 ancient mammoth silhouettes stopped above Mo Yu, and they accumulated force while waiting to be deployed. When seen from afar, they seemed to be extremely dazzling, and at the same time, they gave an extremely great visual shock to the people present.

"First… First level Nascent Soul Stage!"

"How old is he? This natural talent… It’s even more abnormal than the number one genius of our Crimson Sky Kingdom from 20 over years ago, Duan Ru Feng!"

"It’s too terrifying! This is a genius martial artist of the Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom?"

At the side of the Crimson Sky Kingdom, the people of the three great clans including their respective Patriarchs were all stunned.

They felt inexplicable shock in their hearts.

The Emperor revealed a smile when he saw the scene before him, yet a trace of shock couldn’t be avoided from flashing within his eyes.

"You…" The Sun Ascent Kingdom’s ambassador, Ba Er’s, face flushed red when he saw the 200 ancient mammoth silhouettes above Mo Yu, it was as if his throat was tightly choked and he was unable to speak for a long time.

This young man gave him too great of a shock!

"It’s I who has underestimated you." Ge Lu gasped, then looked at Mo Yu with a serious expression.

Mo Yu looked calmly at Ge Lu and a three foot long blade appeared out of thin air in his hand…

"Hah!" Ge Lu shouted out explosively when he saw this, then his figure flashed like the wind, choosing to attack first to seize the initiative.


With a raise of his hand, a spirit saber similarly appeared in Ge Lu’s hand, and Origin energy bloomed on the spirt saber, bestowing formidable strength to him.

Above Ge Lu, another 56 ancient mammoth silhouettes appeared at the side of the existing 200 ancient mammoth silhouettes…

This was the amplification of the spirit weapon!

"Grade seven spirit saber!" Instantly many people from the Crimson Sky Kingdom exclaimed in surprise.

They never imagined that this Ge Lu of the Sun Ascent Kingdom was not only a first level Nascent Soul Stage martial artist, but he every possessed a grade seven spirit saber to rely on.

Although a grade seven spirit saber was only one grade above a grade eight spirit saber, the strength it amplified but an entire 10% more!

What sort of notion was 10%?

For example, a first level Nascent Soul Stage martial artist that didn’t utilize a spirit weapon possessed a strength comparable to the strength of 200 ancient mammoths.

An amplification of 10% was the strength of 20 ancient mammoths!

In other words, if Mo Yu didn’t possess a grade seven spirit weapon, then Ge Lu would have pulled open a gap of the strength of 20 ancient mammoths from Mo Yu…

The face of the Divine Might Marquis, Nie Yuan, became grim.

The scene before his eyes had exceeded his expectations.

If he knew Ge Lu had a grade seven spirit saber in his possession, he’d surely have lent the grade seven spirit sword he carried by his side to Mo Yu… But unfortunately, it was already too late now.

At this moment, only the three people at the host’s table had a calm expression.

Duan Ling Tian was calm because he knew the spirit sword in Mo Yu’s possession was a grade seven spirit sword as well…

The Emperor was calm because he saw Duan Ling Tian was calm and he trusted Duan Ling Tian.

As for Princess Bi Yao, she blindly believed in Duan Ling Tian.

The Sun Ascent Sect’s ambassador, Ba Er, saw the expressions of everyone from the Crimson Sky Kingdom, and a wisp of complacency couldn’t help but arise on his face. "Hmph! Hmph! All of you would never have imagined that I would lend my spirit saber to Ge Lu beforehand."

Subsequently, Ba Er looked towards the host’s table, and when he saw the calm expressions of the three people there, his heart jerked as a bad premonition arose within his heart.


An ear piercing cry of the sword swept out, and it rose and fell, piercing the ear drums of the people present and causing it to tremble.

The expressions of some of the young geniuses of the three great clans that were comparatively weaker had gone ghastly pale, and they emitted gazes of terror as they looked at the young man that swung his sword out.

They clearly saw that when this young man called Mo Yu attacked, the ancient mammoth silhouettes that appeared in the sky were actually similar in number to Ge Lu…

They knew clearly what this meant.

Grade seven spirit sword!

Mo Yu actually possessed a grade seven spirit weapon.

"Destroy!" The young genius of the Sun Ascent Kingdom, Ge Lu, who attacked first to seize the initiative shouted out explosively, and Origin Energy instantly skyrocketed on the grade seven spirit saber in his hand.

Instantly, the grade seven spirit saber in Ge Lu’s hand was suffused and completely enveloped by a milky white and raging Origin Energy, then it instantly transformed into a three meter long enormous saber that directly chopped down towards Mo Yu, and it carried along the might of splitting a mountain.

It seemed as if it wanted to chop Mo Yu into two…

"Minor Seven Star Sword Technique!" Mo Yu’s face remained unchanged when facing Ge Lu’s saber that approached menacingly, and the corners of his mouth slightly moved as he muttered.

The spirit sword in Mo Yu’s hand trembled, then it seemed like a stroke of the gods as it tore through the sky, and at practically the exact same time, numerous ear piercing and oppressive sounds of air exploding sounded out.

In this next moment.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

Origin Energy coiled around the spirit sword in Mo Yu’s hand and it instantly transformed into seven material sword lights that flashed out to intercept the enormous saber that chopped downwards in Ge Lu’s hand.

The seven sword lights were extremely similar to falling meteors that fell down scattered all over to blast onto the enormous saber.


The first sword light descended down, causing the Origin Energy on the enormous saber to dim down and the enormous saber shrunk slightly.


The second sword light descended down, causing the Origin Energy on the enormous saber to dim down once again, and the enormous saber shrunk once again.



The fourth sword light, the fifth sword light, the sixth sword light, and the seven sword light all descended down successively.

One sword after the other.

It was like a surging waves in the ocean, one wave after the other, the next wave stronger than the one before.

When the sixth sword light descended, the Origin Energy on the enormous saber in Ge Lu’s hand was completely dispersed, then the spirit saber in Ge Lu’s hand recovered to its true form, and it was dim and dull.

When the seventh sword light descended, the spirit saber in Ge Lu’s hand was blasted flying, and it pierced into a faraway wall with a clang.

The palm of the hand Ge Lu used to hold his saber had split open and fresh blood dripped down from it.

At the side of his throat, a spirit sword that followed him like a shadow had silently arrived there.


The scene was deathly silent.

At this moment, the gazes of everyone had descended onto the two people at the center.

Mo Yu, this young man who wasn’t a well-known figure was in high spirits, and the spirit sword in his hand was held on the throat of the strongest young genius of the Sun Ascent Kingdom, Ge Lu…

So long as he moved slightly, Ge Lu would die for sure!

"I’ve lost." Ge Lu had a dejected expression, and he allowed the fresh blood to continue flowing down ceaselessly from his palm as if he didn’t notice in the slightest.

He’d lost.

Defeated by a young man around the age of 23.

Perhaps, since the moment the young man had executed that marvelous and unfathomable sword skill, he was already bound to lose.

It was the first time in his lifetime that he’d seen such a marvelous sword skill!

Finally, the spectators recovered from their shock, and for a time, the sounds of gasping rose and fell.

"What a formidable sword skill!"

"The sword skill of this young man, those seven material sword lights caused it to be difficult to distinguish between true and false… Besides that, each sword light amongst those seven sword lights were stronger than the previous, and every sword light that flashed out was like a falling meteor. It’s truly shocking!"

"My life hasn’t been lived in vain since I was able to witness such a marvelous sword skill in my lifetime."

Many people from the Crimson Sky Kingdom couldn’t refrain from sighing with emotion.

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