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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 112: Shadow Stealth

Chapter 112: Shadow Stealth

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The eyes of the Black Horrall Snake revealed a human-like mocking expression.


A tremendous amount of spiritual force was released, rejecting the green light instantly.

Not only that, the contract spell formation in midair exploded violently too.

Bosain’s chest seemed to have been struck by a hammer and he was sent flying backwards.

Large chunks of silver armour fell and crimson red blood was constantly spurted from Bosain’s mouth.

“The backlash from the contract!” Leylin who was watching from afar blurted out.

If the contract failed on a powerful creature, magicians will often suffer backlash on their spiritual force. Moreover, apart from that spiritual force backlash, there was also the attack from the creature’s spiritual force.

Looking on, it seemed that Bosain’s spiritual force had been severely damaged. Furthermore, due to the connection of the spiritual force with the magic artifact, the magic artifact had also been damaged.

*Hua La La!*

Just when Bosain was sent flying back, a white protection rune flew up from his body. A milky white light then engulfed Bosain who was still vomiting out blood.

This kind of milky white radiance was resplendent and filled with a sacred feeling. Under the radiance of the light, even the naked eye could see that Bosain was rapidly recovering.

“A single-use healing rune?” Leylin’s eyes squinted, recognising the origins of that white protection rune.

“There are indeed plenty of items on his body!” Although Bosain did not suffer a severe injury as was expected, Leylin was still somewhat satisfied with it. After all, it had forced him to use one of his trump cards.

The synthesizer of this protection rune had to use many precious resources. Moreover, it required a huge amount of magic power and spiritual force from an official Light Magus. Even if it was Bosain, he couldn’t be holding on to another of this protection rune.

“What happened?”

Jayden and Shaya who saw Bosain flying back revealed expressions of disbelief.

“The contract binding has failed. Hurry and kill this damned black snake!”

Leylin withdrew the cross blade on his waist. With an incantation, a layer of frost covered the cross blade.

Frost Alchemy Runes! It was a type of alchemy rune that was specially used on equipment, adding on might equivalent to a low-grade magic artifact temporarily. After using it the equipment would normally break.

Leylin’s cross blade had long since been damaged back in the bloodbath.

However, there were as many cross blades in the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy as he needed for him to purchase.

The frost greatsword was immediately wielded and raised in Leylin’s hands. From the blade, a terrible chillness was emitted, and this attracted the gazes of Jayden and Shaya.

“I knew it!” Jayden’s roared internally, “Leylin being able to survive in the bloodbath, he definitely would have some tricks up his sleeve!”

“Bind him, I’m going up!”

Leylin looked at the black snake which was still bound by the green vines and red hair in the eye.

After releasing an explosive amount of spiritual force to inflict damage on Bosain, the Black Horrall Snake right now continuously writhed its massive body, the energy waves surging out rampantly.

*Zhi Ya!*

Countless vines and hair were broken; Jayden’s and Shaya’s faces, too, became more and more uneasy.

“Hurry! I can’t hold on much longer!” Shaya shouted from the side.

“Cross Blade Slash!”

Leylin’s muscles bulged, and his whole body seemed to increase by a size.

[The Host has entered the state of a Knight’s secret technique. strength and agility have been greatly boosted! vitality decreased!] The A.I. Chip very soon reported the change in stats.

During the three years back in Extreme Night City, Leylin had picked up the secret technique for Knight’s to enter the explosive state from Viscount Jackson.

This was even better than a secret killing move. Furthermore, the technique came from a Grand Knight, which was much better than the secret technique inherited from Leylin’s Farlier family.

Under the impressive calculations done by the A.I. Chip, Leylin incorporated Viscount Jackson’s secret knight technique with his cross blade killing technique, achieving an exponential increase in the secret technique attack.

Right now, the secret technique that Leylin used had already reached the standard of a Grand Knight. The side effects had reduced, and the might was stronger than before.

Under the loud roar, Leylin jumped high in the air. Two arcs of slash were sent from the frost greatsword.

The two slashes crossed one another, forming a large ‘X’ in the air. Frost continued to condense, creating a layer of ice on the large ‘X’ which was sent towards the Black Horrall Snake.


The icy ‘X’ directly chopped at the neck of the Black Horrall Snake. Scales continuously fell and there was a layer of ice on the area.

There was a giant cross-shaped wound on the Black Horrall Snake now. The frost continued to spread and a lot of fresh blood with a trace of black coloured snake blood was forced out from the wound.

“Hisssssss!” The black snake let off an enraged cry. It violently thrashed its body and broke many more vines and hair on its body.

“Good! Maintain this might. As long as it’s done several more times, we can definitely decapitate this snake!”

Glee appeared on Shaya’s face.

“Hisssssssssssss!” After the madness, the Black Horrall Snake strangely calmed down.

After halting its writhing, the scales on it body continuously flashed with a black light, emitting a layer of negative energy that Leylin was familiar with.

