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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1041: Usurp

Chapter 1040: Rank 7

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In front of Leylin was an incomparably vast dream world. Innumerable crystal planets formed what looked like a honeycomb, each with a figure of Beelzebub flashing within.

Having survived from the ancient dusk of the gods to this date, Beelzebub’s memories encompassed everything in all these years. If it was all put into the mind of an ordinary mortal, they would perhaps go insane from the overload of information. Even with Leylin’s background, it still took him a while to fully digest it.

However, this was exactly what Leylin wanted. It wasn’t just Beelzebub’s authority and power of laws that he was after; he was quite interested in the lordship and the remaining portion of the Archdevil’s memories.

‘Is he trying to delay me with such a long dream?’ Leylin’s mouth curved into a wry smile. He had completely seen through Beelzebub’s intentions. ‘Pity… Even if ten thousand years pass in this dream, only a moment will pass in the real world…’

*Hss!* His body burst apart violently, becoming a formless crimson smoke that gradually formed the image of a Targaryen serpent. The serpent opened its jaws wide, devouring the entirety of the enormous crystal structure.

A single blood-red eye formed at the centre of the crystal, containing an image of Beelzebub.

Having acquired the Nightmare Absorbing Physique, Leylin was currently the ruler of Dreamscape. Within it, Leylin accompanied Beelzebub in a trip through his entire existence. Over the tens of thousands of years, he obtained everything he wanted.

A very short amount of time had passed in the real world, and the blood-red eye opened to swallow Beelzebub up in his entirety. Just at this time, something occurred in the outside world. The infantile devil trembled, losing all of its aura.

The ruler of the Second Hell, the Lord of Gluttony… Beelzebub was now dead!

Beelzebub’s original body was then corroded by dreamforce, exposing a round plate embossed with patterns.

‘The true form of the Manderhawke Plate! So he hid it within his body…’ Leylin examined this round plate. The intricate patterns on it rather intoxicated him as the plate weakened the world’s boundaries greatly.

‘With the Manderhawke Plate opening the way, dreamforce should be enough…’ A brilliant glow was emitted from the Manderhawke Plate, forming a deep and mysterious black hole.

‘Beelzebub’s last bit of divinity, as well as his divine force and power of laws…’ Dark red light glowed in Leylin’s palm, immediately getting sucked into the black hole. It disappeared without a trace.


Targaryen Castle was now a mottled building, filled with a sense of history. It was the residence of many high-ranking Kemoyin Warlocks, as well as Leylin’s own Targaryen bloodline.

*Rumble!* With its link to Dreamscape, the dark red light quickly exited the World of Gods, arriving at the Magus World. A gentle tremor shook the castle.

Having long since developed its own conscient, the castle automatically protected the Warlocks within. It didn’t allow a single person to be injured, and at the same time it transmitted an enormous sense of joy.

At the bottom of the laboratory. Leylin had long recovered from his injuries, but he had been awaiting something else. He finally opened his eyes, and the strange phantom of a giant serpent slithered across his pupils.

“My plans of over ten years, as well as the risk of splitting my soul… They have finally succeeded,” Leylin sighed. His true soul rapidly communicated with the A.I. Chip, and in an instant he had comprehended everything.

“The complete comprehension of a law, and hence my advancement to rank 7… It happens today!” Light flashed as Leylin was completely enveloped by a blood-red fireball. He quickly moved outside the boundaries of the Magus World, arriving at the boundless astral plane.

Comprehending a complete law was no small matter; he wasn’t certain that he could contain all the radiation. Targaryen Castle was full of Leylin’s subordinates and blood relatives, so he wouldn’t accept any large accidents.

“Dreamforce!” Leylin gently chanted, and dark red runes appeared on his body.

Before he’d advanced to become a demigod, Leylin had already recovered from his injuries. However, he was still in a state of slumber, and apart from waiting for his clone all he did was to get accustomed to the power of his new bloodline.

Although his clone was the one who’d acquired the Nightmare Absorbing Physique, his main body had also been upgraded in that process. Nightmare Absorption was the ultimate bloodline of Dreamscape, its mysterious abilities far exceeding Leylin’s expectations.

A vertical eye opened between Leylin’s brows, its gaze seemingly piercing through the barriers of space and time to connect to his clone’s body through Dreamscape.

