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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1055: Soul Powder

Chapter 1055: Soul Powder

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The boundless skies shattered to reveal a huge hole, allowing one to see some large stars and bands of light. Leylin, Bodach and the Lord’s Envoy stood side by side, enjoying this broken scenery.

“When Dreamscape Origin Force weakens, the entire world descends into stillness…” The envoy’s face showed hints of sorrow before she looked towards Bodach, “I see a tracking curse on your body from Salilus… And the shine of suolo gems…”

Bodach’s expression froze, and then he tried to speak up for himself. “Uh… haha… you must have gotten something wrong. I’m such an honest dragon… Why would I steal something that belongs to someone else… Haha…”

“You’ve got the wrong impression. I don’t really have any dealings with Salilus. On the contrary, there are some conflicts between us…” The young lady’s voice was like a silver bell, pleasant to the ear. The clear look in her eyes made it seem like she knew everything.

With this gaze on him, even the one-eyed dragon lowered his head, ashamed. “In that case… that’s great!”

It had to be said that there were few people Leylin had met who were as thick-skinned as Bodach was.

“Hehe…” Even the dream demon was evidently entertained by how shameless he was, and the girl that she had possessed pursed her lips and began to smile.

“I just want to remind you that Salilus’ poison curse is the most vile in the entire universe. In order to obtain enough malicious intent, he even pushed a small plane into the Plains of Despair… Just to absorb the hatred arising near the death of a continent…”

Leylin’s expression changed. The astral plane had a few large worlds in it. Planes were a rank lower than worlds, but even then they were still as large as entire continents, with populations of tens or even a hundred million. Destroying a plane just to obtain the hatred and malicious intent was something that would do more than just raise people’s hackles.

‘Or has he gone mad or turned chaotic?’ While Leylin wasn’t a good person in any way, he suddenly felt that like he had an actual bottom line, something better than those beings.

“With the vengeful energy from millions of life forms, as well as Salilus’ own powers of disaster, the curse formed isn’t something that the Yosi Blood Hoop on your head can suppress…”

“So this thing is a Yosi Blood Hoop? Doesn’t seem to be that useful…” Bodach discontentedly prodded at the silver hoop on his head and complained.

“Shut up and don’t move it, you idiot!” Leylin’s expression changed, watching as Bodach took the hoop that had been on his dead down curiously.

*Wooh!* In that moment, the Yosi Blood Hoop revealed a piercing red light. Blood vessels wriggled as a piercing female shriek resounded. The blood-red luster became more exuberant till the whole hoop exploded, creating a tiny poof and only leaving behind silver ashes.

“What the… heck… what’s going on?” The one-eyed dragon gaped at the silver granules in his hand and cursed.

“Found You!” A powerful conscient exploded from the purple eyeball behind him, accompanied by a chilling evil and bloodlust.

*Bang! Bang! Bang!* The curse that Leylin had under his control burst forth as the purple eyes exploded one by one. Yellow pus flew everywhere, causing Bodach to cry in misery. This liquid fell into the surrounding areas, and even more tiny purple eyes appeared as they began to cover the dragon’s entire body.

Leylin could sense a powerful soul aura locking onto Bodach completely, an aura unique to Lords of Calamity awakening…

Still in the north, but south of the dream demon’s territory. Within a region of calamity.

“You wretched, despicable little thief, Salilus has finally found you!” Snow fell with immense destructive power, but it could do nothing against a large ice crystal at the centre of this place. The ice sizzled sharply and melted down, emitting dazzling lights as runic chains broke apart.

Howls resonated as the large ice crystal exploded, and an enormous body jumped out, disappearing into the clouds and quickly heading towards the dream demon’s territory.

“Wha- wha- wha- what are we going to do?” Bodach clutched his head with both hands, barely keeping the urge to tear off his own flesh at bay while staring at Leylin pitifully.

‘Hmm? No… No matter how careless Bodach might be, he still prioritises his own safety. At the very least, there had not been any mishaps in the journey before, so why would there be issues now?

‘The only change is that we now have a Lord of Calamity by our sides, and it’s the dream demon with strange abilities…’

With a thought, Leylin quickly had a feeling that something was off.

