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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1060: Divine Punishment

Chapter 1060: Divine Punishment

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A sea of World Origin Force surrounded Leylin, carrying Dreamscape’s will. The world seemed to abandon Salilus, instead suppressing him with ill intent.

“This…” Salilus was stumped. Very soon, remnant ancient memories and his fear of Dreamscape brought him back to his senses.

It wasn’t long before the veil of mystery was removed, “This unique power… It comes from the Nightmare King! You’ve inherited his powers… the Nightmare Absorbing Physique that even Lords of Calamity dread!”

‘Power that all sovereigns dread…’ Leylin understood this vaguely, as he accepted the faint excitement of the World Will along with the endless origin force.

“Yes! The bloodline that all lords despise! You’re dead!” Black smoke arose from Salilus’ nostrils, many contorted faces writhing within as they wailed and cried.

“The ancient Nightmare King is the fear of all the lords, nobody wishes for his return. You’re dead!” Salilus repeated deliriously, “If this news spreads, all the Lords of Calamity will gang up on you!”

“It’s useless… The World’s Will had sealed this area already, you can’t transmit any information outside anymore…’ Leylin sighed, “Furthermore, I am not any weaker than you right now…”

With Dreamscape buffing his powers, the Leylin now was no different than he was back in the Purgatory World. No, he was even stronger than before!

He was already a rank 7 Warlock. The Nightmare Absorbing Physique was extremely demonic on its own, and with the support of Dreamscape Origin Force his pure strength alone put him at rank 8. He surpassed the Lords of Calamity!

Leylin sighed, striking out suddenly. The destructive snow formed a sword in Leylin’s hand, and he slashed at Salilus.

Destructive snow was a weapon Dreamscape used to weaken and punish the Lords of Calamity. Now, Leylin was merely using it to exact punishment on behalf of the heavens.

“You vile gods have willfully seized the World Origin Force. I represent the heavens themselves in your annihilation!”

The snow had converged into a broadsword, the intent of annihilation gathered upon it. Leylin braced himself as he swung the sword downwards, speaking a forbidden chant by instinct.

The powerful sword had repelled the black mist, allowing Leylin to see a face riddled with fear and surprise. That same instant, Leylin saw the truth of the past.

The Nightmare Absorbing Physique is the adored child of Dreamscape. However, a world would never do something so senseless, why did Dreamscape create this? That was a question Leylin had always sought the answer for, and now he’d finally got one.

What would happen if beings of laws were brazenly taking the World Origin Force without regard? The Lords of Calamity were a good example, they would be suppressed by the World’s Will and have their dreamforce weakened. Destructive snow would form a natural disaster around them, proving that the World Will wanted them dead.

Even a magnanimous World Will would be infuriated by a bunch of greedy rodents. However, beings of laws were far too powerful. Even with the suppression of the World Will through the destructive snow, as well as the disconnect from World Origin Force, the Lords of Calamity managed to seal themselves into safety.

However, the World’s Will could not do the same. It couldn’t bear weakening itself for extended periods of time, and had to stop and revive its origin force. It gained nourishment from other worlds.

To Dreamscape’s World Will, the Lords of Calamity and Evil Sovereigns were like bloodsucking parasites! Unable to bear it any longer, it gave birth to the Nightmare Absorbing Physique. In this gamble, Dreamscape did not withhold any authority or power, giving birth to an executioner to get rid of these parasites.

Hence, every Nightmare King bore the burden of purging unwanted parasites on Dreamscape, in order to protect the peace and balance.

“Greed without restriction will only bring about chaos and destruction!” After he understood this point, killing intent welled within Leylin. His bloodline itself was an embodiment of these lords’ nemesis. It was do or die, there would be no negotiations between both parties.

Leylin, who wanted to use dreamforce to absorb laws, would definitely benefit after slaying a Lord of Calamity. His comprehension of laws would be boosted, and the World Will itself would give him greater authority.

“You must fall here today!” After clearly understanding his own killing intent and paving the path for his future, the power that surrounded Leylin had suddenly reached a new height!

*Rumble!* Bolts of black lightning tore the void apart, isolating everything within a cage. This lightning wanted to kill the ferocious prey within, a powerful existence that was rank 8.

