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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 122: Attempt To Breakthrough

Chapter 122: Attempt To Breakthrough

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Leylin immediately left the academy on the second day.

He had managed to purify the ancient bloodline after using the facilities in the academy. Even the ingredients for the Serenity Potion were mostly gathered, so Leylin could not think of any other reason for him to stay.

Moreover, with the passing of time, the probability of the Lilytell family uncovering the truth would only grow bigger. Leylin had no means at all to resist them within the academy.

He also had another level of consideration. What he was about to advance to was a subtype of the ancient Magi-Bloodline Warlock!

This was definitely differently from other official Magi. During the advancement, it was possible to have unique energy waves that were radiated. If chairman Siley or a magician at that level were to find out, his ending would not be any good.

For safety reasons, it was better to advance outside.

Before leaving, Leylin carefully cleansed all traces of his experiments inside the experiment lab. No matter how hard others might try to inspect, they would not be able to know what he had been doing inside the lab.

After giving one last look at the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, Leylin left.

He had a premonition that after leaving this time, it might take a very long time before he returned here again.

After thinking of the future happenings in the school, it would definitely be very intriguing! Leylin grinned as he urged his handsome steed to leave the Abyssal Forest.

Grey Stone City was a city that was relatively close to Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, and there weren’t many inhabitants there. Moreover, there weren’t any magicians staying here.

Ever since Leylin had left Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, he had been pressing on continuously until he got here, even buying a two-storeyed flat in the heart of the city.

Around the apartment, there was a circle of greenery. Even though it was the heart of the city, there was a feeling of serenity.

On the side of the greenery were a row of small shops. Occasionally, there were mercenaries with steel blades walking together with women who wore extremely revealing clothes.

Leylin looked on for a while, before closing the windows.

This villa was the location that he had chosen to advance to a rank 1 Warlock. It was also protected with a defense spell formation, so the average person would definitely not be able to enter.

Furthermore, there were a huge number of regular humans residing within the surroundings of the villa. As long as they did not meet any insane Dark Magi, their safety in the area was considered rather well.

Leylin did not unreasonably hope that by taking all these people around him as hostages, the other party would let him go. However, as long as they were somewhat apprehensive to cast a large area of effect spell, it would be an extremely great thing for him.

*Sua!* Leylin shut the windowsill.

The thick sackcloth blocked the sunlight from entering the room, and there was a faint layer of scarlet light appearing in the middle of the room.

The entire second storey of the villa was already under Leylin’s control by this point. Moreover, there was a layer of a mysterious spell formation inscribed on the floor.

These runes were writhing as if they were made of little snakes, as they continuously headed towards the scarlet red light.

The light crisscrossed, forming a spell formation.

As for the centre of the formation, there was a pure black stone platform. Many scratches were cut into it with a small knife, taking the appearance of a very strange picture.

“The bloodline transfer formation is finally complete!”

Leylin massaged his temples, and a blue glow could be seen in his eyes. “A.I. Chip! Scan my stats! Bring out my current condition!”

[Beep! Gathering Host data!]

Very soon, the A.I. Chip brought out Leylin’s stats. [Beep! Leylin Farlier. Level 3 acolyte, Knight. Strength: 3.1, Agility: 3.3, Vitality: 3.4, Spiritual force: 15.5, Magic power: 15 (magic power is in synchronisation with spiritual force). Status: In the middle of cultivating in Kemoyin’s Pupil meditation technique, spiritual force in purification!]

Back at the academy, after using the A.I. Chip to analyse the Kemoyin’s Pupil meditation technique completely, Leylin had begun to adjust his own meditation technique and practice the high-grade meditation technique.

The Kemoyin’s Pupil meditation technique that he had obtained had a total of three levels. With each increase in level, the technique would automatically advance the Warlock’s rank.

Previously, Leylin did not have any sort of snake type bloodline, so he could not even cultivate fully in the first level.

However, the high-grade meditation technique was indeed something good that had been previously concealed by the various organisations. After cultivating a good part of the first level and converting it into a meditation technique, Leylin realised that his spiritual force had undergone a purification process.

Many impurities within his spiritual force, which had been boosted in the past by potions, were now expelled during the process of meditation.

Leylin looked at his spiritual force stats. Due to removing the previous impurities, his spiritual force had decreased by 0.6, but it was all worth it.

As an acolyte, it was the foundation on the path towards being a Magus. The more solid one’s foundation was, the further one could walk down the path of a Magus in future.

Leylin had previously sought a rapid way and consumed potions in vast quantities. This had left many of the residues of those potions accumulated in his body. Even his spiritual force was affected, becoming somewhat heterogeneous.

If such a situation were to occur constantly, one day, his path in advancing would become completely blocked.

As for now, under the Kemoyin’s Pupil meditation technique’s influence, his spiritual force was continuously being purified, heading towards a better development.

However, no matter how hard he tried, without the ancient bloodline, he would never be able to cultivate fully in the first level and advance to a rank 1 Warlock!