[Beep! Soul enchantment found, searching for source of contamination.] the A.I. Chip’s voice sounded. The atomic microscope revealed a layer of mysterious powder floating in the air, centred around the dream demon.

“Damn it, it really is you! Without my Nightmare Absorbing Physique, I’d probably be caught in your magic as well…”

Annoyed, Leylin began to move the Nightmare Bloodline within him and dissolved all of the powder that had entered his body, quickly feeling his mind clear.

“An astounding illusory ability. Seems like the anger in my heart was also induced by the powder… As expected of a demon that manipulates dreams and illusions!” A series of thoughts flashed in his mind, but Leylin was on the surface still berating Bodach furiously. His gaze fell on the dream demon, and he put his guard up.

“Don’t worry. Like I told you, I share enmity with Salilus, so I won’t let him into my territory. We can team up to deal with him together…”

Seeing the anger in Leylin’s eyes, the lady was soon elated. She then saw the vigilance in his eyes. This was very normal. All existences of laws had to be on their guard when attacked by the Lords of Calamity in Dreamscape, which was why she said what she did.

As she spoke, Leylin noticed the microscopic powder in the air ripple slightly, enchanting the soul slightly and affecting one’s judgement. Bodach, for instance, kept nodding.

Upon seeing this, she dealt another blow, “Mm. If we defeat or seal him, then the curse on my Lord’s friend here will be taken care of.”

“Agree to it, Leylin. Agree to it!” Bodach kept nodding like a chick pecking at grains of rice, and the soul undulations became more vigorous.

“But of course, I agree…” Leylin seemed to be taken with the idea and, after seeing her delight, could not help but take several steps closer, fine soul powder rippling on his body. All of a sudden, his eyes flashed.

“I agree to nothing!” he exclaimed, and a loud hiss resounded as a tremendous phantom Targaryen appeared behind Leylin. The serpent extended its terrifying mouth, biting down on the dream demon.

Leylin had acted exquisitely, covering his actions with his control of laws. This way, he’d managed to deceive this Lord of Calamity. The sudden trouble caused shock and astonishment to arise in the dream demon’s eyes, causing Leylin to feel good once more.

*Ka-cha!* The mouth of the snake, formed with the laws of devouring, bit down, causing even space to disappear into nothingness. Everything was taken in and transformed, turned into Leylin’s own energy.

While the young lady that had become the Lord’s Envoy was a product of the dream demon devouring a truesoul but not its dreams, she was still a normal person. Her transformation had been recent, and there was nothing she could do to evade Leylin. She immediately melted away into boundless darkness, leaving behind a conscient emitting light.

“You destroyed a part of me!” Great anger emerged from the conscient, and the entire land seemed to roar as well. All the natives living on it immediately knelt and began to pray.

*Bang! Bang! Bang!* A native who was praying for the Lord to calm his anger had his brain exploded, and a point of light flew out of his brain followed by many others. The numerous points of light gathered on the ground, seemingly glued together.

Having obtained so many motes of light, the Lord of Calamity began to tremble. A strange aura of life awakened in the land, accompanied by the surging conscient of a rank 8.

“She’s desperate enough now to forcefully unseal herself?” Leylin had a teasing smile on his face. The other party was still sealed, and the weakened dreamforce was now his best helper.

“Unfortunately, it’s too late!” Leylin sighed slightly, red light flashing in his eyes. The bit of the conscient in the air exploded noiselessly, and numerous memories and fragmented comprehensions of laws leaked out.

The result of having a portion of one’s conscient destroyed was terrifying. The entire territory began to roar, volcanos erupting as earthquakes occurred. The ground cracked apart as a large hand made of lava arose, covering all else.

“She isn’t really injured, and her aura only weakened slightly… Seems like she’d only awakened a small part of her conscient.”

Leylin spoke with pity in his tone, turning into a dark arrow that pierced through the large palm in the air. With the dazed Bodach in tow, he fumbled a little in the air as he disappeared.

Tens of seconds after Leylin disappeared, a great number of moths filled the area to form the large face of a woman. She gazed in the direction that Leylin had left, her eyes full of hatred. Seeing the destructive snow falling suddenly, fear surfaced in her eyes as she quickly disappeared.

Everything calmed down once more.

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