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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 121: Legends

Chapter 121: Legends

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The Redbud Flower family was one of the three big families behind Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, the same as the Lilytell family.

This was a family that had official Magi among every generation and could activate the battle prowess of those Magi in times of war. It was completely on a different level than Bicky’s falling family.

With the protection of the Redbud Flower family, Bicky’s family could only grit their teeth in defeat as they would never be able to recover the Rainbow Potion.

“As for Bicky, she was captured by the experts in her family. It’s said that she would very soon be put on trial and charged guilty for betraying the family.

Hong’s eyes turned red, her tears almost falling.

“Hu!” Leylin exhaled a long breath.

Bicky had a crush on Fayle, he knew it since the first day in the academy. Moreover, he also knew that Fayle did not have much moral values.

When Bicky told Leylin that Fayle had already accepted her to be his girlfriend, Leylin felt that there was a conspiracy behind it, yet he had no way of reminding her.

Fayle, who had gathered enough contribution points in the secret plane, had exchanged it for the Grine Water. Adding on to the Rainbow Potion, his chances of advancement to a rank 1 Magus were extremely high!

As for Bicky’s family, it was akin to losing one official Magus. Moreover, they had to suffer even the loss of Bicky, who was an acolyte.

“A rather good scheme. A pity that his character had somewhat fallen to the lowest. If I see him next time, I’ll just kill him!”

Leylin thought indifferently.

Bicky was his good friend. Moreover they had a one night stand, so he had to try to rescue her. Moreover, as long as it was within his capabilities, he would help her seek revenge.

However in Leylin’s heart, there wasn’t any feeling of humiliation or disgrace that Bicky had given him.

Looking at it in detail, Bicky was Fayle’s girlfriend both in name and in reality. In fact, it was Leylin who did the dishonorable thing and let Fayle wear a green hat1, so naturally he did not have to feel humiliated or anything of the sorts.

However, the crucial point now was to save Bicky.

Professor Kroft was an excellent candidate to save her, but Leylin very soon dismissed that thought.

The relationship between the professors and acolytes in Abyssal Bone Forest Academy was only based on mutual benefits. The acolytes would fork out magic crystals and services. In return, the professors would give them knowledge.

If it were Jayden and Torash, highly talented individuals who had gained their mentor’s nurture, it was still alright. However, Bicky who had a rather average aptitude only had a simple relationship with her mentor.

It was as if after she had graduated, the relationship between her and her mentor would wane unless she advanced into an official Magus.

Moreover, Kroft was the professor of Abyssal Bone Forest Academy. When entering the academy, he had already signed a contract not to interfere with the internal matters of other families.

As for Bicky’s family, it was one of the many families under the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy’s banner.

Hence, Kroft could not take action as he would dishonor the agreement.

After drinking the somewhat cooled down tea on the circular desk, he slowly spoke under the anticipatory gaze of Hong.

“Due to an important experiment I am unable to leave, but I will write a letter. Please revert it to the elder behind Bicky’s family. ”

The experiment of purifying the bloodline had just entered its most important juncture.

If not for Hong telling him the news of Bicky, Leylin might not even have taken the time away from it.

However, he could not leave the lab for too long either.

Compared to Bicky, Leylin’s impending doom was even greater. He had to advance into a rank 1 Warlock in the shortest possible amount of time, to better deal with the threat from the Lilytell family.

Furthermore, the Lilytell family could trace it back to him any moment. Along with the passing of time, this possibility can only grow bigger. He had to purify the blood before the Lilytell family discovered anything, and find a safe place outside the academy to complete his most important advancement!

This matter concerned his life and death! Comparing the weight of this matter, Bicky’s issue could be put aside first.

Leylin reasoned that he was a genius acolyte in the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy that had a huge chance of advancing into an official Magus.

As for Bicky’s family head, he was only a level 3 acolyte. In the Magus World, the prerequisite of association was to have similar levels of strength! Hence, towards Leylin’s words, the other party would definitely give it some consideration.

After hearing Leylin’s words, Hong’s eyes dimmed. She straightened her body and almost left the seat immediately.

It seems that she thought that Leylin only wanted to gloss over this matter on a superficial level.

As a matter of fact, that was the most common practice of acolytes. Hong was already mentally prepared, but she still felt a little frustrated.

“On the letter, I will earnestly request for the head not to proceed with the trial and also to leave Bicky’s source of spiritual force intact, not causing harm to it.

The source of spiritual force was the most basic foundation of magicians which was the sea of consciousness and the spiritual force.

Once this source was to be wasted, the magician would be crippled. This was often the methods of families executed on those members who had betrayed them.

“And in return! I promise to compensate for the missing Rainbow Potion!” Leylin’s final words made Hong’s eyes gleamed immediately.

“Thank you! I am really so thankful…” Hong was too excited that her speech turned incoherent.

If it was just a simple request, the other party might not give Leylin any face at all, as they were both level 3 acolyte and the head were borne from a Magus family.

