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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 111: Contract Scroll

Chapter 111: Contract Scroll

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“Scan the stats of the Black Horrall Snake in front of me!”

Leylin ordered once again.

[Beep! Target stats: Strength: 18, Agility: 15, Vitality: 20, Spiritual force: 22.

Abilities - 1. Scales Defence: The Black Horrall Snake rhombus scales has a defensive force field encircling it at all times. Immune to physical and magical attacks under 5 degrees. Moreover, it has a huge negation towards attack of 5 degrees and more. 2. Shadow Stealth: Inheriting the Kemoyin Serpent’s shadow powers allows the Black Horrall Snake to enter into a stealth state anytime, withdrawing all signs of energy waves. 3. Lightning blaze: Emits a lightning flame from the horn. Estimated degree of attack: 12 to 15 degrees. Status: Extremely weak!]

“Stats like this…”

Leylin’s eyes widened, “It has long since surpassed the boundaries of a level 3 acolyte, and is most likely close to that of an official Magus?”

There were no records of the stats of official Magus in the A.I. Chip, so Leylin could only guess.

“Roth, careful! This is a Black Horrall Snake! Its might is extremely higher, much higher than your imagination!”


Before Leylin had finished warning him, the Black Horrall Snake let out an ear-piercing hiss.

The massive body of the Black Horrall Snake began to writhe and the tail was sent flailing. The cave seemed to shake.

* Pa Pa! * The milky white tentacles broke constantly, and from its wounds, there was white dense pus.

The triangular pupils of the Black Horrall Snake seemed to reveal a glint of ridicule. Following which, it turned back into the eyes of a beast and bit on Roth who had fallen to the ground.

“Save him!”

Shaya and Jayden roared, and a few green vines and silver flying knives was sent flying towards the Black Horrall Snake’s body.

* Bang! * The flying knives and vines hit on the scales of the Black Horrall Snake, and sparks were created.

The Black Horrall Snake did not budge at all and opened its bloody mouth, directly chomping on Roth, swallowing him with a gulp.

“Oh, no!”

On the neck of the giant snake, there was a bulge as if someone was attacking within.

Very soon, the bulge entered the stomach of the snake and the struggle within grew smaller and smaller, finally turning still.

The whole process took only a few seconds, so fast that Leylin and the others did not have time to rescue him.

“Black Horrall Snake?”

Bosain who was on the side recovered from the shock, “Isn’t that an existence that, when matured, could deal with a rank 3 Magus? Why has it appeared here?”

“It could go against a rank 3 Magus?”

Jayden and the others jumped in shock! rank 3 Magus! That is the cultivation of the leader in the Lighthouse of the Night, a person who could suppress the 3 academies!

“If it’s a rank 3 Magus, we would have long been dead, not even a speck left. Could it be that this Black Horrall Snake has not matured yet?” Leylin’s thoughts spun rapidly.

“No! It’s not correct! This is a matured Black Horrall Snake. However, due to the duration that it has been sealed for and not being able to eat, it has already regressed from a rank 3 Magus into an elementary rank 1 Magus! Furthermore, it was awakened by the human boy earlier…”

According to the indication from the A.I. Chip, Leylin guessed the truth.

This Black Horrall Snake could be the byproduct of the great Magus Serholm before, and was left here according to his wishes.

There was most likely no food in this secret plane, hence, the Black Horrall Snake could only hibernate to reduce the consumption needed for its body.

However, hundreds and thousands of years have passed. Even if the Black Horrall Snake tried to conserve its strength, it could not have reversed the decomposition effect. From originally a creature which could go against a rank 3 Magus, it had now regressed to the standard of a rank 1 Magus.

After swallowing Roth, Black Horrall Snake’s pupils showed a hint of satisfaction, before sizing up Leylin and the others.

“It is still a young Black Horrall Snake, not even an official Magus. We still have a chance!”

Leylin was afraid that Jayden and the rest would have been dismayed and lost their fighting spirit after hearing declare it as a ‘rank 3 Magus’, hence, he quickly shouted to boost their confidence.

Leylin had the A.I. Chip and was able to tell the truth behind the regression of the snake. Such a thing had to be kept mum. In the short period of time Jayden and the rest wouldn’t be able to discover it, so Leylin just simply told a lie in its place.

“A fledgling?” Bosain’s eyes flashed. “Indeed! This Black Horrall Snake is too weak, even weaker than a rank 1 Magus. It is definitely in its pre-adolescent phase!”

“This is a creature which could fight against rank 3 Magi in the future when it grows up! If I were to sign a contract with it…”

Bosain muttered and his armour immediately flashed. A metal liquid was held in his right hand, turning into a silver white sword.

“Come! The brutal Black Horrall Snake of the legends! Let me, Bosain, be your owner!”

Bosain eyes were frenzied and he directly charged forward.

