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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 104: Participation

Chapter 104: Participation

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“I just happen to have a trace of remnants regarding official Magus…” Jayden added.

After listening to Leylin’s reply, Jayden’s smile grew even wider.

“Remnants? Clues? You actually dare to go out?”

Leylin was somewhat shocked. In the eyes of an outsider, Jayden was the murderer of Torash from the enemy academy. The hatred held by the enemy official Magus was already locked onto him, yet he still dared leave for an exploration?

After hearing Leylin’s words, Jayden’s face darkened.

“I will kill that old geezer sooner or later! I’ll turn his corpse into a specimen and keep it in my lab…”

After cursing, Jayden then explained to Leylin, “The power of the Lighthouse of the Night is still formidable. Under the mediation of that lord Magus, the Sage Gotham Hut and the Whitewoods Castle would not dare to exact revenge hastily; not unless they wish to be destroyed!”

“On the contrary, with the passing of time, the treaty was agreed at a span of 20 years. My situation consists of constant dangers. Hence, for this, I have to retaliate somehow, to ensure myself with the ability to protect my life!”

“Becoming an official Magus?” Leylin’s brows furrowed as he guessed Jayden’s intention.

“Indeed! To go against an official Magus, one would only have the ability after becoming an official Magus!” A longing expression streaked across Jayden’s face, “Once I become an official Magus, why would I still be afraid of the enemy’s retaliation?”

Leylin nodded his head — Jayden’s train of thought was correct.

The protection of the academy and the professors were external factors, which could be removed at any given time. Only the strength that belongs to oneself is the most reliable factor!

After understanding the situation briefly, Leylin began to relax, slowly reclining in his chair.

“So then, I have two questions. Where are the remnants? Why me?”

Jayden inhaled a lungful of air and knew that if he did not reveal any information, Leylin would naturally not take the bait.

“I cannot reveal the location of the remnants. However, I can tell you the general location. It’s near Zither Moon Mountain Plains…”

Upon speaking the four words, ‘Zither Moon Mountain Plains’, Leylin’s pupils contracted, yet very soon he recollected himself. This change, which happened which a fraction of a second, went completely unnoticed by Jayden.

“As for why I sought you out?”

Jayden smiled wryly, “Zither Moon Mountain Plains is littered with poisonous plants and miasma. A Potioneering acolyte needs to come along, to ensure our safety… Right now in Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, the person I am familiar with, who is also a level 3 acolyte, is only you…”

Leylin stared blankly, only then did he recall that the acolytes in the academy barely amounted to 50.

Back when Abyssal Bone Forest Academy had thousands of acolytes, there were plenty of Potioneering acolytes around. Hence, Jayden could take his time to choose.

However, after the bloodbath, Jayden’s choice was extremely limited, so much so that the only option left was—Leylin!

“Although I don’t know if the remnants that Jayden mentioned were left behind by the great Magus Serholm; since the vengeful spirit Roman had found clues to it, it’s well within reason that Jayden had discovered something too…”

Thoughts spun in Leylin’s head, yet on the surface, he looked hesitant.

“The war has just ended. Right now it’s too dangerous to leave the academy…”

“According to my sources, the remnants are of an official Magus. There could very well be information and resources on advancing into an official Magus. Isn’t that what you need right now? Moreover, as long as you agree to participate, the reward aspects…”

After looking at Leylin’s expression, Jayden felt hurried, hence, he continued to elaborate, even adding a few bargaining chips.

Leylin put on a struggling expression, finally agreeing to give it some thought over these couple of days.

After seeing Leylin act like this, Jayden could only consent.

After all, apparently Leylin seemed to be somewhat moved towards the end.

As expected, on the second day, Leylin sought out Jayden, informing him of his decision to participate.


Early in the morning

Leylin and Jayden rode on two black horses each, leaving the compound of the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy under the rays of the dawning sun.

Before leaving, Leylin looked at the distant graveyard of the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy for one last time.

The grey granite construction seemed to be littered with cracks, as before. However, it might just have been a misconception, but those cracks were seemingly smaller now.

It was as if this massive graveyard was a living organism amidst the processes of recovery.

“The next time I return, there will surely be many changes!”

After that last glance at the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, Leylin disappeared into the dark forest.


Five days later, within the Poolfield Kingdom, on the outskirts of a province in the west.

On the road, 3 acolytes were waiting.

* Ta Ta Ta! * As the 3 people looked away into the distance, two figures on horseback appeared on the horizon.

Those two riders stopped in front of the 3 people, revealing the countenance that belonged to Leylin and another unfamiliar acolyte.

