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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 120: Purification

Chapter 120: Purification

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The auxiliary A.I. Chip from his past life had immense memory space and calculating abilities. Furthermore, for it to better aid the researchers, there was even a microscope that could see accurately up to the atomic level.

During his transmigration, it even connected with Leylin’s soul, increasing many unfathomable changes.

Now it seems that in the aspect of purifying blood, Leylin had an enormous advantage with it.

After all, the purification of the bloodline was an extremely precise yet tedious process, and this method was the kind that posed the least problem to the A.I. Chip.

“No wonder the great Magus Serholm had laid the test of horrifying calculation and analysis ability as his final test to obtain the high-grade meditation technique. To Warlocks with a strong ability for calculations, they can research on the bloodlines and unearth the power within!”

Leylin was somewhat enlightened and thought of the few breeding labs that the great Magus Serholm had had.

“No matter if it was the lab in Extreme Night City or Dylan Gardens, the great Magus Serholm had always carried out experiments on blending and modulation. Only that it’s unclear if he succeeded in the end…”


A few days later, under the ominous dark clouds looming over the sky, Leylin once again returned to the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy.

“Really… “Leylin looked at the graveyard and academy constructions that were almost repaired fully as he smiled wryly.

Bosain, whom he had killed, was a member of the Lilytell family, thus boasting a strong influence within the academy.

Although right now it was almost impossible for them to know that it was Leylin who killed Bosain, there was a certain chance of risk.

If possible, Leylin would never want to return to the academy. However, he grasped time to come back was because he had important things to do.

“There is no choice, who asked the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy to have the best resources and experiment labs. I have to hurry and purify the ancient bloodline and gather the ingredients for the Serenity Potion, so I have to come back this time…”

Leylin was confident of his deception. Adding on to the fact that Bosain died inside the secret plane, due to the separation effect caused by the spell formation, concrete information on his death would have been very difficult for the people in the main world to receipt.

Using the most boorish method of tracing in the physical world required a lot of time.

Also, Bosain and the others sneaked out, so even their families did not know where they were headed to.

Moreover, Leylin had been rushing back along the way. It was to gather all his resources, complete the experiment and leave before the Lilytell family could react.

“Although there are some risks, according to my calculations and the simulation from the A.I. Chip, I can escape before the Lilytell family reacts!”

After inspecting Leylin’s pass at the entrance, the Granite Ape that Leylin saw before very soon allowed him to enter the academy that was underground.

After which, Leylin did not even return to his dorm and immediately went to the counter at the resource point, exchanging a large number of his magic crystals for resources.

To brew the Serenity Potion and complete the experiment on bloodlines, the items required were a monstrous amount.

Furthermore, many ingredients and items were extremely precious, so Abyssal Bone Forest Academy only would have them.

What made Leylin’s heartbeat quicken was that under the current policies of the academy, he could purchase resources that were many times cheaper than the market price.

He had already offended a large Magus family and had no place to hide. He could only continuously raise his strength to solve this problem.

“According to the A.I. Chip, the requirement for a level 3 acolyte to advance and become a rank 1 Magus, is 15 spiritual force!”

Leylin thought as he commanded, “Inspect my current status!”

[Mission establishing! Host data gathering in progress!] The A.I. Chip’s loyal voice intoned.

[Beep! Leylin Farlier. Level 3 acolyte, Knight. Strength: 3.1, Agility: 3.3, Vitality: 3.4, Spiritual force: 16.1, Magic power: 16 (magic power is in synchronisation with spiritual force). Status: Healthy]

Ever since Leylin had used the Blood Vengeance Potion to raise his spiritual force to the limits, no matter how much he meditated, he could not increase it one bit.

It seems like the elementary meditation technique that he received from the academy back then was now obsolete.

In fact, many Magus were in such a situation. Without the high-grade meditation technique, every improvement or advancement required a huge amount of precious resources. Moreover due to the tolerance of the physical body, the demand on its strength was even higher the next time round. Hence, this formed a vicious cycle.

Adding on to the fact that they did not choose their innate spell model correctly, and the spell model needed for the next advancement was also difficult to find, it was such a huge factor that it halted the footsteps of many official Magi.

Hence, in the whole south coast, newly advanced rank 1 Magus were the most common. As for rank 2 Magus like Siley, they were of the upper hierarchy, as with other chairmen of large organisations and academies. As for a rank 3 Magus, they stood at the peak like a fearsome existence!

However, after obtaining the high-grade meditation technique, Leylin could absolutely catch up to them!

“My spiritual force has already met the required value. What’s next is to change the meditation technique and purify the ancient bloodline and try to advance into a rank 1 Warlock!”

A fiery passion blazed in Leylin’s eyes as he hurried his pace.