However, with the promise of compensation, it was a different case.

After all, even if they killed Bicky now, there were no benefits to the family at all. If they were only to keep her in captive, there was even the chance of receiving compensation for it!

All logical magicians would definitely know what to choose between the two.

“Bicky and I have the same mentor, so it’s something I should do!”

Leylin smiled and got up.

After his experiment, he would immediately try to advance. Once he succeeds and becomes an official Magus, his authority would immediately change.

At that time, if he tries to rescue Bicky, it would be less troublesome.

To tell the truth, the price of a Rainbow Potion could be easily compensated with what Leylin had now. Not to mention the peddling of potions, just based on the few precious herbs he grabbed in Dylan Gardens, each and every one of time had a price that was several times of the Rainbow Potion.

However if he were to just take the money and redeem her, he would easily be labelled as an idiot who had more money than sense. Leylin decided that there was no purpose in him being talked of as a fool.

Under the combination of logic and benefit, he chose the way that would be least consuming for him.

“I have sought out many a person, but only you, Leylin, helped me. Bicky would definitely be happy to have a friend like you!” Looking on, Hong’s relationship with Bicky seemed rather good.

“If there are no other matters, then pardon me for taking my leave first!”

Leylin smiled like a gentleman, leaving his seat elegantly.

Bicky’s matter was only a small surprise to Leylin. After leaving the lab to settle this issue, Leylin once again buried his head in the experiments.

Three days later, Leylin looked at a vulcanised crystal test-tube with an engrossed expression.

Inside the test-tube, a layer of purple, red fluid had already occupied more than half the space within. Moreover, there was effervescence in it, continuously emitting tiny bubbles, as if having its life.

“This is from all the essence from the Black Horrall Snake, adding on to the special blood purification apparatus using the heart as a primer. After the microscopic abilities of the A.I. Chip coupled with magic spells to continuously purify it, I have finally obtained half a test-tube of this ancient bloodline!”

A dreamy expression could be seen on Leylin’s eyes as he muttered.

Just by holding onto the test-tube, Leylin felt a tremendous force continuously emitting from the test-tube, radiating out to its surroundings.

“It is indeed the bloodline of the ancient creature-Giant Kemoyin Serpent!”

Leylin asked the A.I. Chip, “How is the sorting of information concerning the Giant Kemoyin Serpent?”

These formidable creatures of ancient times would only be briefly mentioned in very few documents and tales of bards. There were many misconceptions about them, so what Leylin had the A.I. Chip do was to sort out the real content of the data on the Giant Kemoyin Serpent.

After all, this was his only choice!

As for other bloodlines of other snake species, how could it be gotten that easily? Any creature with a trace of ancient bloodline could command a frightening price. Moreover, Leylin was not an official Magus yet, so many channels could not be used.

[Beep! After 3465 comparisons, omitting 139 false information, 45 repeated information, the main content has been sorted.] The A.I. Chip’s voice intoned.

[Giant Kemoyin Serpent: Ancient creature, reaching the length of 5000 metres in an adult phase. It is known to have a powerful body and mysterious spellcasting abilities. In the adult phase it can go against rank 4 Magus and is the destroyer of many cities in legends. Main elemental properties: Darkness, with secondary element of Fire! In the legends, the Mother of Ten Thousand Snakes had failed to gain control of the Shadow World, hence bringing her children to the Purgatory World. From then on, her descendants all has the element of Fire.] [Sources of origin: Ancient Creatures Illustration Handbook, The Travels of Grey, Diary of the great Magus Serholm, The Book of Giant Serpent…]

“Darkness Element and Fire Element?” Ecstasy filled Leylin’s face.

Although after transplanting the bloodline, the Warlocks would naturally add on the elements of the ancient creature, it was definitely the best to have their innate affinity to be compatible with the ancient creature.

Even after changing bloodlines, the original qualities of the magician’s body was extremely important. It was decided from the start of birth and was extremely difficult to change in the future.

“A.I. Chip, bring out my elemental affinity chart!”

In front of Leylin, a projected image appeared.

The longest bar was dark coloured, representing the main elemental affinity that Leylin had: Darkness.

Afterwards, it was followed by a fiery red bar half the size of the Darkness Element. This was Leylin’s secondary elemental affinity, Fire.

At the back, there was a green bar and few other colours, representing the affinity of other elements.

However, these bars were much shorter than Fire by a dozen times. If Leylin chose to cultivate mainly with those elemental energy particles, then he might not even be a level 2 acolyte by now.

Which is to say, Leylin’s affinity in the Darkness Element was highest followed by the Fire Element. The others could be treated as negligible.

“The properties of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent is actually compatible with my affinity. According to the introduction of the Kemoyin’s Pupil, under these circumstances, it can have a multiplier effect on the magician’s affinity, which is also the best choice!”

Leylin could not mask the overjoyed expression he had on his face.

1. Wearing a green hat means to be cuckolded.

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