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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1080: Shar

Chapter 1080: Shar

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On his way back to his villa, Leylin went to Xavier’s house to greet the siblings, especially making an appearance in front of Jill. Agreeing to visit them again, he returned to his room and closed the doors and windows.

‘Woman of the shadows… Mistress of the Night, it’s time I greet you.’ Leylin closed his eyes slightly, his conscient traversing boundless space in an instant as it arrived at the seas. An eerie smile emerged on the oily face of the voodoo doll as it emerged from the blue depths.

“Target discovered. Attack!” Many warships and aircraft carriers equipped with psi energy generators surrounded it, numerous powered submarines gathering around it like sharks. Spells gathered at the malicious mouths of the cannons, causing a great sense of danger.

“Hehe…” The smile on the voodoo doll widened, and the glint in its two black eyes dimmed before beginning to flicker even more vigorously than before.

This slight change resulted in an extreme transformation of the aura of the doll. From a brutal, robotic puppet hunter, it had now turned into a bundle of unfathomable darkness.

*Crack! Crack!* The voodoo doll turned its neck and scanned the huge warships with terrifying artillery, as well as the dense crowd of powerful spellcasters atop.

“You’ve done the best you possibly can in terms of technology. Unfortunately, your personal evolution has been stagnant…” Leylin shook his head, and then made a sound.

*Chii!* Piercing sound waves swept the area, and large batches of the navy collapsed with blood spurting out of their orifices.

“Infrasonic attack! Quick, activate shadow protection!” The surrounding warships entered a frenzy. Guided by powerful mutants and the empire’s special forces, they formed multicolour shields one by one.

Unfortunately, these shields had no effect at all. The normal people were mowed down like grass, and only the mutants with exceptional mental power were spared alongside a few powerful spellcasters.

“Your weak mental force makes it difficult to counter attacks on the soul…” Leylin believed this to be deliberate on the part Shar. In this scenario, no matter how far human civilisation advanced it would always remain in her grasp.

Things were harder with mutants and those with ancient bloodlines. While the chances were low, some beings of laws could still appear among their ranks. This was why they had to be exterminated.

‘Take rank 1 and 2 Magi, for example. They wouldn’t be able to fight my old world’s military head on, only turning to dust under their laser cannons. However, if they were to keep a low profile they could bewitch and hypnotise people in a bid to set up terrifying organisations, and to devastating effect…’

*Rumble! Rumble!* Having lost most of their crews, the warships and aircraft carriers sank into the sea. Those workers had been normal humans, and there was little they could do to withstand the might of Leylin’s soul when he intentionally attacked them.

Some aircrafts even began to smoke and spark, exploding violently. This was the disadvantage of using external tools; all sorts of accidents could occur without a controller.

“What do we do, Captain?” The survivors gathered on the few warships left, staring at the figure that was like a devil in the sky.

“We attack!” The captain, who looked wise and had a scar on his face, gritted his teeth, “This person’s attacks are only effective against normal humans. There’s little effect on us extraordinary beings so we can take him on. Do what you can, and have the rest retreat. Get the empire to draw up other methods to annihilate them!

“We should prepare an elite team formed entirely of extraordinary beings, which will definitely be enough to dispose of the enemy…”

Light flickered on the wristwatches of those present, and shadow wings formed on their backs as large numbers rose to encircle Leylin in the air.

‘I see…’ Leylin took a look around and smiled slightly, ‘Besides high-levelled spellcasters, the special operatives of the empire also have a batch of extraordinary beings and bloodline carriers? This policy of having some pulling the rest forward really seems to be instinct for large countries…’

“Quick! Notify the naval headquarters! Apostle 3 has special offensive abilities and no ordinary being can get close to him. Only the Special Forces can do anything to him, call them in!”

The surviving ships were started at this moment, and some jumped on to lifeboats as they all left the area quickly. It was like there was a great ferocious beast watching them from behind.

Leylin paid no mind to them leaving. It was like a normal being stepping on a group of ants in their way, and then continuing on while paying no heed to the ants lucky enough to survive.

