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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 123: Rank 1 Warlock

Chapter 123: Rank 1 Warlock

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After Leylin had fainted, the red light in the second storey of the villa did not disappear, but gradually became more intense.

Time passed, and very soon, it was the morning of the second day.

The scarlet light grew stronger, and even the blue runes on the wall produced creaking noises as if they were unable to endure any longer.

*Ping Pang!* With sounds like the shattering of glass, the blue runes were finally dispersed and the red light shone through the walls and onto the villa beside it.

“Look quickly! What’s that?”

The unusual condition of the villa was finally found out by the passersby. A bald man who looked like a merchant began to point at Leylin’s villa as he shouted.

Following the direction to where he pointed, one could see that the second storey of the villa was currently radiating scarlet rays of light.

The red light was so dazzling that even the sun could not hide its presence.

With the continuous emission of rays of light, many regular humans around Leylin’s villa mysteriously fainted.

*Peng!* The bald merchant who had pointed at Leylin’s villa now had a frightened expression on his face as if seeing some natural nemesis. Both of his hands gripped his chest where his heart was, his eyes turning white as he fell onto the ground.

With the continuous expansion of the light rays, the number of passersby who fell to the ground increased, eventually extending to the whole street.

The citizens screamed and cried out in fright. A horde of them squeezed and jostled out of the city as if there was some scary demon behind them.


Leylin had a very long dream.

In his dream, he was an incredibly tiny snake that constantly hid and snuck around, learning the methods of hunting prey.

The surroundings were up in flames. What surrounded him were simply lava and black boiling stones. The sight ahead was also a fiery-red.

As for him, he gradually grew up, going from sneaking around to avoid enemies, to being a natural predator at the top of the food chain.

No matter how many ferocious or horrifying creatures there were out there, they could only accept death in front of him while he swallowed them.

Leylin constantly changed his territory. One day, he arrived at another location.

That place was filled with the same species as him. Deep in his heart, there was a feeling of longing, which made him press on and climb deeper in.

As he went deeper in, Leylin could feel that the aura of the stronger members of his species increased. Just the aura radiating off of some of them was enough to leave Leylin with a feeling of suffocation.

Moreover, the surrounding flames and sulphur rapidly disappeared. What took its place was pitch-black darkness.

This darkness had countless shadows, yet it gave him a sense of security as if he was returning to his parent’s body.

In the centre of the darkness, he could finally see.

What he saw was a giant ball of snakes, which seemed to cover the sky’s horizon. It seemed to be a planet in the universe, eternal yet mighty. Every giant snake in the ball had strength surpassing his imagination.


Leylin flicked his tongue out, letting off a hiss that was only produced by snakes.

The giant ball of snakes opened, revealing the figure of a black haired woman.

This black haired woman had an exceptionally charming feature. Her eyes had vertical slits for pupils and looked as if they were made of a ceramic glaze that would let one see through to its bottom. She also had hair that writhed continuously, as if they were tiny snakes.

The hair, which seemed to look like snakes, also gave her another layer of mysterious allure.

“You have come!” The woman opened her mouth, her voice ringing within Leylin’s heart. The language spoken was extremely strange and Leylin hadn’t heard of it before, yet he still understood it.

Just as Leylin was about to speak out and ask a question, a flash of bright light appeared in his vision.

He reached out to shield from the light and realised that his hand was that of a human’s. Only then, he realised that he had woken up from his slumber.

“I recall it now; I’m Leylin, who was completing the ceremony of transferring a bloodline to break through a bottleneck.

The life in his dream, which had seemed to be the reality, appeared in Leylin’s mind. For a moment, it made him think that he wasn’t human.

It seemed as if his reality had had been obscured by a veil- nothing could be seen clearly.

Slowly, large amounts of memories surfaced in his mind.

“The villa has been destroyed?” Leylin looked at the construction which had collapsed, and the sunlight, which bore through the holes in the ceiling, finally noticing the difference.

With Leylin at the centre, the surroundings were in a mess. Apart from him, there were no other living organisms.

“It seems like the energy absorption spell has failed and copious amounts of radiation leaked out…”

Leylin stroked his chin, suddenly thinking of something. “Warlock?! What happened to my advancement?”

At this moment, he was stark naked, but Leylin could feel an intensifying strength under his skin. Moreover, his spiritual force had significantly increased from before.

Leylin, somewhat unsettled, delved into the sea of his consciousness.

At this moment, his sea of consciousness was filled with a scarlet light, turning the space into a patch of redness.

At the centremost was a spell formation that had an octagonal crystal, floating quietly in the space.

The power that he felt from inside to outside continuously emanated throughout his whole body.

After he sensed the innate spell inside the crystal, Leylin grinned as he knew he had successfully advanced into an official Magus!

