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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1068: Shadow

Chapter 1068: Shadow

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‘Female jealousy!’ Leylin shrugged his shoulders, sighing helplessly before he followed the Snake Dowager. His current abilities allowed him to pass silently through the crystal sphere of the World of Gods, so the Shadow World wasn’t a challenge.

The force of his Kemoyin bloodline surrounded him, and the Shadow World emitted a comforting aura. It immediately admitted Leylin inside…

At the core of the Shadow World, within the limitless sea of origin force. There was a magnificent and refined palace here, built out of black stone. Shadow force pervaded the surroundings, and at the very centre was a large black crystal. A beautiful girl could faintly be seen within the crystal, lying in slumber.

‘Hehe, the Weave has responded, the prey has taken the bait. Is it the Dowager?’ A laugh like the tinkle of a bell sounded, as a maiden dressed in black muslin emerged from the shadows. She looked just like the maiden sleeping within the black crystal.

“Let’s see, where are you?” The maiden stretched out her fair and delicate fingers. She seemed to connect with the authority of the world, and a bright and beautiful screen appeared before her.

The screen showed a black datura flower bud and a blood-red cocoon transform into streaks of light, advancing like lightning through the world’s boundary. They streaked across the skies.

“Ah?” However, just as the maiden was about to zoom in and follow their trails, the screen suddenly flickered with static. A mechanical voice sounded out, “Unknown interference has occurred, tracking terminated.”

“Haha, what an interesting opponent. They want to play hide and seek with me? Well, I just happened to want to go out for a walk.” The maiden stretched lazily, exposing the graceful curves of her body before disappearing into the palace. Multiple shadows formed to conceal everything within.

“Damn, what was that just now?” The Snake Dowager’s flustered and exasperated voice could be heard ahead of him. Leylin’s lips curved into a faint smile in response.

‘A magic network, or should I call it a Shadow Weave? If it wasn’t for my previous experience with the World of Gods’ Weave, as well as my research into Karsus’ Avatar, it wouldn’t have been this easy to disrupt it.’

“Dowager, I’ve already blocked the Mistress’ surveillance. The situation has changed now, but we had better split up at once!” The blood-red cocoon turned beautifully in midair, changing its trajectory.

Before they parted, Leylin kindheartedly reminded the Dowager, “Be careful, perhaps the current Shadow World is completely different from the one that you remember.”

After officially entering the Shadow World, Leylin knew why the Dowager wanted to drag him in. The Shadow World tolerated Leylin in the same way as the Magus World did. He did not feel the slightest sense of rejection, as if he was a native here.

‘Is this complete lack of rejection and suppression due to the original Allsnake bloodline? So only the Dowager and I can minimise the surveillance of the World Will, and avoid discovery by the Mistress of the Night.’

The Dowager was originally a Shadow World native, and had been the person closest to controlling the entire world. She had been greatly favoured by the World Will. Since he was once a descendant of hers, Leylin carried the brand of the Shadow World in his body. The world would not reject him innately, which would allow him to conceal his presence as much as possible.

The Trial’s Eye and their other allies were different. They would be discovered the moment they touched the world’s edge, and the Mistress of the Night would act against them immediately.

‘My interference will put Shar off our trail for a short period of time. Still, it might not be enough to secure our safety.’ Leylin took out a few bizarre dolls with painted faces.

‘I never would have thought that I would use up the voodoo dolls that I made earlier in this place.’ A blood-red glow appeared on the dolls’ bodies. Enveloped by light, the strange dolls seemed to inflate and giggle cheerfully.

“Hee hee!” “Haha!”

Having grown to the size of normal humans, the paint on the dolls’ faces changed. They grew more and more animated, and their auras slowly changed to resemble Leylin’s own.

*Bang!* The three voodoo dolls separated, the original blood-red cocoon dividing into three and falling in different areas.

‘This Shadow World has been radically changed by the Mistress of the Night. The most startling change is the warning system surrounding the world boundary.’

In his former location, Leylin had already concealed his own figure and begun descending slowly. He felt like Shar had transformed the Shadow World into an extremely secure fortress in all these years, which meant their own operations could meet great difficulty…

“Beep! Unidentified flying object detected, transmitting information to ground station!”

