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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 117: True Or False

Chapter 118: Destroying The Remnants

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“The book is a copy of high-grade meditation technique. It is only for warlocks who carries the bloodline of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent…”

The beginning of the information already sent Leylin in ecstasy.

“The high-grade meditation technique that I have always dreamt of is finally in my hands now!”

Leylin only felt a surge of blood rush to his brain and almost could not resist screaming in excitement.

[Warning! Warning! Time left for the place to collapsing: 5 Minutes 01 Seconds! It has already reached the limit that the Host has set!] The A.I. Chip reminded Leylin once again.

“Damn!” Leylin started running immediately.

When he started to run out of the study, he glanced quickly at the collapsed corpse of Bosain.

“To have you buried inside the secret plane is the best method to conceal the murderer. And, since I did not directly kill him, the probability of any Detection Magic is very less”.

After walking away from the study room, he found himself inside the Dylan Gardens where there was every kind of flower blooming.

Leylin did not think any further and reached out to grab the few most precious flowers and placed it in his robes. He did not stop his footsteps and directly dashed out from the Dylan Gardens.

After running through the metal passage, Leylin once again returned to the cave where the corpse of the Black Horrall Snake lay.

“Something’s not right, there is something missing!” Leylin ran to where the black snake was. His right hand glowed with the defense of the Fallen Star Pendant and as he traced the opening of the wound he ripped open the stomach and pulled out a scarlet heart out from it.

As the handling of such ingredients was troublesome, Bosain and the rest had decided to retrieve it only when they were prepared to leave.

“There is no more time!” Leylin looked at the timer which was counting down to zero soon and immediately chanted an ancient incantation.

“Starier Guderian!”

“This was the password recorded in the Book of Giant Serpent for leaving the secret plane. A pity that with the destruction of the secret plane, this time, there was no other chances to use it in the future.

After the chant, Leylin was enshrouded in a red lightning and immediately disappeared from the cave.

On the top of a cliff.

A few red flashes of lightning formed, taking the form of a spell formation.

A brown haired acolyte’s illusory image slowly turned into real substance among the lightning and landed on the cliff.

“I am finally out!”

Leylin looked at the void which was constantly emitting energy waves, his expression complicated.

This was the influence of a secret plane self-destructing in the main world. It was extremely weak and extremely difficult to discover.

However, Leylin was clear that the Dylan Gardens, and everything inside it was now wiped off from the face of this world.

“A pity! So many resources and precious herbs…”

Leylin looked down at the energy wave of the void which was slowly vanishing, and he felt a great pity about it.

After all, that was the secret plane of a rank 4 Magus!

Just the various flowers and herbs in the Dylan Gardens could fetch the price of several millions of magic crystals. Moreover, there had been copious quantities of herbs in there.

With it, Leylin would not have to worry about his finances after turning into an official Magus.

“Fortunately, it’s not like I don’t have any gains!” Leylin looked at the few stalks of herbs tightly gripped in his hands, his expression relaxing a little.

On his hands, there were several rare herbs, only that their appearance was not very beautiful at this moment.

As Leylin prioritised in escaping earlier, he merely grabbed a fistful of the most precious plants, so naturally there was some damage done to those herbs.

“There is one more — Book of Giant Serpent!”

Leylin touched the sturdy black book in front of him.

Although it was just something the great Magus Serholm placed outside to conceal the high-grade meditation technique inside the oil painting, its price was still extremely precious.

On the Book of Giant Serpent, there were the travel notes of the great Magus Serholm with the drawings of a few precious items, which could enhance Leylin’s knowledge.

Moreover, many experiments were also explicitly stated in detail, which allowed Leylin to benefit from it.

However, the most precious in the Book of Giant Serpent was the 12 rank 1 spell models and 3 rank 2 spell models! All these were items that the various guilds and magisterium in the south coast tried to get their hands on. They were something that magic crystals could not buy.

Finally, the motive of Leylin’s expedition, this time, the high-grade meditation technique, was finally obtained.

This meant that Leylin’s path in the future might not be smoothly paved, but at least he had a direction to work towards to. He had more chances than other acolytes!

Any one item on this book, once leaked, will only result in one outcome for Leylin. That is to be listed as wanted by all the organisations in the south coast!

All official Magi, various academy chairmen, even the strongest Magus that Leylin had seen, the head of the Lighthouse of the Night, will do their utmost to catch him who was a mere acolyte.

Just thinking of that outcome, Leylin already felt a headache.

At the same time, he resolved to conceal everything he had gotten in this expedition.

“Since I have already decided!” Leylin’s eyes flashed viciously and looked at the few struggling prisoners behind him.

They were captured by Bosain, used as guinea pigs to test the mechanisms of the secret plane. Furthermore, Leylin even bound all of them later.

He did not know how long he stayed inside the secret plane. Only that from what Leylin saw, these few people were already on the verge of death. If he were to come out a little longer, it would just be a few more corpses that he would see.