“No! I am a Lord of Calamity, one who holds the power of decay! I’m near peak rank 8, how would I just perish here?” Salilus roared as he raised his bony hand and attempted to deflect the black lightning.

*Boom! Bang! Flash!* The World Origin Force roared, and turned into waves of destructive lightning that crashed down under Leylin’s control. Every bolt could severely injure a rank 7, but it had taken five to six strikes to merely shatter Salilus’ left arm.

A strange black current of evil gas wrapped itself around the wound, not dissipating. Many droplets of thick yellow blood fell to the ground suddenly, giving rise to black smoke. It seemed to form a strange embodiment rather like rotten mud, and wails and screams sounded as they tried to escape.

“Hmm? Leylin’s brows furrowed, and the black lightning streaked past him and destroyed these abominations. One droplet of a rank 6 Magus could already carry independent thought and even spiritual force, not to mention rank 7 and above.

Having suffered grievously with his left arm shattered, Salilus was weakened by layers of destructive snow, his dreamforce growing feebler and feebler.

“Damn it. DAMN IT! OUT! COME OUT!” Salilus waved his stump of an arm against the lightning and snow. “Fight me openly and aboveboard! How can I, Salilus, die to such a wretched thing?”

“Stop being a fool!” Leylin’s voice rumbled throughout the sky. “A victor will always be victorious! My style of engaging enemies is to scheme and not fight with brawns. By using the smallest price in exchange for the largest benefit and outcome… Your value is meaningless against it!”

“Meaningless…? Meaningless… Meaning…” The thunderous voice reverberated across the sky amidst the black lightning and destructive snow. Salilus’ eyes had now held an even more frenzied look.

“Hehe…Meaningless?” Salilus calmed down immediately, and the atmosphere turned even more sinister. “Even so, I will demonstrate the final power that a Lord of Calamity holds…”

*Rumble! Rumble!* Warts began to appear and float on the surface of Salilus’ skin, causing his bony body to become extremely swollen. Over time he turned ball-like, his skin stretched to its limits as it showed signs of ripping apart at any moment. The aura in the air was extremely unstable, yet it converged around Salilus’ body.

‘This shape, does it want to…’ Leylin’s expression changed. Nine chains of laws were like razor sharp blades as they pierced into Salilus’ body.

“This corrosive attack was actually prepared for my enemy, the Lord of Despair…But now…” A low growl appeared from Salilus’ body and it began to rumble louder.

*Crack! Crack!* A grey ripple began to appear on Salilus’ body before his body exploded. The iron chains which came into contact with the grey ripples began to corrode, sizzling before they turned to fine dust with the explosion.

The frightening explosion did not stop, touching the destructive snow along with the prison of black lightning.


“What happened?”

“Why did the World’s Will seal that area?” The many Lords and Sovereigns sent their conscients or even their avatars, but before they could exchange a few lines, a radiant flash from an explosion was leaked from the sealed area. The conscients and avatars of these existences were wiped completely due to the destruction.

“The final decay! Has Salilus gone mad?”

“Not good! Leave, quickly…”

Even those who were quick to dart away and escape were eventually caught up to by the flash of radiant light, and they could only perish after leaving behind their furious bellows.

“Lords! Save us…” The dream demon’s land was the closest to the explosion, and received the greatest collateral damage. Sixty percent of the natives there had died in an instant.

“We have to move!” The girl that the dream demon had possessed clenched her teeth. The ground began to rumble as a pair of grey wings manifested, taking her far away and deeper into the void.

Opening up a certain distance, the dream demon girl looked in Salilus’ direction, her eyes filled with worry.


“These Lords are not easy to deal with, I can’t believe that I have to activate my own powers for the final bout!”

In the heart of the explosion, the radiant rays were repelled by dark crimson runes on Leylin’s body. It cost a lot of origin force, but since he was linked with the World Will he spent it without feeling the pinch.

Once the explosion rippled away, blue light flashed in Leylin’s eyes. A giant figure stepped forward as the surrounding scene changed, like he was teleported to a different dimension. In it was a gigantic black skeleton.

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