“Leylin, let me introduce to you, this is Mister Bosain, from the Lilytell family…”

The stranger’s voice belonged to Jayden, as he introduced them to Leylin. To avoid trouble, Jayden had masked his appearance.

“Also, this is Shaya and Roth!”

Jayden introduced the group to Leylin. Bosain had golden bright hair and wore silver robes — appearing dressed very grandly. If not for the acolyte mark, Leylin would even think that it was some professor who joined Jayden’s group.

However, Jayden specially emphasised on the Mister honorific and the explanation on the Lilytell family, giving Leylin a shock.

“Lilytell family? One of the big-three families in the academy, where every generation has produced at least one official Magus?”

“Indeed, in addition, the chairman of the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy was elected by the big three families.”

Bosain added, pride evident on his face.

“Which is to say, he could have direct access to high-grade meditation techniques! Or, I can…” Leylin outwardly displayed a shocked expression with a tinge of envy, satisfying the ego of Bosain.

However deep down, he had some villainous thoughts.

As for Shaya, she was a fire-haired female acolyte, reminding Leylin of Neela. Ever since his return to the academy, he hasn’t seen Neela once.

She could be dead, or she did not receive the academy’s notice. There was also the possibility that she abandoned the academy and escaped.

Towards her, Leylin only sighed gently, before removing her from his thoughts.

As for the last member of the small party—Roth—he was the archetype male of the West. His stature was tall and big, taller than Leylin by half a head, his face containing a simple and honest expression.

However, Leylin did not dare to be careless. acolytes who could survive in the bloodbath were not simple characters.

Moreover, these 3 people had the energy waves of level 3 acolytes. Bosain and Shaya even had the aura of magic artifacts on their body, as detected by the A.I. Chip.

“Hello! I’m Leylin, a Potioneering acolyte, I hope that…”

Leylin introduced himself to the rest.

“The Zither Moon Mountain Plains is perilous, however, I have heard of your reputation being only lower to the Potioneering genius Merlin! I believe that you would ensure our logistics and safety. . . ”

Bosain smiled amiably at Leylin, giving a feeling of warmth.

“I’ll try my best!” Leylin nodded his head.

“Alright! It’s getting late, let’s set off!”

Leylin nodded his head, and the five of them began their journey.

However, deep down, Leylin was somewhat disgruntled towards Jayden’s action of adding more members without consulting him. He certainly did not approve of the current situation.

Moreover, Bosain’s identity seemed to give him a troublesome feeling.

As if noticing something, Jayden engaged in a private conversation to explain to him.

“Bosain and the rest found out about my plans incidentally and insisted on joining. For this reason, he did not hesitate to keep the truth from his own family members and his professor, and sneaked out of the academy!” Jayden smiled wryly, “You know it as well, I am unable to refuse them!”

For the big families behind the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, it was the most dangerous period right now since the war ended. Bosain, as the successor of the family, has to always be inside the academy compounds.

However, now he did not even bring a bodyguard, which indicated that this was a covert exploration. Even his family did not know of his destination.

Concerning this, Leylin could only smile wryly and be more wary of his surroundings, with no better idea in mind.

The Zither Moon Mountain Plains was situated on the western borders of the Poolfield Kingdom. It was the boundary between the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy and the Sage Gotham Hut.

These two forces had just ended a huge war and Jayden even carried a blood debt since he killed the enemy’s genius. Once this party was discovered, they would definitely have problems.

No matter if it was Leylin or Jayden, or Bosain and the rest, they were all intelligent and conscientious people. Moreover at crucial moments, they had the courage to fight for their lives.

Along the way, the five of them changed their travelling outfits into those of young, noble masters and mistress, continuously travelling along the western borders.

Without a doubt, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that knowledge and power were wielded in the hands of nobles. In the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, most acolytes were born of nobility and had no need to learn how to dress as one.

This was why the five of them dressed as nobility. Their disposition was naturally formed, if they were to dress as someone else, they would definitely be noticed.

Leylin too tried to get closer with the other 3 acolytes.

Shaya and Roth were rather friendly. The most important factor was that Leylin was also a level 3 acolyte, moreover, he was acknowledged by them in having talent in Potioneering, so they were somewhat friendly.

As for Bosain, he had the behaviour of being an elite amongst magicians.

Refined and courteous, yet arrogant to the skies. He had the deceitful characteristics of the nobility, so he appeared somewhat indifferent towards Leylin and the other acolytes.

Leylin felt that once he spoke of any information regarding the high-grade meditation technique, he would definitely gain the attention of Bosain.

However, even if that was the case, after many days being together with them, Leylin had, more or less, determined their stats.

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