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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1057: Meeting

Chapter 1057: Meeting

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‘With the attraction of the two World Origin Forces, and such immense benefits, it’s no wonder the ancient Final War was so intense…’ Leylin sighed inside. Had he been the one who’d found a world where he could absorb the comprehension of laws by killing deities, he’d have gone crazy as well. The fall of other Magi and the suffering of the commoners was nothing in comparison.

‘The reason why divine laws convert so easily… Is it because of the origin forces being compatible, or do they complete each other?’ At this point, Leylin was now beginning to believe the rumours more and more. When victory was decided between the World of Gods and the Magus World, the victor would devour the loser’s path to power to open the path to eternity!

‘It’s also possible that the Magus World and World of Gods were a single body in ancient times,’ Leylin guessed.

One had to consider why the rumours that gave rise to the ancient Final War spread so widely. The ancient Magi of laws and gods were no fools, and they would not do something without benefit.

‘Unfortunately… The Magi miscalculated how difficult the gods would be to deal with. With the mysteriousness of divine realms, the result was that both sides suffered and there were no winners, and it brought about the end of the glamour of the ancient times…’

Leylin’s eyes glinted as he clenched his fists, ‘But the Final War that I shall cause will not go down the same path. The road to eternity is mine and mine alone!’

Leylin had previously been ordinary, able to keep a low profile. But when this epic universe held a hope for immortality, no restraints and limitations would hinder his goal any longer. He would pay no heed to those who didn’t block his path, but when conflict arose he would attack to destroy, regardless of who it was!

[Beep! Captured conscient of existence of laws. Similarity to dead body cells: 100%. Beginning revitalising…] the A.I. Chip prompted at this moment.

‘A living specimen of the dream demon?’ Leylin smiled slightly.

The dream demon’s humongous body had merged with this land, so it was naturally possible to obtain her cells anywhere. However research had shown that the shell left behind was but a pile of nutrition, devoid of laws. Only with the body and conscient together could a real living specimen be obtained.

As he had been afraid of the dream demon, he had not laid a hand on the regular people with her parasites. However, after she had become hostile, Leylin no longer had any reservations. The A.I. Chip quickly gave him good news.

[Revitalisation successful. Host has obtained sample of Dreamscape existence of law. Rate of analysis of World Origin Force quickened by 27%.]

‘There are differences between various existences of laws. Another sample will get here soon…’

Blood red light flashed in Leylin’s eyes, and a red line opened up between his brows as a strange twisting force rippled in the air.

“Oh! Oh no… it’s Salilus! I sense that he’s closing in…” At the other side, Bodach began to cry out pitifully.

The purple eyeballs on his body seemed to have sensed that their original owner was arriving, and they all began to wriggle about in a craze. They then exploded one after the other, causing Bodach to cry out.

“Hmph, shut up!” Leylin turned back, the red line between his brows opening slightly.

*Rustle!* Something strange happened then. The purple eyes on Bodach seemed to be frightened by something, and abruptly shrank back. Bodach’s cries quieted, and he watched Leylin with disbelief.


“Quiet. Don’t you want to remove the curse?” After activating the Nightmare Absorption bloodline, Leylin was akin to a king in Dreamscape. Dreamscape Origin Force was now hovering around him at all times, causing Bodach to unknowingly close his mouth.

“Return to where you came from!” Leylin chanted in an ancient tone. Threads of Dreamscape Origin Force descended, forming blazing red runes that disappeared into Bodach’s skin. The purple eyes quickly retreated due to these runes, eventually forming an exquisite purple eye sealed by a ring of fiery red on his back.

“That- that’s it?” Bodach waved his arms around, looking stunned. A curse formed of malicious intent from a Lord of Calamity who massacred hundreds of millions of living souls was sealed so easily?

The whole process was simple, to the point that Bodach felt he was dreaming.

Upon seeing this, Leylin nodded slightly, suddenly coming to an understanding. ‘As expected… I guessed right. As long as it uses dreamforce as a base, anything can be suppressed by my Nightmare Absorbing Physique!’

Even if it was a Lord of Calamity with powerful laws of calamity, if he was still in essence a being of Dreamscape he would have to survive using Dreamscape Origin Force. That would mean that he could be suppressed by Leylin’s bloodline ability.