“A.I. chip, bring out the previous monitor record!”

[Detected traces of suitable composition for Host’s absorption! Determined to be the blood essence of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent! Beginning absorption] [Blood essence burning! Host spiritual force increases significantly!]


[Successful completion of the first level of the Kemoyin’s Pupil! Host advances into a rank 1 Warlock! Various stats have been greatly boosted!] [New scanning of Host’s data…] [Beep! Leylin Farlier. Rank 1 Warlock, Bloodline: Giant Kemoyin Serpent. Strength: 7.1, Agility: 6.7, Vitality: 8.5, Spiritual force: 27.9, Magic power: 27 (magic power is in synchronisation with spiritual force). Status: Healthy]

The A.I. Chip duly reflected the data in front of Leylin.

“There is actually such a great increase, no wonder I feel different. Even my physical figure has been enhanced and my strength has increased!”

Leylin clenched his fist and punched, emitting a shrill air explosion in the air.

“Right now my body is not inferior to that of any powerful creatures!”

Leylin looked at his chest. The appearance did not change much, only that his skin looked even glossier. His abs were well defined, yet not too protruding, maintaining a fine balance.

“However, such a huge disturbance will definitely alert nearby magicians. It’s better to leave earlier!”

Leylin casually picked up a black robe in the mess and put it on. Seeing the mess, he smiled wryly.

About the advancement to an official Magus, the A.I. Chip had no better research materials. Although Leylin did his best to lay the energy absorption spell formation, it still shattered under the sheer amount of energy emitted.

As for official Magus, even if they restrained their radiation, regular humans would not be able to withstand it.

How would Leylin be able to restrain himself during the advancement? Hence, it resulted in such a scene.

After figuring out the details, Leylin shook his head and kept a few important items from the rubble before placing them all into a knapsack.


Leylin exerted strength and made a deep impression on the ground. His body then turned into a dark flash and left the area with a speed several times faster than before.

Some time later, a cawing of a bird was heard.

A snow white giant bird landed, with two official Magi on its back. What they wore were the clothes from the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy.

“We’re here, the place where we sensed the energy waves!”

A female Magus touched the rubble on the floor and shut her eyes to sense for something.

“I sense a tremendous spiritual force and also a blood-reeking aura. The feeling that it gives me slightly deviates from an official Magus…”

“This is very normal!”

A cloaked male came together with the female Magus. Under the cloak was the voice of a male.

“Choosing to advance here would only mean that it’s a wandering magician! Furthermore, they have obtained the inheritance from a remnant!”

The cloaked man grudgingly shrugged his shoulders. “There are many remnants in the south coast, who knows what period the inheritance that the magician obtained came from. He seemed to have inherited some sort of ancient cultivation path, so his aura having deviations from the norm is not out of the ordinary. However, the energy waves have obviously reached the might of a rank 1 Magus, so this matter should be treated seriously…”

After hearing the words of her counterpart, the woman’s face turned solemn.

In the south coast, various guilds and magisterium had mostly controlled the advancement of acolytes to protect their unique positions.

However, in such a vast domain, there were always many of these lucky wandering acolytes who had obtained the inheritance or remnants of others and advanced successfully.

Although it wasn’t very often, these sorts of things occurred once every couple of years.

The approach of the powerful organisations in the south coast was very clear. They would rope them in if possible, and if not, they had to coerce these lucky people into not spreading their knowledge about advancement!

As for the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, which was the closest to Grey Stone City, they were naturally the people in charge of enforcing this law to the wandering magicians in the Poolfield Kingdom.

Very soon, the cloaked male and female magicians began to investigate. However, all of the eyewitnesses had more or less died. As for those who were lucky enough to survive, they seemed to be in trauma. No matter what, they could not remember Leylin’s appearance. Even retrieving their memory was meaningless, so the two investigators could only leave.

At this moment, in the nearby dim forest close to Grey Stone City, Leylin stopped.

“After running for so long, I am actually not showing any signs of exhaustion. My vitality, which has reached 8.5, is indeed extraordinary!” Leylin could not mask the joy on his face.

The current Leylin was a complete beast in the form of a human. No matter how hard a greatsword would be sent chopping towards his body, his muscles would still most likely wedge it within, and hold it in place.

“According to the Book of Giant Serpent’s description, usually, acolytes who advance into an official Magus would only get a great increase in their spiritual force, which would also form their innate talent. Warlocks, however, are different. They would be able to unearth the power of the bloodline, and obtain the strengthening of both their spiritual force and their physical bodies.

Leylin’s vitality right now had already surpassed many Grand Knights. Even if it were the Branded Swordsmen in the legends, they would most likely only be equal to him.

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