* Bang! * The thin silver sword slashed at the Black Horrall Snake’s scales, creating a long gash. A few palm sized scales too dropped out.

“Indeed, it if were a matured Black Horrall Snake, I would have no chances at all to break its defensive forcefield!”

Bosain hollered, “This is mine! This Black Horrall Snake must definitely belong to me!”

“Hisssssssss!” The Black Horrall Snake hissed angrily and flung its tail.

* Bang! * As if it were a black lightning, the long tail viciously struck Bosain.

Bosain seemed to fly out like a cannonball, creating a large hole in the walls of the cave.

* Hua La La! * Mud and rocks fell down, revealing Bosain who was wearing his shining white armour.

“Leylin, Jayden, and Shaya, help me to restrain it. Not only can you get the friendship of the Lilytell family, I am also willing to give up all of the rewards obtained during this exploration!”

Bosain shook his head and finally recovered from the dizziness, seeking help from Leylin and the others.

“No matter what, let us restrain this Black Horrall Snake first. If not, we won’t have a chance to obtain anything!”

Jayden spoke as he channeled a large amount of spiritual force and magic power into the green badge.

Ripples of jade green colour continuously came from the badge.

*Peng!* Countless jade green vines seemed to fill the cave as it tried to entangle the Black Horrall Snake.

“Cloud of Afterlife!”

Leylin too used his spell that he was proud of. A large murky green cloud immediately engulfed the Black Horrall Snake within, the corrosive sounds constantly emitting from within the mist.

“Comb of Vengeful Spirit!” Shaya too took out her prized magic artifact.

It had the appearance of a rather old wooden comb. Shaya immediately used it to comb her fire red beautiful hair.

*Sssii!*! The fire red hair grew rapidly. In the blink of an eye, there was already a layer of hair on the ground. After which, the ground of the whole cave was dyed red.

“It is actually a type of binding type magic artifact. Combined with Jayden’s green badge, it may really even restrain this Black Horrall Snake!”

An expectant look flashed across Leylin’s eyes

After the dark green Cloud of Afterlife had dissipated, it revealed the massive Black Horrall Snake’s figure within.

The scales were still gleaming, as usual, only that in that large gash that Bosain had left on its body, the surrounding flesh had been corroded to a purple black state.

The huge snake’s eyes seemed dispirited. Looking at it, it was evident that Leylin’s attack had some effect on it.

“All together!” Jayden nodded his head towards Shaya. Countless green vines from midair wrapped around the Black Horrall Snake, even around its head.

At the same time, the innumerable fire red hair on the ground was like steel net. Very soon it wrapped itself like a net, trapping the Black Horrall Snake within.


The green vines and red hair continuously tightened, leaving circles after circles of red and green imprints on the Black Horrall Snake’s body.

The huge snake lost its balance and fell to the ground, bringing up dust and rock shards.

“Nice one!” Bosain praised them. His body in midair left several white afterimages.

After a few jumps, he came to the top of the Black Horrall Snake’s head.

“Little baby, you’re mine now!”

A smug and zealous expression filled Bosain’s face. He immediately withdrew a scroll which emitted immense energy waves, directly at the Black Horrall Snake’s eyes.

“This is… A sealing contract within a scroll!”

From the A.I. Chip’s detection, it was a power magical object. On it, a contract formation was sealed within. It had to cost at least tens of thousands of magic crystals. Moreover, one may not be able to buy it even with money!

This price has long since surpassed the price of many magical creatures for magicians.

From this, one could see that only those large families which had been around for many years could possess many great items.

Leylin looked at Bosain who was opening the scroll and his lips curled up.

“A pity that it is such a powerful contract scroll. If it were used against a youngling of a powerful creature, there could still be a chance of success. However, this Black Horrall Snake’s spiritual force is not in such a lowered state…”

Bosain who was without the A.I. Chip would naturally not think of this.

At this moment, his face carried a fevered gaze. Coupled with his trembling hands, he chanted an incantation and ripped opened the magical scroll.


An extremely radiant white light rose in front of Bosain and the black snake.

The white continuously circulated, finally forming a strange magic formation. On it was laced with mysterious runes and magic characters.

“An advanced contract spell formation! A.I. Chip, record!” Leylin immediately gave the order to the A.I. Chip.

“Come! Become my contractual partner!”

Bosain muttered. From the formation a green light appeared, directly entering the forehead of Bosain.

As for the other flash of green light, it was sent towards the Black Horrall Snake, moreover directly imprinting itself on the large skull of the Black Horrall Snake.

As if knowing that once it was bound to the contract and lose its freedom forever, the black snake thrashed continuously, resisting the entry of the green light.

“Hurry! Faster!”

Cold sweat the size of beans trickled down Bosain’s face, staring intently at the skull of the Black Horrall Snake.

“My dream, my life, when I obtain this Black Horrall Snake…”

Just when the green light had completely entered the Black Horrall Snake’s head, a strange sight occurred!

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