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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1004: Demigod

Chapter 1004: Demigod

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Leylin had no time to care about the events outside. He was currently immersed in an extremely peculiar state.

Becoming a demigod was as difficult as scaling into the skies, but it was no issue for Leylin. He’d amassed enough divine force a while ago, but he’d lacked a turning point. That turning point appeared today. The immense pressure of four great demigods allowed him to break past his limits, and pushed the ignition of his godfire.

Becoming a demigod required cooperation with the laws of the world. It was a very valuable experience for Leylin.

‘In the moment of becoming a demigod, one is shrouded in World Origin Force and laws. It is probably the safest place…’ Leylin did not worry about the events outside, immersing himself in his senses. This was just him becoming a demigod. When he attempted to become a true god with a divine realm, even a greater god would not dare attempt anything on him that moment.

The gods usually waited for the process to complete, attacking the new god at their weakest. Compared to their eternal life, a period of patience was minuscule. Just the same, Akaban’s group chose to watch on, keeping some distance so as not to infuriate the World Origin Force.

“The sea of origin force has descended…” A golden light glinted in Akaban’s eyes as he saw a large sea of origin force that was even greater than the Weave. It surged forth and whistled, forming songs of praise.

‘Based on the current situation, the chances of his success are high…’ Akaban frowned, sensing that he now had another impressive enemy. But then, he laughed involuntarily.

Unlike him, the three beasts did not have many worries. ‘Even if that divine being successfully becomes a demigod, he’s still a newbie who can’t control divine force properly yet. How could he be a match for the four of us combined?’

They only felt an instinctual fear right now, unable to help growing intoxicated from studying the process in the hope of benefits. It was a rare opportunity to watch the sea of World Origin Force surrounding the ascent of a new god, and no god would let it pass them by.

‘These fellows…’ Akaban shook his head, shutting his own eyes and using his divine vision to observe the web of origin force. This gushing sea of energy represented everything in the World of Gods, showing Akaban its secrets from behind the veil.

However, this intoxication only lasted for a moment. Akaban’s eyes widened in shock as he turned in Leylin’s direction.The origin force had already formed a spiral like a black hole, its might leaving his heart thumping in fear.

‘What a huge tide of origin force… This is already comparable to a true god… Does that mean his accumulations far surpass my own?’ The strength of Leylin’s ascent was several times greater than his own. The implications left Akaban in no mood to appreciate the World Origin Force further.

Few in the history of the World of Gods could have drawn such a tremendous sea of origin force as a mere divine being. Although Akaban did not know what this meant exactly, his expression turned dark.

However, no matter how complicated his feelings were now, he could only watch the whistling origin force surge and roll, before being sucked into the black hole with Leylin at the centre.


[Beep! Unknown energy detected, host’s soul has experienced a transition. Secondary system updating…] The A.I. Chip went to sleep.

Legendaries of the World of Gods were equivalent to Morning Stars of the Magus World. High-ranked legendaries were comparable to Radiant Moons, while divine beings were at the Breaking Dawn realm. A demigod was close to rank 7!

In other words, Leylin’s clone was now as strong as his main body in the Magus World. It was quite natural for the accumulated energy to allow the A.I. Chip to upgrade itself.

Leylin was already beginning to anticipate the day he could return this upgraded secondary system to the original. When they combined, they would surely possess terrifying abilities!

Originally, the powerful cheat that had helped him become a Magus, the A.I. Chip, was all-powerful amongst those below rank 7. However, beings of laws had thinking speeds that did not lose out to the supercomputers of his previous world.

A series of inexplicable changes occurred as they traversed through space and time, and the A.I. Chip had fused with Leylin’s soul It could now develop with him. The chances of such an event were so small it would likely never occur again in the multiverse.

This miraculous property had allowed the A.I. Chip to upgrade itself multiple times, assisting Leylin. It could give him the upper hand at decisive moments during battles with other beings of laws!

‘It’s good for the A.I. Chip to sleep for a while anyway. I want my main body to feel the power of laws again…’ Leylin slowly withdrew his divine conscient. The golden lustre on his body had grown even more dazzling, causing him to seemingly turn into a god made of gold. It made each and every action of his seem holy.

Lights converged, and began to blaze underneath the sea of origin force. Leylin had taken in Beelzebub’s worshippers from the mainland, and established a base in the outer seas. Just the faith from that could support a demigod.

But he wasn’t satisfied with just that. He’d crossed the seas to occupy a portion of Debanks Island, and he now had over 300,000 native worshippers! They were indebted to him for saving them from the brink of death, so their faith was very enthusiastic. Even with the flaws in their souls, the power of this faith was still massive, more than enough to support a new god!

All these things combined, Leylin’s accumulations could be said to have reached the limits of a demigod. His massacre divinity had condensed to a point unprecedented in history.

A regular divine being would just explode, unable to contain so much power. However, Leylin was different. His main body was near rank 7, and a Warlock at that. His previous experience allowed his divine will to reach all parts of his body, controlling everything.

At this moment, all the followers that worshipped Leylin felt a surge of desire in their hearts. In this state of intense longing, all of them set aside what they were doing. They faced the holy radiance in their hands, a statue in the church, or even just the skies as they began to pray.

“Our Lord, Kukulkan… You are the world serpent that devours all. With the sharp blades of your massacres, even the stars in the sky lose all their lustre before you…” An exceptionally strong wave of faith rushed forth, immediately giving rise to an even more intense change.

*Rumble!* The divinity on Leylin’s body was now completely visible. It burnt off all his clothing, leaving him in his birthday suit. Amidst this surge of faith, he was like a huge fire in a pool of gasoline!

*Rumble!* Golden flames immediately appeared on his body, glowing with a sacred lustre. With the amassed power of faith and the massacre divinity, Leylin’s own fleshly body fueled the resplendent glow of the flames.

*Drip! Drip!* Leylin closed his eyes, each and every action following that of the World Origin Force. Under the illumination of flames, his perfect body melted like wax into the flames.

The powerful aura fell silent as everything condensed down, including the golden flames. The godfire shrank to the size of a soybean but the power that bean gave off was horrifying.

This was the foundation of a god, the godfire~ Once it was ignited, divine beings would become demigods, truly demarcating themselves from mortals. They had reached the realm of the gods!

The godfire seemed to be a condensation of all laws, and it kept shrinking and growing. It was like the flames were breathing in faith, transforming it into a pure divine force.

Only with divine force were gods able to bestow divine spells upon their followers. It was what qualified them to be gods. This godfire was what allowed the power of faith to be transformed into divine force.

While Leylin had amassed a large amount of faith with the unceasing prayers, his pitiful priests had not one divine spell. They could only spread his faith through word of mouth, and if not for the ‘holy water’ that could cure the plague, he could probably die trying to spread his faith on Debanks Island. Doing the same in the continent would render far worse results.

The golden threads of divine force sketched an outline of a human figure, forming first the golden bones, then the flesh, veins, and the skin. This was followed by his eyes and other features, as a god’s body made of divine force took form. This was a process all demigods had to go through, their lives themselves experiencing a qualitative change as their souls were refined to a higher level.

The golden divine force vanished, to reveal the divine body’s true features. Muscles bulged to form elegant and beautiful lines, holding a trace of laws as if the body itself represented the origin force of some will. His facial features were distinct, and filled with a masculine beauty. Although Leylin’s appearance had not changed, he now had a tremendously imposing aura to him.

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