“This suppression seems quite terrifying…” Leylin looked at the World Origin Force hovering around him, and the slight attention from the World Will. ‘If this were a rank 8 existence from another world, even though I might be confident in defeating them in Dreamscape chances are they’d escape. However, if it’s a Lord of Calamity… They probably won’t even get a chance to escape… It seems like this is the world’s wish! Hm? Wait!’

Leylin’s eyes went as wide as saucers, feeling like he had grasped something crucial in that moment. There was no hatred nor love without reason in the world. Giving birth to the Nightmare Absorbing Body must have been an act of Dreamscape itself, which made the goal in doing this rather interesting.

Inducing the formation of a bloodline and investing so much origin force and care required a huge amount of effort.

“Hah…” At this every moment, a ravaging tornado appeared in the horizon, large amounts of destructive snow overhead as it hastened in their direction.

“Leylin… Sire! He’s here!” Bodach changed the way he addressed Leylin and placed himself below the Warlock.

“Great timing! I just had a thought I need to confirm.” Leylin nodded, while also very satisfied with how Bodach was acting. His actions seemed to have tamed the dragon a bit.

“Huh? But he’s a rank 8 Lord of Calamity. Are you going to attack him?” Bodach couldn’t believe what Leylin implied.

“Of course! Do you have any objections?” Intricate dark red patterns appeared on Leylin’s body. Powerful bloodline energy surged forth, revealing a boundless aura that seemed to echo within the entirety of Dreamscape.

After seeing this, Bodach shook his head like a rattle-drum. He could sense that Leylin right now was more terrifying than that Lord of Calamity!

Besides, he was the one who had provoked Salilus, and Leylin was technically helping him. Most importantly… Bodach took a look at the seal on his back and the purple eyeball that had been torturing him.

Leylin had merely made a seal but not completely removed it. While things did not seem troublesome now, Bodach did not dare believe Leylin had not done anything else to him.

It was already terrifying enough to offend one Lord of Calamity, but another? This…

“Damn it! I’ll go all out! Roar…” Having found determination, Bodach’s body exploded into yellow smoke, forming a large one-eyed dragon. Leylin stood atop its head.

With a draconic aura that far surpassed normal dragons, and a strength that could freeze time itself, Bodach spread out his wings that could span the heavens as he exhibited might that only beings of laws possessed. He bared sharp teeth at the attacking Lord of Calamity, “Salilus!”

Two rank 7 existences from varying worlds, as well as a rank 8 Lord of Calamity from this world, quickly began an intense battle!

*Roar!* Bodach raised his head, taking a deep breath through two nostrils…

*Whoosh!* The sand on the ground abruptly floated into the sky, and all of a sudden it was as if two large black holes had appeared. When Bodach inhaled, practically half the air in the continent was absorbed by him, forming a gigantic vacuum.

*Boom!* The air was compressed to the limits in the one-eyed dragon’s lungs, turned into something like two white streams of air that penetrated through space and hurtled in Salilus’ direction.

“Not bad! As you are right now, you barely have the power of a rank 7 existence!” Leylin nodded in praise. If this was in the Magus World, that breath would have consigned half the natives to death by suffocation. Even rank 1 or 2 Magi would not be spared.

Thankfully, this was Dreamscape, where the land was vast and boundless and in a still state. Besides the dream demon’s territory, there weren’t many living beings here, which was why things were not so disastrous.

The air cannon that had been compressed to the extreme hit Salilus straight on, while this Lord of Calamity immediately bellowed, “You thief! You dare attack me?”

“I am the master of calamity!” In the moment that the attack hit him, Salilus exhibited the true strength of a Lord of Calamity. A boundless snowstorm formed a strange phantom centaur behind him, roaring quickly in the ancient Byron language.

Powerful dreamforce gathered at his hands, forming a large black hatchet with a human face etched on the surface.

“Die!” He struck down with the hatchet, and a black flash of light passed.

*Bang! Bang!* The air clashed with the black lines, forming boundless distortions. Large areas of Dreamscape were destroyed, and terrifying explosions resounded soon after.

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