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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1067: Sneaking In

Chapter 1067: Sneaking In

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Mistress of the Night, Shar. The Goddess of the Night, Shadows, and Magic. This was an intermediate god.

Shar’s power was equivalent to that of a rank 8 Magus. Rumours said that she used the form of an eccentric elven maiden dressed in black muslin, worshipped by many wizards who walked the path of darkness.

If a god of such standing came to the Shadow World, it was quite possible that she would obtain the favour of the World Will and origin force.

‘There seems to be an error in my previous thoughts,’ Leylin’s brain quickly whirred into action, ‘During the ancient Final War, Magi arrived at the World of Gods, but those gods could also come out. If they were willing to give up their godhood and divine realms…’

To a god, giving up their godhood and divine realm was like destroying the foundation of their entire being. It was equivalent to committing suicide.

Besides, the World of Gods was sealed, and gods could only face off against Magi due to their divine realms. In the astral plane they’d be heavily suppressed, so why would a god who’d almost been killed do such a thing as go there?

Even the ancient Magi didn’t think such a wonderful god would exist. Sadly they’d forgotten something due to the differences in their lines of thought. Luck was a very important factor in the birth of a god, maybe even the primary reason. This led to the existence of many wonderful and exotic gods.

‘Besides, if a god had their followers slain and their divine realm destroyed, they’d be left with no burden. It’d make sense for one to give everything up…’ The more Leylin thought about the matter, the more certain he was that his hypothesis was possibly correct.

‘As a result, when Shar entered the Shadow World, she appeared rather weak. Only with the help of the Shadow World did she very quickly recover her power and banish the Snake Dowager…’

Without faith and their divine realms, gods basically had graves dug and waiting for them. However, Shar had effectively changed her ‘class.’ It could be said that, after a painful process of abandoning her immortality as a deity, she’d become a Magus!

As a result, she had successfully lived and hidden ‘behind enemy lines’ and rooted herself beneath the eyes of the Magi.

‘I smell the aftermath of the Final War…’ Leylin began to feel horrified. How many in the astral plane were existences like Shar? If they burst out at the suitable moment, then what impact would they have on his own plans?

Though they had never met, Leylin’s heart was over 90% confident that the Mistress of the Night who had taken over the Shadow World and banished the Snake Dowager was none other than Shar of the World of Gods!

‘A surviving god, it’s better for her to die…’ In his heart, he had unhesitatingly passed a death sentence on Shar.

He was thinking a little logically. Leylin was a Warlock, and since he was with the Magi he naturally wanted to quickly exterminate this remnant god. Of course, the benefits he’d gain with this were a whole other matter.

“What? Leylin, did you think of something related to the Mistress of the Night?” The Snake Dowager clearly discovered that Leylin had momentarily become absent-minded. Her beautiful eyes turned towards him, which also attracted the attention of the other existences of laws.

“Oh, it’s nothing much. I just recalled the name of the Mistress of the Night, and I feel like it’s a little familiar…” Leylin thought and decided not to drop that bomb. After all, he wasn’t certain that it would bring him any benefits at all.

It wasn’t just that. There were few records of the World of Gods after the Final War, and they were very messy. The name of the Mistress of the Night wasn’t something these existences could connect things to.

‘I’ll go and have a look first, but even if we can’t dispatch of the Mistress, fleeing wouldn’t be a problem. At the most crucial point, we can send communications to Mother Core and others of that rank to kill the god. We’re just the frontlines of the battle…’ Leylin thought irresponsibly.

“The name of Mistress of the Night has been used by many. I propose that we start with the identity of the enemy existence of laws. How could a rank 7 or above being not leave the slightest of traces across the astral plane?” the old emperor Yuri suggested.

‘You’ve found the direction, but there’s still an issue. The enemy is not an existence from our astral plane, but has instead come from the sealed World of Gods. The crystal sphere prevents all exchange of communications!’ Leylin sighed in his heart.

“It’s no use, I went looking for Sage Anthony before this. Even someone who can listen to every piece of news in the astral plane didn’t find a single record of a being of laws going by the name of Mistress of the Night…” The Snake Dowager shook her head.

“Very well! The enemy’s history isn’t important. The most crucial point is your plan, Snake Dowager,” Yuri waved his hand and looked at the Snake Dowager. He completely ignored the effect of her bewitching eyes and floating silky hair.

