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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1064: Origin Force Weapon

Chapter 1064: Origin Force Weapon

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Leylin was now extremely clear on his path as a Magus. A rank 7 comprehended one complete law, and a rank 8 had to master many. A peak rank 8 then needed to infuse a law they created themselves into their body, representing it as a path of sorts. To advance to rank 9, this path needed to contain the power of spacetime itself!

‘The foundational law that represents your path is the most important step!’ Leylin smiled, ‘This power shouldn’t just accommodate all the laws involved in forming your path, it also has to be strong enough to deal with spacetime, harnessing such powers to allow you to advance to rank 9. Dreamforce perfectly meets all these requirements, and it’s more capable of infusing other laws than I thought…’

Many at rank 7 and above did not know the pros and cons of the path ahead, and deviated from the correct route. Pitifully they were stuck unable to change their path, forced into a dead end. Leylin had a strong suspicion that peak rank 8s like Mother Core and many others had suffered this pitfall, left unable to advance after such a long time.

Compared to them, Leylin was extremely lucky. His A.I. Chip could simulate the future results, allowing him to compare the pros and cons of different laws. In addition, he’d learnt of the secrets of many ancient Magi, also being well-travelled amongst the many worlds. He was currently on the right track.

Leylin deeply understood that hard work alone was futile. Only by finding the correct path and putting in relentless hard work would he be able to see success, and even that would need a sliver of luck.

‘My path has already been chosen. I can only tune it now, not make great changes… Unneeded laws need to be removed…’

Leylin ordered, “A.I. Chip, display my stats!”

[Leylin Farlier, Rank 7 Warlock, Bloodline: Targaryen Serpent (rank 7). Strength: 257.71, Agility: 200.01, Vitality: 350.98, Spiritual Force: 611.27, Body of Laws. Law Comprehension: Devouring (100%), Massacre (58%), Calamity (27%), Decay (15%), Curses (1%). Origin Force Saturation: 27.99%] The A.I. Chip intoned.

Leylin looked at his stats and the comprehension of laws, his eyes turning into a dark abyss.

“Devouring and Massacre are set to take on important roles in my path. However, Calamity, Decay and Curses can be removed from my truesoul… Fortunately, my comprehension of these laws is not too deep. With the construction of my soul and the A.I. Chip’s meticulous workings, I can remove them from my body without any harm…”

For rank 7 existences and beyond, if one did not need the laws residing in their bodies, it was best to extract them out. Other rank 7 and 8 Magi would definitely pay a sky-high price for them.

However, Leylin had a better plan than that.

‘A.I. Chip! Activate the Manderhawke Plate’s power to travel worlds, and connect to my secondary clone in the World of Gods!’ The Manderhawke Plate floated from Leylin’s palms, strange runes filling it as it opened a black tunnel.

In the World of Gods, Leylin’s demigod clone open its eyes and a golden light flashed through them. Black animal skin appeared, carrying intricate runes and radiating an ancient yet mysterious aura.

This was something Leylin acquired in the western desert. Back then, he’d only thought of the seal as rather unique and guessed that it had contained much information

*Beep!* Two rays of golden lightning struck the animal skin from Leylin’s eyes, the patch of skin immediately floating into the sky as a lot of information was transmitted.

“A.I. Chip, begin to synchronise the transmission!” the demigod Leylin ordered before closing his eyes again…

At this moment, Leylin completed his transmission from the Magus World, using the tunnel created by the Manderhawke Plate to send information to the auxiliary A.I. Chip.

[Beep! Receipt sent from auxiliary chip, transmission 100% completed. Decompression ongoing…] The A.I. Chip projected a lot of information to Leylin in the Magus World, on a large flickering screen.

A trove of data was sealed within that obscure piece of animal skin, containing the accumulation of information from an ancient civilisation. The demigod had done most of the decrypting, so Leylin only had to peruse the information sent over to the A.I. Chip.

“The theory of overgod weapons…”

“Origin force sensing and construction…”

“The foundation of overgod weapons— 4D planes…”

The folder was extremely large, containing a sea of information. Most of it pertained to the construction of overgod weapons.