[Beep! Host has obtained the origin of laws, determined to be the laws of gluttony! Assimilation with the body: 99%. Transferring…] the A.I. Chip’s voice intoned.

[Beep! Law of devouring has been analysed completely.]

[Beep! With the influence of the Nightmare Absorbing Physique, the host’s bloodline abilities have been perfected. Targaryen bloodline advanced to rank 7!]

[Innate Skill Devour advanced to rank 7.]

An update on the skill followed.

[Devour (rank 7 innate spell)— With a perfect comprehension of the laws of devouring, its power has greatly risen. The ability can now be inherited.]

[All requirements met, advancing to rank 7.]

After the law of devouring was completed, Leylin didn’t restrain himself any longer. He projected his bloodline, and a Targaryen the size of a star hissed as its devilish wings flapped up a massive gale. Its razor-sharp claws and horns radiated light.

With the Nightmare Absorbing Physique, the Targaryen’s scales had turned a dark red. A vertical eye had formed between its two eyes that were as large as stars. A torrential surge of his bloodline power assimilated with the law of devouring, wrapping Leylin within a mysterious process.

[Beep! Host has advanced to rank 7. Body of laws has been perfected. Stats have changed greatly, recalculating data.]

The A.I. Chip’s prompts brought Leylin back to his senses. He looked at his hands, mulling over the change. ‘A perfect body of laws. My body is now completely made up of my laws and bloodline; as long as the laws are not extinguished… I’ll be indestructible?’

Leylin felt the law of devouring within his body. The feeling of obtaining a full body of laws was incomparable to what he’d gotten when he’d approached the boundary of rank 7.

[Beep! Host’s stats have been recalculated.]

Very soon, Leylin’s new stats were projected by the A.I. Chip.

[Leylin Farlier, Rank 7 Warlock. Bloodline: Targaryen(Rank 7). Strength: 215.73, Agility: 170.21, Vitality: 300.05, Spiritual Force: 575.44. Soul Status: Body of Laws. Laws comprehended: Devouring (100%), Massacre (57%). Host’s body of laws has lost all constraints, and can now absorb World Origin Force to increase in power.]

‘Rank 7 Warlock! A Magus that has comprehended laws! Only… At this stage I can greatly sense the pressure to pursue eternal life…’ His soul now made of laws, Leylin’s gaze transcended all distance. He could see into the infinite river of time and space. As long as the origin of his laws survived, this river would allow him to be reborn even if he were felled.

This was the secret of Magi and Gods!

“I also seem to have acquired more authority…” Leylin rubbed his chin, and the his own secret imprint appeared. It was an inverted triangle with a black snake coiled in the centre.

“This will be my emblem from now. No matter which intelligent life, or where the place is, as long as they pray or make sacrifices to this emblem, I will be able to sense it, and send my powers to them… I seem to have inherited part of the gods’ powers huh? Or do all paths eventually converge?”

Leylin eyes saw into the distance, his vision traversing countless worlds to look at two different places.

“Your Excellency Leylin! Welcome to the realm of rank 7…” In the subterranean part of the Magus world, Ignox and Mother Core congratulated him.

The other location was the Purgatory World, within the endless ball of snakes. The Snake Dowager looked bewitchingly at Leylin, “Rank 7 now, huh? Don’t forget our pact.”

“Cunning woman!” Leylin shook his head.

After turning into a rank 7 Warlock, he had finally mastered his own bloodline. In other words, the Targaryen bloodline had no connections with the Snake Dowager from now. This strength was his own, his absolute power. He was not constrained by any bloodline.

As close to rank 7 as he was before, he’d still been a rank 6 Warlock. His plethora of trump cards had allowed him to equal Magi who wielded laws before, but now everything had fallen into place.

“We’ll discuss this later!” The two powerful conscients diminished, and Leylin looked at the Magus world once more.

“My bloodline has already spread this far? It seems like Syre and Daniel have been fulfilling their duties…” At this moment, Freya, Celine, his other few female counterparts, and their children surfaced in Leylin’s mind.

“Although it isn’t consistent with my original plans, I should see them again. It’s been such a long time!” With just a thought, Leylin’s body appeared at the centre of the Targaryen Castle. There were no traces of any energy waves, demonstrating the terrifying abilities of a Magus who wielded laws.

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