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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 118: Destroying The Remnants

Chapter 119: Warlock

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“However, there is also good news!”

When Leylin thought about his future developments, he slowly relaxed his muscles.

“Bosain and the other two joined in halfway while travelling. According to Jayden, Bosain even hid it from his family and the academy. Which is to say, the Lilytell family would only know that Bosain was dead, yet they did not have any idea where he had gone to or who were the people he had met. This is the best possible scenario!”

As for Jayden’s disappearance?

Leylin did not bother with it at all. First of all, Jayden was not killed by him. Even by using Lie Detecting spells and the sorts, he was not afraid at all. Secondly, Jayden only had a Professor Dorotte behind him. His background was much smaller than that of the three big families. Just based on Leylin’s mentor, Professor Kroft, he could handle this problem.

Leylin gave the cliff one final look, before walking away and never turning back.

At the same time, inside an ancient, stately and eerie fortress.

From one of the rooms, a large roar was heard, “Bosain is dead! The parasite larva on him was not activated too!”

Extreme wrath was detected in this voice, and waves of his voice reverberated throughout the ancient castle.

In the air, there were even many energy waves seen with the physical eye. A rush of horrifying energy wave continuously radiated from the room.

Many menservants and maids on the corridors immediately knelt on the ground, their bodies quivering in fear.

“Call Kleiter here, if he is unable to find out the truth, I will punish and send him to confinement within the Blazing Mines for a hundred years!”


The atmosphere turned gloomy, and the cold wind howled. Not long later, fine raindrops splattered on the ground, giving a damp and icy feeling.

However, Leylin was in a pretty good mood.

At this moment, he was inside a cave feeding a bonfire for warmth. He closed his eyes and thought of the high-grade meditation technique contents.

He viewed this high-grade meditation technique with utmost importance. His path in the future would be significantly determined here.

Moreover, the high-grade meditation technique also had requirements for the acolytes. There must be a certain standard before they could cultivate in it.

Leylin did not want to risk his life only to obtain something which he could not use.

After hastily going through the contents, doubt filled his heart. “Warlock? It’s the same as Branded Swordsman, a branch of the ancient Magi huh?”

Leylin leaned on the warm granite wall, his mind continuously sorting out the information he gotten from the high-grade meditation technique today.

“Kemoyin’s Pupil.” This was the name of the high-grade meditation technique that Leylin inherited from the great Magus Serholm.

Before the information of the meditation technique, there were several other notes which introduced the existences of acolytes in the ancient past who had advanced to be Warlocks!

These so-called Warlocks were a unique kind of Magi. Through devouring, copulation or some other methods, they would obtain the bloodline of powerful magic creatures or even the bloodline of creatures from another world. Moreover, they would continuously tap into the power within.

As with Branded Swordsmen, Warlocks were also a sub-type of ancient Magi.

According to the introduction of the great Magus Serholm, he was originally a rank 4 Warlock! Moreover, he had unified the whole of the south coast, leaving behind many undying legends.

Furthermore, according to the legends, Warlocks have a greater innate talent in spellcasting and they completely surpassed a regular Magus of the same rank.

However, if Warlocks were that strong, they would have long since controlled the south coast and not have that many magician guilds around.

First of all, Warlocks are on the path of bloodlines. Along with the passing of time and the reproduction of seeds, the descendants of these Warlocks will often see a thinning of bloodline, losing the replenishing effect from the bloodline origins. Just this point alone caused the Warlocks to become few in numbers.

Furthermore, a large number of Warlocks had an extremely troublesome malady—Emotions! The Magus World was represented by reasoning. However, due to the effects of the bloodline, Warlocks often suffer from extreme emotional states and was likely to go to the extremity of any emotion.

Obviously, such a disposition was difficult for Warlocks to survive a long time in this Magus World with the law of the jungle.

However, the great Magus Serholm came up with a method to curb such an ailment—Serenity Potion!

When a Warlock takes the Serenity Potion, they would calm their inner nerves and retain the reasoning trait of a Magus.

Furthermore, their strong willpower would also allow them to curb the emotional effects of the bloodline.

In the preface of the high-grade meditation technique, there were several types of methods to obtain bloodline, enough for Leylin to choose from.

Seeing this, Leylin had already decided to choose the path of bloodlines and become a Warlock.

Very soon, Leylin frowned again.

“3 levels! Why does the whole of the high-grade meditation technique only have three levels? There are obvious missing parts at the back!”

According to what Leylin gathered, high-grade meditation technique has the effect of raising the levels of Magi.

Which is to say, once a Magus had completed the meditation technique of that rank, their level will rise automatically. There is no need of complementing with a large amount of resources to breakthrough, nor the use of constructing spell models.

This was because high-grade meditation techniques would naturally form a compatible innate spell and inscribe them constantly with the meditation in the Magus sea of consciousness.

