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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 124: Innate Spell

Chapter 124: Innate Spell

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“I am almost used to the familiarity of my physical body, but I wonder what kind of innate spell did I obtain?”

After a long run, Leylin casually did a few standard swordplay movements. After having some understanding of his reinforced body, he shifted his thoughts to other matters.

According to the Kemoyin’s Pupil meditation technique and the introduction of the Book of Giant Serpent, Leylin had more understanding about the innate spell of Magi.

As far as regular Magi were concerned, most of them would choose a rank 1 defensive spell model and complement it with Grine Water to make a breakthrough.

Magi, who advanced with this method, had the smallest potential. In future, if they were unable to obtain more precious resources and a rank 2 spell model that were suitable for them, they would have absolutely no hope of advancing.

As for some large organisation heads or first-rate Magi Families’ core members, they could practise the high-level meditation techniques.

Each level of the meditation technique could correspondingly promote the rank of a Magus. Moreover, the innate spell model found in each level is fixed.

In other words, it would be easy to guess a Magus’ innate spell just by looking at a part of the high-grade meditation technique that the Magus practised.

However, Warlocks were different; they were literally “dependant on the heavens to have bountiful crops”1.

The formation of innate spells was heavily dependent on luck, purity and concentration of the blood essence of that bloodline.

Leylin knew his luck was only so-so, but he had got the blood essence of an ancient being - the Kemoyin Serpent! Thus, it should be highly compatible with this high-level meditation technique, and would thus be good for him.

After putting a thread of his spiritual force into the crystal, almost instinctively, Leylin knew the details of his own innate spell.

Eye of Petrification… and… Scales of Kemoyin!

Two innate spells! That’s right! There were two innate spells!

“Haha…” Leylin did not contain his laughter and let out a hearty laugh.

Concerning Warlocks, in the process of forming their innate spells, there was another scenario that could happen. That only occurs when the blood essence of the bloodline was extremely rich, almost the same as the origin of the bloodline. In such circumstances, there would be an additional innate spell.

Of course, the two innate spells Leylin obtained were rank 1 spells, not that he immediately advanced into a rank 2 Magus.

Inside a rank 2 Magus, they would have two innate spells too. However, one was a rank 1 spell while the other was a rank 2 spell! As for now, Leylin only had two spells that were of rank 1.

Only after advancing to a rank 2 Warlock, the rank 2 innate spell would be formed!

As for the might of the rank 2 spells, they would naturally overpower the rank 1 spells.

Even so, having an additional spell will allow Leylin to be proud and unyielding amongst rank 1 Magi.

This was equivalent to having an additional spell amongst the magicians of the same level, so naturally he had a great advantage.

Very soon, Leylin looked through the Kemoyin’s Pupil meditation technique and the Book of Giant Serpent, obtaining more information on those two innate spells.

“Eye of Petrification: A petrifying gaze will be emitted from the eyes, equivalent to the might of a petrification spell. The target will immediately be petrified. For more powerful beings, they would become rigid temporarily! Consumption: spiritual force 1, magic power 1!”

“Scales of Kemoyin: A layer of scales will form instantly providing a layer of defense. Physical defense: 25 degrees! Magic defense: 27 degrees! Consumption: Every 5 hours spiritual force 1, magic power 1!”

The consumption was calculated by the A.I. Chip. Leylin looked at it blankly.

According to the estimations of the A.I. Chip, these two innate spells were rather outstanding even amongst all the rank 1 spells.

If it was formed through a spell model, each of the spells required consumption of at least 10 points of spiritual force and magic power.

As for now, the consumption was one-tenth of before. This was the advantage of innate spells!

Furthermore, Leylin also felt that he could only spend a consumption of 2 points in spiritual force and magic power to have the Scales of Kemoyin always in effect.

At this moment, he roughly knew what the defensive forcefield, which always hovered around Magi, was.

Those were the innate defensive spells that they had activated around them perpetually. Any attacks, as long as they do not break through their innate spell defense, will never be able to cause them any harm.

“These two innate spells, one is for offense, and the other is for defense. With them, my current abilities, even amongst official Magus, can be considered excellent!”

Leylin estimated his might calmly.

As he chose the path of Warlocks which had good meditation technique and bloodline, the benefits he obtained right after an advancement greatly surpassed that from regular Magi.

As for those newly advanced Magi, they were not Leylin’s opponent at all. Only those who remained for some time inside the rank 1 domain, those with their spiritual force and magic power almost reaching the limits and having recorded a large number of rank 1 spells, would be a force to be reckoned with for Leylin.

As for rank 2 Magi? Right now Leylin was far from being their opponent. He did not even have much confidence in fleeing from them.

Every level between Magi had the difference like that between heaven and earth. It was not something that the bloodlines or better meditation technique could solve.