‘A rank 6 blood carrier, and other ability users…’ On the contrary, Leylin was slightly interested in this wave of elites surrounding him. The burly man at the lead was almost equivalent to rank 6 in the Magus World, and he also had the inheritance of an ancient bloodline.

‘The empire even managed to buy over someone like him? It looks like Shar’s plans aren’t so simple…’

“What the hell are you?” The captain eyed the voodoo doll in front of him, astutely sensing the wisdom and intelligence in it. A single look from the doll had made him feel transparent, causing a chill up his spine.

“Heehee…” Unfortunately, Leylin had no intentions of communicating with beings like this. Under his control, the voodoo doll’s smile widened and became more eerie. Light glinted in its eyes.

*Rumble! Rumble!* The survivors who had managed to escape now found that the ocean behind them began to roar, the waves surging to over a hundred metres tall and swallowing them.

*Drip! Drip!* Crimson blood fell from the voodoo doll’s straw arm as it held onto the head of the scarred captain. His wide, terrified eyes had lost all signs of life.

The voodoo doll stood silently in the sky, and only after a long while did it turn back, looking towards a certain area.

“I imagined you would do something, Mistress of the Night…” A layer of light appeared from the voodoo doll, revealing Leylin’s figure.

“Heehee… those are just some pawns. If you like it, what does it matter if you killed a few more?”

The Shadow Weave flashed, and a young girl dressed in black walked over leisurely. She had a pair of beautiful and long eyes, and a face that was just exquisite. There was a hint of a mischievous smile on the corner of her lips, and she seemed like a little sister you’d find living next door who loved playing tricks.

If the Snake Dowager’s beauty was that of maturity and charm, Shar was like an orchid that was very approachable. The Mistress of the Night sized Leylin up and down, eyes full of unconcealed curiosity.

“I thought the Dowager would be the only one coming, I didn’t expect she would invite you as well. The smell of this bloodline… Hehe…” Shar’s voice was like a clear spring, graceful and beautiful.

The smile on her face grew bigger, and she held on to her belly as she started chuckling, “Haha… I never thought that woman would actually face such a disadvantage as to have a portion of her bloodline ripped out. There’s nothing more delightful in the world!”

The grace of shadow force evidently allowed Shar to see through Leylin’s bloodline with a glance. The fact that Leylin was not feeling the pressure from the world was enough proof of his identity.

“While I may have separated from her bloodline, we are currently allies,” Leylin said with a steely expression.

“That’s true… you are her ally now…” The smile on Shar’s face froze, and turned austere.

In the World of Gods, she wasn’t exactly one who was benevolent or loved peace. Gods lost their immortality and part of their personality in the astral plane, but some things would still remain the same.

“So… You came here just to see me?” Shar asked, and Leylin suddenly felt a huge pressure applied on him. Part of it came from the world itself. Large amounts of origin force surged forth, seemingly able to destroy his puppet in an instant as it tried to search for his main body.

“It isn’t quite convenient here… shall we go somewhere else?” Leylin looked exceptionally calm in the face of this threat, motioning for Shar to go first. Then, with his five fingers stroking lightly, the space seemed to open like a curtain, revealing spatial cracks and turbulence.

With a challenge like this, Shar naturally felt no fear. She was all smiles as she took the first step, and the surrounding space immediately changed as they reached the boundary of the world.

The great origin force of the Shadow World gushed and tumbled, glimmering with a hint of civility. The huge Shadow Weave revealed itself, acting like a backbone that controlled everything.

Leylin watched this magnificent scene and looked back at the black-veiled girl, “Is this your goal? Using the Weave to control everything, and then becoming the world itself…”

“If you invited me here to say that, then you can die now…”Powerful shadow force twined around the former goddess, the power of multiple laws signifying her power as a rank 8.

Leylin merely laughed in answer, asking, “Should I call you the Mistress of the Night, or Shar?”

With this sentence, the earth seemed to shatter! Her secret having been seen through, Shar’s expression changed!

“You’ve been to the World of Gods?” she asked, a silent acknowledgement of her identity. Beings like her would not be so easily startled by quibbles, and since Leylin was already so sure she wouldn’t be able to change his thoughts anyway.

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