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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 115: Falling Out

Chapter 116: Taking Action

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“Indeed! The inheritance of an official Magus is a sufficient reason for this fellowship to be broken!”

Jayden spoke slowly.

“Not only that!” Now, the metal liquid covered Bosain’s body and turned into a silver white armour.

“If it was just a spell model, Grine Water or something of that sort, I wouldn’t mind at all. But this is Norco Curadu Sfar’s legacy!”

Bosain’s face became flushed.

“We are talking about the great Magus Serholm! The inheritance of a rank 4 Morning Star Magus!”

“The great Magus Serholm?!” Clarity appeared on Jayden’s face. Of course, he had heard of the legend of this great Magus.

However, in the legends, the great Magus Serholm used an alternative title. Apart from Leylin who had an overpowered way to store data and Bosain who had a solid family foundation, there were many who weren’t aware of this fact.

“Since you know the reason, you can die in peace!”

Bosain did not conceal the killing intent on his face as he viciously slashed the silver white sword down upon Jayden.

*Hua!* The longsword split into countless small silver needles that were sent flying towards Jayden.

”Form a shield!” Jayden shouted. More vines appeared from the badge and took the form of a large shield, in front of Jayden.

*Ding Ding Dang Dang!* Countless needles fell like rain onto his shield, creating many small holes.

The huge impact sent Jayden staggering backwards. His face became filled with despair.

“Jayden! I know all of your tricks. Apart from your magic artifact what other trump cards do you have?”

Bosain spoke these words to try and shatter Jayden’s confidence.

Jayden retreated until his back hit a wall, then he turned his head and shouted to Leylin. “Leylin! Let’s act together! If not we will both die!”

“Leylin! Don’t believe him! If you can stay neutral and be on the sidelines, or even help me, I swear that you will obtain the friendship of the Lilytell family!”

After listening to the persuasion of both sides, Leylin appeared panic-stricken; he staggered back two steps and spoke in a quivering voice. “No! I don’t want any inheritance anymore, just let me go…”

After hearing those words, Jayden’s face looked even more aghast and anxious. Even his vine shield had become smaller in size.

Bosain, on the other hand, laughed loudly. “Haha… My Lilytell family will definitely welcome a Potions Master like Leylin…”

“As for you Jayden! You’re finished!”

The longsword in Bosain’s hands split again and each droplet of liquid metal floated in the air, turning into dart-like objects.

“With my blood…”

After seeing the opponent’s attack, hopelessness surfaced on Jayden’s face. He used the same method as before and smeared his blood on the green badge.

In an instant, the green vine shield turned into a red giant one.

“The energy in your badge should deplete soon huh? Even if you use your blood as a substitute how long can you last?!”

Bosain shouted and sent countless needles flying towards Jayden.


The red shield exploded and the innumerable needles pierced Jayden’s body.

With countless holes present all over his body, Jayden was immediately dyed red. Regret and disbelief filled his face as he fell slowly to the ground.

“Hu hu…” Bosain was panting somewhat loudly at this moment. He turned around and faced Leylin.

“Well done! You did not attack me with him earlier!” With a sinister smile, Bosain pointed at Jayden who laid within a pool of blood.

“I, the heir to the Lilytell family, the pride of Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, the silver white swordsman Bosain will grant you your preferred choice of death!”

As he spoke, a commiserating yet toying expression appeared on his face; he was like a lion or tiger who was playing with a rabbit.

“Choice… Way to die…” Leylin squeezed out a smile, “Mister Bosain, I don’t quite understand you!”

“My meaning is extremely clear, you can only die here!” Bosain’s expression was cold, “The inheritance of the great Magus Serholm is too important. I cannot allow the possibility of you leaking any information!”

“Originally, as a genius in Potioneering, you had a bright future. What a pity…” Bosain looked at Leylin regretfully, as if feeling sorry for his plight.

“Perhaps, you would like to end your own life … It might reduce some of the pain…”

Bosain edged closer and closer to Leylin, his voice gentle yet enticing.

There seemed to be a magical force in his voice, luring Leylin to do things the way he said.

Leylin’s eyes went blank, his lips unconsciously formed the following, “I want to…”

“It’s going to be a success!” exclaimed Bosain, gleefully.

At that moment, Leylin raised his head and grinned, revealing a pair of bright and shiny teeth, he said, “I want you dead!”


A silver streak flew from Leylin’s hand onto Bosain’s face.

Shock filled Bosain’s face, but a layer of liquid metal automatically formed a mask, protecting his face.

*Ka-Cha!* The silver light skid against the mask, emitting sparks.

“A pity that it’s a magic artifact with instantaneous defensive capabilities!”

