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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 106: Moonlight Mayfly

Chapter 106: Moonlight Mayfly

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In the depths of the night, due to Jayden’s suggestions, the five of them abandoned the idea of resting and all gathered inside one room, where they each took turns for the night watch.

Also, the other team had the same idea.

“They have left!” warned Leylin, who was monitoring the other team’s acolytes with the help of A.I. Chip.

Upon hearing his voice, the other 4 acolytes, who were all previously snoozing either on the sofa or on the table, suddenly opened their eyes.

“I heard the sound of their footsteps as they left and they were all heading in the direction of the Zither Moon Mountain Plains’ entrance,” continued Leylin.

“Choosing the night time to start a war, eh? Let’s catch up with them!”

Jayden excitedly spoke.

As people who had survived the bloodbath, Jayden and others had all experienced the letting of the enemy’s blood. As far as this situation was concerned, not only did they all not have a common fear experienced by acolytes, instead, they all were looking forward to it for some unknown reason.

During this whole time, their knapsacks were unopened and left in the corner. Leylin and the rest hurriedly strapped them on and left the inn.

A total of 10 black shadows disappeared in the town, under the dim glow of the starlight.

* Sou Sou Sou! *

A few black figures that were hard to track using the physical eyes rapidly left the town for the entrance of the Zither Moon Mountain Plains.

“The other party wouldn’t be so naive that they think they could outrun us. The only possibility is that they chose to fight!”

Leylin’s eyes gleamed, surmising the thoughts of the other party.

However, he had faith in his party!

His side consisted of all level 3 acolytes and even had 4 magic artifacts. The A.I. Chip did not detect any energy waves from magic artifacts on the other party!

Moreover, in the other party, there were two level 2 acolytes.

To Leylin, this was where the weak link and burden lies!

* Ka-Cha! * A branch that was in the way was broken as Leylin dashed through, his speed was not lowering the slightest.

Through meditation, acolytes can reflect their magic power on their own bodies, greatly enhancing the physical qualities. Concerning level 3 acolyte, the increase of spiritual force alone can already bring their vitality up to 2.5, equal to that of a Knight!

Moreover, level 3 acolyte could, through various self-experimentation, obtain stronger and larger physical prowess.

The pitch-black night, together with the jumbled branches and vines, could not hinder the speed of Leylin and his party.

“The other team has stopped!”

Leylin drew to a halt and scrutinized the whole surrounding.

Towering trees with their tops seemingly supporting the heavens, the dense foliage and undergrowth completely shielded them from the starlight, and only trickles of starlight were visible through the leaves.

But this was just enough for acolytes to see.

“This distance is already far from the town. Even if there are any energy waves, no one would discover it at all!” Jayden placed a green badge on his chest.

“You actually took out your magic artifact now, just to deal with a few pieces of trash?” Bosain laughed and retracted his hand into the large sleeves.

Looking at the A.I. Chip’s scan result, Leylin was somewhat speechless.

Under the detection of the A.I. Chip, Bosain too held onto his own magic artifact. It was even one which could immediately be activated.

This behavior of Bosain, where he contradicted himself by speaking one thing but doing something else, was something Leylin and Jayden were used to.

On the other side, Shaya and Roth also made their individual preparations.

acolytes who survived the bloodbath were extremely clear on one point—Even a lion has to use its full force to catch a rabbit! No matter how weak the opponent seems, one must not slack off. If not, the loss of one’s own life might happen!

“Let’s go and get rid of them!” Jayden laughed sardonically and stepped out first.


After going past a black leafy tree, Leylin saw a dark green marsh.

The surface of the swamp had many dried branches and leaves, interspersed with the corpses of other animals.

On the other side of the swamp, the 5 acolytes that they saw previously were standing there quietly.

What was different about their outfits were that on the cloak and robes, they were already wearing the badge that represented the academy they were in.

“Sage Gotham Hut?” Jayden icily said.

“acolytes of the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy!” The leader of the other party had some guesses to the identity of Leylin’s party.

“It seems like another bunch of people will be dead again!” Leylin sighed in his heart. As these both parties, the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, and the Sage Gotham Hut, had just ended the war, their mutual hatred was as deep as the seas.

Although the mediation by the Lighthouse of the Night had made them sign a peace treaty, that was at most a form of restraint for the official Magi. As for acolytes, if the two sides were to see each other, then it was certain that one side would perish.

The two parties stood quietly and faced off the other. For a moment, even the air seemed to have congealed.

“Actually… We don’t have to…”

The other team’s leader remained silent for a while, then opened his mouth.

* Chi Chi *

The moment that leader opened his mouth, a murderous glint flashed in Jayden’s eyes and the badge on his chest radiated a ray of green light.

Countless murky green vines with reversed barbs rose from the ground, encircling the five opponents!

In terms of battle experience, Jayden obviously had more than the other party. Moreover, Jayden carried the blood debt of killing Torash. Amongst their party of five, he was the most unwilling to let the enemy go scot-free.