After the settlement of the resources, Leylin did not visit Kroft, but only left a message to say that he would enter a very important experiment and required to be in seclusion for cultivation.

After which, he poured all his heart into the experiment lab in the academy.

“This set of apparatus was made with vulcanised glass and is the firmest!”

Leylin looked inside a large experiment lab, his hands touching a set of sulphur-coloured glass apparatus.

“There is also this! A machine that can generate negative energy 300 times faster!” Leylin turned around and looked at two large black coloured instruments on the table.

Beside the black instruments, there was an item that resembled a microscope. However, the multiplier effect could not match up to Leylin’s A.I. Chip.

Leylin had specifically rented this experiment lab. Normally it was only available for official Magi, but he was a potential Magus in the academy, so he had gained the privilege to rent the experiment lab for set period.

The experiment labs that Magi used were naturally better than acolytes’; there were, even more, guarantees in the safeguarding of privacy.

After all, the official Magi were professors that formed the foundation of the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy. Even if it was Chairman Siley, he could not intrude on the privacy of these professors. Those who were able to become a Magus often had their secrets and trump card. Any form of detection or prying into them was considered as an outright provocation. Even Chairman Siley could not resist against the power of all the professors if they were to unite forces!

Of course, under the consideration of being cautious, Leylin let the A.I. Chip scan this area several times. He also used many detection spells, and even some that fended against the outside world.

“Let us begin!”

Leylin nodded his head and took out a small box from his robes. After opening it, a dozen blood red rocks lay there, emitting a mystical energy wave constantly. These waves were then absorbed by the dispel formation that Leylin set up, not leaking one bit of it at all.

“I haven’t conducted such an intricate experiment for a long time, I hope my skills aren’t rusty!”

Leylin’s expression was extremely solemn as he picked up a purple potion…

Afterwards, Leylin spent his day inside the lab. Even the daily nourishment needs intake was relied on potions.

Under the stupendous microscopic ability of the A.I. Chip and consultation from the Book of Giant Serpent and Kemoyin’s pupil, the progress of bloodline purification was rather smooth.

However, one day Leylin was compelled to leave the lab.

“What? Bicky has been held captive by her own family?”

Dark circles appeared on Leylin’s eyes, and there was a stubble under his lips. It seemed to be somewhat decadent.

However, a pair of eyes gleamed brightly, looking at the girl in front of him.

The girl had a head of blonde hair, her body contours delicate. Her lips were thin and had a layer of luscious red lipstick applied, adding a more matured look to her appearance.

Leylin recognised this girl. She was called Hong, a simple one-syllabled name. It seemed to be the style of the hometown where she came from.

Moreover, she was Bicky’s good friend and had seen Leylin during several encounters.

“Why?” Leylin very soon retracted his expression and a calm expression was formed.

However, under the mask of this serenity, it made Hong shudder slightly.

“It’s said that Leylin is not only a genius in Potioneering, but even your cultivation in magic also has a high talent. You have advanced to a level 3 acolyte before twenty, obtaining many favourable impressions from professors…” Hong bit her lips, as envy and jealousy unconsciously filled her insides as she thought of the news she heard of Leylin.

However, this feeling was suppressed very quickly.

Hong combed her loose hair and smiled wryly, “Because she stole a precious Rainbow Potion from her family…”

“Rainbow Potion?! That was a rare potion that had vanished. It is known to greatly enhance the effects of Grine Water. The Rainbow Potion which could complement the advancement of an acolyte to an official Magus?”

Leylin tapped his fingers on the circle desk in rhythm, the scented tea in the cup showing ripples.

He had heard of Bicky’s family before. They had a rather long standing history, their ancestors also had a period of glory, but they seemed to fall after that.

It was different with the Lilytell family and other large families, Bicky’s family was only a small one.

As for now, the elders were only of level 3 acolytes, upholding the magic artifact and treasures from their ancestors which could temporarily have the might of an official Magus as self-defense.

It can be seen that such a family did indeed have a hope in raising another official Magus, to continue the glory of their family.

As for Bicky, as one of the heirs that had been fully nurtured by the family, not only had she betrayed her family, but she had also stolen the family’s treasure. Even if she was killed on the spot, it was not a strange thing.

“Bicky is only a level 2 acolyte, did she steal it for Fayle then?”

Leylin thought of the crux of the matter and questioned immediately.

As expected, anger filled Hong’s face. “It is for Fayle! Originally, Bicky planned to elope with him after the theft, but Fayle had been misleading her all along!”

Hong was fuming, apparently feeling unjust for her friend. “After obtaining the Rainbow Potion, Fayle immediately left her behind and joined the Redbud Flower family!”

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