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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 114: The Dylan Gardens

Chapter 115: Falling Out

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“It seems like we have to get rid of her first!”

Leylin’s face was expressionless as he pointed to the cloth doll which was still clutching its face.

Regarding the matter of the other two abandoning him earlier, it seemed like the trio were suffering from selective amnesia.

Leylin understood that if he were to fall out with these two now, it would be a devastating loss.

Concerning this vengeful spirit figurine, they could only work together to even have a chance at defeating or even killing it.

As for that incident earlier, there would be plenty of opportunities later to get back at them!

“Fire! Alice hates fire the most!”

At this moment, the pink flame had already been extinguished on the pink doll’s face.

The originally beautiful face of the cloth doll was now charred black. Even an eyeball was now missing.

However the doll still laughed and said, “The three of you, let’s play together!”

With a wave of its hand, the tables and chairs began to jump around. Even the lamps and closet seemed to grow a pair of small legs as they danced and sang nursery rhymes, gradually surrounding Leylin and the other two.

“Umbra’s Hand!”

“Corrosive Blaze!”

“Acidic Aqua Shot!”


The trio constantly cast their spells on the tables and other furniture surrounding them. However, these creatures were too many, even if they killed a couple there was of not much use.

Moreover, even if they used their magic artifacts to attack the doll, it would at most leave behind some scars and was mostly ineffective.

In the end, the 3 acolytes were back to back, already confined by the figurine in an extremely small area.

“There is no other choice!”

Bosain looked at Jayden and Leylin who had pale expressions on their faces, and a hint of viciousness flashed across his own.

“I have a formidable spell which requires time for preparation. Stall this freak for me!”

Saying which, Bosain withdrew a grey scroll that was drawn with various mystical patterns, immediately sitting cross-legged on the floor and chanted an incantation.

Hope glowed on the faces of Leylin and Jayden. They cast their spells with great difficulty, blocking the advance of the monsters.

“He’s finally forced to use it, huh!” Leylin thought.

Jayden’s frail state was real. However, Leylin was just feigning his frailty. However, the situation earlier was extremely dire. Just a little more and Leylin would have had to use the Fallen Star Pendant for defense.

However, from Bosain’s point of view, Leylin and Jayden were newly advanced level 3 acolyte. Their spiritual force and magic power had long since been depleted.

Even Jayden had used his magic artifact several times.

As for Leylin, a Potioneering acolyte, being able to last till here had somewhat exceeded Bosain’s expectations.

Of course, he did not know that although Leylin had advanced not too long ago, under the aid of potions, Leylin’s spiritual force now was even stronger than his own which he had accumulated over some time and formed a sturdy foundation for an official Magus advancement.

Furthermore, Leylin had even concealed his defense type magic artifact.

“A healing rune which was used earlier, an attack scroll, a contract scroll and a magic artifact which can take on the form of anything to attack and defense!”

Leylin flung his potions and chanted an incantation, constantly panting.

“Although Bosain belongs to a large family, he is after all only an acolyte. With these items, he is already unfathomable!”

Under the concealment of the intense energy waves from spells, Leylin secretly calculated the remaining energy of Bosain.

Dozens of seconds later, Bosain had finally completed his activation of the magic scroll. The grey scroll was now floating in midair, emitting a fire red light.

“This energy wave! It’s a rank 1 spell! No wonder it needs such a long activation time!”

Leylin’s pupils shrank. Immense energy waves came from the scroll, not only did it send the creatures surrounding them in retreat, it faintly caused Leylin and Jayden to be unable to breathe.

Bosain’s family had actually provided him with a rank 1 Magus spell stored in a scroll, as his greatest trump card!

“He is indeed from one of the three big families, who are rich and overbearing!”

This scroll contained a seal rank 1 spell. Not only was the ingredients for it exorbitant, it required the official Magus to cast this spell over a dozen times to imbue it. Moreover, there needs to be a Grand Alchemist who is skilled in imbuing spell formations. Every one of these scrolls was extravagant.

Each scroll was at least 100,000 magic crystals and above!

It had a sky-high cost and also there was the difficulty of imbuing. Apart from acolytes, official Magus would not have much use for it. Various reasons had caused scrolls like this to be rare in their numbers. Only large families like the Lilytell family would be able to have 1 or 2 of it.

After forking out such a price, the scroll’s might was extremely deafening!

Fire red energy waves continuously radiated, and the scroll automatically burned within the light.

The flame, under the bright yellow light, revealed a giant Three-Legged Golden Crow.

The Three-Legged Golden Crow used its beak to ruffle its feathers, continuously issuing crystal clear cawing.

As if like a real bird. Moreover, from the black pupils, signs of intelligence were observed, it seemed to have wisdom.

