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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 113: Blood Quintessence

Chapter 113: Blood Quintessence

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Bosain roared and the silver armour on his body formed again. He also produced a silver longsword, which caused a few ripples in the void around it.

“All out!” Jayden’s eyes reddened. He chanted a few ancient incantation and even bit on his finger, letting the blood drip on the green badge.


Countless vines broke out from the ground. Only that the vines now were all red and the reverse thorns were even denser. On them, there were even a tinge of green and an extremely dangerous aura came permeating from it.

“Since it’s become like this!” Leylin waved an arm, and a dozen fire red potion left his hands.

Several more bright flames were exploded on the Black Horrall Snake’s body.

Furthermore, there was a flash on Leylin’s hands, and the black longbow once again appeared in his palm.

“Frost Runes!”

Leylin chanted an incantation and a layer of frost covered the original black longbow, turning the arrows into icy shards!


The 3 different voices sounded at the same time.

The red vines had a faster speed than before, even bringing a gale of wind. In an instant, it had already bound the Black Horrall Snake which was rolling on the floor.

At the same moment, an icy arrow shot past the void and pierced through the right eye of the black snake.


The Black Horrall Snake’s mouth was set on fire and one of its eyeballs had burst. From the socket, there was a huge amount of resplendent and translucent fluid that poured out. The snake was screeching in agony at this point in time.

“Meet your death!”

During the explosion, Bosain’s silver armour turned into a metal liquid, converging onto the longsword in his hands.

After this scene, the silver longsword immediately became five metres long. On the blade, there were even some mystical runes.

“The strongest power! The strongest state! Go to hell!”

Bosain’s muscles bulged and there were plenty of flashes of light from the spell.

Leylin only glanced at it and discovered many rank 0 spells which could temporarily increase the physical attributes of strength and vitality.

Under the support of so many spells, right now Bosain’s stats had most likely exceeded that of a Grand Knight. It was close to the evolved form of Grand Knights in myths—the Branded Swordsman!


The longsword easily pierced through the defense of the Black Horrall Snake right into the crucial point of the giant snake, the place where the heart was.

Innumerable fresh blood laced with some blackish blood frothed out. The snake’s figure tried to raise itself, yet it was held tightly by the red vines. Also, the giant red vines climbed to where the wound was and, as if it had an intelligence of its own, it bore its way right into the wound.


The giant snake continuously bellowed and twisted as blood constantly splattered onto the muddy ground.

After struggling for a dozen of minutes, the Black Horrall Snake’s left eye was completely devoid of lustre and it fell to the ground.

“Is it dead?”

Jayden looked somewhat disbelieving as he asked. The red vines were still writhing on the body of the snake.

[Target is severely injured, its life force waves are continuously declining!] [Target’s life force has fallen to the lowest!] [Target’s life force waves has completely vanished. Dead!]

The indication from the A.I. Chip let Leylin know that the giant snake was indeed dead. However, he still said, “Let’s first perform some detection spells!”

Leylin was able to vividly recall the fact that the A.I. Chip could not detect the Black Horrall Snake when it was invisible.

Who knew if this black snake had some secret method which allowed it to hide its life force waves and escape the detection of the A.I. Chip!

After which, the 3 acolytes began casting many spells. Finally, they could confirm that this Black Horrall Snake—which killed two of their party members—was really dead.

After hearing this conclusion, Jayden hurriedly retracted his red vines and collapsed onto the ground.

Leylin noted that there was not a single sign of redness on Jayden’s face. His pallid complexion made it extremely obvious that he had just lost a lot of blood.

As for Bosain on the other side, the greatsword had turned back into the liquid metal and was tucked back into his robes. Even the armour could not maintain its form.

Looking at it, his magic artifact seemed to have consumed a lot of energy.

These little tidbits of information had been recorded into the database of the A.I. Chip. Moreover, it had wildly calculated the battle state of the two and came up with a battle success rate.

Of course, in the eyes of those two, Leylin was simply an above average acolyte. Apart from his Potioneering skills, there was only his Frost Alchemy Rune which seemed decent.

This was the false image that Leylin had painstakingly created.

“Also this! Hurry and harvest them!”

Leylin looked at the black snake which was devoid of life. The wounds on its body continuously had blood flowing out from it.

A spell wave with low energy waves was formed on Leylin’s hands.

“What are you doing?” Bosain and Jayden immediately pulled their distance away from Leylin, looking at him warily.

Once the threat was gone, under the enticement of benefits, seeds of distrust was unknowingly planted and had already begun to sow between the party members.

“Just collecting the materials!” Leylin’s spell never stopped.