However, the Giant Kemoyin Serpent only had three levels. Which is to say, even if Leylin had finished the cultivation for it, he would advance to the maximum of a rank 3 Warlock, a little more powerful than a rank 3 Magus.

It was pretty good as in the south coast, rank 3 Magus were extremely powerful existences, like the head of the Lighthouse of the Night who had that cultivation!

However, Leylin was somewhat displeased; he wished to cultivate to the realm of a rank 9 Magus!

After which, Leylin somewhat scorned himself.

“Even the great Lord Magus Serholm was only a rank 4 Warlock. The distance to rank 9 is even further than here to the Milky Way! I should not ask for too much. After all, this can guarantee my path until a rank 3 Warlock. If it were left to me to break through on my own, I wouldn’t even have the confidence to become an official Magus…”

“Moreover, the great Magus Serholm was a rank 4 Warlock. Which is to say, the Kemoyin’s Pupil has a latter portion, only that it requires for me to search more about it…”

Leylin resumed his normal mentality and looked at the latter portion of the information. As expected, there were a few vague clues which pointed to the Central Continent.

Leylin had never even heard of the Central Continent before. However, in the Book of Giant Serpent, there were descriptions of it. It seemed to be a haven for official Magus. Not only was the area expanse, but there were also an abundant amount of resources.

Only that to enter the Central Continent from the south coast, it required a lot of trekking over dangerous domains. If one was not an official Magus, he would definitely die!

Leylin memorised the information and decided that he had to visit there in the future to search for leads on the Kemoyin’s Pupil in the future.

At the end of the meditation technique, there was a profound sentence:

“All those who walk on the path of bloodlines will eventually be shackled by the very bloodline itself…”

Somehow, not knowing why, Leylin felt that he heard a distant sigh, but it might have been a hallucination.

However, these words still cast an ominous cloud over his head.

Leylin remained silent, blue light flashing in his eyes, before resuming his original state very soon.

“It seems that the there is some flaw to becoming a Warlock! However, this is a problem I’d have to face after a rank 3 Warlock! I am just a lowly acolyte right now with not even much confidence to advance to an official Magus…”

“Even at the very end, if the path of a Warlock does not let me advance further, I can seek for other methods! At that time, I have at least the strength of an official Magus!”

“As for now, with the strength of an acolyte, there is no chance that I can obtain another piece of high-grade meditation technique…”

Various thoughts flashed in his brain and Leylin’s eyes gradually gleamed in resolve.

“To cultivate in the Kemoyin’s Pupil, one must first have the bloodline of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent or a subspecies of it!”

Leylin began to ponder over the problems of his path.

“Giant Kemoyin Serpent! It’s a type of ancient creature. There are records of it in the A.I. Chip. As for its subspecies, I have seen two of it before, The Huge Mankestre Snake and the Black Horrall Snake!”

From the Kemoyin’s Pupil that the great Magus Serholm had cultivated in, it seemed that he was a Warlock who had the bloodline of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent!

As he nurtured various snake species, he preferred to use defense or ambush mechanisms with snakes, so it was completely understandable.

Leylin pondered and withdrew many times from his sack.

A dozen blood coloured rocks and a frozen heart!

These blood rocks were the essence of all the blood from the Black Horrall Snake collected by Leylin. As for its heart, when Leylin was escaping from the Dylan Gardens, he had already harvested the precious ingredient from the corpse of the Black Horrall Snake.

“According to the records of the high-grade meditation technique, I can use this essence and obtain the Black Horrall Snake’s bloodline…”

An adult Black Horrall Snake was a creature that could rival the existence of a rank 3 Magus, so it fulfilled Leylin’s needs completely.

Perhaps, the great Magus Serholm kept the Black Horrall Snake in the cave to allow his inheritor to use its bloodline.

However, naturally Leylin’s ambition was not only there.

“Although the Black Horrall Snake is not bad, it only has a trace of the bloodline of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent. Perhaps, I can purify the Black Horrall Snake bloodline and obtain the true ancient bloodline!”

Leylin’s eyes spewed fire from it.

Since Warlocks had to tap constantly into the power of the bloodlines, then it was better to transplant a stronger bloodline right from the start.

Leylin only gave it a slight thought, and his inner desires began to boil.

“A.I. Chip! Establish mission, calculate the chance of obtaining an ancient bloodline from the Black Horrall Snake’s bloodline!”

[Beep! Mission establishing, beginning analysis.]

The A.I. Chip’s voice intoned, loyally carrying out its duties.

[Scanning blood essence obtained! Composition - Pure Essence: 78.8%, Nutrients: 11.3%, Highly active bacteria: 2.14%, useless impurities…]

A stream of information of the blood essence turned into a chart and appeared in front of Leylin.

Leylin who had the A.I. Chip had the natural advantage in this field!

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