“Go!” Bosain’s face now was extremely pale as he punctured his lips with his teeth. On the side of the eyes, there was sweat rolling off, yet he let off an extremely zealous expression as he pointed at the cloth doll.

It seems like the spell he cast earlier allowed him to have a huge sense of satisfaction.

“No! Don’t come over! Alice is scared!”

The cloth doll opposite retreated 3 steps. On that figurine’s face, there was an expression of fear, as if a little girl had encountered a bad guy.

However, Leylin and the others were not moved by this scene.

Along with Bosain’s orders, the Three-Legged Golden Crow flapped its wings and the bright yellow wings burned with flames as it flew around Bosain and the other two in a circle.

Several bean-sized flame dropped onto the furniture which had been given life.

*Bang!* Balls of yellow flames were set ablaze, and the various chairs and tables were each reduced to a pile of grey ashes.

“Jiu Jiu!”

The Three-Legged Golden Crow let out an elegant cry and flew across in the air, directly landing in front of the cloth doll.

The bright, red, conical beak took aim and gave the cloth doll a light peck!

“Arghh!” The cloth doll Alice let out a frightened whimper and its body was immediately set on fire with the bright yellow flame.

“Save Alice, Alice is actually very obedient…”

The figurine collapsed on the ground, reaching out a hand towards Leylin and the others, its voice carrying a hint of pleading.

Leylin and Jayden turned around and saw a crazed expression in Bosain’s eyes as he continued to ignite the flame.

The bright yellow flame burned continuously, finally turning the cloth doll in ashes.

“Alright!” Bosain turned over and faced Leylin and Jayden, revealing a smiling face with his intentions unknown.

Leylin’s heart skipped a beat and his hand already reached towards his neck.

“Jiu Jiu!”

At this moment, the Three-Legged Golden Crow cawed and turned into the grey scroll earlier as it fell to the ground.


The grey scroll disintegrated into ashes into the surroundings.

After seeing the energy of the scroll fully utilised, Bosain’s face looked terribly unsightly, but he still forced a smile on his face.

“Alright, the creature is dealt with. Let us find the way out…”

Just when Leylin was about to say something, another loud crash sounded. Behind the cloth doll, the walls shook and revealed a crack, showing a straight tunnel.

On the wooden boards of the wall, there was a line of characters written in the ancient Byron language.

Seekers who are able to come here will have a chance to obtain my inheritance—Norco Curadu Sfar.

“Norco Curadu Sfar is the Magus who left behind this inheritance?” Jayden revealed a longing and curious expression.

As for Bosain on his side, he muttered the name, Norco Curadu Sfar, repeatedly. An ecstatic expression gleamed in his eyes but was quickly restrained.

However, this had been seen by Leylin who had been observing him furtively. He knew that Bosain had definitely thought what the name had represented.

“I seemed to have heard of this name, but it’s very vague now!” At this moment, Leylin also scratched his head, revealing a ‘dazed’ expression.

“No matter who, it’s definitely an official Magus! And his inheritance will definitely let me advance!” Jayden was extremely zealous and immediately rushed into the tunnel.

“Follow him!” Bosain and Leylin followed closely behind Jayden.

After walking through the tunnel, Leylin and the others came to a study-room-like place.

The four walls were filled with bookshelves, yet not a single book was to be seen, which made Leylin blurt out that it was a pity.

As for the large table in the centre, there was a black box placed neatly on it.

Behind the study desk, there was a chair and a strange oil painting.

The oil painting showed a mysterious emblem—countless mystical runes formed a snake. The snake traced its own tail, forming the picture of a circle!

“I seem to have seen this emblem somewhere before!” Leylin was somewhat confused but he threw that thought away.

“It seems like this place was set up by the great Magus Serholm for his inheritance. This Great Magus is still somewhat benevolent. The mechanisms were all below the strength of an official Magus. If not, with just a little increase in difficulty, we would all have perished in here!”

Leylin was somewhat happy to let Jayden and the others come here with him. If not, just with his strength alone he would not have been able to reach this place.

“Wasn’t there a magician called ‘Norco’? Where are his remnants?” Leylin wished to ask this question, but it was very soon flung to the back of his head.

Because the scene right now took on a massive change!

After seeing the black box on the study desk, Bosain’s and Jayden’s panting started to become heavier.


A silver white longsword suddenly appeared in Bosain’s hands and was sent slashing towards Jayden.

The vine armour on Jayden’s body flashed, but a cut still appeared; his arm bleeding profusely.

*Sou Sou Sou!*

The three of them immediately kept a distance from one another.

“As expected, in the end, we are going to fall out huh?” Jayden clutched his arm, letting off a bitter smile.

Looking at Jayden in this state, Leylin suddenly recalled that when they set off together, Jayden did not request for them to sign any contract. It seems like he had long since anticipated an outcome like this.

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