Once Leylin had divided himself into several avatars, a number of satellites that had been orbiting the Shadow World paused their normal tasks to send a warning to ground control.

Inside a large hall with receptors for the signals from the satellites, those within working tirelessly. A soldier stood up and marched over to her superior, handing him an image. On the image was one of Leylin’s avatars in the shape of a blood-red meteor. “Sir! An unidentified flying object has been spotted. This is the video capture from drone #3.”

“Mm, what does the warning officer advise?” The commander was a middle-aged man with faint white streaks in his hair. He had eyes like an eagle’s, his gaze sharp and chilling.

“The images from the satellite show that the target’s volume does not exceed two shadow cubits. It’s not a giant meteorite, so it might be some astral debris or natural star fragments. However, we haven’t been able to deny the possibility that it’s some astral creature,” the soldier replied quickly.

“Mm, those astral creatures have always been extremely dangerous. Those that bring disease or curses are the most dangerous, if it spreads far it might harm society greatly.” The middle-aged man waved his hand, “Exterminate it!”

“Understood! Secondary space cannon prepared. Shadow Weave fully charged, beginning countdown. T minus 3, 2—”

Having received the order, the control tower quickly leapt into action. A blue laser shot out of the ground, accurately targeting the blood-red meteorite.

But just at this moment, the blood-red meteorite on the screen suddenly changed. A glaring scarlet flare flashed, and a sharp warning sound issued out.

“Target has issued a high-energy response. Current energy level surging rapidly. It’s already reached a danger level of 5A! Sending automatic report to the security bureau of the empire!”

A researcher looked at the twisting image on the screen and suddenly cried out, his voice filled with panic. On the screen in the main hall, the blood-red meteor seemed to have developed its own will, drawing out a bright trajectory and directly dodging the laser attack.

Afterwards, the image of a doll emerged from the streak of light, its jet-black scleras suddenly flashing with light. The screen suddenly burst into a flurry of static.

“Drone #3 has gone silent!” The soldier from before cried out involuntarily, a stack of folders in her hands falling to the floor.

“Something malicious from another world! Has a powerful existence entered this place?” The commanding officer, that middle-aged man, wrung his hands as he muttered under his breath, “I never thought that I would run into another one.

“Everyone, the security bureau has issued the highest of orders. It is time, we must dedicate our lives in our loyalty to the empire!”

The middle-aged officer stood up and tore his collar off. He began to shout himself hoarse with orders, “Fire all the guided missiles from the surface! Destroy the target at all costs! Cancel all vacations of the surface armoured vehicle department, all members are to remain on standby! Also, connect me to the empire, I need to obtain the highest authority in Ando City’s Shadow Weave!’

“Sir, yes sir!” Multiple drills and the obedience training caused the soldier to bow and accept his order. Her heart was still at a loss, however, ‘These preparations, doesn’t it mean we’re gearing up for a world war?’

“Report!” Just at this time, the control tower’s communication device rang out. An alarming voice rang out, “Satellites #4 and #5 have encountered residual high-energy, unable to capture the meteor.”

*Crash!* A tremendous vibration rattled the area. The floor and the ceiling trembled continuously as the new energy-incandescent lights blinked on and off. A glaring red alarm flashed across the entire hall.

After a long time, the voice of a communications officer could be heard, blank and frightened, “Target has launched an offensive. Second division base has lost communications!”

“The fifth attack, enough to destroy the empire. Is it about to arrive?” The middle-aged officer’s glasses fell from his face, shattering into countless shards of glittering glass on the floor. He limply sat on his chair, seemingly losing all signs of energy.

‘What was that satellite just now? It looks like this world’s technology surpasses my expectations.’ Connected via his truesoul, Leylin could see the satellite that the voodoo doll had attacked. Strictly speaking, it looked no different from the satellites from his previous life. However, it seemed to be powered by a different source of energy.

‘Besides, they tried to attack the voodoo doll with laser weapons. I should try to attack and see their defence!’ Leylin gave the command with no hesitation, and later saw a scene that satisfied him.

‘It seems like it is a branch base, their defence is on the level of Breaking Dawn Magi. Still, that base was being controlled by ordinary people!’ It was a pity that this sort of strength was nothing to Leylin. With a wave of his hand, his puppets could easily erase them.

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