“The requirement for an acolyte to be able to advance is a spiritual force of 15. The requirements for Warlocks and official Magi are almost the same, with only the additional requirement of a bloodline!

Leylin inspected the spell formation again.

“A.I. Chip! Scan and inspect the bloodline transfer spell formation again!”

Following his command, a strong glow of blue light appeared in Leylin’s eyes as it scanned the formation.

This concerned Leylin’s future, so he had to be particularly cautious.

Leylin had confirmed that everything was in order and that he had not missed anything, but did not, however, begin to rush through the bottleneck.

First, he sealed off the entire second storey, walked towards a restaurant outside, and ordered a lavish meal filled with delicacies.

Afterwards, Leylin wore commoners’ clothes, and walked several times around Grey Stone City, looking at the motions of the regular humans as they worked, rested, and played, feeling their joy and sorrows.

Finally, Leylin returned to the villa and sat cross-legged on the bed, yet did not begin to meditate.

He recalled his memories about his previous life, the experience of transmigrating to the Magus World, the life he had in the carriage party, entering the academy, and his various expeditions.

The appearances of George, Kaliweir, Merlin, Kroft, and Bicky all surfaced in Leylin’s mind.

Several hours later, Leylin’s recollections of his memories scattered. What took its place was only calmness and indifference.

With the serenity of his heart, for the first time, Leylin did not meditate, but immediately fell asleep.

Only when the sun rose on the second day did Leylin get up, feeling refreshed, as if every cell in his body was filled with energy.

After activating all of the defense mechanisms, Leylin wore a loose white robe and went towards the second storey.

After giving the formation and potions one final check, a resolved expression appeared within Leylin’s eyes.

“Let us begin!”

*Pa!* The buttons on the white robes came undone as it slid to the floor.

Leylin was stark naked as he walked towards the centre of the scarlet formation, sitting down on the black stone platform.

The black stone platform was made of bright black stones. A feeling of chilliness emanated through Leylin’s skin, giving him goosebumps.

Leylin picked up a black dagger, the tip of the blade giving off a sharp coldness to it.

Leylin’s expression turned vicious as he cut himself on his body.

*Pu!* Blood gushed out.

His expression was unchanging, and the hand that held the dagger did not quiver. In a mysterious sequence, the black dagger began to cut all over his body.

Every time the black dagger drew across Leylin’s body, it would leave a bloody wound from where blood continuously dripped.

At the very end, from his stomach to his forehead, there was a mystical triangular shaped rune on Leylin’s body.

The blood that poured forth continuously from his skin looked extremely eerie and mysterious.

*Di Da!* *Di Da!*

The blood that flowed down from his body was collected by the grooves on the black stone platform, beginning to converge while following the grooves, and flowed towards the formation below the platform.


Under the influence of the blood, the scarlet spell formation radiated a dozen times brighter.

The powerful flash of light brought forth a strong energy wave, which continuously radiated to the four walls of the villa.

At this moment, on the four walls of the villa, magical blue runes began to absorb the energy waves that leaked from the spell formation.

The scarlet coloured turned brighter and brighter, before finally engulfing the entire room.

In this blood red world, a layer of black smoke suddenly appeared, continuously changing shape in midair.

“Abiding by the ancient contract, my strength will now be that of the bloodline!

After seeing the black shadow, Leylin moved his lips and chanted in the Byron language.

*Weng Weng!*

After Leylin had chanted the incantation, the thick black smoke attached itself to Leylin’s body, and the triangular shaped wounds began to gleam in a grim black light.

Leylin shivered as an extremely strange iciness began to charge to his nerves.

After it had frozen to the extremes, a burning sensation seemed to set all of the cells on his body ablaze.

[Warning! Warning! Mysterious energy discovered infiltrating and beginning to consume copious amounts of the Host’s lifeforce. Use the Host’s own magic power to dispel?]

A row of words in red appeared.

“Deny!” Leylin gritted his teeth.

Along with the continuous burning of his body, he could distinctly feel that his spiritual force was increasing at a crazy rate.

It was constantly drawing nearer to the boundary of an official Magus.

However, if he were to use his lifeforce for that, it might have been very likely that before he reached the bottleneck of an official Magus, he would have first burned to a shrivelled corpse!

“It’s now!”

Leylin picked up the vulcanised crystal test tube containing the Kemoyin bloodline and poured the purple-red blood on his wounds.

*Hua La La!*

The purple-red blood landed on Leylin’s body. It began to wiggle, as if having its own life, and turned into an innumerable amount of little snakes that drilled through Leylin’s wounds.

“Arghhh!” Leylin’s eyes were popping out as the muscles on his face contorted.

An extremely frightening agony constantly grated on his nerves, even turning his vision blurry.

At that moment where he lost consciousness, Leylin only knew to follow the method of the Kemoyin’s Pupil meditation technique, as he began to attempt to break through to a Warlock.

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