If not, once other party disclosed the news, even if Jayden concealed himself, he would be in the pursuit of the official Magus from the other side!

“Despicable!” “Escaaaaape!” “Aargh!”

The five acolytes obviously did not think that Jayden would be this decisive and ruthless, not even mouthing a greeting before he took action.

Within a fraction of a second, a green whirlwind swirled around two acolytes, increasing their speed and bringing them off the attack area of the vines.

As for another acolyte, there was an orange-red flame that burned in his surroundings. It took on the form of a whip, continuously attacking the vines, which burned in retreat.

As for the last two level 2 acolytes, they seemed rather miserable. Countless vines wrapped them into a ball. Along with the tightening of the vines, fresh blood seeped through from within the ball.

“Kill them all!”

The moment Jayden struck, Bosain, Leylin, and the others rushed forward too.

“Right now, I can confirm that this bunch of acolytes is nurtured in the greenhouse, with no experience of seeing a war field that reeks of blood. They are as weak as sheep in the face of a strong adversary!”

Leylin looked at the few acolytes with a pitiable look.

He guessed that these few acolytes did not even participate in the previous bloodbath. Their mentality was the same as when they were inside their academy.

However, he loved opponents like this the most. Because one can reap the largest benefits without spending much effort.

As Leylin dashed forward, he chanted an incantation.

* Sssii! * A pitch-black hand rose from the shadows, grabbing onto the ankle of a level 3 acolyte.

* Umbra’s Hand!”

* Sssii! * The hand that was extremely corrosive dissolved part of the opponent’s leg and the flesh and blood continuously fell down.

“Aaargh… someone save me!”

The enemy acolyte fell onto the ground, his wails pierced past the quiet forest, directly to the heavens.

“Kiddo! Your mother will save you!” Shaya mocked him. She waved her arm and a few silver light flew from her hand, directly piercing the head of the fallen acolyte.

* Bang! * The acolyte’s head sliced open like a watermelon as the brain and various juices sprayed on the floor.

3 people died directly from the first wave of attack from Leylin’s party.

“Damn it! Monty!”

The two level 3 acolyte gritted their teeth and retreated. One of them withdrew a silver whistle from his robes and blew on it.

* Xiu Xiu Jiu Jiu! *

The piercing noise from the whistle sounded. From afar a growl from a beast was heard. It was oppressive, bloodthirsty and seemed to come from midair.

[Sound frequency recorded. Comparing to database, identified as a Moonlight Mayfly!]

The A.I. Chip’s voice intoned.

“Moonlight Mayfly?” Leylin was surprised, “No wonder the other party chose this marsh as the battlefield!”

He immediately shouted, “Be careful! They have a contracted beast. It’s the Moonlight Mayfly, hurry and leave the marsh!”

* Groar! *

The growl sounded and a massive black figure pressed down from the top of the trees, hovering in the midair above the marsh.

It was a giant creature with purple and black light emitting from the body. Also, it was the size of a horse, and two wings like that of a bat’s grew from its sides. At the end of the wings, there were barbed talons. The mouth was extremely pointed and was filled with razor-sharp, white teeth. A pair of bright, yellow eyes seemed to burn like flames in the middle of the night.

“A.I. Chip, scan the creature!” Leylin ordered silently.

[Beep! Moonlight Mayfly. Strength: 5.2, Agility: 8.9, Vitality: 7.5, Spiritual force: 3.8. Innate skills: 1.—Float. The Moonlight Mayfly large wings can allow them to maintain flight for a medium short distance. 2.—Fury of the Marsh. As the pet of the marshes, the Moonlight Mayfly can call upon the fury of the marsh. Uses the marsh attack on enemies. Might: 7 to 9 degrees!]

* Shiikkk! * As Leylin warned them, an unpleasant roar came from the Moonlight Mayfly floating in midair.

With the roar, the surface of the marsh which was originally serene suddenly surged with ripples.

The ripples grew larger, finally turning into a 12-metre tall wave, directing falling right upon Leylin and the rest.

Many impurities were contained within the murky waters, and it brought along branches and corpses of wild beasts. The wave actually took over a form that seemed to cover the skies.

“Well done, my precious!”

The acolyte, who blew loudly on the whistle, shouted, “Kill them for me!”

“Damn it! Even a little worm wants to kill us!”

Leylin and the others rushed out of the marsh area. As the might of the Fury of the Marsh could only be displayed inside the marsh, the attack stopped pursuing. However, Bosain remained behind.

At this moment, facing this huge wave, his expression was as if he just suffered a humiliation.

* Bang! * A large wave surged and attacked Bosain. However, on the surface of his body, a large silver metal shield automatically appeared in front of him.

The shield was a dozen centimetres thick. On the surface of the shield, there were mysterious and complicated runes and it looked to be extremely sturdy.

The Fury of the Marsh attack crashed on the shield, creating a loud bang.

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