“This is the energy particles of the Shadow element! Be careful…” Through the indication given by the A.I. Chip, Leylin immediately warned the rest.

Alas, they were a step too late!

Without warning, half of the Black Horrall Snake’s body turned transparent. First, it was the scales, then the skin, the flesh and finally the bones…

The transparency very soon covered the body of the whole snake. The giant snake which had the length of a dozen metres disappeared in the next moment.

“What is this? A concealment spell? A pity that under the two restraints from our magic artifact, what use would that be?” Shaya spoke in bewilderment.

“It’s not a concealment spell, but one which can negate any attacks while it is in stealth mode!”

*Hua La La!* The countless green vines and red hair on the Black Horrall Snake seemed to lose its target in an instant. It seemed to be binding only thin air now and fell on the floor.

“A spell with an effect like this?” Jayden’s pupil shrank. “This is no longer a rank 0 spell, but the effect from an official Magus. Why did it not it use it earlier?”

“Because the consumption was too great and it cannot withstand it for a second time!”

Leylin guessed. This Shadow Stealth was comprehended by the Black Horrall Snake as an innate skill after maturing. Moreover during its regression, it had fortunately retained this skill.

The spell achieved the effect of a rank 1 spell. Leylin absolutely could not imagine the might of this spell when the Black Horrall Snake was in its mature state.

“I’m afraid that even official Magi would not be able to discover it, only be swallowed as food while in fear!”

“Hurry! The triangular defensive formation!” Leylin roared.

*Sou Sou!* Jayden and Shaya who knew that it was not the time to be slow rushed towards Leylin’s side. Even Bosain joined them with a gloomy expression.

The four of them formed a mysterious defense formation. They stood at the three corners of it as a layer of vine and hair continued to wrap around the area, protecting the four within.

This was one of the combinations that they had agreed on previously.

An invisible enemy was the most dangerous! Leylin, highly tensed, looked at the surroundings, not knowing at all when the Black Horrall Snake would strike.

Under the illuminating spell, the whole cave was brightly lit.

There was only dried mud on the floor. Apart from scales and a few puddles of blood, there were completely no traces of the snake’s tracks whatsoever.

It was as if such a massive snake had just vanished.

“Be careful, this is very similar to a rank 1 Shadow Element spell—Shadow Stealth. I have seen it once performed by an elder in my family. They are completely invisible on the physical plane as long as the time limit was not up, or when an enemy attacks it…”

Bosain spoke hurriedly, with a hint of anxiety and gloom in his tone.

Leylin understood the feelings behind it. No matter who it was—after losing a scroll worth tens of thousands of magic crystals and a rune which could protect the life—they would not feel good about it.

“What should we do? Continue to wait for it to appear?” Jayden was extremely unresigned as he controlled the vines to lash at the surrounding granite walls. A pity, however, the dust created did not help pinpoint the location of the snake.

“Snake type creatures have a strong intent for vengeance. It would definitely not leave like this. Maybe it is just around us, waiting for an opportunity…”

Leylin’s voice was faintly discernible. It made Shaya who was beside him tense and kept a tight grip on that magic artifact comb in her hands.

“A.I. Chip! Can you detect where the Black Horrall Snake is?” Leylin asked inwardly.

[No results from scanning! No reaction from thermal detection! No energy waves from a large creature in the surroundings!] The A.I. Chip’s voice intoned and made Leylin’s expression darken.

Regarding the spells of an official Magus, the A.I. Chip now was still somewhat helpless against them.

*Hu!* Suddenly, a dozen metres in front of Jayden, many translucent scales appeared in midair and yet vanished again quickly.

“There!” Jayden’s eyes flashed. Dozens of vines crisscrossed, forming a large net and was sent over.

After which, Shaya shot out a green fireball, following right behind the net.

*Bang!* The green net vines caught nothing but air, falling to the ground.

The fireball too caused a huge pit on the ground with an explosion, yet no traces of the snake was discovered.


Leylin suddenly tensed up. His scalp was tingling as if being stared on by some dangerous creature.

This feeling came purely from his instincts. The A.I. Chip and the detection spells had no effects at all.

However, he completely believed in his intuition. Leylin immediately made a decisive action and rolled on the ground, away from his original position.


Behind the place where Leylin was originally standing, there was a flickering in the air and the massive body of the Black Horrall Snake materialised.

From the huge head of the snake, a vicious ray of light flashed. The snake opened its jaws and clamped on Shaya who was standing close to Leylin’s original position. Half of her body enter the snake’s jaws as it chewed.


An intense explosion sounded within the snake’s mouth and a layer of purple flame escaped from the jaws.

A huge energy wave was detected which led the A.I. Chip to flash indicators wildly.

“It’s Shaya! She self-destructed the magic artifact right before she died!”

Jayden spoke hoarsely.

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