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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1044: Magus

Chapter 1044: Magus

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‘Next I need to continue to nurture my believers, grasp the divinity of massacres, and slowly accumulate resources…’ Leylin’s eyes flashed gold as his vision penetrated through the walls of the church. He looked past it into the events in his empire, and even further into Debanks Island. This sight extended all the way past the ocean, piercing into the mainland.

His body gradually turned golden, its dazzling radiance illuminating the vicinity of the church. Under the divine radiance, Leylin’s body gradually became more illusory until it disappeared. Gods needed to maintain their distance from ordinary mortals to maintain a sense of divine mystery. When it came to farming, he could determine the work of Tiff and the rest remotely, using the connection from their daily prayers.

Now he needed to spend a long period of time preparing his body for the transformation, spending time with his family members. Once he advanced to become a true god, a new life awaited him.

A god’s birthday was the day they’d ascended, not the day they were born as a mortal. Once Leylin took this step, he would experience an earth-shattering change. He would bid farewell to his past life, severing his fate as a mortal. This was a necessary step in one’s ascent to godhood.

He would leave two blood descendants, to his cousin and the other ladies of his household. Perhaps that would be appropriate.


As the clone in the World of Gods sank into cultivation, the entire world grew more tranquil. Most of Leylin’s attention shifted to his main body in the Magus World.

Deep within the Magus World, under the seventh layer of the subterranean world. A sphere of red flames pulsed like a heart in the endless darkness, and a pair of chrome yellow eyes appeared. “We meet again, Lord Leylin. Your speed of advancement really puts me to shame.”

“Mighty Mother Core, before one such as you, a near-immortal being, I’m wholly insignificant…” Although he was now a rank 7 Warlock, near the peak of the Magus World in power, Leylin still appeared humble before the person in front of him. Mother Core was someone at an even higher realm, and her strength was something he aspired for.

Although this form was different from the one she’d shown before, the power of a being that had comprehended laws still lay before him. Her existence greatly surpassed Leylin’s, and even the A.I. Chip couldn’t probe her. She was a mighty existence, one who’d refined her laws to forge her own path!

In front of such strength, it was only prudent to act humble. Leylin was smiling on the surface, but his eyes blazed with longing.

Once he reached rank 7, Leylin’s remaining path was already laid out before him. A rank 8 Magus needed to master multiple laws, refining them greatly and purifying them into their path as they reached the peak.

Leylin had already made his preparations for him, and his path was already beginning to be formed. His foray into the World of Gods had truly given him far too many benefits.

“Lord Leylin is truly far too humble. After all, your Majesty’s law of devouring is an exceptional power, its battle might and regenerative abilities absolutely incomparable. It is equivalent to the sum of several weaker paths of laws…” Ignox now stood at Mother Core’s side, his body wreathed in endless twisted rings of darkness.

“I assume you’ve come here to ask to absorb the World Origin Force?” Ignox asked with a smile. He’d foreseen Leylin’s objective completely.

“That’s right. I want to use the power I’ve accumulated to comprehend laws and absorb World Origin Force,” Leylin said gravely.

The Magus World and the World of Gods were two extremely powerful worlds that had a massive source of origin force. This origin force provided untold benefits to those who grasped laws.

The World Will of the Magus World lay dormant at its core, allowing the lowest level of the subterranean world to possess a share of power. This place even emitted the essence of World Origin Force.

The opportunity to absorb the Magus World’s origin force was a great one, and it only came every hundred years for those who had comprehended laws.

It was a great shame that Leylin had only been close to rank 7 before. His body was limited in capacity, and he’d already been saturated in terms of World Origin Force. It was like he was a wineglass too small to hold everything.

Now it was a completely different story. Having advanced to rank 7, his body had greatly grown in capacity. He could absorb a large amount of World Origin Force once more, increasing his might.

Taking advantage of his increased stats, Leylin could continue to grasp laws. It would complement and adjust his path, greatly improving his future. Leylin naturally wanted to make use of this option.

“You’ve long since signed the contract, and are a native of the Magus World. Of course you have permission!” Mother Core emitted a soul conscient, and a large gate swung open to expose a surging sea of origin force.

