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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 116: Taking Action

Chapter 117: True Or False

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Upon seeing the sight of Bosain collapsed on the ground, Leylin did not feel any pleasure.

“You were a worthy opponent — your strength, your equipment, and even your cunning are highly admirable and hard to overcome! Concealing my strength, draining the energy of your magic artifact and making you use all of your trump cards — if I had not done all these, today’s victor could certainly have been reversed…”

These were sincere words from Leylin.

If he hadn’t disguised himself as a pig but one that could eat a tiger and saw that Bosain had drained the energy of his magic artifact “Silver Light” and also the opportunities that made Bosain reveal his trump cards, the outcome of the battle between Leylin and Bosain would have been rewritten.

But ultimately, Bosain was killed at the hands of Leylin. Even his death could not be decided by himself.

This time’s affair caused Leylin to understand this fact.

In the Magus World, there were innumerable geniuses and even more trump cards. In the future, unless necessary, it was better if he kept a low profile.

Moreover, every one more trump card one has is equivalent to a little more odds of survival.

“You will certainly be found by my father; you will die an unbearable and miserable death…” As Bosain was speaking, his eyes suddenly bulged.

*Pu!* A bright silvery flash occurred as Leylin’s arms moved, and Bosain’s tongue was cut off!

“As far as acolytes are concerned, so long as they can chant incantations, they are dangerous…”

Leylin, unenthusiastically looking at Bosain who was on the verge of fainting, said, “As I was saying, even though your spiritual force and magic power has all been consumed, I must not let down my guard!”


Leylin chanted an incantation and immediately summoned a shadow chain and bound Bosain who had lost his four limbs.

Bosain looked at Leylin who could still cast spells, and his eyes dimmed.

The fact that Leylin could still cast spells meant that his spiritual force and magic power was above that of Bosain, yet Bosain already had the spiritual force criteria to advance into an official Magus!

“Just one safety lock isn’t enough!”

Leylin frowned and placed the tip of his long, pure white finger on Bosain’s forehead and pressed.


A mysterious writhing rune was formed at Leylin’s fingertip. It coursed through Bosain’s body and entered the forehead area.

Bosain’s eyes flashed white and his body spasmed, before fainting.

“Alright now!”

Leylin stood up and patted his hands, his eyes showing an unspeakable amount of desire.

“Right now, there only thing left is the inheritance of the great Magus Serholm!”

The light from the Fallen Star Pendant had always covered Leylin’s body. With a face full of wariness, he crossed over many fallen shelves and came to the centre where the study desk was.

On the study desk, there was a black box. On it was a few thin patterns, as if formed by little snakes.

“Adjust the Fallen Star Pendant’s form and change focus area: right hand!”

Along with Leylin’s command, the grey light on his body flickered and the other areas apart from the right hand dimmed. It all gathered on the fight hand, forming a thick armour.

Leylin gritted his teeth and reached out his right hand to open the black box.

*Pa!* The lid of the black box was opened. However it exceeded Leylin’s expectations and nothing happened.

In the box was a thick, black book. As for the other empty areas in the box, it was filled with a type of red silk, looking extravagant.

Leylin picked up the book. *Ka-Cha!* A mechanical sound reverberated throughout the room.

“Damn it!”

Leylin looked at the bottom of the interior of the box after taking the book and was somewhat stupefied.

At the bottom, where after the black book was removed, a Byron language sentence was written in cursive font. “Inheritor! When you take away this ‘Book of Giant Serpent’, the whole secret plane will self-destruct within 3 hourglasses worth of time.”

This row of words was written in blood and seemed extremely striking.

“What exactly was this great Magus Serholm trying to do?”

Leylin’s thoughts rapidly spun. The 3 hourglasses worth of time was enough for him to find an exit and even farm some of the flowers in the garden before leaving.

“No! Not right. Too easy! There’s something wrong!”

Leylin hurriedly flipped open the Book of Giant Serpent.

“A.I. Chip! Record information!”

The whole book was extremely thick and was written in tiny characters. It was even written in code. If it was any other person, he would most likely not be able to even finish reading the preface of the book before the time of 3 hourglasses was up.

However, Leylin was different. He flipped through the Book of Giant Serpent in a frenzy. In his eyes a blue light surfaced, and the A.I. Chip continuously recorded the information.

In less than the time of half an hourglass, Leylin already flipped through the Book of Giant Serpent once.

“A.I. Chip! How is it going?”

[Information sort is in progress… Deleting useless information obtained the real content from the Book of Giant Serpent!] [667 pages of travel notes, 78 experiment notes, 12 rank 1 spell models, 3 rank 2 spell models!]

The A.I. Chip quickly sent the information to Leylin’s brain.

“It isn’t there! There is no information about a high-grade meditation technique!” Leylin realised this crucial point.

