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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 128: Fayle

Chapter 128: Fayle

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“The ingredients needed for Method 3 and above are too precious. I can’t even get them now!”

“Right now the Giant Kemoyin Serpent’s bloodline is already fused with my body and even the soul. Forcefully removing it would mean that I will demote from a rank 1 Warlock. I might even lose my life, so this is impossible!”

“It seems like I can only hurry and brew the Serenity Potion!” Leylin’s face was solemn.

He long since gotten the formula and even gathered the ingredients in the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy. Brewing the completed potion was only a matter of time.

He thought he could rely on his willpower to overcome adversities. However, the emotional fluctuations had perplexed Warlocks for hundreds of thousands of years. It was something that could not be easily overcome with mere willpower.

Leylin was always proud of being a rational person. A circumstance where he could not control things was tormenting for him.

After which, Leylin looked at a nearby cave and gave a cold smile.

After stripping Clayde of his belongings, he trapped Clayde, who was unconscious, in a cave.

Leylin was somewhat anticipatory on the information about the Lilytell family.

Even though he suspected that Clayde has some sort of tracing spell on him, Leylin still decided to grill him.

As long as he acts fast enough, Leylin predicts that he can leave before Clayde regains full consciousness.

Moreover, the enemy merely assumed Leylin to be a level 3 acolyte; they would never anticipate that Clayde would fail. However, Clayde will never have the chance to be assigned to such an easy task in the future.


After a few hours, Leylin retrieved what he wanted and left the area.

Nothing was left of Clayde’s presence in the area except for a pool of yellow pus.

“I never thought that Bosain’s backing would be this powerful. He was the only grandson to an elder who had reached the requirements of advancement by having an Elemental Essence Conversion of 80% and above…”

Leylin pondered on the latest developments as he hurried along his way.

Potion Masters crafted different types of potions. Leylin accumulated an assorted bunch of torture methods from the experiments in Extreme Night City. Leylin tested these torture methods on Clayde. Very quickly, the official Magus was driven to near insanity, letting the cat out of the bag in the process as he begged for a quick death.

According to Clayde, Bosain’s grandfather was a powerful elder of the Lilytell family and also a magus that Clayde was serving.

This was the reason why he was able to command the rank 1 Magus.

After eliminating the linchpin of the enemy and Clayde, Leylin knew that the powerful elder’s hate for him grew by the day.

However, there was still good news at the end.

Because of selecting the head inside the Lilytell family, the internal conflict in the Lilytell family had reached a critical point. The various elders were not affiliated with each other; thus, Leylin only needed to worry about escaping from Bosain’s’ grandfather.

However, the audacity of Leylin to kill the enemies’ linchpin magus has angered all of the clans in the family and they will certainly not mind dispatching of Leylin if it was convenient.

Alone, Leylin stood no chance against the powerful clans

Leylin took little time to realise that his best option was to escape

The Poolfield Kingdom was Abyssal Bone Forest Academy territory, which was sort of Lilytell family’s gathering grounds. The more to the east, the more obvious it gets.

The region to the north was filled with unspeakable dangers. Leylin decided that West was the way to go. He ploughed through the Zither Moon Mountain Plains and entered the vicinity of the Sage Gotham Hut

The two forces just had a war, where they were irreconcilable like fire and water.

In the vicinity of the Sage Gotham Hut, the influence of the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy was definitely the weakest.

However, Leylin was not planning to stay for long in the vicinity of Sage Gotham Hut. Although they would definitely be willing to rope in an official Magus and even put the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy at a disadvantage, Leylin had never planned to be a pawn for them.

The whole south coast was still big! Abyssal Bone Forest Academy and Sage Gotham Hut only belonged to the remote area on the eastern side of the south coast, like the rural area.

After passing through the Inlan Dukedom controlled by the Sage Gotham Hut and passing through the Great Canyon Margaret and traversing through a dozen more kingdoms, he reached the central area of the south coast.

It was said that the Light Magi in this area held the highest power and could live in harmony with regular humans. Massacres and battles seldom occurred here.

Leylin’s plan was to continue his progress in this area.

Although he only needed to meditate the high-grade meditation technique to advance, it did not mean that he had no need for resources.

Rather, it was just the contrary, no matter if it was for Elemental Essence Conversion or the decreased time between meditations, Leylin required resources, lots of magical resources!

At the same time, he required huge quantities of potions and to obtain enough gold for it.

All these required a distribution centre to collect the ingredients.

The largest markets in the south coast were in the central region, which was overseen by the Ennea Ivory Ring Tower and other large magisterium.

As he thought of Ennea Ivory Ring Tower, Leylin recalled George.