“Blood!” After a few chants, Leylin opened his mouth and spat out a Byron language word.

*Hu Hu!*

The blood puddle on the floor seemed to have a direction as they flowed towards Leylin’s palms on a few blood traces.

Countless blood few in midair, continuously converging like a bloody ball of light.

*Hua La La!* The void seemed to have an invisible strength that was continuously compressing the blood as it congealed, finally turning into a small rock with the colour of blood.

*Di Di!* The invisible energy was directly applied on the wound of the Black Horrall Snake, and the blood within its body was continuously pulled out.

Minutes later, the Black Horrall Snake seemed to have gotten somewhat smaller, its scales turning pale.

As for Leylin, his hand now held a dozen fist-sized blood-coloured rocks.

All the blood essence of the dozen metres long Black Horrall Snake congealed only to the size of a dozen rocks.

This was one of the rank 0 spell that Leylin had learned, used specifically to harvest the blood from large creatures.

After seeing the spell effect that Leylin cast, Bosain and Jayden then relaxed their guard. However, Leylin could still detect a trace of wariness deep within their eyes.

“The Black Horrall Snake’s blood is an ingredient for many potions. I wish to have all of it. As for the other materials on the black snake, I can let go of a portion of them to match the value of the blood!”

Leylin smiled and explained.

The contents of the broken diary that Leylin saw back then in the experiment lab near Extreme Night City surfaced on his mind then. Towards several words such as ‘modulate’, ‘bloodline’ and the likes caused him have an unknown instinct to collect the blood, even at the cost of offending these two.

“Blood?” Bosain cocked his head and suddenly laughed.

“Indeed! For many Potion Masters, the blood from powerful creatures was often a necessary ingredient for their potions.”

The concept of bloodlines and such did not enter Bosain’s train of thoughts at all.

After all, many ancient creatures had been extinct for thousands and thousands of years. In many creatures within the Magus World, only traces of the ancient creatures’ reflection could be seen.

As for how to extract the ancient bloodlines, this subject had been extensively researched by many magicians, yet there were no breakthroughs.

To obtain a fragment of gene from the blood and then reforming it into an essence, was well outside the capabilities of magicians.

Only a rank 4 Magus of the legends or above would that have a chance of being possible.

However, a rank 4 Magus on the south coast was just a myth.

“This Black Horrall Snake’s ingredients are at least worth 100,000 magic crystals!” Jayden’s eyes gleamed and his face revealed an intoxicated expression.

Towards magical snake creatures like these, the part that was the most valuable were their scales, innards, brains and the likes. These were often the good ingredients to synthesize magic artifacts.

As for blood and other stuff, apart from Potion Masters and Alchemists who needed them occasionally, there were not many uses for them elsewhere.

After the circumstance where Leylin acted first, the three acolytes discussed briefly. Jayden and Bosain would then gather the most valuable few parts of the snake, then cast a preserving rank 0 spell before leaving the place.

To them, right now the loot from the snake was just the reward from the outer area of the remnant, who knows how many more good stuff there were inside there.

“This remnant site seems to be of an extremely high grade!”

Jayden sized up the cave to try to search for more clues, “It actually planted a sentinel mechanism right at the very start, even leaving such a dangerous creature… A pity for Roth and Shaya…”

Towards the deaths of these two party members, Leylin and the other two only put on a superficial downcasted expression before recovering very soon.

To be honest, these two acolytes had only been in contact with Leylin for several days, so he did not feel much for them.

Magicians were often apathetic creatures. Very soon, the three diverted their attention back towards the remnant.

“Using powerful creatures to guard the remnants seems to be the style of the Kukeral period!”

Bosain seemed to recall something, “The Kukeral period’s constructions were simple and boorish. Even those warning mechanisms were extremely simple, it would not go past two stages!”

“Which is to say, once we get through another mechanism, we should be able to near the heart of the remnant!”

Jayden’s eyes gleamed, “Then what are we still waiting for?”

To him, finding information to advance into an official Magus was the most important task. Although collecting advanced ingredients was not bad, it did not have the allure of the inheritance of an official Magus,

The three acolytes used various rank 0 spell to probe the interior of the cave, finally finding a hole in the corner.

The pitch black hole even grew a layer of green rust. It seems to be made of some metal.


A green eyeball immediately flew from the hole.

“Pa!” Jayden reached out to grab it and inserted it back into his socket.

“Not many dangers ahead. However, five thousand metres further, my spell seemed to be blocked, as if there has to be a verification of some sorts before going through. ”

On the other side, Leylin and Bosain too used their own methods to inspect the cave before giving the same results.

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