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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 125: Tyler Family

Chapter 125: Tyler Family

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“Hi! I’m Leylin, here to meet the head of the Tyler family!”

Leylin repeated his intent.

“Leylin? Leylin!” The middle-aged man repeated the name before his expression changed suddenly, before asking in a more respectful tone, “May I ask if you are the Leylin from the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy?”

“That’s right!” Leylin affirmed.

The smile on the middle-aged man’s face grew in splendor; it seemed more forced than good-natured as he said, “Welcome to the Tyler family! I will immediately announce your arrival…”

After learning of Leylin’s identity, this man’s manner changed.

The man had heard Leylin’s distinguished name many times; not only was he Bicky’s junior, and Professor Kroft’s accomplished student, as well as a genius in the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, rumor has it that he has astonishing talent in Potioneering and advanced to level 3 acolyte, with potential to become a Magus before turning 20 years old.

However, the most important thing in the letter was, Leylin had promised to compensate the damage caused by Bicky.

Thinking of this, although the man appeared deferential on the surface, there was a trace of greed within the nervousness he felt.

“I feel very upset regarding the matter of Miss Bicky…”

The man squeezed out some tears as he said, “Previously, Miss Bicky was a very obedient child, but now…”

“I am well aware of all this, bring me to see your family’s head!”

Leylin gaze turned frosty, and the middle-aged felt a chill run down his spine. He felt as if he were being stalked by an extremely dangerous beast.

“I shall go at once! I shall go at once!”

Following which, he took hold of his daughter and immediately vanished behind the door.

More than ten minutes later, Leylin had already been received within the great hall of the castle and was in the presence of the Tyler family’s patriarch.

“Distinguished guest! I am Tyler family’s patriarch - Johnson Tyler! I welcome you to the Tyler Fort, and I hope that your stay here will be pleasant.”

The patriarch of Tyler family was known as Johnson Tyler. He was an old man wearing a formal black attire and had a head of lustrous, silver hair which had been carefully combed. But his eyes appeared a muddy white.

[Johnson Tyler. Level 3 acolyte. Strength: 1.9, Agility: 2.5, Strength: 2.0, Spiritual force: 13. magic artifact on target’s body can unleash attacks up to three times, each producing a force of more than 20 degrees. ]

A trace of blue light, invisible to others, flashed through Leylin’s optic nerve, as the A.I. chip scanned and recorded the information regarding the Tyler family’s patriarch.

Then, Leylin’s nose twitched; he had smelled a deteriorating and decaying odor emitted from that Patriarch’s body.

It was clear from the many wrinkles on this patriarch’s face that this man did not have many years of his lifespan left.

Too weak! This kind of strength, in front of Leylin, was the same as grinding an ant to dust.

Leylin swept a glance from top to toe of the patriarch and found that the magic artifact he wore was somewhat decent.

If a level 3 acolyte were allowed to pay an extremely high cost, they could attain a magic artifact suitable for a rank 1 Magus. It seemed that this was something that was passed down the family.

However, from what Leylin saw, instead of one hit, he needed just two to take Johnson down.

The disparity between their strengths was too high, and Leylin did not feel inclined to gossip with him.

“My purpose for coming here is: as stated in my letter from before, I will pay a sufficient cost to compensate for the Rainbow Potion, and you all must pardon Bicky of her crimes.”

Leylin ignored the angry look upon the patriarch’s face and found a seat to sit down on.

Seeing that Leylin did not show any courtesy, a trace of fury flashed in the eyes of Johnson Tayler, but he quickly suppressed it.

But within his mind, he felt aggrieved, as if a large stone had been placed in his heart. Since when could a level 3 acolyte act this brazenly inside the Tyler Fort?

However, Johnson had, after all, had plenty of experiences during his span of life. Moreover, he could always detect a trace of danger from Leylin.

The many years of training made Johnson put a smile on his face as if he was not even the teensiest bit angry due to Leylin’s actions.

“The Rainbow Potion is a precious ancient treasure, right now many of its ingredients are hard to find…”

“I will give the Grine Water in exchange for it!”

“Wh… What…” Johnson stammered immediately, and an unbelievable expression filled his face.

“I said that I will give the Grine Water for it! That would be enough to exchange for the Rainbow Potion, would it not? After all, the Rainbow Potion’s effect is to complement the success rate with the Grine Water. When comparing the treasures, the Grine Water is much rarer!”

Leylin interlaced his fingers as he smiled, immediately throwing out a temptation that Johnson could not refuse.

The composition and effect of the Grine Water had long since been analysed by the A.I. Chip during this period.

Only that the brewing process required a lot of ingredients to carry out. Leylin did not have that many ingredients on him, so he could only make do with the analysis.

According to the A.I. Chip’s calculation, the effect of the Grine Water was to burn the life force of the acolyte and breakthrough the spiritual force bottleneck.

