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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1006: Kill

Chapter 1006: Kill

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[Beep! Host is under attack, activating divine forcefield!] A formless, contorted forcefield appeared after the A.I. Chip’s notification, halving the two-headed lion’s might. What remained had no more effect on Leylin’s divine body, not even affecting his robes.

‘Divine forcefield? So in a battle between gods, the focus is now on divine force, divinity, and their domains?’ Leylin’s eyes flashed as he ignored the lion’s attack. He had a way to negate it, but now that he had the powers of the divine forcefield, he could do even less.

The lion roared with rage, and Akaban and the other two demigods saw an unforgettable scene.

“Let it out…” Ignoring the lion’s attack, Leylin jumped on its back and ripped through his skin and flesh. Ichor splattered across the sky.

*Shing!* Even as cries of anguish sounded, he pulled out the lion’s spine.

Such a thing would cause severe injuries even to a demigod with a divine body. After all, the divine body took an immense amount of divine force to build. Leylin had used the World Origin Force to make it the first time, but such a thing could only happen once.

“Your blood will give me strength.” Leylin’s chant reverberated in the massacre domain, as if the best of musical accompaniment.

“Your bones will form my sceptre, and your eyes will be turned into jewels!” The chant reached a high note, and the severely injured lion shuddered. Four grotesque claws appeared from the void, stabbing the two-headed lion’s four eyes.

These claws were a murky green, the skin as dry as the bark of an ancient tree. Strange curse runes were all over them, more intricate even than the runes carved by arcanists.

The four claws pressed on the lion, causing it to cry out in extreme pain. Soon, each of its four eyeballs had been forcefully extracted from their sockets, and they flew to Leylin’s palm.

“And your soul… will become the pool of energy for my divine weapon!” Leylin looked at the lion and spat out the final line in this sacrificial rite.

*Boom!* Golden flames filled the sky, melting the lion’s spine to form a short staff. The eyeballs shrank continuously in midair, finally embedding themselves into the crown, becoming four differently coloured jewels.

Once Leylin spoke the last line, the world itself had seemingly stopped. Formless power restrained the lion, bringing its body in front of Leylin.

“Incinerate!” A wisp of black flame began to engulf the lion. One could see the shape of the totem spirit within, forcefully being extracted from its body and transferred into the staff. The flames licked at the corpse until they reached the godfire.

*Bang!* The golden flames dimmed after the lion’s death. It extinguished itself on its own, the power it had contained leaving Leylin cautious.

*Crackle!* White lightning streaked across the sky, as if sending off this fallen demigod. Only then did Akaban and his party regain their senses.

These demigods only wished to leave this dreamy state. What had they just seen? A demigod perished! He was on the same level as Leylin, but he was slaughtered like a lamb and turned into a divine weapon.

It had happened too quickly. By the time they regained their senses and wanted to help the lion demigod, it was already dead.

Leylin ignored the other demigods, and looked at the staff embedded with with four jewels. ‘Hmm… Although it’s a weapon made from a demigod, it’s an incomplete divine weapon, at most at the same level. Still, it should be enough as the sacred item of the church in the mortal world…’

“What’s next… is you guys…” Leylin’s eyes slanted to one side as he glared, emanating an incomparably murderous aura.

*Chik!* The golden scorpion chirped, turning into a black gust of wind as it disappeared. The speed at which it fled made Akaban’s expression turn even darker. His trustworthy comrade had actually been scared away from just a glare.

“This isn’t the strength of a demigod. Who are you?” Akaban asked, teeth clenched. He knew that the void had locked in on him, so he instead chose to ask the wise question.

“Me? I am the Winged Serpent Kukulkan! The serpent which devours everything and controls all massacre. Of course, you can address me as Leylin!” Leylin grinned, and walked over to Akaban. The increasingly pressing aura left even the demigod’s horse neighing in unrest.

Although they were both demigods, Akaban could only feel fear in front of Leylin!

“Are you mocking me? How could an ordinary demigod have a strength such as yours?” Akaban howled, his eyes turning red.

“You just watched me advance…” Leylin replied honestly, but it made Akaban want to puke blood. If he knew that Leylin would be this powerful after advancing, he would have killed Leylin at all costs the moment he appeared on Debanks Island. However, it was too late for regrets now.

Leylin laughed inwardly as he saw Akaban in a state of bewilderment. Although he had accumulated many trump cards, he was ultimately only a demigod. To really crush others on the same level was impossible. However, he didn’t just have one body. There was an even more powerful Warlock, nearing rank 7, in the Magus World!

Once Leylin advanced in the World of Gods, the injuries to Leylin’s main body had recovered. They did share the same soul, after all. He could now provide even more strength to the clone inside the World of Gods. Hence, fighting Leylin right now was like fighting a demigod and a near rank 7 Warlock at the same time!

Furthermore, a long period of research, along with the appearance of the World Origin Force and laws, had enlightened Leylin in many areas. It allowed him to transfer Magus spells over to this world. The claws from before, the ones that butchered the two-headed lion, were an amalgamation of his learning.

However, he still wasn’t very familiar with the laws of the world. He could only cast Magus spells every once in a while, and even he hadn’t expected such good results. It had only been theorized before.

The extremely powerful Magus spell had killed a demigod and scared away another. Leylin could not have asked for a better result. Of course, Leylin would not reveal these secrets to Akaban, only creating a fearsome image which would be imprinted in Akaban’s mind.

“Even if you are an evil god from the main continent, don’t ever dream of controlling my empire…” A holy war between gods was based on the power of faith, which was the most raw and resolute of battles. There wasn’t an inch for negotiation. Akaban’s gaze was resolute, as golden rays radiated from his body.

*Neigh!* As if understanding his determination, the blazing horse in front of the chariot neighed loudly, as a light golden domain was opened.

“Conquest domain, huh? And with such a combination…” The A.I. Chip’s light flashed in Leylin’s eyes, but he was not one bit unafraid.

‘That’s great, it’s about time to test units for divine force. A.I. Chip, begin recording!’

[Beep! Mission established. Collecting host data, monitoring divine force] the A.I. Chip’s voice intoned.

“Hah!” Akaban was riding the flaming chariot now, waving his golden lance about. The sun runes on his body were even more visible than before, as the shadow of the sun behind him grew even more radiant and searing.

“A tribal demigod is indeed just that. There’s no technique at all,” Leylin said in disgust, a wave of divine force welling in his hands.

“Divine force transformation— Absolute Break!” With divine force as the source of his power, this legendary arcane spell had obtained even more power than before. A dark light instantaneously hit the tip of Akaban’s lance.

A crack soon spread from the tip of the lance, looking like a spiderweb. A moment later, the lance turned into dust. The same came into effect on Akaban’s chariot, and his blazing horse’s armour. Akaban stared in disbelief as he separated from the flaming horse.

This Absolute Break spell had obtained an unimaginable victory for Leylin.

“However, the native demigods really are destitute. Apart from the weapon and the chariot, there weren’t any other artifacts…” Leylin waved his hand, and the golden light of divine force formed a palm.

Shattering Fist! The golden first grew larger and larger, the runes on it as clear as water. This fist seemed to be made of flesh and blood, and carried a massive amount of power as it sent Akaban flying with a trail of blood.

“This is the strongest demigod on Debanks Island? What a disappointment…” Leylin waved his hand again, and this time an incomparably large Mage Sword appeared, shining with divine force. He chose not to control this one with his spirit, instead grabbing it by the hilt.

“Die!” The Mage Sword slashed downwards, and golden light filled the spot where Akaban was struck. The immense power even split a mountain behind the demigod into two.

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