However, Leylin was extremely pleased with the present outcome.

After all, he had just advanced, and his path in future was broad.

With a joyful heart, Leylin took off the black robes that he put on and changed into a new set of clothes as he began to rearrange the things that he had brought along with him.

After wearing black robes, Leylin immediately hung the Fallen Star Pendant on his neck again.

“The defense of this pendant is rather low now! Most of the rank 1 spells are above 20 degrees. Any attack from an official Magus will be able to break the defense of this Fallen Star Pendant!”

“A.I. Chip! Establish mission and calculate the probability of improving the Fallen Star Pendant!”

[Beep! Mission establishing, beginning analysis…] The A.I. Chip carried out its mission, and also gave a stream of information for Leylin to check on the progress.

After advancing into a rank 1 Warlock, the A.I. Chip that was connected to Leylin’s soul also obtained large benefits. Its calculation abilities were evidently more powerful than before.

After changing his robes, Leylin walked towards a small stream and looked at his reflection.

In the clear waters, a handsome, black-haired youth looked back at him, his body emitting a strange charisma.

“My hair, why has it turned black?” Leylin looked at his reflection, suddenly recalling the black haired snake woman inside his dream.

“Could it be…That the dream was not just an illusion?”

Leylin faintly guessed that it was the external changes caused by the changing of bloodlines.

Moreover, Leylin realised that there were some slight changes to his face.

Leylin had a rather average countenance at the start, at most having the looks of a youth. As of now, his eyes were brighter than before, his brows sleeker and the face turned more handsome than before. Combined with the dignity as a Warlock, there was a mysterious charisma to it.

“In legends, not only did Warlocks have powerful spells and physical bodies, each and every one was a handsome man or a beauty. So, this was all influenced by the bloodline!”

Leylin looked for a while more, before continuing with his preparations.

He was a Warlock, not someone who relied on his face to live, so being handsome or ugly had no difference.


Sapphire Lake, situated at the eastern part of the Poolfield Kingdom, was an extremely beautiful lake.

During winter, when the sun shines down from the sky, looking at it from a vantage point the azure lake seemed to be crystal clear like sapphire.

Not only that, there were even a special species of Blue Ice Fishes living in the Sapphire Lake. Its taste was extremely fresh and succulent. If acolytes were to include it in their diet often, it would have a slight boost in their meditation.

Hence, this area was controlled by a Magus family.

Tyler family was the Magus family which controlled the Sapphire Lake from nearby, to which Bicky belonged.

On this afternoon, there was a visitor inside the Tyler family’s ancient castle.

“This is the ancient castle of the Tyler family?”

Leylin looked up at the large stone castle.

The Tyler family’s castle was erected on a cliff close to Sapphire Lake. Around it there was even a layer of poisonous cloud hovering around it, so very few people were able to come here.

Leylin sized up the giant castle. The large yellowish cliff had the depression and precipitation that withstood the test of time, silently standing here, bringing on a gloomy and declining feeling to it.

At the front of the castle were two fire breathing statues.

“The Tyler family was known to have a period of golden age; one can tell just by looking at the outline of this ancient castle. A pity…”

Leylin touched the two lifeless statues and sighed.

Magus families which were slightly more powerful can lay a defensive spell formation around their fort. At the very least, the door guards should at least be guarded by magical creatures.

As for now, Leylin only saw two stone statues, and there was no aura of radiation coming from the ancient castle.

With Leylin’s strength as a rank 1 spell right now, he could completely demolish this castle.

It seemed like the news of the Tyler family of not having a rank 1 spell was true.

After lingering around the front of the castle for a while, the people inside it were shocked.

*Boom!* Huge stones axles revolving sounded, and the two sides of the door opened slowly.

“May I ask…Who are you looking for?”

A chirpy birdlike girl’s voice sounded. From behind the door, a green haired girl roughly 8 to 9 years old peeked out.

“I am Leylin, looking for your family’s head!”

Leylin caressed the little girl’s hair.

“My Lord! I’m sorry my Lord, this is my daughter, I did not pay attention to her for a while…”

At this moment, a middle-aged man with the energy waves of a level 2 acolyte finally appeared from the door, looking at Leylin in fright.

“Kushy! Hurry up and bow!” The middle-aged man hugged and placed the girl behind him, making her do a bow.

From the middle-aged man’s knowledge, although Leylin seemed rather young, he had the terrifying energy waves which had far surpassed himself.

“He’s at least a level 3 acolyte!”

He would never be comparable to a level 3 acolyte that this young man was.

Moreover, the Tyler family was in decline for a long time already, so they did not have much backing.

1. (看天吃饭) - Depends on the heavens to have bountiful crops refers to luck.

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