It was a youth who set off at the same time as him, finally entering the Ennea Ivory Ring Tower for his studies. In a flash, five to six years had passed. George had a fourth-grade aptitude, so it was very likely he had already advanced into a level 3 acolyte.

“I wonder how they are now.”

Leylin muttered as he sped up his pace towards the Zither Moon Mountain Plains.


A huge cave immediately crumbled into a landslide, showing the apparent rage of the person who struck it.

Under the rubble, the figure of an old man in silver white armour could be seen.

There were some strange metal ornaments on this old man’s face, his eyes showing his wrath.

“Clayde… Clayde was actually killed too!”

“I will definitely not let you go!” The old man gritted his teeth, the veins on his forehead bulging.


Fayle’s frame of mind was somewhat good the past few days.

Especially when his servants and acolytes called him; Lord Magus Fayle’, he would often have some smugness from it.

Fayle did have the ability to be arrogant.

Before the age of 30, he already advanced into an official Magus! This degree of progress even shocked his mentor.

Fayle enjoyed giving this astonishment to others.

Moreover, with his title as a genius, the Purple-Gold Flower family took its initiative to rope him in, offering him an attractive contract.

The restraints from the spirit contract were much looser than those given by the Academy.

Although he lost some freedom, it was insignificant compared to the knowledge of advancement and a rank 1 defensive spell model.

Without these two items, he would never be able to advance into a rank 1 Magus; maybe to add one more item-Rainbow Potion!

Fayle immediately thought of Bicky after recalling the Rainbow Potion. “I guess that fool has already been killed off by her family?”

He smirked in disdain.

Previously, if not for Bicky always sending him magic crystals and other resources, he would have already kicked her away already.

Moreover, Bicky unknowingly revealed that her family had a Rainbow Potion in their possession, so Fayle could not hold back from wanting it.

First, he put on an act to save her in the bloodbath to deepen their relationship. Afterwards, he told her of his concerns in advancement, and requested her to steal her family’s treasure!

“Hng! I, Fayle, will be a monarch unifying the south coast in future. Why would I even have my eyes on such trash?”

Furthermore, according to some inside information, the Purple-Gold Flower family wanted to betroth a young girl to him. This was normally the methods used by Magi families to rope in genius Magi.

Not only could they bind him on their bandwagon, but they could also inject new heirs with superior bloodlines.

“Men…Mentor, it’s time to have lunch!”

A shy voice sounded. It was a blonde female acolyte wearing grey robes. She was only about 11 or 12, where there was some baby fat on her cheeks.

“En!” Fayle acknowledged and caressed the girl’s cheek.

The girl’s face reddened yet she did not dare to move, letting Fayle touch her. Finally, she left with an embarrassed expression.

An insatiable lust could not be concealed in Fayle’s eyes as he watched the girl’s leaving figure.

Fayle knew that he had some fetish towards this aspect. For example… He did not like mature women but only young girls!

This little girl was an acolyte he had taken in after becoming an official Magus. As for why he took her under his wing, it was the Purple-Gold Flower family’s request. On the other hand, it was also after seeing how she was this pure and lovable.

He always felt it was disdainful to hide his desires.

Moreover, to outsiders, there was nothing wrong with that.

Official Magi always have special rights. Furthermore, if it was only this much the Purple-Gold Flower family had to invest in to get the teachings of an official Magus, the little girl was definitely benefitting from it.

Fayle, whose robes was neat and tidy, sat on a long table.

Beside him was the little girl from before.

Around them, there was a dozen of maids and menservants quietly attending to their needs.

In reality, there were the servants assigned by the Purple-Gold Flower family, so he did not have to waste a single coin.

Moreover, even this tower that he lived in was constructed by the Purple-Gold Flower family and sent to him by the initiative.

Every time something like that happened, Fayle would be put in a good mood.

“What’s today’s lunch menu?”

“Fresh tenderloin beef, My Lord!” An old housekeeper bowed and replied.

A pretty maid went open and opened the golden lid. An aroma of hot food wafted in the air. In the middle was a well-done beef tenderloin steak, coupled with soup and juice.

Fayle expertly cut with the knife and used the silver fork to poke the meat.

“This meat… Seemed to be redder than regular beef…”

Fayle spoke indifferently and placed the meat piece into his mouth…

After eating, Fayle used a white napkin to wipe his lips.

“Today’s beef flavour was pretty good, where did the beef come from?”

“My Lord! It was a meat vendor who approached our front door and pitched a sale. I saw that the steak quality was not bad, so I bought a few…” The housekeeper reported.

“Isn’t this the outer vicinity of the Purple-Gold Flower family? There are actually meat vendors coming up to sell their goods?”

Fayle suddenly felt that it was absurd.

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