“Many thanks, my Lady, my Lord!” Leylin bowed slightly and entered the gate…

Once he left and the black door closed, the atmosphere turned silent once more.

“Mother Core, I feel that you are too lenient towards him. Even if he advanced to rank 7, you needn’t go out of your way for him.” Ignox spoke his doubts. Only he knew what a terrifying existence a peak rank 8 like Mother Core was. Even in ancient times she’d been an overlord amongst the Magi.

Mother Core had survived the Final War against the World of Gods. She was much stronger than the Nightmare King or Distorted Shadow. Someone with her vaunted existence did not need to pay much heed to a new rank 7 Warlock.

The ball of flame turned silent before answering Ignox’s doubts, “I held a conversation with the Wisdom Tree not long ago, in the river of time and space…”

“Wisdom Tree? The existence which had enlightened many ancient Magi?” Ignox could not ignore the famed vision of the Wisdom Tree, “Didn’t it disappear into legend a long time ago?”

“It gave up on eternal life, walking a different path…” Mother Core did not elaborate, but the few words she said painted the image of a terrifying existence, “It gave me a prophecy. The Final War is coming for us once more.”

“What?!” Even Ignox, a rank 7 Magus who was near indestructible with hundreds of thousands of years of existence, was surprised by this alarming news.

The Final War had already pushed the World Wills of the two strongest worlds in the astral plane into deep slumber. Many powerful existences had perished, and it had ended the golden era of the ancient Magi. That war was about to repeat?

However, he couldn’t doubt the Wisdom Tree and Mother Core. “But this…But…” The dark mist around Ignox rolled around in the air. He had been truly shocked, to the depths of his soul.

“The Final War will demolish all laws, and obliterate a world…” The meaning of Mother Core’s words were obscure, yet there was an underlying tinge of excitement. “In ancient times, the war between Magi and the gods could not be avoided. Only the victor would discover the path to eternity… However, both parties suffered heavy casualties at the end. As for the upcoming war, it will be even more harsh and brutal before. Many elites lost in the last one will surface once again, returning to the limelight!”

“The resurrection of ancient Magi?” Ignox didn’t know what to say anymore. He could only continue to listen. Once he heard everything and understood it, he realised that the war erupting once more was very likely.

Having established bodies of laws as they entered rank 7, Magi were near indestructible with almost eternal life. Even if they were killed their truesouls would enter a deep slumber in the river of space and time. They would bide their time there, waiting for resurrection along with many conscients lying in wait in different locations.

Ignox was merely a rank 7 Magus. The resurrection of a large group of peak rank 8s was a scary thought. After all, the resurrection would not only happen in the Magus world. The World of Gods too would traverse planes to the river of space and time, once again reclaiming their divine seats! In such a brutal battle, even rank 7 Magi could perish easily!

“What does this have to do with Leylin?” Ignox asked with a hoarse voice.

“We need to treat anyone rising up just before the Final War with great importance,” Mother Core’s voice was still as steady as before. “They could be favoured by the World Will, obtaining even more power from the origin force. It isn’t just Leylin, I’ve sent my other clones into other worlds like Purgatory and the Icy World, looking for powerful Magi with the strength to lead us into war!”

“We’re making preparations for the second war? I understand!” Ignox nodded his head vigorously, wanting to return and start his preparations.

He wasn’t a coward, but the war was just too terrifying. A rank 7 was mere collateral damage in a battle between peak rank 8s, and he was now in danger of death. He wouldn’t even know how he’d died.

‘However, danger walks hand in hand with opportunity.’ Ignox’s eyes flashed after Mother Core left, ‘In the midst of such an epic battle, we Magi can absorb the gods’ comprehension of laws and grow stronger quickly. It won’t even be impossible to advance to the peak of rank 8…

‘Legends say that the path to eternity will open up when the Magi and gods determine a victor, devouring the other party completely.’

Talent, determination, and luck were all factors required for a Magus to advance to rank 7. However, the most important requirement was something else— ambition! Ignox, too, aimed for immortality!

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