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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1047: Returning To Dreamscape

Chapter 1047: Returning To Dreamscape

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‘Be it the ancient Magi sealed at the core of the Weave or the beings of law outside it, none are easily dealt with…’ Leylin stroked his chin, already having a clear strategy in mind. ’Having these sides control each other seems like a good idea. Whatever it is, when the time comes I’ll be the leader and tyrant there. I’ll get the greatest benefits anyway.’

To gain these benefits Leylin had to create a good impression. At the very least, he had to guarantee that when the time came and he called out loud, numerous Magi of laws would follow him in exploring the treasures of the World of Gods…

“I still need to wait and amass faith in the World of Gods, but I can begin exploring Dreamscape soon…” Leylin muttered under his breath, his body gradually fading away as he vanished.

In the boundless astral plane, the World of Gods and the Magus World were like two large funnels taking up most of the space and resources. They also possessed the most powerful World Wills and Origin Forces. Numerous small worlds surrounded them like stars, the strongest of them being worlds like Purgatory, the Shadow World, the Icy World and the like.

However, there was an interesting existence amongst all these worlds. It was everywhere, grown by dreams yet with true form. At the peak of power, its World Origin Force was comparable to that of the Magus World and World of Gods.

This was Dreamscape, a place full of strange incredible phenomena, a bizarre and terrifying world that could even warp time and space. Dreamscape was the only amazing place able to come into contact with the World of Gods and avoid being suppressed greatly.

In ancient times, the Nightmare King had used his Nightmare Absorbing Physique to become the quickest to reach the peak of rank 8, turning up his nose at numerous Magi and becoming a nightmare for the gods. He had wished for death himself, the World of Gods unable to do anything about him otherwise.

Leylin had inherited such a bloodline, now seeing things from the perspective of the Nightmare King and beginning to focus on the outline of Dreamscape.

Usually when traversing through worlds, Leylin could only passively rely on the abilities of his bloodline. The elusive defences of Dreamscape had left him grasping at straws for information of its working. Yet right now Dreamscape seemed to treat Leylin like its own child, unhesitating as it showed everything behind that mysterious veil.

‘This affinity… I’d believe it if someone told me that the Nightmare Absorbing Physique is a reincarnation of part of the World Will of Dreamscape!’ Leylin’s eyes showed his shock as he saw the seemingly boundless world in front of him.

The place he was at currently seemed to be a crevice without mass and volume. It was like an intersection between a two dimensional space and a three dimensional world. An edge twisted up like a monster, showing him an unending number of dream worlds mixed with spacetime.

Large amounts of small dreams were birthed at the edges of Dreamscape, just as quickly dying away. Many powerful dreams instead intersected with each other, forming strange warped regions with such destruction at their core that even Leylin would fear them.

Most importantly, Leylin noticed that the entire Dreamscape was like a huge black hole, pulling in bits of light without end. They were dreams of intelligent beings from all the worlds, attracted by Dreamscape’s might. All beings capable of thought could dream. And when they dreamed, they would unconsciously be attracted to Dreamscape!

Dreamscape was actually a combined body of dreams from most intellectual beings. These beings originated from all worlds, including the Magus World and World of Gods!

‘This means there was no such thing as Dreamscape in the beginning. However, with the advent of intellectual beings, the dreams of powerful life forms coalesced to form Dreamscape?’

This possibility left Leylin speechless. It made him recall the World of Gods, which itself was similar in its working. There had been no divine beings before faith took hold.

‘This is why Dreamscape is so strange, being both strong and weak at the same time.’ Leylin sensed that he had somewhat grasped the key to the weakening of dreamforce.

“But I can’t conclude it just like this. I need to explore, move around, and see more… Whatever it is, I still have time as I cultivate my clone. There’s a millenium left for the contract with the Snake Dowager…”

Crimson light flashed as Leylin broke through the boundary of Dreamscape, arriving in a true dream.

*Whoosh!* Surging, howling origin force appeared around Leylin, like a kindly mother seeing her son return home dead tired from travel.

[Beep! Discovered large amounts of Dreamscape Origin Force. Absorb?] the A.I. Chip prompted.

‘No!’ Leylin shook his head, dissipating the origin force around him.