“Leylin and I share a bloodline that originates from the Shadow World, so we won’t be rejected by it. So this time, let me first go with him into the Shadow World and see the latest news, while you all wait outside the world for our response,” the Dowager unhurriedly spoke of her plans.

She was a native of the Shadow World, and Leylin had originally been of her bloodline. The Kemoyin bloodline would naturally not be rejected by the Shadow World and could harmoniously enter. He would not suffer the attention and suppression of the World Will.

As for the other existences of laws, they could only unfortunately continue to stay here. After all, the entry of a foreign existence of laws into the world would certainly arouse the Mistress of the Night’s attention.

“So you’re sure that the outsider hasn’t broken past the peak of rank 8 and fused with the World Will? After all, according to what you just said, the Mistress is incomparably compatible with the Shadow World!” Lady Massa questioned from within the mist.

“I am very doubtful that this has happened. I previously left an imprint on the Shadow World Will, and if the Mistress fused with it I would know immediately. However, there has been no response until now, which implies that the Mistress was unsuccessful…” The Snake Dowager frowned, obviously puzzled by this point as well.

Even if she was an outsider, with the Shadow World Will’s tolerant attitude, she should have been promoted to the peak of rank 8 already. The Snake Dowager could only give up and stay in Purgatory World. However, several thousands of years had already passed. The Mistress’ strength had not grown greatly, and only recently had there been some change. This aroused certain feelings in the Snake Dowager’s heart.

It was Leylin who guessed the reason. ‘Was it the influence of the god’s brand? It’s true, a rank 8 existence changing factions as she pleases, even if it is their character, what sort of joke is this?”

He estimated that Shar had spent thousands of years after she banished the Snake Dowager adjusting and adapting. Only after her innate self had been transformed completely could she fuse with the World Will of the Shadow World, advancing completely to the peak of rank 8.

It was clear that the Mistress was about to succeed. The Snake Dowager could not sit still initiated her final struggle to the death.

Indeed, this was a struggle to the death. In Leylin’s view, the Dowager was a native who’d grasped the right time and location, fulfilling all the essential criteria to fuse with the World Will. It was a shame that Shar turned the tables on her, causing her to fail her first attempt. It was even more pointless to discuss the second attempt.

Shar had now spent several thousand years recovering and adapting to the Shadow World. The World Will didn’t hold back in terms of origin force, and she should have been close to peak rank 8, almost an existence like Mother Core.

‘If the Snake Dowager attacks again, her only fate is defeat. Not only is Shar shockingly powerful, her shrewdness and schemes are similarly outstanding. This is a powerful evil god we’re talking about, her name enough to make all the gods of good tremble…’

‘However, since she has me, this has all changed,’ Leylin thought shamelessly, ‘This time, the Dowager must pay the price for my satisfaction. Otherwise…’

“So, your Excellency Leylin, do you have any objections towards my arrangement?”

“I have none, but just to be cautious, we had better move separately,’ Leylin added.


After everything had been decided, several existences of laws began to act swiftly and decisively.

The Trial’s Eye, Yuri, and Lady Massa hid in different places, awaiting the Dowager’s summons. Leylin and the Snake Dowager concealed their auras, directly arriving outside the world boundary of the Shadow World.

‘This abundant World Origin Force, as well as this sort of radiance…’ Leylin looked attentively at the enormous Shadow World with a trace of regret lingering in his eyes, ‘I see the light of civilisation above the sea of origin force, glittering and splendid.’

“It seems as if the Mistress of the Night did very well after I left,’ the Snake Dowager’s eyes seemed to grow a little despondent as she stood there in her maiden form. She was even more dismayed by her fall. It was clear that in terms of helping the world to evolve, the Mistress of the Night had far surpassed her. Under her faction, the feeling that the Shadow World now gave Leylin surpassed the aura of large worlds like Purgatory and Icy World. Only the Magus World, the World of Gods and Dreamscape were a little superior.

“So, would you still like to continue?” Leylin politely asked, looking at the despondent form of the maiden who stood beside him.

“Of course! After I return, I’ll do much better than the Mistress!” The Snake Dowager’s expression seemed to change. Her regret and jealousy completely transformed into the flames of revenge.

“Besides, this time I won’t leave again!” Black datura petals bloomed beneath her feet, enveloping her entirely into a black flower bud. In this form, she touched the membrane of the world boundary.

The Shadow World did not react and allowed the black flowerbud to merge through the membrane. This was the method that the Dowager used to pass illegitimately through the boundary.

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