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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 110: Black Horrall Snake

Chapter 110: Black Horrall Snake

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“Indeed! The Poolfield Kingdom does have such traditions!” Bosain’s eyes gleamed.

“Let’s try again!”

He went to one of the captives directly. It was a blue-haired kid which had not matured yet. “Be honoured kiddo! Being able to make contributions in front of mighty magicians!”

Bosain smirked, and immediately cut the ropes that were tying the boy.

“Put this on well, better yet put it at the place 30 centimetres below your collar!” Leylin immediately plucked a Beta Daisy flower and inserted it into the boy’s collars.

“All preparatory work is work! Roth and Shaya, be careful!” Jayden roared into the receiver.

“Three, two, and one! Release!”

Bosain grabbed onto the boy’s hair with an arm and walked towards the edge of the cliff. Looking at the boy who was flailing, he smirked and let go of his hand.


The little boy spit off the thing stuffed in his mouth and let off a horrified scream!

After which, both his hands waved wildly as if a drowned person trying to hold onto the last rice straw.

“I hope it’s a success this time!” On the cliff, Leylin muttered as he stood with the other two watched the screaming boy turn into a dot.

Suddenly, Leylin and the rest discovered an energy wave.

“This feeling! It won’t be mistaken! It’s the energy waves formed when a secret plane opens, the same as the bloodbath from before!” Leylin’s lips curled up.

“Sha Sha…” Noises came from the receiver.

“He disappeared! I see the person who was falling in midair engulfed by a light, completely disappearing!” Shaya’s voice could be heard with a trace of excitement in it.

“Let us go immediately!” Roth’s voice, too, sounded from the receiver.

Moments later, the five gathered at the cliff as they gasped in amazement at the methods of ancient Magi.

“Courage and respect! Who would have thought of that?”

Shaya spoke in a wondrous tone, “With no defense spells and jumping off the cliff, where many rock blades have been imbued with eternal sharpness. Even an official Magus would not dare try it…”

“Moreover, one has to carry a Beta Daisy. If not, the secret plane wouldn’t be opened…”

Jayden smiled, “Leylin, nice one!”

At this moment, even Bosain revealed an approving smile. Shaya even clapped for him at the side.

“Oh! All of this is due to everyone’s efforts!” Leylin lowered his head slightly, revealing a humble yet proud smile.

“The secret plane has already been discovered, what are we waiting for?” Roth immediately plucked a Beta Daisy and placed it on his body.

“There are them too!” Bosain pointed at the frightened captives.

“I’ll end it!” Jayden stretched both his hands and the vines continue to extend.

“Wait!” Leylin spoke suddenly, restricting Jayden’s movement.

“What is it, could it be that you want to beg for them?” Bosain looked at Leylin in amusement.

“No! Only that, the secret plane might contain many other mechanisms like this, who knows if there are other uses for them!”

Leylin gave a viable reason.

“Moreover!” Leylin reached for a captive, “Granite Bind!”

Grey granite immediately rose from the ground, turning into fetters and handcuffs, typing the captives together once more.

“Regular humans will not be able to escape from a magic spell. This way, we wouldn’t be afraid of them running away!”

“Very well! If we use too much time inside the secret plane, they will die of starvation. Leylin, you are indeed a magician!”

Bosain smiled and directly held a Beta Daisy in his hands, “Let’s go! Are we still going to wait?”

“Jump!” The five acolytes each carried a Beta Daisy and jumped from the cliff.

* Bang! *

During the high-speed drop, Leylin’s skin was almost sunken from the high pressure.

His eyes slightly reddened, and he felt as if the blood in his whole body was about to shoot out.

“Is this the feeling of jumping off a building?” Leylin harboured some nonsensical thoughts.

When the five of them fell halfway, a circle of light shone on the precipice.

The light turned into a circle and the air writhed, revealing the scene of another dimension.

“The entrance of the secret plane!” Bosain shouted.

Following which, the eyes of the members gleamed, and a strong weightlessness feeling overcame them.

After the earth spinning feeling, Leylin and the rest came to a dark cave.

“Such a large place, it should be a subterranean area! Only that we don’t know where it is, since the underground of the bottom of the cliff was already searched with spells many times. It’s impossible to be there!”

Leylin got up slowly.

“Where’s the boy?” Shaya tidied the hair that covered her forehead and suddenly cried, “The boy from earlier has disappeared!”

“It’s not that!” Roth lowered his head and pointed to the ground. There was a puddle a blood and the broken pieces of clothes of the boy.

“As expected, danger lurks in the secret plane along with the remnants!”