The World Origin Force from Dreamscape was much more abundant than from the Magus World, equivalent to what all the Magi of laws had access to combined. It would be enough to raise him to the peak of his current existence.

However, Leylin didn’t have the courage to do that. Before he dealt with the flaws of dreamforce, suddenly adding Dreamscape Origin Force to the mix could cause great problems in the future.

‘Dreamscape’s going to be here anyway. I can come over whenever I want and absorb it, it’s not like I’m missing any chances…’ Having thought this through, Leylin did not lament as he sent away the roaring origin force and sized up his surroundings.

The place was desolate and bleak, lacking life. The plains, forests, valles, lakes and streams from before had completely turned into a yellow desert, and even the air itself had lost almost all moisture.

Leylin’s soul force spread far and wide. With his attainments as a rank 7 Warlock, he could still only find the traces of a few life forms in the vast area. It was like the entirety of Dreamscape had died.

‘No, it isn’t death. More like Dreamscape is hibernating…’ His powerful truesoul that was powered by laws combined with his delicate control over soul force to allow Leylin to notice some differences. Weak, tiny lives were hidden layers underneath the barrenness, like seeds germinating under the safe protection of the earth. It perfectly preserved their last chance at life, awaiting the arrival of spring.

Destructive snow floated down a few regions, upon several powerful and vile soul undulations that were lying in wait. These were the evil gods of Dreamscape, the Lords of Calamity. Even these existences of laws had chosen to seal themselves in, struggling at death’s door.

However, one would be making a huge mistake underestimating them. Any lord that sealed themselves definitely had contacts, and could sense what was going on outside. The moment anything happened that would harm them or their reputation, they would unseal themselves.

While dreamforce was weakened, the Origin Force and accumulated soul energy in their bodies would couple with their advantage as natives of Dreamscape, allowing them to bring devastate and kill the invaders!

Before this was known many people had sought treasure when dreamforce weakened. They’d all died. Now they were much smarter, like the one-eyed dragon he’d met before.

‘Come to think of it, is this really the place where Gillian and her people once lived?’

With the authority coming from his Nightmare Absorbing Physique, Leylin naturally chose an area in Dreamscape that he would be comfortable in. However, as he gazed at the boundless barrenness, he could not help but look rueful. While knowing changes in the environment of Dreamscape happened quickly, he had not thought it would be so rapid.

In his discussions with the Snake Dowager, he had come over for a while. However, the environment had drastically changed, but the terrain was still somewhat similar. Hence, he had found the place where Gillian had stayed at.

But now? All traces, particularly the terrain, had completely disappeared.

‘The smells in the air tell me that it’s been about fifteen thousand years since I last came…’ Leylin’s nose twitched slightly as he sniffed at the air, and then came up with a conclusion unwillingly, ‘Looks like this place was unlucky enough to be affected by a terrifying wave of accelerated time…

‘She did say she wanted to go to the territories of the Lord of Calamity in the north… I should take a look…’ Leylin stroked his chin.

The reason Leylin had come to Dreamscape was to resolve the issue of dreamforce weakening, and Gillian was just something on the side. So much time had passed already, and even her great grandchildren would have died of old age. It was very likely that her entire tribe had died out.

However, Leylin had a strange feeling. Before dreamforce weakened, the changes to her people could bring him a huge batch of helpers and strength if he was lucky. And in Dreamscape, anything could happen!

‘Also… this is just on the side. A.I. Chip!’ Leylin commanded.

[Beep! Mission established. Gathering Dreamscape Origin Force undulations… Current progress: 0.0001%. Estimated time of completion: 3987h 13min. If host can obtain samples of rank 7 lifeforms of Dreamscape, this can be quickened.] The A.I. Chip faithfully intoned.

‘The A.I. Chip’s analysis can continue as long as I’m in Dreamscape. Now I can go see the Lord of Calamity in the north, finding out their secrets.’

Leylin’s body instantly turned into a boundless darkness sweeping towards the north, and two gusts of wind raced behind him sounding powerful and terrifying.

The last time he was here Leylin had sensed the auras of numerous Lords of Calamity in the north. Then he’d been unwilling to antagonize them, and was also busy with the World of Gods. Thus he’d retreated.

However, things were different now.

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