“They were a short-lived civilisation that appeared after the dusk of the gods, in the period known as the dark ages. Inspired by arcanist theory, the civilisation specialised in weaponsmithing. This overgod weapon is their ultimate design, but even the might of their entire civilisation couldn’t help them finish it…”

Leylin’s eyes blazed as he looked at the information. This was an overgod weapon, a concept from the World of Gods! The engineers of that civilisation had wished to construct a weapon stronger than the divine, an overwhelming tool that could slay even gods!

Leylin believed it likely held another name. It was an Origin Force Weapon, a tool that was fuelled by the World Origin Force designed to harm beings of laws.

Now that Leylin himself was a rank 7 Warlock, he realised the difference of this realm from the rest. Most rank 7s had already stopped spell fights, instead using their own laws combined with the World Origin Force. Few innate bloodlines could be activated at this realm.

Because of this, Leylin had to devise new measures for battle. A weapon made of origin force would definitely increase his power tremendously.

‘During the process of constructing a divine weapon, the gods will often put in their own flesh, blood and soul into it. That is why a divine weapon achieves such godly powers. Origin force weapons work on the foundation of origin force, bringing greater difficulty into their construction. Of course, the weapon’s might increases as well…’

Leylin nodded his head at the information. The engineers of this civilisation had a very strong comprehension of laws and origin force.

‘I wonder if their death was attributed to the fact that they tried to obtain origin force. After all, this was a taboo to the gods…’

Leylin thought about it a little longer before putting it off. There weren’t enough clues, but according to his guesses if the gods realised that ‘lowborn’ humans tried to utilise origin force to construct a weapon, they would definitely want these human beings destroyed. Ants had to know their place; the gods would wreak destruction on anything in their paths, and their wills could never be disobeyed!

‘No wonder they were unable to construct the overgod weapon in the end…’ Leylin used his soul force to skim through ten lines at a time. Finished with the manual to construct this weapon known as the Black Sacrifice, he shook his head.

‘How much origin force can a regular mortal absorb? They’re severely lacking if they want to construct a weapon made of origin force. They wouldn’t even be able to construct the core components…

‘Forget that, origin force is such a sacred and rare resource for the gods. How could they waste it on weapons? The basic requirement to construct an origin force weapon is being equivalent to a rank 7 Magus.’

Leylin shook his head, no longer baffled by the failure of that civilisation. ‘However, this Black Sacrifice book is useful to me. It has given me a model for me to create an origin force weapon, which means I don’t have to use as many processors of the A.I. Chip on it anymore…’

To Leylin, the construction of a weapon using origin force was not a problem. His authority in Dreamscape would allow him to do so. After all, he wouldn’t dare absorb too much of Dreamscape’s origin force himself, so it was viable for him to use it on his weapon.

With origin force as a foundation, an overgod weapon was not something as simple as purely wielding origin force to attack. It was two different concepts.

Deep down in Leylin’s heart, he devised an even grander plan. He wanted to inscribe the laws that were useless to him onto the origin force weapon, and create an even more terrifying tool of destruction!

With the laws of devouring, he’d definitely consume even greater existences in the future, in order to pry apart the laws that they had comprehended. As for the laws which were not useful for his path, Leylin would then transfer it to this weapon and increase its power.

With that many laws infused in it, Leylin could only guess at what a monstrosity it would become in the future. One day the name of this weapon would reverberate around the entire cosmos, making the many existences of law shudder in fear!


Behind the construction of this origin force weapon was the quintessence of an entire civilisation. Even with Leylin’s processing ability together with the help of the A.I. Chip, he needed some time to fully digest the information and wield it for his own. Not only that, he had to simulate new models, optimising and perfecting it.

Time passed by quietly as Leylin began his experiments on manipulating Dreamscape’s origin force to the construction of the overgod weapon. During this period of time, he had not recklessly attempt to challenge any Lords of Calamity, but only accompanied his family members in living a rather tranquil yet comfortable lifestyle.

Until one day…

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