Leylin looked at Bosain who was retreating, his face showed a hint of regret and disappointment.

“You… You were pretending earlier!” Bosain touched his face which had already swollen, and his expression began to contort.

“Such a boring illusory spell! I was not afraid of it when I was a level 2 acolyte!”

Leylin smiled brightly, “This look suits you very well! Like a pig head!”

“You’re seeking death!”

Bosain’s face was flushed from anger; the liquid metal crept and covered his whole body, forming a silver armour.

His eyes were a little bloodshot as he brandished his longsword and charged towards Leylin.

“I want to pluck each and every tendon from your body, you useless trash who only knows Potioneering!”

“Oh really?”

Leylin frowned. A black longbow appeared in his hands and a frost arrow was shot.

*Sssii!* Bosain did not dodge nor hide, letting the arrow land on his body.

The frost arrow was blocked by the silver armour and turned into a white mist that covered the surface of Bosain’s armour.

Suffering from its effect, Bosain’s speed had lowered somewhat.

“I have been watching you all along — all the potions in your bag should have been fully used up, am I right?” Bosain smiled maliciously, directly rushing at Leylin.

“An accurate guess!”

Leylin’s smile did not waver, which suddenly made Bosain feel a bad premonition.

“It is unfortunate, but my trump card is not related to potions!”

“Fallen Star Pendant! Activate!”

Along with Leylin’s command, a layer of silver-grey light radiated from his body.

This layer seemed like starlight, dim but sturdy and unwavering. It covered Leylin’s body forming a silver-grey armour all over him. On the surface of this armour, a few gems were flickering.


Bosain struck with his longsword, but he was blocked directly and grabbed by Leylin’s right hand, which was covered by the armour. Following which, Leylin viciously punched Bosain’s face!


The mask on Bosain’s face dented inwards and he immediately spat out several teeth as he flew backwards with a look of disbelief on his face.

“As expected using fists to hit someone feels the best!”

Leylin narrows his eyes and spoke with some satisfaction.

*Hua La La!* Bosain crashed into a few empty bookshelves and they toppled over him. Numerous decomposing wooden boards buried Bosain within the rubble.

*Bang!* The wooden boards were blasted away. Once again Bosain stood before Leylin with his bright silver armour.

“I have underestimated you! A defensive type magic artifact! You are actually the one amongst us with the most secrets!”

Bosain’s face now was extremely solemn. However, with two swollen lumps on both sides of his face, Leylin felt like laughing when he saw him.

“Too much nonsensical stuff has been said!”

Leylin’s muscles bulged and he clashed with Bosain.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

Booming noises sounded from the study room, sending dust flying everywhere. Through the barely visible dust screen, two humanoid creatures wearing armour could be seen charging at each other.

These two creatures seemed not to be afraid of injuries. They only used the most brutal and barbaric fighting style — completely forsaking their defence, each one simply attacked his opponent.

Bookshelves collapsed continuously and chaos ensued.

If not for the two creatures deliberately avoiding the middle study-table containing the remnants, it, too, would have shared the fate of those bookshelves.

With the seconds turning into minutes, it could be seen that the human figure — the one with the bright silver armour — seemed to be at a disadvantage. The white light on it, too, had somewhat dimmed.

Finally, with a punch from the person armoured a silver-grey, the bright silver armour broke, turning back into its liquid metal form, and then it was restored to its original ball-shaped form.

Leylin once again stomped on Bosain who was on the floor.

*Crack!*, the sound of breaking bones could be heard from Bosain’s chest.

After which, a shoe coated in silver-grey light nonchalantly stepped on his chest.

One corner of Bosain’s lips was overflowing with blood, “I regret this! If only my scroll was still here, if only I didn’t use ‘silver light’ so many times earlier!”


Leylin’s eyes were devoid of emotion. He showed no quarter towards Bosain and withdrew a dagger from his robes and severed all 4 of Bosain’s limbs.


Bosain’s facial muscles contorted, and cries of anguish reverberated in the whole study room.

Leylin kicked the severed limbs away and took out a hemostasis potion, after which he took out a hemostasis potion and poured it on Bosain’s wound — he wasn’t going to let Bosain bleed to death.

“You…Just kill me!” Bosain’s face was extremely pale as he forced the words out from his mouth.

“How could I have the audacity to kill a member of the mighty Lilytell family?”

Leylin smiled slightly, yet to Bosain, it seemed to be a very sinister and sadistic smile.

“As the heir of a Magus family, you would definitely have some tracking spell cast on you by an official Magus. It is very likely that once I killed you, that official Magus would be able to sense it!”

Leylin spoke slowly. At the same time, Bosain’s expression turned completely ashen.

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