This method had very evidently had a huge backlash and after effect.

As for Leylin, although he burnt a little of his life force during his advancement, it was very soon replenished by the Giant Kemoyin Serpent’s blood essence.

Leylin guessed that it was the tremendous vitality found within the Giant Kemoyin Serpent’s blood essence that substituted his own life force that was burnt during the advancement.

Hence, after advancement, right now Leylin had at least 500 to 600 years of lifespan according to the A.I. Chip.

As for normal rank 1 Magus, even if they used many methods to prolong their life, they would at most live up to 200-300 years old.

Moreover, after Leylin advanced to a rank 1 Warlock, the Grine Water that had effect for acolytes was not of much use to him anymore.

Leylin had planned to exchange it for some resources, but now it seems that using it as compensation was not a bad idea too.

As expected, after hearing the words ‘Grine Water,’ this patriarch Johnson began to pant.

There hasn’t been the birth of an official Magus in the Tyler family for over 300 years!

Moreover due to the decline of the bloodline and lack of resources, the Tyler family members had very little chance of advancement. They did not even have a level 3 acolyte where the academy chairman could fawn upon to sign a contract. So naturally they had no way of obtaining the Grine Water.

As for other families, they were extremely pleased to watch the decline of the Tyler family before stepping in to swoop all of their resources. Thus, there weren’t any good-natured people to aid them.

Although the Rainbow Potion was good, it was not rarer than the Grine Water.

After all, the Rainbow Potion’s effect that could raise the success rate was rather hard to determine. It would at most raise it by 20%.

However, the Grine Water was different! With it and an outstanding acolyte, the Tyler family could definitely try to cultivate their own official Magus! They did not have to be restrained by other contracts!

However, although this wily fox Johnson was extremely willing, he still put on a difficult expression.

“When Bicky stole the Rainbow Potion, she even ruined some treasures…”

Leylin shook his head. He had already predicted such a scene before his advancement.

Even if he was willing to compensate, he would definitely be ripped off.

As he was merely a level 3 acolyte, yet the other party was from a Magus family. Even if it was a declining family, their power is still to be reckoned with for any regular acolytes.

If Johnson did not ruthlessly try to knock off a huge amount from Leylin, then he would have lived to this ripe old age in vain.

“Enough!” Leylin’s face darkened.

At the same time, a mighty spiritual force energy wave emanated from his body.

*Hu Hu Hu!* As if a strong gale had swept past, the cloth on the tables and curtains on the windows let off a rattling sound.

The mighty spiritual force of an official Magus mercilessly swept through the fort as frightened wails were heard.

Many youths in the Tyler family fainted on the spot, without making a sound.

They were all regular humans without any resistance to Magus’s methods.

As for those level 1 acolyte and level 2 acolyte, they were not any better off. Their faces were reddened as they tried their best to support themselves and not fall onto the ground.

“Of… Official Magus?!”

As if seeing a ghost, Johnson’s mouth gaped widely, large enough to stuff several duck eggs inside.

After which, fright surfaced on his face as he immediately knelt onto the ground, “Most respected Lord Magus! Please be appeased and let my family members off!”

Seeing that Johnson, who had wanted to rip him off just a few moments before, was now kneeling on the floor like a frightened rabbit, Leylin harrumphed coldly. However, he still retrieved his spiritual force.

Leylin only did a slight test earlier with some restrain. If not, the regular humans in the fort would have all died from the radiation.

Johnson shuddered as he knelt, his inner heart wildly howling, “This spiritual force definitely belongs to an official Magus! It can’t be wrong! He… He is only 18 at most!”

Once he thought of having offended such a genius official Magus, Johnson desired to cry yet there were no tears. He even had the notion of committing suicide.

“Bicky! Yes! His relationship with her is good!” Johnson’s eyes lit up as he suddenly thought of this point.

“Quick! Quick bring Bicky here! No… Maid! First, bring her for a bath…”

After seeking approval from Leylin, Johnson scampered off and ran into a large hall, screaming at an acolyte that was sprawled on the floor.

After which, Johnson put on a flattering smile as he bowed towards Leylin. “My Lord, do you have any other orders?”

Looking at his shameless behaviour, Leylin was somewhat speechless.

After all, this was Bicky’s family; he could not do things to the extremes.

After Johnson accompanied Leylin in trepidation for another dozen minutes or so, Leylin finally got to see Bicky.

Bicky had apparently gone for grooming; her hair even had water droplets which had not been dried properly. She wore a white gown, her expression, however, did not seem very well, having huge eye bags and dark circles around her eyes.

“You… You’re Leylin?!”

Bicky looked at Leylin who stood there unyieldingly and then at her family head who was smiling obsequiously, suddenly feeling dizzy as she tried to connect the dots…

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