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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 130: Horse Carriage

Chapter 130: Horse Carriage

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The Book of Giant Serpent mentioned that the curse had had to have stats lower than the spell caster. If any one stat of the target is higher, the might of this curse would be reduced by more than half.

Leylin found out that once the curse has ended, the caster still had to face the wrath of a vengeful spirit which was summoned in the process.

It was absolutely ridiculous!

With so many prerequisites, and being only able to deal with targets with lower stats, finally having to suffer the backlash from a vengeful spirit!

In Leylin’s opinion, this kind of curse wasn’t very useful.

However, Fayle met this requirement just right.

He had just advanced and embarked on the simplest path. The various stats were lower than Leylin. Moreover, he had already collected his scent when he was with Bicky previously.

Adding on to the various reasons, Fayle had become Leylin’s first sacrifice to practice the curse on.

“I always feel that there’s something wrong with this curse, it’s better to use it lesser in future!”

Leylin patted off the dust on his body.

“However, with the disappearance of the great Magus Serholm, the people on south coast who can recognise this curse are barely alive, no to mention finding out who the caster was. No matter how the Purple-Gold Flower family investigates, they couldn’t trace it back to me…”

If Leylin could avoid such troubles and remove all traces of himself, he would do so, never leaving behind any leads.

After the task was completed, Leylin left the Poolfield Kingdom.


In the Inlan Dukedom, on a broad road, a black horse carriage continuously sped on it.

The wooden wheels which were galvanised by iron let off creaking sounds.

As there were no shock absorbing functions, the rise and fall of the carriage was extremely great, so the passenger inside the horse carriage did not have a good ride.

It seems that this rented horse carriage had all sorts of passengers on it. There was a white-bearded old man with his granddaughter, wanton women, and even those merchants wearing caps hugging onto their belongings tightly.

In their midst, there was a black cloaked youth.

The youth had pure black hair with some lustre on it. His handsome face had a radiant smile, which made him have a strange yet strong charisma!

This person naturally was Leylin.

After using the curse to kill Fayle, he no longer had any concerns, so he left the Poolfield Kingdom immediately.

Although the Zither Moon Mountain Plains was rather dangerous for acolytes, Leylin who was a Warlock that surpassed regular rank 1 Magi treated it as a walk in his back garden. It was a place where he could roam around freely.

After arriving at the Inlan Dukedom, Leylin finally relaxed!

Ever since the armistice, there has been peace between the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy and the Sage Gotham Hut. However, with the increasing degree of hostility, even the powers of the secular realm were affected. There was news of this two great kingdoms going to war once again.

No mercy would be given to the two kingdoms’ official Magi. Once spotted in enemy’s territory, they would be viciously hunted down.

With much of the troubles passed, Leylin began to feel more relaxed. He abandoned the notion of ploughing through his travels as a lone wolf and instead made use of secular methods to conduct his travels.

Since he did not opt to join the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy after his promotion, Leylin was not affected or restricted by the armistice. However, he was still in a precarious position.

As a betrayer of the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, and with no intention to join Sage Gotham Hut, he had to be careful while in their territory.

Blending amongst the regular humans seemed like a good way to travel.

The downside was that the traffic conditions while travelling with the plebeians were pretty bad.

A scowl crossed Leylin’s’ face as he experienced the chaotic congestions and rancid odour emitted from the carriage.

If there was an alternative way to travel, he would have long ago alighted from this carriage.

Amidst the foul experience on board the carriage, Leylin noticed a child dressed pink seated opposite him and let out a brief smile.

The adolescent female child had a pair of sapphire-like eyes and milky white skin. She spotted Leylin smiling at her and smiled back friendly at Leylin.

The little girl’s grandfather seated next to her spotted the interaction and immediately pulled her close to his side. He whispered words into the child’s ear which caused her to hurriedly avoid Leylin’s attention. Although hard to hear, It was most likely a warning against the dangers lurking outside.

Following which, the white-bearded grandfather stared menacingly into Leylin’s eyes as a sign of warning.

Unaffected by the grandfather’s hostility, Leylin let out a chuckle.

Leylin felt an aura of familiarity from the little girl. Although just 12 or 13 years of age, she was already exuding an odd amount of charm, causing passengers of the carriage to constantly steal glances at her.

Even Leylin was fascinated by the little girl.

After observing her for a little while more, Leylin came to the conclusion that she had a Warlock’s bloodline!

The strength of Warlocks came from the bloodlines. Their descendants would also carry traces of their bloodline. However, it was extremely difficult to unearth that strength again.

For instance, this little girl’s bloodline was already extremely thin. Moreover, there were no energy waves coming from her. She was the most regular of humans, not even an acolyte.