“I originally wanted to use them to kill Bosain after defeating him, but from what I see now, the self-destruction of the secret plane is a better way to kill him!”

acolytes who hailed from great families or were geniuses of an academy often had various detection spells placed on them. Once they were to die, the spells would be activated and imbued itself on the closest intelligent creature beside them and turned into a tracking spell. Hence, Leylin seldom attacked other acolytes. If there was a choice, he preferred to use scapegoats to finish his job.

Leylin muttered and walked towards the few prisoners.

Very soon, his face hardened, and he immediately grabbed a few prisoners and tossed them over the cliff.

*Pa Pa!*

Not long after, there was the slight yet heavy noise which travelled to Leylin’s ears.

“Not only that, the stone blades at the bottom must be destroyed, the corpses must also be gotten rid of with some bone dissolving powder.”

Leylin muttered and applied the floating spell on himself, floating down from the cliff like a feather.

When the moon was high in the sky, the blue constellations shone brightly. Only then did Leylin returned to the cliff, his robes filled with traces of grey powder.

The starlight which shone down was constantly absorbed by the Fallen Star Pendant on Leylin’s chest, forming a small ball of light in front of him.

[Fallen Star Pendant recharging. Estimated time: 5 hours 21 Minutes!] The A.I. Chip’s voice intoned.

Although the might of magic artifact were extremely strong and did not need any chanting to activate it, they required to be recharged. After the energy was fully consumed, the magic artifact was basically a useless item!

Previously in the secret plane, Leylin concealed his Fallen Star Pendant and let Bosain use their magic artifact many times to drain the energy in his magic artifact. Finally after engaging in a battle with him, he drained all of Bosain’s magic artifact energy!

Whenever he thought of the magic artifact on Bosain’s body which could take on the form of anything, the silvery and metallic “Silver Light” which could attack or defend, Leylin envied Bosain for it.

However, he did not retrieve it from Bosain’s body. Instead, he let that magic artifact remain inside the secret plane.

Things that belonged to large families, if one were to say that there weren’t additional protective measures on them, Leylin would be the first to doubt that statement!

Moreover, he had killed Bosain. This was the genius acolyte in Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, and one of the successors of the three big families, the Lilytell family.

Once this incident was discovered, he would naturally face the wrath and revenge of the Lilytell family.

However, Bosain, fortunately, was killed due to the secret plane’s self-destruction. The place where he died was also not in the main world but in a secret plane, which would mean many troubles for the Magi, who excelled in Divination or Prophecy.

“Only that it is still not enough! The methods of Divination Magi are not that simple!”

Leylin’s face was extremely solemn. He sat cross-legged on the cliff and picked up several water chestnut grass, forming the shape of a little human figure.

*Pu!* When the human figure made of grass was tanned, Leylin took out a dagger and cut his arm.

A huge amount of blood downed down, covering the grass doll in red.

Leylin used the dagger to dab on his blood, drawing a strange rune on his forehead.

Very soon, an ancient yet mysterious incantation was chanted by Leylin.

The chant was a tongue-twister and had a metallic ring to it. With the sudden rise and fall in his pitch, the surrounding atmosphere also changed mysteriously.

After the chant, many dense black gaseous bodies were emitted from Leylin.

The gases grew more and more, finally turning into a translucent black shadow, its face similar to Leylin’s countenance.


Leylin pointed at the grass doll and the black shadow immediately jumped into it.

The black shadow shrunk a dozen times, entering the grass doll entirely.

As for the grass doll, its face also changed, turning similar to what Leylin looked like.

“Alright now!” Leylin exhaled loudly, before pursing his lips to whistle.

“Gua Gua!” A black raven flew from the nearby forest, landing on Leylin’s shoulders.

“Bring it away! The further the better!” Leylin placed the grass doll on the talons of the black raven, before feeding the raven a magic crystal.


The body of the raven doubled in size, and the wings grew to the span of two to three times. As it flapped its wings it brought a tiny whirlwind with it.

Seeing the raven flying further, Leylin heaved a sigh of relief.

This was a little trick he saw from an incomplete diary in the library, it was said to have an effect to mislead those Divination Magi spells.

Under the simulation of the A.I. Chip, he believed that there would be an effect to a certain extent.

Naturally Leylin used it, hoping for it to stall a little more time for him.

After killing Bosain, Leylin never hoped that he could cover it up completely.

The methods of Magi were extremely strange. Also, as the Lilytell family was one of the three big families in Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, Leylin had no confidence of hiding from them at all.

Even with the most foolish method of tracing leads in the world, they would definitely pinpoint all the clues to him.

However, for the inheritance of the great Magus Serholm, Leylin had no regrets whatsoever in killing Bosain. Even if it were to repeat the scene, Leylin would still choose to do it again.

What he desired now, was only time!

The external conditions had already been met. To be able to retaliate the chase of the Lilytell family, he had to advance into an official Magus!

This was the purpose of Leylin trying to stall for time.

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