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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1081: Seen Through

Chapter 1081: Seen Through

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“Mm, I’ve been there. The world makes one wish for a leisurely life, and it’s filled with all sorts of interesting laws…” Leylin chuckled, and then looked at the weird girl, “I’d never have thought that the shadow girl didn’t actually fall, instead coming to the astral plane…”

“Faith is powerful, but it’s also a cage for us gods…” Shar grew dazed, seemingly recalling past memories, “When we were on the verge of falling in the dusk of the gods, I actually managed to see through some things. No matter how great it is, restricted power is worth nothing. In comparison, the Magi’s approach to the truth…”

“Even so, you were the only one able to make a real change…” Leylin’s eyes glinted as he inquired subtly.

“Hehe… you don’t need to try sounding me out. I was the only one who crossed the crystal sphere to come to the astral plane. Devoid of faith, we gods are like fish out of water, and things become dangerous for us. Passing through the crystal sphere in the face of imminent death requires a great amount of courage and luck. I was the only one fortunate enough to succeed…”

Shar’s lips quirked up in a smile, “I’ve answered your questions. Now, you can fall at ease …” In the next moment, she suddenly attacked!

*Rumble!* The entire Shadow World seemed to come to life. Great origin force descended through the Shadow Weave, somehow boosting her strength past its limits as she seemed to reach the peak of rank 8.

[Beep! Target has locked on to host’s aura, is tracking. Countdown…] The A.I. Chip warned in blood red. Leylin understood that she’d be able to find his main body sooner or later if he didn’t do anything, such was the terror of a peak rank 8 Magus!

With his clone here, Shar could connect to his main body, injuring it grievously or even killing him along with it.

“The Shadow Weave allows you to completely wield extraordinary strength. It can even amplify World Origin Force… As expected of the Mistress of the Night, your wisdom is as dazzling as the stars…”

Leylin was also one of those beings of laws that did not have to worry about the World Origin Force. This method was like a breath of fresh air for him. Shar’s usage of it wasn’t something simple, instead optimised, boosted, and altered slightly.

If World Origin Force was crude oil, then the Shadow Weave allowed her to process it, separating it into diesel, gasoline, and asphalt at different times, making it more usable. Leylin’s own origin force weapon was similar, though it held a few more advantages. Although the Shadow Weave gave Shar power, it restricted her movements. On the other hand, the origin force weapon could adapt to various worlds.

*Pilala!* The raging Shadow Weave emerged from different areas, like a powerful electric grid that trapped Leylin within.

“If these are your last words, then I humbly accept your praise…” Shar’s sweet voice sounded, with no bloodlust whatsoever. However, at this moment, she had already issued a death penalty to this being of law under her.

Before she reached the peak of rank 8 and completely fused with the Shadow World, Shar still had a weak point. She wouldn’t be able to break out of a siege of peak rank 8s, which was why she couldn’t let the Magus who knew her secret leave!

With her foresight, she naturally knew that Leylin’s main body was at most a rank 7 Magus, and could likely be heavily injured or killed by her. Her killing intent multiplied, and under her control the Shadow Weave swept towards him.

WIth the support of a large world’s origin force, even one with the power of a rank 8 Magus would definitely be in trouble under this one move!

“It’s been a pity, Miss Shar… We could have discussed more possibilities…” The A.I. Chip’s rays glinted in Leylin’s eyes, and he suddenly sighed.

*Rumble!* All of a sudden, a streak of green flames blazed on the voodoo doll’s body, and quickly spread all over its body.

“Are you trying to break all connections? Dream on!” Shar snorted, and with a wave of her hands, powerful restrictive force descended.

“You overestimate yourself.”

*Sou!* Amidst the green waves, Leylin’s figure suddenly turned into a meteor. As if he was committing suicide, he crashed into the Weave that was closing in on him.

*Boom!* All of a sudden, a feeling of extreme danger struck Shar’s soul. It was a warning of failure, instantly reminding her of the danger she felt during the dusk of the gods. In fact, this sensation was even worse than what she’d felt back then!