“According to the vengeful spirit, Roman, the great Magus Serholm had indeed left a copy of high-grade meditation technique! This reward is considered extremely bountiful to normal acolytes and even rank 1 Magi. However without the high-grade meditation technique, it’s a failure!”

[Alert! Alert! The host is in a place with unstable energy and it is estimated to collapse in 15minutes 45seconds, counting down…]

The A.I. Chip showed a string of warnings, constantly flashing in front of Leylin.

“A.I. Chip, scan the study room!”

A resolve expression appeared on Leylin’s face, as he began to use various detection techniques to search for concealed compartments in the room.

After 5 minutes, Leylin’s face turned even more unsightly.

“I estimate that I need 5 minutes to leave this place. Which is to say, the time left for me to search is only 6 more minutes! I have to leave before that!”

Although Leylin wanted the high-grade meditation technique badly, he valued his life more than the technique.

“The study desk is okay! No problem with the chair! Oil painting, oil painting!”

Leylin stared fixedly at a most suspicious-looking oil painting.

Apart from an emblem with the similar sign of the Ouroboros1, there was nothing else on that canvas.


At this moment, Leylin discovered a tiny object within his robes radiating heat.

He reached in and withdrew a cheap yellow bronze ring.

This ring seemed to be extremely average — there was even some scratches and rust on it. Inscribed on the surface of the ring was the letter ‘K’, which seemed to represent the emblem of some organisation.

“This is… the ring that was obtained from Roman’s remains!” Leylin thought about the origins of this ring.

Back when he was in Extreme Night City, after searching the lab of the great Magus Serholm, he found the corpse of the vengeful spirit, Roman. This ring was found on his corpse.

It seems that the vengeful spirit Roman did not just obtain this information. Moreover, he somehow managed to hide some information from Leylin.

Leylin stroked the yellow bronze ring on his finger.

The closer he walked to the oil painting, the more heat the ring emitted. Moreover, there was even light emitting from the letter ‘K’.

*Ka-Cha!* *Ka-Cha!*

On the bottom area of the oil painting, part of it fell, revealing an empty hole which had the ‘K’ symbol, the same as the ring.

Leylin fitted the ring in the gap! *Bang!* Both sides seamed tightly, and a strange energy wave radiated from it.


The black snake in runes on the oil painting seemed to come alive and a scarlet gleam was there its eyes. It continuously chased after its tail, spinning within the painting.

The spinning speed of the black snake kept increasing, finally turning into a black hole.

In the hole, there was the space of a small cabinet. In it was a cage that was made of crimson lightning.

Leylin gritted his teeth and looked at the decreasing amount of time, immediately reaching his hands to it.


An ancient voice suddenly sounded in Leylin’s brain.

“The test has begun. Begin to portray this spell formation within 30 seconds!” A yellow, illusory figure, formed by the spell, appeared in front of Leylin.

“There is even a spell?!” Leylin was now convinced that this great Magus Serholm was a sadist.

Under the circumstances of the secret plane collapsing, he even intended for the inheritor to complete a test!

Moreover, even if it was a basic spell model, it would at least require several hours of time. 30 seconds? He’s plainly toying with others!

“A.I. Chip! Immediately decrypt with full operational capabilities!”

With Leylin’s order, a bright blue light flashed in his eyes. This was the greatest calculation abilities that the A.I. Chip projected.

[Mission establishing, beginning analysis…] The A.I. Chip loyally carried out its duty, very soon projecting the completed spell formation in Leylin’s brain.

“Construction completed; next test. Within 30 seconds construct this spell formation!” This time, it was a blue formation.

Leylin rolled his eyes and continued to use the A.I. Chip to analyse.

Afterwards, it was the third spell formation, black coloured. This time, the required analysis surpassed Leylin’s expectations. Right before the 30 seconds timer was up he then managed to complete the formation.

“Will it end now?”

Leylin thought after finishing the third formation.

However, at this moment, the yellow, blue and black formation in his brain began to converge suddenly.

*Ka-Cha!* After the 3 spell formations instantly merged, it turned into a scarlet coloured spell formation. On the surface, it was filled with many mysterious runes.

*Sssii!* The scarlet lightning behind the oil painting seemed to have been attracted to him and entered Leylin’s body immediately.

“My inheritor! You must have the courage and wise, be astute and filled with knowledge. Only then, can you break through the shackles of Bloodline…”

That ancient voice sounded once again in Leylin’s mind.

At this moment, the A.I. Chip indicated, [A spiritual force data has been received, to accept or deny transmission?]


Following which, Leylin felt that his brain was stuffed with a load full of information, similar to when he received his meditation technique when he first entered the academy.

A massive stream of information continuously entered his brain and was sorted by the A.I. Chip.

1. Ouroboros is an ancient sign which shows the head of a serpent or a dragon eating its tail, forming a circle.

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