Also, the further away from the first generation Warlock, the bloodline would slowly thin out over the generations, finally turning into regular humans again.

However, in the second and third generations, there were still plenty of decent quality bloodline inherited.

Hence, Warlocks tend to reproduce often to establish their own family.

Leylin, for example, was a first generation bloodline. If he had any descendants, his children and grandchildren’s bloodline would also have the strength of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent!

This scenario was somewhat similar to the Magi families, yet different.

The main thing that Magi wanted to pass on was their soul aptitude, every generation may be regular humans with no aptitude. Furthermore, although both the Warlocks and Magi held bloodlines in esteem, the Magi would not mind accepting fresh blood to raise the genes passed down in the family, which might sometimes exceed that of the ancestors!

However, Warlocks were different. They revered the purity of bloodlines, so they would protect the purity of the bloodlines and soul through the marriage of relatives. To them, if an outsider joins their family, not only would it not increase the density of the bloodline, it would even contaminate their bloodline.

Moreover, the descendants inheriting the bloodline of Warlocks found it extremely difficult to advance into an official Magus. Unless they found a high-grade meditation technique that was suitable for their bloodline. Under normal circumstances, these things were usually passed down from the first generation.

However, once the density of the bloodline thins out, or if the inheritance of the high-grade meditation technique stopped, it was often the start of a Warlock family’s decline.

When a Magus family declines, there was the possible chance of their descendants bringing it back to glory. However, it was extremely difficult for Warlock families to do the same.

Unless the descendant found the original source of bloodline, or through some other methods to replenish the strength of bloodlines!

In the Central Continent, there were 3 schools of thoughts. Families consisted of either those who revered high-grade meditation techniques, those with bloodlines or some other assortment of the magisterium. This were the 3 main representatives in the continent.

This information and news naturally came from the Book of Giant Serpent written by the great Magus Serholm.

From some information that the great Magus Serholm had revealed, he was most likely in the central continent, yet for some unknown reason, he went to the south coast.

As Leylin was a rank 1 Warlock, he was extremely sensitive to his kind.

On that old geezer’s body, Leylin could not detect a single trace of the bloodline.

It was very evident that he was not the biological grandparent of that little girl.

However, this old geezer was not any regular human. Leylin detected a trace of acolyte’s energy waves from him. Looking at the might, it belonged to a level 2 acolyte.

“Interesting! A housekeeper? Or adoption?” Leylin smiled ‘apologetically’ and continued with his pondering.

What was undeniable was that Leylin had an extreme interest in his same kind.

Although it was most likely that no high-grade meditation techniques could appear on her. Even if there was Leylin would not use it, unless she was had the bloodline of snake types.

However, as the descendant of another Warlock, Leylin had a very good comparison sample on how to unearth his own strength from the bloodline.

Moreover, he wished to try and see if he could extract the blood essence from this girl and purify the bloodline. So that he could obtain another ancient creature’s bloodline.

The other party’s destination was also the Great Canyon Margaret, which coincided with Leylin’s plans, so he naturally dispelled the thought of travelling alone.

As for the white bearded old geezer beside the little girl, he often saw Leylin sneaking glances at his granddaughter, even having a smile that seemed to harbour malicious intentions. So naturally his expression was not too pleasant.

However, he did not discover Leylin’s identity, only treating him as a mere human.

After the advancement previously, Leylin spent much time and effort to have the A.I. Chip optimise his shapeshifting ability again. The effect was greater than before, although he did not have the information from an official Magus, Leylin knew that this old geezer could not discern of his shapeshifting ability after activating it.

Right now, he had not yet completely know how to make use of this little girl.

Should he abduct her directly and obtain the blood? Or conduct some experiments while observing her at the side?

After all, he did not know if the backing of this little girl was a Warlock family or not. Although this possibility wasn’t great, Leylin still did not wish to take the risk.

However, it seemed like he could unravel the mysteries very soon!

The corner of Leylin’s lips curled up.

After so many days of observation, he realised that the old geezer was mostly frowning as if he was riddled with a great load on his mind.

Moreover, with the passing of each day, he was evidently becoming more impatient, as he hurriedly requested for the horse carriage to move faster.

After being rejected, he even had the plan to leave the party. However, it seemed that he recalled of something, so he could only put up with it and continue on the horse carriage.

“It seems like this journey would not be too boring!”

Leylin was only an acolyte previously, so naturally he did not wish for trouble. If he had not yet advanced into a Warlock, he would definitely be the first to leave the horse carriage if he met this acolyte who seemed to be running away from something.

However, everything was different now. In the south coast, rank 1 Magi were great powers, much less to mention himself who was a little stronger than newly advanced Magi.

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