After seeing this scene, Leylin’s eyes flashed.

Earlier when he disclosed the information to enter, he could have kept it to himself and wait until the others have returned to the academy before returning on his own.

However, he still chose to tell the others.

This was definitely not because he had had a change of character.

But fear! Fear of the danger inside the secret plane!

The great Magus Serholm was a legendary Magus and had at least rose to rank 4.

The inheritance that such a person would leave behind, Leylin felt that there would definitely be many mechanisms to test the aptitude of the seekers.

No matter what, Leylin was still only a level 3 acolyte, not even an official Magus! This place, for him, was too dangerous!

As for Bosain who was amongst Jayden’s party, he was an existence not weaker to Leylin. The other three too had their various ways of surviving.

Leylin was extremely clear on his strength. Just he alone would be unable to break through every mechanism in the secret plane to obtain the inheritance. As for deceiving Jayden and the rest and completely reform a team with only level 3 acolytes, that was an impossible task to do.

Furthermore, even if it was a team he organised, at the very end when they discovered the inheritance of the great Magus Serholm, Leylin was certain that an internal strife would occur!

For acolytes, the great Magus Serholm was a myth amongst legends! His inheritance has a deadly allure to any acolyte!

Anyway, falling out was inevitable, so it did not matter who he had to fall out with.

Leylin asked himself if he were to compare the trump cards, he was the one with the most. The final one laughing would definitely be him!

“It seems like the boy had been attacked by some dangerous creature!”

Jayden took out his magic artifact, a green badge, and held in his hand.

The surroundings were extremely dim and the visibility was poor. Leylin and the others could not see very far.

The five of them huddled together to face any outside attack.

“Look at this!” Roth squatted down and pointed at a semicircle track.

Leylin looked at the direction he pointed at, and the semicircle track was extremely deep, extending to the depths far away. Moreover, these tracks appeared the most around the boy’s remains.

“It’s a snake’s trail!” Leylin felt a scale the size of a palm from the tracks and blurted out.

“A snake’s track? Which means, there is a dangerous snake creature concealed in the area!”

Roth’s right-hand muscle bulged and his sleeves exploded.

* Hua La La! * White tentacles continuously extended from it, creating a defense by shielding his surroundings.

* Sssii! * * Sssii! *!

The spitting of a snake’s tongue continuously sounded.

“It seems like the great Magus Serholm had an affection for snake type creatures!” Leylin thought of the Huge Mankestre Snake back in the previous remnant experiment lab and started to link the two sightings together.

“But, what could this all mean?”

Regarding the records of the great Magus Serholm, they only appeared in poems and travel notes.

Leylin had not yet discovered any journals that covered the happenings of the great Magus Serholm in detail. According to his conjecture, this information should only be available at the official Magus level.

“It seems like it’s a large one!” Bosain licked his lips. The silver metal covered him fully, turning into a full body armour.

* Bang! *

A gigantic long black figure charged towards the acolytes under the concealment of the darkness.

“Chi Chi!” Countless tentacles reached out, wrapping on the figure of the black figure.

Roth guffawed, “I caught you!”

“Illuminating spell!” Shaya held a bright light ball in her hands and tossed it in the air.

The light ball exploded in midair, and shone down, illuminating the cave like a sun.

Leylin squinted his eyes and sized up the creature that Roth had bound.

A giant snake, more than a dozen metres long, and was black in colour all over. It was filled with the rhombus-shaped scales that Leylin had noticed earlier. On its back, there was a long red line, stretching from the head to its tail.

On the middle of the snake’s head, there was a small stubby horn, emitting immense energy waves from it.

Under the horn was a pair of triangular shaped pupils. Its bright yellow eyes looked like amber, as it stared at Leylin and the rest.

At this moment, the giant snake seemed to be held down by a ball of tentacles wrapped around it, rooted to the spot.

Compared with the snake, Roth seemed like a midget. The scene was somewhat comical.

“A.I. Chip! Scan the creature!” Leylin ordered.

[Similarity to the Black Horrall Snake: 98.7%! Neborake Mamba: 75%! Mankestre Snake: 34.6%!]

The A.I. Chip’s voice intoned.

“Black Horrall Snake? Bring out its data!” Leylin’s brow’s furrowed.

[Black Horrall Snake, an extremely dangerous being. It contains a trace of bloodline of the ancient creature—Kemoyin Serpent, which is known to contain tremendous might and an astonishing life force!] [Source of information: Ancient Creatures Illustrated Handbook, Catalog of Dangerous Creatures.]

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