‘What’s going on?’ Shar suddenly retreated, numerous spell rays flickering on her body. Circles of origin force formed an armour that began to envelop her. In what had been a sea of origin force, within the palace, the girl in the crystal slowly opened her eyes, a trace of fear appearing on her expression!

*Buzz!* Turbulent! Immense! A conscient that had initially been in a deep slumber suddenly awakened as it descended.

*Whoosh!* The Shadow Weave extended, causing the little green meteor to jump out of the siege and leave behind a bright curve in the sky before disappearing.

Shar knew that the Magus had already completely destroyed all traces of the puppet, and it would be impossible to pursue him further. Now, however, her focus was on something else.

“What’s going on? What’s with this huge sense of danger that could harm my life? And the World Will?” Shar closed her eyes, as if interacting with the great shadow will. Only after a long time did she open her eyes.

‘It sensed an aura dangerous enough to kill me?’ Shar bit her lips, looking serious.

The more powerful a being was, the more afraid it was of death. This applied even more to her, who had been lucky enough to survive the dusk of the World of Gods.

‘What is it? A Netherese flying city? An extraordinary divine weapon? Or is it the Earthern Plate of Destiny?’ All sorts of thoughts streaked through her mind, one after the other. Following that, she turned towards a region of the empire. Although she had not been able to pinpoint his location, she’s still found the general vicinity.

“Allsnake… you’ve truly found a great helper this time…” Shar sighed, her body merging into the shadows. A terrifying web of darkness encircled the region Leylin was in under her command, surging in the shadows.


Thousand Bears City, within the bedroom of a villa. Leylin opened his eyes slightly as a trace of black lightning flickered in the room.

Some of the threads that had tried to pursue him were disconnected and swallowed, dissolved by darkness. Only once the process was complete did he stand up, recalling his meeting with Shar.

‘Most of her divine immortality has been converted…’ Leylin sighed with a hint of pity.

The divinity was the most important part. Godly power of laws could be devoured completely and used in an instant, allowing a Magus to multiply their strength. However, the reverse was not true. Having changed, Shar was no longer a god. Even if Leylin devoured her, it would be great if he got even a fifth of the law of shadows.

That small fight using his avatar had allowed him to determine Shar’s strength. She was near the peak of rank 8, only a few steps away from the boundary of rank 9! This strength exceeded that of the Snake Dowager.

If Shar had beings of laws helping her, even Leylin would have to consider retreat. Just like the wars between large countries in his previous world, these battles in the astral plane were all for profit. If there was little profit out of it along with the danger of injury or curses, nobody would want to fight.

‘But it’s too clean… the whole Shadow World doesn’t seem to have any other rank 7s aside from Shar…’ Leylin felt a deep chill inside.

There were still a few beings of law under the Snake Dowager’s rule. They’d made deals with her, allowing her to watch over them without worry. However, there were no auras of law in the current Shadow World anymore!

‘Shar is from the World of Gods, after all. She wouldn’t want her secrets discovered by other Magi before she reaches the peak of rank 8…’ Leylin sighed. He had a feeling the rest of those existences had probably met their ends.

“The Snake Dowager should have discovered this by now, right?” He pushed side the curtains, his eyes seeming to pierce into the boundless starry skies and into another part of the empire.


There was an ancient castle sitting atop a hill at the outskirts of a bright city. Such medieval structures had grown rare in recent times, becoming tourist sites more than anything else.

A lady with a long black umbrella was leisurely walking across a shady pathway. She’d worn a coat of mink fur, and her tall black heels created piercing noises as they hit the ground. With her black silk gloves, she seemed elegant and posh.

Under the headscarf was the face of a middle-aged woman. Her long eyes and lips were smeared with bright red makeup, giving her an enchanting look.

The Snake Dowager had evidently learnt from the previous lessons, and restrained much of her charm. While her current figure was beautiful, it was not enough to create trouble and suffering for the country.

Raindrops dripped onto the roads and created a lively rhythm. The soil was all muddy, yet nothing seemed to stick onto her high heels. However, as there weren’t many people nearby, nobody discovered this startling scene.

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